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tv   Kick off - Video Assistance - Does it make football fairer  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2017 3:30am-4:01am CET

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video assistance this season marked the launch of its international trial face. search. for referees in the grand to you in the review area together they're making football bear. but it's not perfect dubious decisions game interruption and questions over its competence was defeated video assistance doesn't have the also reaching to overturn my decision that's mine and mine alone the decision of the referee video assistants have come under a lot of questions and from fines players and officials we take a look behind the scenes to find out how it all works welcome to kickoff. marco company got to want to shake the system is. a
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function of such a sick sick sick sick sick. video assistance the sign of greater fairness in football and terry it's a masterstroke it was designed originally not to interrupt the flow of the game but to interfere in four key not situations only when a goal is scored it helps realize any potential offside convolve or other infringement in the build up. straight red card decisions can be reviewed and unseen incidents of unsporting behavior reported to the referee. with penalties it clarifies whether the right call was made and whether a justified play was overlooked. video it's also true that cases of mistaken identity with any carving offense. the video assistant referee analyzes the footage and communicates his view to his on field colleague. the referee can stand by his
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initial judgment amended accordingly check the incident in the review area the final decision rests with him. it's really the most significant innovation in professional football for the past fifty years and for the german game. to be at the forefront shows once again that we are a prime mover when it comes to innovation. cologne headquarters were an intensive training program from the start of the twenty sixteen twenty seventeen season the german league the d.f.l. and the football association the d.f.t. aim to immerse the referees in the particulars of video assist is involves looking at things in a very different way. now there's a new aspect making decisions based on t.v. images that's a skill in its own right it's not three dimensional how do i approach it what do i
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have to look out for in a t.v. analysis that's all new for the referees. it's a different perspective quite literally out on the pitch like it's an instant impression of the situation the decision making is partly instinctive as a video assistant referee i have to evaluate all the material at my disposal in a very short space of time. training begins offline but with the games playing out live and pictures coming in from up to seventeen different cameras at the stadium. to put a foot of snow. trix ten point three four. i'm sure the video assistant referee is going to be under an awful lot of pressure as well checking a colleague's decision and crossing that threshold correcting a referee's decision but it's also
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a pressure situation. and it's not about ultimate truth but watching a replay obviously gives me the option of making a bunch of cool in some situations when i just see it wants at high speed on the pitch. with the t.v. a high tech accessories dissecting all the material to reach the right conclusion but without losing sight of the bigger picture of. the future of football the introduction of technology to make the game fairer by reducing the number of incorrect decisions a team of operators and a video assistant referee are tasked with identifying and reporting errors. was. the innovative measure requires ongoing poor donation with the international football association board which determines the laws of the game in march twenty eighth seen i.f.a.b.
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will rule on whether to continue with video assist video assistant or v.a. or isn't only being tested in the bundesliga other leagues have been running their own trials. at the d.f.l. headquarters in frankfurt the project steering committee prepares to get down to work. it's a process of regular top level exchange referees representatives broadcast and communications specialist and senior management trash the details of the plan to get things off and running. this season is to train up the referees first. nail down the parameters that work within and use friendlies to start trying it all out on life. as it were. it's not just about the refereeing obviously there's the technology that needs to work properly to start and then you've got marketing and various other areas to
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consider as an overall package it's an interesting and exciting project. and. the d.f.l. has invested one point eight million euros in the project this season for a long time it was against the use of video evidence but reversed its decision to be part of its development. goal line technology was something else what we said at the start we'll do it we're up for that and it worked out well it's now reliable elements of the game. where they exist the next logical step was to take on this development and get proactive with it rather than waiting to see what anyone else with the. january twenty seventh team at frankfurt's come it's bank arena the d.f.l. and d.s.p. have all the latest on how the test phases progress and. among those on the podium
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phoenix fire the first current german the referee to publicly address the subject. he is one of the twenty three bonus nigger referees to undertake video assistance training. the scans constantly this hour but it's a very focused job than the two absolutely dependent on team work rest is between yourselves and the reply operator there's a special training for that as well and the communication of dovetailing it's all constantly rolling. the referees manager helmet crew has been there from day one monitoring the introduction of video assist a key question he faced from day one is how much time should be allowed for the video assistant in the. because. the speed of the decision maker has also improved considerably. we were getting times of up to ninety seconds in some cases a bit longer now it's between ten and forty seconds after getting inside of ten
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seconds so we're seeing progress at the moment we're very satisfied with how it's going in every department. heading into the twenty seventeen summer break the best part of the year into the deal with this trial it's been hard work and now a real sense of anticipation is growing. but if i am. at the start i found it very very difficult you're in a totally different role but i've done it six seven times now and every time you feel a bit confident and you start to get the knack of working with all the video material you already know roughly where to look which camera angle to select. and. varia the d.f.t. referees are working up a sweat in preparation for the new bundesliga season it's business as usual in that regard in another of course the times they are changing. the imminence
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deployment of video as there's calls perhaps above all for an equally radical shift in mindset at any rate the mood of the referees camp is overwhelming. it won't be long before everyone accepts it as a useful resource the referee on the pitch and the teams involved i think it's going to be a success. i don't. think you know the other training course before the under twenty world cup demonstrated that everything we tested practiced and learned here beforehand was a really good foundation also for the referees who haven't had any previous experience with it. to make a clear decision. affan in the space of a fraction of a second. in the thick of a highly emotional atmosphere. you know.
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we always have to worry or the concern of making a match defining mistake and that's not something any referee or assistant that wants i want his head knowing there's someone sitting in cologne who can correct any potential mistake takes a little bit of the pressure off of us out on the pitch. pretty exciting because it's a change and for me change is always kind of interesting getting to grips with it making it happen i'm looking forward to it. back to the theory defining the precise scope of the video assistance role it's a fine tuning process of internal and external communication. i visit. with feeling very confident in working intensively for a year now the referees are all highly motivated and i think it's safe to say.
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that. at the video assist center in cologne everything's gearing up for the big kickoff. you don't have time preparing conscientiously and constructively for the past year obviously a dry run is never quite the same as the real thing. the real deal is roll days of the twenty seven thousand super cup cup holders dortmund against champions by an. all this twenty seventy. five x. five and his on field assistants are not alone. in cologne to base stealer and his replay operators are also raring to go on their services are soon requires. close by an equaliser offside. it's a question for the video assistant referee. to check to check. ten times i will stand.
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next up for the video assistant referee a spot of foul play. i guess. i will be down sees yellow backed up by the view from cologne the foul was not intentional so it doesn't have to be a red card if it's all fixed. that . is that i had a long phase of preparation and try to train for every eventuality but actual competitions different again especially when you have to make decisions that are going to be met with universal approval. by.
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anyone that's a new element now that maybe hadn't been quite so anticipated or used to have the referee making the decision on the pitch obviously a subjective decision. now we have the video system offering a second opinion which is also subjective and open to criticism not the objective a second instance some people might have expected with human elements in the equation no decisions ever going to be fully objective. by and again flavor comes in the campaign opener with the first big call for the video assistant referee to be a console's with his back up in cologne and towards the home side a penalty. on much a tree despite out from fibroids here we grab a on marcel smeltzer of dortmund leads to the first video assisted sending off in the bundesliga. all set for their heavyweights meeting with bae and.
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michael fritz is the man in the middle for this one. the tension is palpable more than sixty thousand packed into the stadium in cologne it will soon be all systems go at the video center. of the oval arena and minds money well day for and his colleagues are in for a busy shift under the floodlights. first one lights on the interplay between manual gray for his touch on colleagues and video assistant referee giteau things none in cologne. so i. don't want to leave it for you think feels good just to make city of homs this was not. because of a challenge a referee markel for it because to standing it on juicy at the video assistant
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tarnish it's just the two. i shot the breakaway. never upsets the. stick. and minutes later fritz has another call to make and this time it will be referred back to cologne. everything looks fine. on to the next call. to check on spear. momentous check this one spear moment moment shaking. hands and now much of. the ball goes to hand but was it intentional sometimes being
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. done sometimes on one's own guns on foot so they call them down so i can see. the response that. does a song steal the hunt the hunt is fired from cook for nine hundred ninety two hundred spirits made contact here made up. list this new one so to say in a common con they don't need to be ready for that kind of situation you can anticipate it when someone slides in like that and they the goal line as video assistance to your post right spike so meet it. well that's what it feels like then you've obviously got to find the camera angle that shows you that in this case that it was a hannibal penalty and what this comes to hide. and hunt is made. i'm. going to. keep at it but to me i was really happy when.
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i saw him play a choice across from the goal line now those slides in the hand movements natural his arms away i reset and the ball strikes hand which is stretched out wide above his head on the vide i was just like you had in court for this in that. the analysis continues from more than a dozen camera angles my robot heaven down stay put away the penalty was. was in november the rules which tweaked now the v.a.r. can intervene whenever it believes the referee has made a mistake no longer wear the four key areas the only opportunity for consultation. that moment of we're told to put too much of a catch here. as you can. also look at. it ok the. stores model. the final word always goes to the
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referee as on the pitch. i am all about. i am oh. i am was the last one in the second half shot because daniel county jury goes down in the. box anything suspicious. six zero zero zero zero zero zero s. . comments momente a tech going to stick to. stick shift so has the safety net provided by the video assistant is already proving a boon to the officials at the heart of the action in this case michael fritz.
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take up take up sides been through all this if. all is ok. the decision on brian's current goal can be reviewed in a matter of seconds oh. oh and so to minds for the hosts taken are neat even as the ball nestles in the hands of the girls being checked for offsides as money will pay for a nose. to closest. thing it's on him as. is ok. ok. the action continues. nori moto handle the ball here it's a question of vital importance once the japanese international puts minds to know.
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what's the verdict in cologne. for. the. bottom of your home incident in which people divide. to a public trial you know that's the first time a few don't hundred. the feeling that no matter the sound of. because i have no evidence i suppose you have a view on this thing. and also about a ban on a stick of i know. these are because of the stuff i'm going to tumble. so they shut up and they don't tell you. the helpful. got it this time this time.
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ok fellow likes. us. club. class. on average video assistance helps avoid one or two potentially pivotal mistakes made things to every match day. one. it's ok. malky. no revision needed
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a great as game at minds. how often i pull a goal back and before halftime things really start to he's up. the ref signals for a corner i think is to hold a bunch of the muscle on the. buttons played ok so i was ok to equalize if a ha from hi i'm sandra wagner with a header after a slight push with his mark a. mum. you don't want to look at us and then spanish those us like us boys ok. the goals goods the header itself very good too online to see into the second half. and if the you. are sick sick sick sick sick sick. but also miserable most. women were not told
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to. get flushed. if you know. the old. the a. mano a mano who is linkage that money is the key as escape that's why when the race goes to one of us one of us has. serious well that's a good. and i mean for our. money when i spoke for forty five minutes today i decided we would both give exact accounts of what we see so together we can make the correct school is in the home and it's making a good new school. adding another layer of security i'm not supervisor today it's mine advancement the game has one more goal and as for hoffenheim treats.
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the folks who take when they go to texas cons not afford afford to for it's what cost that's it's it's. so yes. but a lot of us might i like to lie to her over the six on up was awful to overexpose ok it was a lot of fun that's all it is now. is into buying. the seat of the doll's house. and the one that someone. has of them are full of bullshit c.d.'s they have one here for you for the fun of if one of the most part of. the whole house and it was . the top of one. of the narco. despite video assistance dubious calls remain part of the game like
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on match day thirteen during breaks class would evolve sporadic maximillian arnold was booked for a harmless spiled after consulting v.a.r. it was switched to grads the technology came under heavy criticism has been first of all was very confident this current test phase will have a positive conclusion for and maybe i will be among those blazing a trail for defining feature of football over the next ten twenty thirty forty years because you can see here on. the phone display again on video assistance it won't end all discussion but it is making football topic fair.
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world's. invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d w. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. in our web special w dot com. football made in germany. this is a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. his teacher is beating a boy for talking back in class. for the rest of the class watches.
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and here is toddlers being fed by his mother. breaking up last. as child sleeps in the streets because her family through right. here. online bowling. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean it isn't there make them visible visible of us might violence against children disappear. the e.u. and the african union have agreed on a plan to dismantle people smuggling networks and repatriate stranded migrants in libya the plan was drawn up during
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a summit in ivory coast hundreds of thousands of migrants have crossed us.


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