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freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters d. w. made for minds. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's and spying on each other's. forgot the fireman magazine. d w. o n we're going to drive with the motor magazine on t w this time we test them or
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c.b.c. forty three a m g station wagon. celebrate the world in durance championship season finale with portion back rain. and go for a spin and the new audi a eight. zero d.s. rolling out its fourth generation eight and breaking with quite a few traditions an active driver no need at least not in certain situations like traffic jams and so so throwing away the key. as a test driver dogman says it's often the attention to details that makes the car so interesting we're all familiar with the electronic key fobs for locking and unlocking that car and starting the engine those are being replaced by smart phones other people can use it to your partner your children and in the future even delivery services which can simply put whatever you ward into the trunk of the car . i think audience to comedy i've talked about that involved in
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a couple bob it called. the new eight also has more than forty different assistance systems on board and four systems supply them with information radar sensors a front camera ultrasound sensors and a laser scanner allow the car to get a full picture of its surroundings. all of the combustion engines are supported by electric drive trains a belt driven starter generator is part of the standard mild hybrid system. at the rear there's more to discover than just the snazzy lighting design. you know about us explains who the naming strategy is new this is the fifty five t.f.s. i quantrell with a three leader v. six engine it's a gasoline driven car with three hundred forty horsepower but with hybridization or
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electra mobility audi is no longer putting the engine size on the car the numbers do still indicate the vehicles performance smaller numbers represent lower larger numbers greater performance that all goes back to the chinese market where there's numbering has already been introduced but there's a choice between a two hundred ten kilo one diesel model and a two hundred fifty kilowatt strong gasoline model which we tested thanks to the mild hybrid technology fuel consumption has been reduced by zero point seven leaders per one hundred kilometers and speeds between fifty five and one hundred sixty kilometers per hour the car's able to coast with the engine switched up driving emissions free for forty seconds at a time. but said yes finds that despite the audi aids considerable length it handles well on winding roads you barely notice how long the car is thanks to the dynamic all while steering. that allows the steering angles on the front and
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rear axles of the five point seven thousand metre vehicle to be set individually and ideation the body sits on an intelligent active chassis along with the pre sense three hundred sixty degree system that enhances passive safety like this. one. is impressed he calls it a benchmark for the new audi a eight and a case of a collision the vehicle raises itself up by eighty millimeters before impact. the headrests are adjusted and the seat belts tight and i have certainly an innovation and safety for. the sensors detect every movement around the car the aide has his watchful eye on more vulnerable road users to. bite out of high ends explains that another highlight among the assistance systems is one that
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prevents you from opening the door when a bike riders approaching from behind the feature is on all the doors which is likely to appeal to parents to fly and. the car can even see around corners the intersection assistant senses vehicles approaching from the side long before they appear in the driver's field of view. the bike rider is shown in advance in the display and the car stops if the driver doesn't react. with all that tech b. eight sets new standards an active and passive safety protecting everyone moving near it. and says this premium luxury sedan is really spacious including in the trunk he's impressed by all the assistance systems and hopes that many of them aren't stolen out he's other ranges that may sell for the i'm not fond of classifying already i called. the eight stars and ninety thousand euros in germany
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an additional three thousand five hundred euros gets a longer wheelbase and next year the mild hybrid models are to be joined by a plug in hybrid. but i'm not as car tester any less take points out nearly all automakers have especially sporty vehicles in their ranges with mercedes the letters am g. denote that class of car today ronnie's testing the c. forty three am g station wagon. the c forty three is basically the little brother of the c sixty three a m g which costs about seventeen thousand euros more . what distinguishes the c forty three has it's powerful three leader the six by turmel engine and its all wheel drive the list price in germany starts at sixty one
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thousand eight hundred fifty or a. lag from the greatest difference to the c sixty three am she is in the engineering since the c sixty three only comes. with rear wheel drive and under the hood it's got a four leader v eight by turbo engine was seventy kilowatts more power and of fuller sound. even if the c forty three loses a few points in comparison to its status as the strongest c. class with all wheel drive is uncontested its v six twin turbo engine accelerates from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in just four point eight seconds and most a maximum speed of two hundred fifty kilometers per hour fuel consumption varies according to wheel size our test car uses an average of eight point one leaders per one hundred kilometers making the smaller am g theoretically more fuel efficient
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than the larger model by zero point three leaders. a diamond pattern grille hand the a m g front apron with its distinctive air intakes are among the design elements that when the exterior and even more dynamic character in addition the c forty three has adopted much of its suspension technology from his big brother the large brakes are a further indication of the car's high performance. the rear has an understated spoiler and a sport exhaust system with two twenty zero pipes that not only add to the impressive sound but help set as that big actions. the interior is decked out in black leather and microfiber with red stitching in action it's the center console those shiny design elements made of carbon fiber. be optional performance front seats offer optimal lateral support.
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ronny thinks the c forty three am she is a good choice if you want to see class as an a m g but at a lower price it doesn't have the c sixty three m. g.'s v. by turbo engine but this v six is just as fun and much more fuel efficient and i get all this. after that grand sports sedan and the sports tourer station wagon opals rolling out yet another insignia model in a country as station wagon with higher clearance the top of the range model comes with a two liter one hundred ninety one kilowatt turbo charged engine and an eight speed automatic transmission. the country tour with the smallest gasoline engine list at about thirty five thousand euros in germany. ten years
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after its first g.s. model b.m.w. more talk about as thoroughly revamped its travel and europe's be updated design looks more dynamic even downright masculine the g.s. models have seventy kilowatts of power suitable both for touring and off roading the f eight hundred fifty g.s. with more performance was at eleven thousand seven hundred euros in germany. in. the world and durant championship reached its finale and poor ship bade farewell to the mom prototype one class at the twenty seven thousand six hours a back rain. and severe emotional day for porsche had a wonderful time i got it as a highlight for his career as a porsche driver and he feels more pride and joy and sadness. for sure had already
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nailed a world championship title in the season's next to last race in shanghai but the team wasn't ready to rest on his laurels. was never easy we will see wanted it so we can and. i think just for the winner porsches only competitor in the l m p one class was toyota. yeah we're getting into this race a time when everyone for races is in the car number right but the competitors drove hard to the very end and durrance racing demands everything from the teams to the man dr hans joachim stoke and durrance racing is good fun and teamwork from the first driver to the last mechanic everyone has to work together to win he points out that after formula one the w.e.c. is the technically and most a man doing series he has lots of fun with all the classes l m p one elon p two g.t. and g.t. they bring everything together with the latest technology. i think. even with the
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stress leading up to the start the drivers still find time for their fans to get a chance to collect autographs during what's known as the could walk. this part of the racing event appeals to young and old alike. in the last two minutes of the qualifying rounds porsche managed to secure positions one and three zero zero to claim to and for. the top middle driver and you know johnny was a bit surprised himself they got quite a run for their money against toyota in the qualifying and weren't expecting to earn their pole positions in the very last race. as the sun descends over baccarin the cars are off the second portion takes the lead in the very first curve. with such big variations in performance between the four classes many of the cars end up lapping each other which makes it more exciting but can also complicate
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matters. speed is of the essence for pit stops to teamwork and for sedition mean everything here tires have to be changed and the tank failed before the. our heads back on to the track. their race is head to head with a four l m p one cars constantly jockeying for position. as the hours take past the suspense rises in the porsche pit flat tires and flatten cones on the track slowed the horses down. the number a toyota takes home to victory while porsche lands second in third even so the porsche team has reason to celebrate. their results from three years in the l m p one r three a man outright victory splits three manufacturers and three drivers world
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championship titles. and that when i look on porsche sees it as an incredible success thanks in part to a healthy dose of luck. he sure his father would have been especially happy he always said that they had to do motor sports because they got so many innovations and improvements from it and so it pays up. to gallas good side. about steiner predicts they'll keep driving their nine eleventh's at least as intensively and the g.t.s. even more so porsche intends to reflect its products strategy for a move toward electric drive in motor sports as well so they've decided in addition to building the mission a production car to pursue motor sports and the formula electric auto racing.
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mazda has its own way of doing things and stead of finding in a regional name with a deeper meaning because had small is model simply to use fourth generation has been the number for car buyers to remember since two thousand. in fourteen and rather than sticking to well trodden past it too goes its own way. contests to undermine sentiment points to the engine as the major difference to other super mini's mazda has completely dispense with charging which and his new has the disadvantage of the gas pedal feeling a bit sluggish that's because it doesn't achieve maximum torque until four thousand r.p.m. but an advantage is that since the air isn't compressed by the turbo charger and the engines response is a little more direct. and missing detect. the specs are nothing to be ashamed of the two accelerates from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in less than ten
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seconds unmatched by most other super minis with comparable engines and average fuel consumption of four point five liters per one hundred kilometers is also quite acceptable. and by itself points out another of the mazda two's unique selling points but the lightweight construction the entry level model tips the scale at under a ton even with more equipment the mosque the two is still one to two hundred kilos lighter than its competitors and that means better fuel efficiency and handling. mazda sums it all up with the term graham strategy meaning it cuts every single unnecessary gram and that adds up to over one hundred kilograms saving. the to use a special engine technology carries the trade name sky active. the interior on the other hand isn't about cutting and saving it all it hardly looks
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any different from the inside of higher range models. immediately noticeable is the glossy black and metallic trim down the length of the dashboard. i'm sorry especially like the controls for the infotainment system a rotating dial on the center console normally he only sees these in higher price vehicles such as the audi a one competition of course the quality doesn't compare but andre thinks it's refreshing to see controls the don't resemble a smartphone on the contrary that car owners who just can't do without a touch screen don't need to worry the monitor can function that way too but only when the car is not moving at things. unfortunately the most into doesn't offer any way for a smartphone to connect with the car using android auto or apple car play but at
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least for a small charge it offers a phone holder or when the driver uses it as a sat nav andre a certain amount is that too has enough unique selling points to pull ahead of the competition and enough in common to be a factor in the compact class for example and pairs compact body proportions with a long wheel base to make for a roomy or interior that too is ideal for relaxed driving without any unnecessary gadgetry and that's just what many car buyers are looking for. the mazda to list for about thirteen thousand euros in germany the version we've tested cost about five thousand euros more but there's no need to hide it this is by no maids a bad choice for a small car segment. today our classic car expert christophe power is taking an unusual american car out for
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a spin chevrolet corvair munns a spider most american cars of its here a boast an oversized body and a big engine up front ideally every eight but not the corvair. and if and if they are used to i says in the one nine hundred fifty sales of european cars rose massively in the us especially those of the v.w. beetle it was the polar opposite of the kinds of vehicles american manufacturers had in their portfolios at the time suddenly its design and technology was considered modern progressive and even hip but the american response to this demand was soon dorival it came in one nine hundred fifty nine and was called the chevrolet corvette call that. by american standards the corvair was a compact even though it almost four point six meters it's a longer the numbers sadie's pantani and it's six cylinder boxer engine with close
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to one hundred or spyware didn't while power hungry american drivers that much either but they were impressed by where the engine was located the chevy corvair was the only american car of its day powered by a rear engine. x. christo says this exotic looking car was surprisingly successful more than two hundred fifty thousand rolled off the assembly lines in the first year alone and things got even better when chevy introduced the monza option with a floor shift bucket seats larger hubcaps and a bit more chrome it was named after the italian racing circuit and when i tell you its name stick. soon chevrolet was selling more mond size then standard models the only thing missing was a stronger engine but not for a moment as christophe explains that five thousand nine hundred sixty two chevrolet presented an additional option spider and it was truly sensational the first series
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production car to feature a turbo charged engine it's one hundred fifty or so our proposed the car from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour and ten point three seconds with a top speed of one hundred sixty five. i've kilometers an hour that's all the turbo boost is only really effective in a relatively small range between three thousand and three thousand eight hundred r.p.m. but then it really kicks in to make sure drivers could master and keep an eye on this innovative technology the dashboard features with kristen figures is likely the first boost pressure indicator and automotive history though it tops out at just zero point seven bar which he finds touching on the streets. as a needle in full but it wasn't just the core various technology that set new standards so did its design this accent line which wraps around the entire body it came to be known as the corvair line this design feature was later adopted by european
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manufacturers like b.m.w. the corridors design is a pleasant contrast to the american cars of the late one nine hundred fifty s. with their huge tail fins and radiator grills it's clean lines in purist design proved that sometimes i'm less really is more like it and me at. the chevy corvair was also versatile in addition to the she could pay the corvair was also available as a four door sedan a convertible a station wagon a pickup and even a van known as the core van but chevrolet offered the turbo engine exclusively in the coupe a and convertible versions. of the monza spyder came with five round gauges and a brushed aluminum instrument panel and a stick shift only giving it the feel of a true blue american sports car. but as i cristo says the monstrous bite is real
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highlight lines here under the hood like it's two point seven leader two were charged engine the first series production turbo an automotive history that. well to paddle wheels rotate inside this casing here driven by the exhaust and then press the air and gas mixture into the combustion chamber and this engine delivers up to seventy more horsepower than the normally aspirated one and all for a bargain price it's cost that in its day despite her package cost us two hundred ninety seven dollars extra it looks great unfortunately it doesn't always work so well if it has a horse and saab to finally team at the turbo because. the corvair is engine transmission and drive gears are wrapped in one compact package the uni pack powered team though this construction doesn't exactly inspire confidence. still its turbo technology boosted chevy sales in one nine
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hundred sixty two more than three hundred thousand corvair is were sold making it the most successful year in the models history. let's get that out of the big christof knows that there was a small problem with the corvair or those who drove it unlike his solid and steady front engine boats americans were used to driving their rear engine corvair had a dynamic but somewhat temperamental driving style and some people couldn't cope with that especially on a hard turn as the car's rear would jack up causing the wheel that tug under a car to oversteer and the rear end to swing out to combat this effect chevrolet specify different pressures for the front and back tires but many buyers thought this was just a misprint in their owner's manual so the corvair was headed for disaster you know that. one so if that's what it is i don't know if. chevrolet soon
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found itself facing more than one hundred lawsuits resulting from serious accidents the automaker worked frantically to make the car safer modifying this is spent. and adding better drum brakes but it was too little too late. in the busy christo says the corridors fate was sealed in one nine hundred sixty five when consumer advocate and lawyer ralph nader published his book unsafe at any speed and it he called the corvair the most dangerous vehicle on the road sales plummeted and in one nine hundred sixty nine production of the corvair ceased entirely christopher thanks that's a real shame for him it's transcending design and its status as the first turbo charged mass production model make the corvair months a spider a milestone and automotive history by that they think. in one nine hundred sixty five the corvair range got
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a new body and the turbo charged engine was no longer offered quickly and quietly chevrolet relegated its pioneering series production turbo model to the history books. next time on drive it we test mitsubishi's new coupe a style as u.v. the eclipse cries. and head to california to take a look around the los angeles auto show.
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but of the six million deaths the brutal reality. a trial against the perpetrators disturbing fiction when the. tribunal is
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