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for my child. but in a society in which breastfeeding is often frowned upon and it's well for me to abound we process is more important than my babies will be how do i know how to make the right decision. stands in december ninth. this is d.w. news live from berlin tonight another stumble on the road to bricks at the european union in britain failed to agree on advancing to the next stage of talks and that's
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despite hopes that an offer on the irish border from theresa may unlock trade negotiations will bring you the latest from london in brussels also coming up rebels turn on former president ali abdullah saleh killing him in a rocket and going to attack and it comes as fighting in the country's civil war intensified. flaws police in malta have arrested ten people in connection with the murder of journalist daphne koller wanna go and see if she was reporting on corruption in the country when she was killed in a car bombing in october. i'm bringing off it's good to have you with us tonight it's one step forwards two steps back that is the reality of breck's it tonight there were genuine hopes of a breakthrough in brussels. today those hopes were scuppered at the last moment and
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that despite reports that theresa may had thrashed out a deal with dublin all before the issue of border with britain now to resume a will have to revive it by a summit next week if she's to walk those trade talks with brussels. the handshakes were maybe a little premature the e.u. and britain say they close to solving one of brics it's thorniest problems the status of the irish border but despite reports a deal had been reached it failed to materialize it was not possible to reach a complete agreement today but on a couple of issues some differences do remain which require further negotiation and consultation. the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland as part of the u.k. northern ireland will also leave the e.u. but the republic of violent will stay a member the theory is the u.k.
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will replace these invisible border with customs checkpoints to keep the border free flowing one possible solution would be to allow northern ireland to stay in the e.u. as customs union off to do carry laves but that's something northern ireland's largest party has rejected we are being very clear that northern ireland must meet the european union on the same terms as the rest of the united kingdom and we will not accept any form of regulatory divergence which separates northern ireland economically or politically from the rest of the u.k. the republic of violence says it believes the deal on the border issue had been agreed. i am surprised and disappointed that the british government now appears not to be in a position to conclude what was agreed to earlier today. next week e.u. leaders will meet to decide if enough progress on breaks it has been made britain
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is under huge pressure to make sure the consensus is yes. for more on this no i'm joined by our correspondent barbara v's all in brussels good evening to you barbara so let's start from the beginning of the day we had the british prime minister and we had john paul younger meeting they were very optimistic when they went into their lunch meeting when they came out they were not what happened yeah everybody had been all jolly and optimism the smalling and brussels and a lot of premature tweets were said if put out there are treats that many people will now probably rather take back however what happened during the lunch meeting was a telephone call from the foster from the northern irish a d p it to theresa may the british prime minister and that was a fan disagreement between the two as we have just seen and in the piece and reason may instead of saying ok if you don't play was me you can just go somewhere else so
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where the grass might be greener terese may caved in and said all right we need further consultations now how and when she wants to consult was our lead foster is totally unclear so it's very much up in the air how these things could possibly continue to carry on and next days i mean it's also amazing that what we saw today it could even happen i mean we heard in that report the irish government said that it was on the same page with the british government and that they were on the same page with the european union and then all of a sudden the northern ireland leader our lead foster says no that's not what we want and britain caves in. how are we supposed to understand that i mean does the d p a northern ireland do they have that kind of power is that what we're looking at tonight. you know pretty much looking at the little party of relatively speaking
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that props up to reason may's government and she is not ready to sort of stand up against this blackmail from northern ireland and say you know you either stay in government was me or you don't and i'll have to find another solution or maybe even maybe you know face the consequences and say you know i'm going to stick to the steel and if you are trying to discover it from the outside no i'm going to step down and then you can see where you find that i mean there would have been chances in possibilities for this reason i had to move and to really show some backbone here but she didn't see she sort of left for us once and now is probably back in talks and in london to no avail more or less and frustrations in brussels are sky high as we've seen that they are in dublin because once again the british government has shown here on this stage that it cannot handle its own internal problems that it's not possible to solve them beforehand and then go and negotiate
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goodwill and was sort of a trust on both sides and that is a big problem for a correspondent barbara visa on the story for us tonight in brussels barbara thank you very much hootie rebels in yemen have killed become trees former president ali abdullah saleh it happened just south of the capital's unarmed celie was fleeing after abandoning support for the rebels in the country's very complex civil war well it's no mo close to ending either attackers ambushed ali's vehicle with a walk it propelled grenade. it was a gamble of a turn fatal for yemen's longtime strong men. who the rebels killed their former ally ex president ali abdullah saleh as he tried to flee the capital sanaa saleh was one of the conflicts central figures his killing comes barely two days after solid tore up his alliance with the who feels in favor of
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a saudi led coalition. that's tough we will turn a new path with out and start dealing with them in a positive have because what's happened to yemen is enough. those words put the who the rebels on the defensive in sun with clashes spiraling on sunday the rebel group claimed it fired a cruise missile towards a nuclear plant in the united arab emirates. with the saudis having the upper hand and talk that iran's backing of the movies may be winning the country's years long civil war enters a potentially critical phase. well i'm joined now by an. expert here in berlin for university with a special focus on yemen it's good to have you on the show let's talk about what has happened to. just in the last couple of days though he reportedly changed saw
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it what was it just two or three days ago. and abandoned the hoody rebels and now he's been killed by the who is this a revenge killing. market off either way what we saw in libya similar yes. i understand his defection as a coup against the states. the trade. but it wasn't a very confident alliance it was very fragile they entered this alliance in two thousand and fourteen as a matter of convenience to. to join forces against president had he who is in riyadh. but i have to decide i was always flirting with the idea of talking to the saudis and to find a way out for himself so this was an opportunity now and it clearly backfired as he underestimated the strength of will how much influence does it really have because
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he resigned what was it five years ago right so was he did he have still had impact then on the country he certainly did he remained general secretary of the general people's congress party and he was pulling strings of strength from behind so he he was sanctioned by the un because he was sabotaging the transitional process at the time and he also contributed to the whole thesis taking power in sanaa and by directing loyal military commanders to that there with his task for instance so he was a key player in the conflict and his death is certainly first a sign that his him and his support base weakened in the us so what does it do than to this proxy war that we're seeing in yemen does this mean the saudis no have a stronger foothold in yemen is that what we're looking at and you know it's
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actually the opposite yes so the saudis were all over the signaling that they would take on and support i'll have to listen and they were hoping that this could give them a way out of the conflict and now the booth is proof that they're still the stronger ones and i think the saudis are going to retaliate with much force and of course they're not going to lift the blockade there was i was going to ask you a nice retaliate what does that mean you've got the blockade there you've got people starving to death are we looking at a humanitarian crisis going from bad to worse an absolutely. we're going to see more airstrikes i also believe that the saudis are going to try to support ground fighters more. especially now that the supporters are most probably going to join the other side. so we're going to see a realignment of the fronts and definitely violence is going to escalate further into a negative picture there for the future unfortunately in iraq it runs filled with
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ruins for university thank you very much. it was a lot of police in malta have arrested ten people in connection with the car bomb that killed a journalist on the island in october of focusing heavily on corruption daphne cover one of the lead c.-a was one of the country's leading investigative journalists and he suspects are described as maltese nationals most of whom have criminal records investigators now have forty eight hours to question them and to decide whether or not to file charges. i'm joined now by keith macao is a journalist at the times of malta based in the maltese capital votes and he is good to have you on the show what more do we know about these suspects and and do we know anything about their potential motives. so far the police have been on the other these have been about. the horse so the climb to comment where there were
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actually masterminds of the caller though there were the execute there so are a lot of the suspects rounded up today too particularly being mentioned two brothers or their name is alfred and george the drop the investigations are focusing around and what's interesting is that this evening the relatives actually the sons of difficult it's you know have complained they should a statement saying this was more of a p.r. exercise out there then an investigation differently in that they only learned about what was going on from the media and they complained that they should have been kept in the loop about what was going on and they're practically accusing the prime minister he's doing it the other exists is some damage control too to make up for the lack of progress made up to today we have to remind him that these events are rather extraordinary because up to today the police were believed to have done
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little roles in the investigation but then all of a sudden to their within about ten arrests and the police this evening has even really have even released footage dramatic footage i would say of the arrest of a number of suspects in marseilles and in and the hard building where it was in and figure was operation withdrawal and it's quite a rare form of cortizone to see something like this let me just ask you what the justice minister for martha spoke to on us here at the w. and really seem to be convinced that the killing of daphne caron accolades. that they're criminals that she had been investigating and reporting on they were the people responsible for her death the family doesn't believe that. you know what do you what do you think is the truth here. well. i repeat i mean there is a lot of skepticism from the family side. but from corruption children seems to
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focus on politicians some shady dealings involving politicians and the timing of their arrests all of also have been questioned already two days ago there was the european parliament delegation want to have a very critical evaluation of the state of all of the state of affairs here in fact they declare if it were even more time or would it then then they're going to before so this did today's events the timing especially has been has been question all right mcauliffe with the times of malta joining us tonight from valetta key thank you very much. you're watching the w. news live from berlin we're going to the pub of the hour with more world news. entered.


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