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six hours. from where it was finished allowing climate change scientists. to continue to research the benefit is one. that's the power train. making it. the news live from berlin yemen plunges further into uncertainty could the rebels celebrate the death of their former ally president ali abdullah saleh he was killed in a rocket and gun attack as fighting in the country's civil war intensifies also coming
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up another stumble on the rocky road to brag that the northern ireland party is shoring up teresa mayes government gets in the way of the negotiations u.k.'s border with ireland this proving to be the main barrier. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us saudi led warplanes are reported to have pounded the capital of yemen after who the rebels killed former president ali abdullah saleh he was fleeing the city after abandoning his alliance with the rebels and yemen's complicated civil war the attackers ambushed vehicle and shot him dead at. the house of the ex-president in flames in front of it supporters of the healthy rebels celebrate the death of the veteran former leader in yemen's capital sanaa the who thiis hailed sollars killing as
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a victory against their sounding lead enemy. on this great exceptional historic day the day of the fall of the treasonous conspiracy it's a black day for the aggressor states in their conspiracies against our dear yemeni people. this graphic video likely films by sellers killers was widely circulated on the internet on monday it shows what's believed to be the lifeless body of the former strongman wrapped in a blanket and loaded onto a truck that was driven away. after stepping down five years ago salah was long considered an ally of the who sees it in the last few weeks he unexpectedly switched sides and appealed for cooperation with the saudi led coalition sollars assassination has also shocked yemen's internationally recognized president months or hardy who's in exile in riyadh he called for resistance against the who face.
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what in the aftermath my condolences to the family and relatives of the former president ali abdullah saleh i call on all the people of our yemeni nation in all provinces that are still under the control of these terrorist criminal militias to rise up resisting them and renouncing them. observers in yemen bucephalus death as a major setback for the saudi led military alliance and a boost for the hoose the rebels who now have virtually the entire western part of the country under their control. the united nations is warning that the death of the former president will make an already complex civil war even more devastating. well yemen has long been riven by conflict but as this current crisis began with the toppling of the former president let's take a look back at how it all unfolded in early two thousand and eleven yemenis took to the streets inspired by the arab spring they demanded that sell
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a resign he bowed to the pressure and ceded power to his deputy but he too struggle to maintain control in two thousand and fourteen who the rebels took advantage of the chaos by seizing control of the capital sanaa and forcing the president to flee saudi arabia was alarmed by the rise of a group that it believes was backed by its rival iran so saudi led forces began carrying out air strikes in two thousand and fifteen along with the ongoing fighting on the ground the conflict has left thousands dead and created one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis now to some other stories making headlines around the world u.s. president donald trump has delayed a decision on whether to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital and move the u.s. embassy there doing so was one of his campaign pledges the delay comes amid warnings that moving the embassy could spark violence between israelis and palestinians.
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meanwhile the supreme court has allowed president trumps travel ban on six muslim majority nations to go into full force the court's decision lifts injunctions issued by lower courts and the ban prevents most travelers from iran libya syria yemen somalia and chad from entering the u.s. as well as some from north korea and venezuela it could still be overturned. a fast moving wildfire in the state of california has forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes the blaze in ventura county near los angeles broke out on monday and was fanned by strong winds authorities say could soon threaten a city of more than one hundred thousand people the cause of the fire is not no. and campaigning has begun for catalonia regional elections the snap polls were called by spain's government and a crackdown on the region's push for independence deposed the catalan leader carlos bruised him all spoke to a rally from brussels he is in self-imposed exile there awaiting a decision on a spanish arrest warrant. now the border between ireland and the united kingdom has
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emerged as the main stumbling block in britain's negotiations to leave the european union hopes of a deal on monday were dashed at the last moment when the democratic unionist party raise objections or prime minister theresa may cannot ignore the party because she relies on it to prop up her fragile government we'll have some analysis from brussels and from london in a moment but first a look at how this deal unraveled. the handshakes were maybe a little premature the u.n. britain saying they close to solving one of brics it's thorniest problems the status of the irish border but despite reports a deal had been reached it failed to materialize despite our best efforts and to significant progress we. have made over the past days on the street mainly toward issues it was not possible to reach a complete agreement today but on
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a couple of issues some differences do remain which require further negotiation and consultation and those will continue but we will reconvene before the end and i am also confident that we will conclude this positively. the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland is part of the u.k. northern ireland will also leave the e.u. but the republic of violent will stay a member the theory is the u.k. will replace these invisible border with customs checkpoints to keep the border free flowing one. possible solution would be to allow northern ireland to stay in the u.s customs union ofsted laves but that's something northern ireland's largest party has rejected we are being very clear in northern ireland mostly the european union on the same terms as the rest of the united kingdom and we will not accept
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any form of regulatory divergence which separates northern ireland economically or politically from the rest of the u.k. the republic of violence says it believes the deal on the border issue had been agreed. the irish negotiating team received confirmation from the british government on the barnyard taskforce that the united kingdom agreed to text on the border that met our concerns i am surprised and disappointed that the british government now appears not to be in a position to conclude what was agreed to earlier today. next week e.u. leaders will meet to decide if enough progress on brics it has been made britain is under huge pressure to make sure the consensus is yes. let's get more on the story with our correspondents standing by in brussels and is in london good morning to you both gary let's start with you. they looked optimistic when they
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went into this lunch meeting they came out they weren't so happy what happened. well if you would believe to reserve me the british prime minister she said there was a more negotiation and more consultation needed to finally reach that sufficient progress and if you look closely at the matter and if you look at the the irish prime minister and the representatives in northern ireland it became comes quite clear that it must have been northern ireland which is the key sticking point now and it is a matter of consultation on the part of theresa may with her allies who are propping up her minority government that she needs to clarify whether regulatory alignment is something that is on the table or is not bigger let's come to you know we heard what garrick said there the question of the irish border appears to be the key sticking point how big of a stumbling block is this wasn't the peace position already clear before
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negotiations began well yes for sure i mean it's not a surprise that the d u p would be very very on the edge and really looking out for the particular words that would have been drafted in this document because in the northern irish peace process it is really words it's about details about the minuta behind that it is of course the do wish of the do you and the other unionist in northern ireland to stay close to the u.k. this is what they're really the big objective is this is where they where they entered into the peace process because they thought that they could stay close to the u.k. and they don't want to be sort of reunited in northern ireland to be reunited by the back door with the republic of ireland so they really want to stay close to the u.k. no matter what they want to stay close very good but if they were to be treated differently so staying in the us customs union what would happen with scotland and perhaps even
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london has theresa may open up a pandora's box. well yes and we've seen it when initially there was talk about this document and then they could a stooge in the first minutes of scotland came out said he come on came out they say well we did not vote to leave the you we want to stay in the single market in the customs union so why can we if there is any special treatment for northern ireland the only real solution would be for the whole of the u.k. to well be regulatory and i into the e.u. but this is something that reason may and her government have so far ruled out so what happens next okereke let's bring that question to you what happens next is there is still a chance of a deal before the e.u. meets for its next summit clearly some real time is running short now next week we have that crucial summit when you leaders need to decide whether we move to that crucial face
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a tour in future trade talks but as the head of the european council made clear it is tight but it's not impossible and so we're waiting here for theresa may to come back to brussels to finally make that crucial deal. correspondence i care of matters in a brussels and very good for us there are good math in london thank you both now the winter olympics start just over two months time and today we could see a decision on whether russia takes part or not the international olympic committee has already handed down lifetime bans to dozens of russian athletes for links to massive state sponsored doping now its executive board is meeting to decide whether to throw the entire team out of the two thousand and eighteen winter games altogether. the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi were a chance for russia and its president vladimir putin to burnish their reputation the hosts were the game's most successful nation winning thirty three medals in all
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but since then a dark shadow has been cast over their success by none other than gregory the former chief of russia's anti doping the forgery he claimed the russian athletes were systematically doped samples which would have tested positive for clean ones with the help of the russian secret service because of his admissions were chunk of lost his post and fled to the united states. the i.o.c. reacted thus far only verbal. it was he will react with tolerance in order to protect the cleanout suites whoever is involved in this within the reach of the i.o.c. will be sanctioned the world anti-doping agency has been tougher wada commissioner richard mclaren to investigate the claims in his report the canadian lawyer accused the russians of widespread state sponsored doping when and demanded they be sanctioned the prove mclaren presented in his report was not enough for buck and
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the i.o.c. they set up two commissions of their own to re-examine the allegations the i.o.c. panel led by dennis also out of switzerland has banned twenty five russian athletes over the last few weeks including a limb pick gold winning cross-country skier alexander leg. he and others plan to appeal the decision at the international court of arbitration for sport. what will tuesday's meeting bring more individual bans that would allow russia to take part as a team mph on some of suggested the russia can compete without their national anthem and flak how would the russians react to that plenty of questions for the i.o.c. to answer as soon as possible. to cricket now and severe pollution in india's mega city delhi has caused a sri lankan player to vomit during a test match between the two countries well players have been battling terrible small over the past four days with the sri lankans wearing face masks to stave off
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the toxic haze fast bowlers throwing the lacma was overcome after bowling just three overs vomiting and returning to the dressing room the u.s. embassy in new delhi reported the air quality index of three hundred ninety eight that's a fifteen times the world health organization's safe limit. a minor now of our top story at this hour who the rebels in yemen have killed the country's next president ali abdullah saleh in a rocket attack following the breakdown of an alliance between folly and the movies to fight saudi backed forces in the country's civil war. kelly will be heard the news desk at the top of the out there with a. rationalist are on the rise with. the contract greater is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking you on a global trip to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out why that made me.


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