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in which breastfeeding is often frowned upon and adults will formula abound with profit is more important than my babies will be how do i know how to make the right decision. moon starting december ninth on d w. this is d w news a lot of from berlin and yemen plunges further into an arc me who the rebels celebrate the death of their former ally president ali abdullah saleh he was killed
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in a rocket and gun attack as fighting in the country's civil war intensifies. also coming up trauma slashes protection for wilderness zones in the state of utah it draws protests and lawsuits but also praise from song. and german foreign ministers urges europe to be less dependent on the united states and become more assertive in the world. plus it is decision day for russia's winter sports athletes the international olympic committee will rule on whether to ban them from the upcoming winter olympics will russia pay a high price over allegations of state sponsored doping. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. saudi led warplanes are reported to have pounded the capital of yemen after hoofy rebels killed former
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president ali abdullah saleh he was fleeing the city after abandoning his alliance with the rebels in yemen's complicated civil war the attackers ambushed his vehicle and shot him dead. the house of the ex-president in flames in front of it supporters of the healthy rebels celebrate the death of the veteran former leader in yemen's capital sanaa who thiis hailed sollars killing as a victory against their sounding led enemy. on this great exceptional historic day the day of the fall of the treasonous conspiracy it's a black day for the aggressor states in their conspiracies against our dear yemeni people. this graphic video likely films by silas killers was widely circulated on the internet on monday it shows what's believed to be the lifeless body of the former strongman wrapped in a blanket and loaded onto a truck that was driven away. after stepping down five years ago salah was
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long considered an ally of the who sees it in the last few weeks he unexpectedly switched sides and appealed for cooperation with the saudi led coalition sollars assassination has also shocked yemen's internationally recognized president. hadi who's in exile in riyadh he called for resistance against the who sees. my condolences to the family and relatives of the former president ali abdullah saleh i call on all the people of our yemeni nation in all provinces that are still under the control of these terrorist criminal militias to rise up resisting them and renouncing them. observers in yemen views on his death as a major setback for the saudi led military alliance and a boost for the who see rebels who now have the entire western part of the country
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under their control the united nations is warning that the death of the former president will make an already complex civil war even more devastating. and now yemen has long been riven by conflict and as we have seen this crisis began with the toppling of former presidents l.a. let's now take a look back at how it unfolded because back in early twenty's and yemenis took to the streets inspired by the arab spring they demanded that sell a resigned he bowed to the pressure and ceded power to his deputy months or hadi but then he to struggle to maintain control in two thousand and fourteen who the rebels took advantage of the chaos by seizing control of the capital sanaa and forcing the president to flee saudi arabia was alarmed by the rise of a group that it believed was backed by its rival wrong so saudi led forces began carrying out airstrikes back in twenty fifteen along with ongoing fighting on the
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ground the conflict it has left thousands dead and created one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. let's get a check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world campaigning has begun for catalonia as regional elections snap polls were called by a spade's government and a crackdown on the region's push for independence deposed catalan leader carlist pushed along spoke to a rally from brussels he is in self-imposed exile there awaiting a decision on a spanish arrest warrant. a fast moving wildfire in the u.s. state of california has forced thousands of people to evacuate from their homes the blaze in ventura county near los angeles broke out on monday and was fanned by strong winds authorities say that it could soon threaten a city of more than one hundred thousand people the cause of the fire is not yet known the u.s. supreme court has allowed president donald trump's travel ban on six muslim majority countries to go into full force the court's decision list injunctions
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issued by lower courts the ban prevents most travelers from iran libya syria yemen somalia and chad from entering the u.s. as well as some from north korea and venezuela it could still be overturned. and staying with the united states now president donald trump has ordered the biggest rollback of public land protection in the country's history trumps announcement shrinks to wilderness national monuments created by past democratic presidents in the state of utah by at least half a move that's got pro development lawmakers pumped and environmentalists see that. some of the most glorious natural wonders in the world those are donald trump's own words to describe this federally protected land hundreds of thousands of hectares that make up bears years and grand staircase escalante.
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on monday trump took the rare step of massively shrinking these two national monuments the move could open up vast spaces for mining and grazing trump argued the lands protected status is federal overreach. because some people think that the natural resources of you to should be controlled by a small handful of very distant bureaucrats located in washington. and guess what they're wrong. but not everyone in utah is cheering over trump's clawback. thousands of protesters lined up outside the state capital to protest the announcement environmentalists say it's an abuse of presidential power and native
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american groups say the move places ancient cliff dwellings and other sacred sites on the land in jeopardy they have filed lawsuits to block the order. trump has already called for a review of twenty seven other national monuments with the aim to slash them to. all german foreign ministers gabriele has urged his country and europe to become more assertive on foreign policy issues and less dependent on the united states traditionally close ties between berlin and washington have soured since u.s. president donald trump took office at a foreign policy forum in berlin gabriele said that the traditional view of the united states as having a protecting role is beginning to crumble. but. the u.s. will nonetheless have to remain our most important global partner there's no doubt we will need and will cultivate this partnership in the future but it alone will not be enough to protect our strategic interests of the us withdrawal does not stem
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from the policies of a single president and the situation is unlikely to change even after the next election so there should be no doubt that germany and europe will need to do and risk much more than in the past. and for more on those comments let's bring in correspondent mckayla now she was at the speech joins us now in the studio welcome to you. we just heard my gabriele say there that this isn't about trump what is it about that but isn't it isn't about i mean he put a simple math basically saying that demographically in the united states will be fifty percent plus people of non european descent so culturally of course there would also be a distance but really what we heard today is a call for europe for germany to become more aware of their own geopolitical interests and a reminder he felt but more of a warning that there is no cozy place on the sidelines of the do strategic game
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neither for germany nor for the european union so you can consider this as a wake up call from germany's foreign president and it is a wake up call though that we have heard before we must say because the german chancellor angela merkel of course famously in that beer tent in bavaria this past spring called on europe to chart its own course. how is this different what he's saying right now and is it likely that we will actually see foreign policy change here in germany well it's much more confronted to what the german chancellor said back in may was that the times where you could completely rely on the part and she of course meant the united states that those times were over what germany's foreign minister is saying right here is that it's time to actually stand up and take a stance on issues like syria he actually quoted roosevelt to said that it would be good to speak quietly but have a big stick and he said that what the alliance did in syria was talk loudly but
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then have a very small stick which allowed russia basically to define the terms on the ground and given the much bigger picture he actually said that he admired china he sees china as the only global power that actually has a long term political strategy. really he's giving his own country and he's giving the european union and also the united states really pretty bad mocks when it comes to a very simple issue of actually knowing where you want to go let's talk a little bit about his own country because you know there are some challenges here politically as well how is that factoring into the narrative the fact that it has been so difficult to come to a coalition government agreement here in the country well it gives him more liberty to speak right now his social democrat party might or might not but it looks like it might well into talks into continuing the current so-called grand coalition with german chancellor merkel but right now there really is only a caretaker government and he clearly is taking this liberty to speak very freely
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and one could not imagine the german chancellor to speak like this particular also on the issue of the recognition of jerusalem he found very clear was there and also deducting from that that it was also time to stand up to allies and tell them that there is a limit to solve the darcy you couldn't really imagine those kinds of words and it's pretty cool for more self-confidence in the european union but also in germany interesting times when it comes to the transatlantic relationship the halak of putting it all into perspective for us thank you. all the border between ireland and the united kingdom has emerged as the main stumbling block in britain's negotiations to leave the european union hopes of a deal on monday were dashed at the last moment when democratic unionist party the democratic unionist party rather raised objections to allow northern ireland to stay in the e.u. is customs union after the u.k. leaves the ruling party in northern ireland says that it wants to leave the e.u. on the same terms as the rest of the u.k.
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prime minister theresa may cannot ignore the party because it is propping up her fragile government. well earlier we asked london correspondent there get mass why the stance of the democratic unionists has apparently not been clear before these negotiations began. well yes for sure i mean it's not a surprise that to do you would be very very on the edge and really looking out for the particular words that would have been drafted in this document because in the northern irish peace process it is really words about details about the minuta behind that it is of course the do wish of the do you and the other unionist in northern ireland to stay close to the u.k. this is what they're really their big objective is this is where they where they entered into the peace process because they thought that they could stay close to the u.k. and they don't want to be sort of reunited in northern ireland to be reunited by
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the back door with the republic of ireland so they really want to stay close to the u.k. no matter what they want to stay close very good but if they were to be treated differently so staying in the us customs union what would happen with scotland and perhaps even london has theresa may open up a pandora's box well yes and we've seen it when initially there was talk about this document and then they could have stirred in the first minutes of scotland came out so he can come out they say well we did not vote to leave the you we want to stay in the single market and the customs union so why can we if there is any special treatment for northern ireland the only real solution would be for the whole of the u.k. to well be regulatory and i into the e.u. but this is something that reason may and her government have so far ruled out so what happens next. and that was it obvious london correspondent there to mass picking a short while ago with my colleagues in the so misconduct bragg's it as you might
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imagine is a hot topic in the business world monica jones is standing by with more on developments i'm monica. sara and of course that border issue i mean we're talking about northern ireland and ireland it is going to have a huge impact on the economy of northern ireland which let's remember that is primarily based on agriculture if britain is no longer a member of the e.u. it is no longer automatically part of the customs arrangements and that means that ireland and britain might have to reintroduce customs controls along the border and that is a huge worry for northern ireland's dairy farmers. milk is northern ireland's most important agricultural product but uncertainty over what will happen when britain leaves the european union has left many farmers on edge especially those who currently trade with and travel freely to the republic of ireland which is staying in the e.u. because of the way the whole system set up there will be tariffs there traded on
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the european quality standards at the minute or standards one change will be as high as ever they are but. does that present barriers for creating this product in the future and the fact that we don't know is a difficult part in addition agricultural products from northern ireland are heavily subsidised it remains to be seen if the support will continue after breakfast. a major industrial sector depends on. the lock patrick company purchases and processes six hundred million liters of milk from farmers on both sides of the border annually the supply chain is going to be massively disruptors there is going to be farmers who have no place to send their milk now because their processing unit is on the other side of the border and the processor cannot bring that cross the border because he's going to have to pay a price. in excess of fifty to seventy percent like patrick exports milk
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powder worldwide as well as roll milk to a baby food producer in the republic of ireland their main customer is china which insists on the e.u. quality label breck's it may challenge these relationships. what is absent here is a clear vision for britain and for northern ireland in a post break that scenario can somebody somewhere stand up and tell me and tell all of the members of this society what better situation is going to prevail in the. pause breaks the scenario that currently prevails the face of northern ireland's agriculture sector life in the balance as farmers wait to see if a deal on the border question can be reached. and you can really hear the frustration there now comrade business our man at the frankfurt stock exchange this week on a lot obviously everybody there was watching those breaks in talks as well again
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not successful as they go in down in the currency market where the british currency the pound sterling is down this brac breaks it barrel meter if you like is pointing south again because well of course yesterday was the original deadline that the european union had set for the united kingdom to make concessions which would allow them to proceed to talking about future trade relations this famous phase two part of the brics of negotiations but it's very unlikely that at the e.u. summit which happens next week the heads of government will decide that it's really time for the e.u. and for the united kingdom to start talking about those future trade relations of course i mean a life goes on in the european union they have other deals to issue with issues to deal with as well for example tax havens and there is this ominous blacklist that's
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been discussed today. yes blacklist maybe also a gray list we don't know yet one thing is certain. much fewer countries will end up on those lists than the ninety two nations that the european union had sent a letter to at the beginning of this year in this letter the european union demanded those ninety two countries to give information about their tax system about tax transparency about whether they allowed tax payers you know corporations individuals to move profits and the taxation of those profits from the e.u. to those countries the rumors are now that maybe eleven or maybe a bit more countries will end up on the blacklists where the european union states that those tax systems are unfair and one thing is certain as well european countries or e.u.
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countries will not be part of that list so neither the united kingdom nor ireland nor malta cyprus luxembourg all the netherlands will be that is all that eleven already exhale vns ok going to have wasn't frankfurt thank you so much for bringing us up to speed there. turning to china now and the chinese economy of course seen by many as a major success story manufacturers around the globe look to china as their main market from the car industry to dairy products as we heard earlier now china is huge china is growing china's millions of consumers but there is a downside to that success story and it affects mainly migrant workers moving to the chinese capital beijing to escape poverty in the countryside or the city is already bursting at the seams which is why the government is taking radical steps a neighborhood reduced to rick huge this is shinji and soon a district on the southern outskirts of beijing. these buildings were demolished on
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government orders destroying the workshops stores and homes of thousands of migrant workers one gang chung traveled to beijing from gansu province he worked as a textile worker until today. we have to leave by tonight i don't know where i'll go. his colleagues at this tiny textile workshop are in despair many have lived here for decades working low paid jobs with no residency permit for beijing they have no legal right to stay now they've been told to pack up and leave in a matter of hours. it's unfair they should have given us more time. i came here far away from home for a better future i had high hopes now i'm just said i have no choice i have to leave . officially this is all part of a fire safety blitz launched after nineteen people died in
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a blaze here last month. the so-called forty day special operation is supposed to target illegal and unsafe buildings critics squarely aimed at driving migrant workers out of the city. is trying to find some way for his employees to stay. he came to beijing twenty three years ago and through hard work set up his own textile business he's now being forced to relocate he's in tie operation the city has already turned off the gas electricity and water despite subzero temperatures the government's heavy handed treatment is drawing unusually direct criticism and action. some beijing residents of even set up support groups like this one in the west of the city here artists have turned this seller into emergency accommodation giving you victim migrant workers a bed and a roof over their heads and this one won't be any and always within a five hundred meter radius these people make it easier to live here there's the
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fruit seller the diddle shop around the corner they all raise the quality of life. at home and when the. officials are always keeping a close watch wary that the criticism might spill over into open protests. beijing's neighboring province of her thirty kilometers from the city limits. lulay and his workers discover they aren't welcome here either public loudspeakers discourage renting any properties to textile makers because of the fire hazard. we built ourselves a life in the city as migrant workers because we had no other choice now we're being tossed out everywhere there's no room for us anymore. room is now at a premium in the chinese capital beijing wants to reduce its population by two
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million by the year twenty twenty and it's clearly starting with some of its poorest residents. well big decision today probably for russia and its athletes at the winter olympics absolutely monica the clock is ticking a lot of people are watching it because the winter olympics as we know it starts in just over two months time and today we could see a decision on whether russia takes part or not the international olympic committee has already handed down lifetime bans to dozens of russian athletes for links to massive state sponsored doping scandals now its executive board is meeting to decide whether to throw the entire team out of the twenty eighteen winter games all together have a look the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi were a chance for russia and its president vladimir putin to burnish their reputation the hosts were the game's most successful nation winning thirty three medals in all but since then a dark shadow has been cast over their success by none other than gregory chunk of the former chief of russia's anti doping the forgery he claimed the russian
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athletes were systematically doped samples which would have tested positive for clean ones with the help of the russian secret service because of his admissions which uncovered losses post and fled to the united states. the i.o.c. reacted thus far. the i.o.c. will react with ciro tolerance in order to protect the cleanup fleets whoever is involved in this within the reach of the i.o.c. will be sanctioned. the world anti doping agency has been tougher water commissioner richard mclaren to investigate the claims in his report the canadian lawyer accused the russians of widespread state sponsored doping one and demanded they be sanctioned the proof mclaren presented in his report was not enough for buck and the i.o.c. they set up two commissions of their own to re-examine the allegations the i.o.c.
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panel led by dennis also out of switzerland has banned twenty five russian athletes over the last few weeks including a limb pick gold waiting cross country skier alexander like. he and others plan to appeal the decision at the international court of arbitration for sport. what will tuesday's meeting bring more individual barons that would allow russia to take part as a team and. some of suggested the russia can compete without the national anthem in flag how with the russians react to that plenty of questions for the i.o.c. to answer as soon as possible. let's turn to some cricket news now and severe pollution in india's mega city delhi has caused a sri lankan player to vomit during a test match between the two countries players have been battling terrible smog over the past four days with the sri lankans donning face masks to stave off the
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toxic a as fast bowler. a searing on a long while was overcome after bowling just three overs followed a man returning to the dressing room the u.s. embassy in new delhi reported that the air quality index was around four hundred that is fifteen times the world health organization's safe limit. want to bring you now some breaking news that has just come in spain supreme court has withdrawn an international arrest warrant for catalonia former leader carlos pushed along and four of his cabinet members it says that it is because the politicians have shown a willingness to return to spain all five are in belgium following october's declaration of independence which was considered illegal by spanish courts will have more on this story as it comes and do stay with us here on day w. and before we go just a quick reminder of the top stories that we have been following for you kooky rebels in yemen have been celebrating the death of their. former ally president
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ali abdullah saleh was killed by members of the armed movement on monday. you're up to date i'm sorry thanks for watching. for. our culture. hair. superman.
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