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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2017 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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still one of the big teams in the champions league. for p.s.g. who have done nothing but post blowout wins in the competition thus far that question answers itself they suffered a shock loss in the french league at the weekend albeit with a weekend start of levon and they still believe they can have the last laugh in you . you're watching news still to come on the program facebook is launching a new app for children some experts say the intention is good but others are unsure about the company's true motives. monica jones will have all that and more coming right out there watching d w i'm sorry for len i'll see you again soon .
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jura. what unites. what divides. us what's driving. what binds the continent to. answers and stories aplenty. spawn why don't people. focus on europe on t w. w's program guide. like. the whole. w dot com highlights. with bricks and negotiations still in a dead log dairy farm in northern ireland i ask
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a question that's on many people's minds can somebody somewhere stand up and tell me and tell all of the members of this society what's a better situation is going to prevail in the post breaks the scenario that currently prevail a. difficult question for sure also coming up turkey's economy takes a turn for the worse we get an expert's analysis. of business now the latest talks failed yet again to deliver a concrete results the major sticking point now seems to be the results border issue between ireland and northern ireland now some thirty thousand people are currently crossing that invisible border every day for work goods they're all go back and forward but after break the republic of ireland would remain in the european union while northern ireland as part of the u.k. would have to exit britain may have to introduce
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a hard border with customs checks for goods people and services hampering business and hurting the economy and that is a huge worry for northern ireland's dairy farm. milk is northern ireland's most important agricultural product but uncertainty over what will happen when britain leaves the european union has left many farmers on edge especially those who currently trade with and travel freely to the republic of ireland which is staying in the e.u. because of the way the whole system set up there will be tariffs there traded on the european quality standards at the minute or standards one change will be as high as ever they are but. those are present barriers for creating this product in the future and the fact that we don't know is the difficult part in addition agricultural products from northern ireland are heavily subsidised it remains to be seen if the support will continue after breakfast. a major industrial
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sector depends on. the luck patrick company purchases and processes six hundred million liters of milk from farmers on both sides of the border annually the supply chain is going to be massively disruptors there is going to be farmers who have no place to send their milk now because they're processing unit is on the other side of the border and the processor cannot bring that cross the border because he's going to have to pay a prohibited. in excess of fifty to seventy percent like patrick exports milk powder worldwide as well as roll milk to a baby food producer in the republic of ireland their main customer is china which insists on the e.u. quality label that may challenge these relationships. what is absent here is a clear vision for britain and for northern ireland in a post break that scenario can somebody somewhere stand up and tell me and tell
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all of the members of this society what better situation is going to prevail in the post breaks the scenario that currently prevails the face of northern ireland's agriculture sector life in the balance as farmers wait to see if a deal on the border question can be reached. well social media john facebook has announced a messaging app for children between six and twelve years old facebook messenger kids is controlled and monitored from a parent's account the company says they'll be no advertising and the only data collected will be the child's name some experts though believe facebook's intentions are good others are concerned that the company may have. and that is something i would like to look deeper into with danielle winter who joins me now in the studio danielle what exactly could be facebook's altieri of
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mulches or moniker i'm angry about this now i don't even have any kids isn't on boarding process basically getting kids used to facebook and social media at a young age and of course a lot of people are criticizing this move saying that facebook already doesn't have very good filters for taking bad content out of the system so how can we be sure that you know bad elements that say don't get into this app and contact your children now facebook say that they're going to monitor the use of this app in far more depth than look at reports of bad content in there very quickly but still facebook does a reputation problem on this front right now ok so there's a shadow of doubt i mean how can facebook how can anybody be sure that their kids it says here it's between six and twelve years old and using facebook anyway but the adult version well that's the thing that kids as young as six don't use facebook perhaps on that border age of you know ten eleven or twelve the sign of
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age for adult facebook sort of speak is thirteen years old so it is a little odd now if you see the pictures that we're showing there those are actors i mean we don't know if kids are actually going to enjoy this six years old i mean why can't they just go out and play football that's what i don't understand but anyway it's a problem market for facebook these thirteen year olds getting them encouraged to use this service rather than for example snapchat so basically facebook is trying to sort of used to it. so that when they reach that thirteen year old age that they recognize facebook and they say oh yeah i know that one of us and for facebook well i mean they get to harvest this audience that they can then report to thirteen years old it sounds really sinister but that's what facebook wants in the end they want data they want people signing up to their platform and contributing information. now kids date or six to twelve years old is not going to be harvested as part of this app but that is what facebook wants in the end and so they reap the
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rewards at thirteen years old and it does sound sinister but that's what a lot of people were saying i was just about to say i mean listening to you this really sounds sinister is it legal or it is absolutely legal but in a way the problem is more like it feels inevitable all the different big apps online including snapshot including you tube and so on have a so-called kids friendly version and so parents don't really know what to do they can't just tell their kids ok these are really cool apps but you just can't use them it's also about getting them a more gentle introduction to social media which they will probably use when they're older what's clear is it is a social media moral maze and i know i'm not going to be having kids any times daniel in town that's not quite sure what to make of that last statement of but thank you very much you're absolutely welcome for enlightening me about her facebook there and we're moving on to turkey which is a free market economy and turkish president. should businesses that he wants to
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keep it this way his comments come at a time when investors in turkey are unarmed by rapidly rising inflation which has had levels not seen in fifteen years while good for exporters domestic companies are trying to park their money overseas a practice the government frowns upon food prices in turkey are especially high but transportation costs have also soared this spike is especially hard on consumers but the rising costs are taking their toll on businesses too. the inflation rate has been on a rapid rise over the past year it's jumped to thirteen percent a level not seen for nearly fifteen years rising inflation is also putting pressure on turkey's currency for months now the lira has been losing value this is good news for turkish exporters the weaker currency makes their products cheaper abroad but this trend is worrying to domestic companies who are trying to ship their money
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abroad to avoid depreciation the turkish government doesn't like the practice but so far it's been reluctant to go as far as banning such capital outflows. first there was a then the likes of dima and now b.m.w. could also be caught up in the gate scandal campaign group environmentalists action germany has road tested b.m.w.'s and come to the conclusion that it emits more pollution than it does in lab tests the environmentalists point to a possible defeat device designed to manipulate lap test results b.m.w. didn't ice the allegation. that the portuguese finance minister. new has won the race to become the new missed the euro the top official of the nine hundred country euro zone that is the euro group at the forefront of the single currency blocs crisis fighting efforts over the past decade. europe is expecting
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big things from our you sent a new who becomes the first elected euro group president from a southern member state and a former bailout economy my candidacy you. mean besides leading to generate consensus being able to reach across the aisle if i meet with people like that with my colleagues his first on the job challenges will include deepening euro zone integration in areas such as banking as well as bucking up the blocks crisis fighting tools he'll also chair politically sensitive talks over debt relief for greece a job he's well prepared for he was a finance minister of portugal and sort of managed the miracle the one that everybody in europe is looking for first of all consolidate the budget at least more or less and at the same time don't be too austere don't be there both. credibly also spend the money so that's something that all the social democrats all the socialists in europe like a lot and that's your recipe for success the right backing the right policy the
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right guy sinton who takes over from outgoing you're a good president your room discipline on january thirteenth economists hopes and can work his economic magic across the entire you. know we all know the song diamonds are a girl's best friends but not every girl or boy for that matter can afford one certainly not one of the largest diamonds in the world which is sold for a six and a half million dollars at auction in new york now how awful for the money from the sale of the so-called piece a diamond will go towards funding development projects in the area where it was mined that is according to the government of leone and this is the seven hundred nine cara james second time action the government so far refused to sell it to the previous winning data saying it failed to meet their valuation. as a business. update you ended up in your explanation.
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take on. the abundance legal highlights. for me vocal music
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dortmund's winless streak continue. and hoffenheim questions might say more neil with a goal from my own way a way. that respects the balance of nature. and. oh i tell. you what methods exist that restore order to the cycle of nature. and can they be as productive as conventional farming. pioneering methods and modems. want to do it sixty minutes. did you get me is coming to life from bonnie and let's go. right to our correspondent news in central istanbul i'm joined by the shellac of thirty two
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others political correspondent on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in and it's all about the perspective closer to w. c s i. i'm a mother like two billion other mothers around the world i have one wish the best for my child. but in a society in which breastfeeding is often frowned upon and ads for formula abound where profit is more important than my baby's well being how do i know how to make the right decision. mil starting december ninth on d w. c.


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