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tv   Doc Film - A Mexican Murder Story  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2017 2:15am-3:01am CET

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the international olympic committee says russia's limbic team has been banned from participating in the twenty eighteen winter olympic games in south korea government officials will not be allowed to attend and russian athletes can only compete as neutrals investigations revealed widespread doping violations among russian athletes. in honduras left as presidential candidate salvador knows that iowa is the mending of total recount of all votes or a direct runoff to resolve the country's ongoing political crisis that's according to the country's former president manuel zelaya maazel iowa has accused incumbent president juan orlando were not as of voter fraud in elections held in late november. u.s. officials say the country plans to move its israeli embassy to jerusalem allies
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fear the move will endanger the middle east peace process and provoke unrest u.s. president donald trump made the embassy move a campaign promise. investigators into russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election last year have demanded that german lender tortured bank turn over data on accounts held by president trumpeters family however a lawyer representing trump denies that any subpoena was issued to the bank. and that. the trump russia saga now crosses the atlantic to germany u.s. investigator robert mueller subpoena a bank to release data on accounts held by president trump over russia's influence on his election as president. also on the show the e.u. is blacklisting seventeen countries as tax havens it's supposed to be
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a bold move but campaigners are outraged as the list includes no e.u. members. and as brics it talks go nowhere dairy farmers in northern ireland want to know the one thing on many people's minds what good is bricks it anyway. so i'm for business on the w m how you know i guess thank you for joining us germany's biggest bank deutsche bank is being investigated over russian meddling in the us presidential election last year a number of media outlets are reporting that special counsel robert mueller who's leading the inquiry has asked deutscher to release data on accounts held by president trump and his family the information was demanded by subpoena after deutscher rejected requests from the us house democrats to share the data in june the bank lent the trump organization millions of dollars for real estate ventures in the past. it's a developing story and we want to analyze it with our financial correspondent on
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wall street yes cotton hi yes good to see you now tell us the scope of this possible case could we also see other banks involved in a civil matter. this case is not so much about if your bank did anything wrong but rather about possible ties between donald and rusher and if you look at the father u.s. banks for example could be involved similarly it's rather unlikely if you look at the past couple of years a lot of the projects for donald trump have not been really that successful so a lot of the big u.s. banks actually have shied away from doing business with donald trump a daughter bank was one of the few bigger bangs to still continue doing business with the now u.s. president now yes on the other headlines that we saw today the u.s. trade deficit has risen to its highest level in nine months and that means that the
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country spent a whopping forty eight billion dollars more on imports and it managed to shift in exports that's an increase of over eight percent in a month potentially dragging down g.d.p. for the full year rising oil prices pushed the import bill higher imports from china were also in a record high the news won't go unnoticed by the u.s. president as donald trump has long blamed the country's trade deficit for the loss of manufacturing jobs and also moderate economic growth. back to you know we know that this is a crucial moment to see how much tantrum can actually control the u.s. monetary policy the economy and the development of the economy in general how is this going down there. the trade deficit certainly could be a drag on u.s. growth in the fourth quarter and possibly also looking ahead but we should keep in mind that this trade deficit is
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a very very volatile index and it's still pretty likely that the trade deficit recovers a little bit now in november and also in december so we did see increase of of energy imports also partly due because energy prices were on the rise in general and when you look at exports so we had to decline in civilian aircraft exports and also soybeans but as i said it's a very volatile index so we have to wait and see by the way we had two consecutive quarters of g.d.p. growth of a good three percent and depending on this trade deficit we will see if that trend continues are not. caught on wall street thank you very much. back to europe now where enough is enough that's what europe finance ministers are saying finally taking action against tax havens like the ones exposed by the panama papers and the paradise papers the e.u.
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is naming and shaming seventeen countries on a new blacklist but to the dismay of transparency campaigners e.u. members like luxembourg or ireland are not among them and british overseas territories are also being spared a tropical tax even in the middle of great brussels today in the e.u. finance ministers singled out seventeen tax havens on a blacklist countries like barbados namibia and tunisia everybody used to help block a crackdown on tax dodgers but they stopped short of imposing national sanctions on them for that hopefully this will help to increase the transparency of the global tax environment. well look i want to emphasize that this is not a punitive measure but our wishes that those countries will cooperate more in the future. or stood but according to the european commission the measures against tax havens don't go far enough. from the commission point of view we could go.
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seen a stronger defense so or counter measures but we hope that this work will continue on the consul side the ngo oxfam also criticizes the blacklist as being too short they count thirty five countries that should be blacklisted among them for countries within the european union ireland the netherlands luxembourg and malta but there's not a single e.u. member state on the list critics say europe should put its own house in order first . and our reporter charlot shell some pill has been covering the story for us from brussels charlotte hi good to see you not a single country is listed on this blacklist as we just saw how does the e.u. even justify that. that's quite right well the e.u. will argue that it's got its own tools for regulating tax avoidance within member states they'll say this is something that was always planned to moderate the action
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of third party countries countries outside the block but certainly the fact that no e.u. countries are on either this blacklist or the so-called greylisting list of countries who are going to have to adjust their behavior has really caused a lot of anger in some circles oxfam for example as we just heard there in that report is particularly angry it published its own report saying was this a blacklist all was it a whitewash it argues that had the e.u. applied its own rules to his own member states then for european countries would be on that list including mull to luxembourg ireland and the netherlands the shoulder we're talking about there justification with the third party countries if you will let's talk about those because what does that even mean for the government of a country to be named on the black list the list is not only include just some small vacation islands but also important trading partners like say south korea that's quite right and you're picking up actually on another one of the concerns that's
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been raised about this and now it's meant today and that is the fact that there are currently no concrete sanctions for countries found to be in violation of rules regarding taxation that could change its there's some speculation that member states might be able to impose their own sanctions but as it stands it's only really some e.u. funding that is risk in fact e.u. commissioner of attacks has criticized that saying while this is an important first step that this announcement has been made it could in fact have gone a lot further essentially it doesn't seem to have any teeth when it comes to dealing with time issues charlot chosen pill in brussels thank you very much for the analysis. on to another e.u. headache because another round of talks has failed the major hurdle this time is how the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland will work about thirty thousand people cross the invisible border every day for work goods go back
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and forth without inspection after bricks at the republic of ireland would remain in the european union while northern ireland as part of the u.k. would have to exit as you can see on your screen britain may have to reintroduce a so-called hard border with customs checks for goods people and services that will be a huge worry for northern ireland's dairy farmers who depend on easy cross border trade . milk is northern ireland's most important agricultural product but uncertainty over what will happen when britain leaves the european union has left many farmers on edge especially those who currently trade with and travel freely to the republic of ireland which is staying in the e.u. because of the way the whole system set up there will be tariffs there traded on the european quality standards at the minute or standards one change will be as high as ever they are but. those are present barriers for creating this product in
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the future and the fact that we don't know is the difficult part in addition agricultural products from northern ireland are heavily subsidized it remains to be seen if the support will continue after breakfast. a major industrial sector depends on. the luck patrick company purchases and processes six hundred million liters of milk from farmers on both sides of the border annually the supply chain is going to be massively disruptors there is going to be farmers who have no place to send their milk now because their processing unit is on the other side of the border and the processor cannot bring that cross the border because he's going to have to pay a price. in excess of fifty to seventy percent like patrick exports milk powder worldwide as well as roll milk to a baby food producer in the republic of ireland their main customer is china which
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insists on the e.u. quality label breakfast may challenge these relationships. what is absent here is a clear vision for britain and for northern ireland in a post break that scenario can somebody somewhere stand up and tell me and tell all of the members of this society what better situation is going to prevail in the. scenario that currently prevails the face of northern ireland. lies in the balance as farmers wait to see if the border question can be reached. that was. very much for joining us for the latest member you can always log on to the e.w. dot com ticker and by. people
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language to tell you about them. for content in dari pashto and order prospects for returning our web special refugee journeys of life in germany and the prospects for those returning home. and join the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning. d.-w. maybe for mines. through the window i could see cola and tootle walking to the cottage to don in front ramrod straight looking very stern color behinds looking down.
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they came in when i call a stood back looking away to walked right up to me took my shoulder and send his dad. if you. the.
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three. yo got that long i think the law is everything ready to go along with a little i was waiting for you ok. i thought i thought i was late. i thought it's already getting called. little
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oh my grampa what a lovely sky. i love that red you know man. build your he was a very well adjusted and calm person an easy child you could say. want to go baby oh so yeah he was a very inquisitive and creative child he kept an imaginary fox in sylar who was his best friend or knew him but i got better and so. was i who in all his life he made friends very easily. with whenever he ran into challenges he always managed to cope by.
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everyone came to a meeting around ten minutes before it ended a press conference was held. we learned that teachers and foreign observers were involved. and that the convoy was carrying food and medicine for indigenous treat people in the village where the situation had become dangerous. for me the situation was explained to us the village had declared its autonomy and then cut off paramilitary troops had surrounded.
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the situation seemed calm but we were warned that the area was dangerous. it was a gamble to go to someone kampala. on the road in the village of loss of ana curves. the people in the houses lining the road stared at us. the atmosphere was weirdly ominous. at the next curve we suddenly heard a loud noise a. come
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by my colleague said someone shooting at us. and at that moment i still didn't believe that someone could be attacking us but then i saw the armed men approaching us from over a nearby hill. i heard someone shout behind us watch out there armed with. i was terrified. when i turned around and saw men pointing assault rifles at us. but one of. the bullets started raining down on the car windows and one of them shattered. point all i could think about was how to survive.
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well you see you know like the others u.t. was acting on the assumption that a humanitarian aid convoy wouldn't be attacked i miss you and part of on the plan had been that if they ran into any problem that the convoy would turn around immediately. again to someone. who was on my right our first reaction was to dive to the floor of the car. but i mean for a moment. i wasn't even thinking about the best course of action. but i think. we just followed our survival instincts and started running from the attackers. and then we heard shouting and i saw blood. i
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realized that he had been hit. and usually. you know you got up to get closer to beatty to try and help. and that was when yes he was shot in the head. it was right around here. well we were doing some forest work.
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and then suddenly the phone rang. i was a bit confused wondering who could be calling me. first the caller spoke swedish then english she asked are you cold are ya cool or. you're my answered yes well the guy she kept asking if i could sit down. she said she had terrible news and that i should try to stay calm and please sit down so i sat down right about here i guess. she said yuri had been on a convoy to san juan kampala and the convoy had been attacked. but there was a good year he was dead i was seriously injured. i
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created but i'm going to let me go it was so shocking so awful that i'll never forget it no one should have to go through this. at first the pain that you really was gone was actually physical. you. know it's all turned into something else it's no longer all consuming but it's still there. when i must go.
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is life ended far too soon. yet if we come here mainly to meet other organizations staging protests hopefully we can inspire people to take action wherever it's needed to build a just and democratic world. and by the look of this end. up uniting the next you can tell from his school photos that he had a rebellious spirit. from an open baby faced kid into a sort of threatening looking punk. gladly. uppish just like the hair standing straight up in some pictures at one point he died it's like. even at that age you took an interest in
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social issues. but he didn't get involved in direct action until he moved to two articles after finishing his civil service. does it. mean. that but he made new friends kindred spirits young people they were looking for an alternative a better way of life they were into nature conservation and human rights and so on he began to question everything and to think about what can be done to change the world. i had such a close relationship with yuri that there was a bond between us even if we weren't always in touch even though he had his own life which i didn't know anything about right yeah.
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good in ny at the show you say it them and on says he never he caught it into his head.


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