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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2017 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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meet the germans new and surprising aspects of noise and culture in germany. us american keep music take a look at germany it is increasing at their traditions every day lives and language i can just come out of my lungs i'm so i'm young good. looking guy a d w dot com beat the germans. comes the fall.
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the sun is a part of it as are the daughter father and mother. and kids whether one to six or. they all belong to the family and every member has their own role. there's the leader the big daddy. and then the c. dad sold out in the key anyone who has to wait to get a good name we hear from favorite son thomas miller as well it's about being the owner of the fish from the one i was going to unfold all the time and from some a coup phone joker and problem child at the same time everybody doesn't know with me. and it made me feel like our home club christoph common knows where he feels at home if you divorce or get us past the fault you know but want to argue. sick have
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a family in africa. it's all true like the life. today and kick off life it's all in the family off we go. you. can you can and it's a good sort of in the midst. of a. good and. and wolf hopeful to feast on that divine elephant of us in symbols at. once an equal flow in africa. has told. me i.
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was like a family. everybody was in love with me. everybody has a dream and you don't have to suck your. stomach for was all he. got when she. writes i mean he's on some and he's on the broader. community from. our town i would love him to bring you know was very difficult for. a young boy from
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africa. and the price tag on me was five hundred thousand dollars one thousand nine hundred three was a huge one and. didn't want to pay the money and then the mother of say to new yorkers does what i have if you don't want to pay the money for the child for this boy is too good out pay the money and then later you have to pay me it's like you buy it for me so then because i'm missing. then i pay forty five most i'm fine with this if i move all these polls he told them out of the company i mean i'm a little guy i want to believe in something. why why only me you. a family
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and me being a black boy in the in the group everybody likes me because i joke a lot. when i go to training i'm always very serious to train so they're young they you for everybody. and they. feel a. moment in when i lost my daughter. came to me. from twenty one called me nobody was able to call me. so he called me and he give me the information because when you break up in the formation the first person i called was guarded welcome. me. to me and i do both fields entirely and what africana and behold what it would be to
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would be i'm good and. put it on the board for mine as it's apparent from from the one that i made not to come in my new op wouldn't. be enough he heard them even if not the end of the of the code somehow beat them to listen and i will put off this time. when i give i'm going to different sources and goes immediately we don't have . all of them but you do. get to console me. by the good within then there's two hours for me to go back to ghana and that tells me they care about me and are probably good with training gonna. when i finish everything. tell us who are these people they are there for you when in times of trouble at any time what i would trouble with in my family. those people were there for me. but that's.
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the most. i've ever money so. fifth time have. to. right there. once upon a time there was a little boy from the very
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a called thomas mila who grew up to become a superstar and. the boy from the village of pale has never strayed far from home. but could he have imagined as a child that he would one day where the famous f.c. bar in jersey. is like that in a minute on me. but someone else remembers miller's time as a schoolboy a little bit better. she was little thomas is teacher him god who. you can have been for dan a son of mike and of my. most wished it still may be an order that statement which i am hoping so when we. get pushed by.
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the us is said in the form of friendship again since it. often they include me. but before militant center stage in the bundesliga this man had to discover him first jump into scout for f.c. byron. in a pretty awful fun i'm sure. the show would off to go do it. here so if he didn't screw voting on the i would have gone to. reason view to be convinced a conservative was always moving now to a bind of his own stories too. it's about you know you mean this is intentional that's when i was can cause all become .
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this story. from ganguly schoolboy champions league winner thomas only. to f.c. byron close to his family and home sweet home. it's time for another the top five and today we're going to be looking at the top five family clubs here's my selection. at number five in munich the biggest club in germany and they have the most paying members of any football club worldwide plus they love employing former players. sally how much it and of course the ballroom self. so once you buy and you're always part of the family next up at number four is boca
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juniors they are massive family in fact they've got nearly hof the country behind them. apparently is forty percent of their support juniors but twenty million supporters in their own country i don't know if that really adds up the important thing though is that they're big and their local rivals river plate whenever they play them in the super classico it's a real family feud the head of the family on the gold. even has a lifelong books and the stadium. club is when your belly going to the stadium is like coming home and that's because the fans helped redevelop the ground in fact two thousand and three. volunteers joined force to expand the capacity of the stadium nice work every year they host a massive christmas caroling session at the stadium. a real community and for the well cup they turned that pitch into
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a living room. i'm sweet home at number two events is cheering the italian club's history is intertwined with an actual family the agnelli. in one hundred twenty three and why do i do now leader free at the start of the marriage with the club and then handed the reins to his son john and since then it's been passed down for every generation the battle was next and then came the black sheep. on the day he got into a spot of bother and got a warning back to selling tickets to the guns on the black market and number one liverpool it pains me to admit as a manchester united fan but no club has a better song. it's sung before and very much creates a real family bond between the club and the supposes the fans have an incredibly
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close relationship with the club and go through thick and thin titles and tragedies and tragedy struck in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine when ninety six liverpool fans died at the f.a. cup semifinal in hillsborough the whole city came together to get justice for the ninety six and the club incorporated the words you'll never walk alone in that badge that created a bond as strong as family ties so that's my top five family clubs do you agree let's know what your. family's following in the footsteps of a famous sponsor can cause problems but is there more than just a dark side. i'm the father.
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i'm the father. i'm the father.
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the father father. the .
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but there's more to families than dad mom for example the most important thing is that you feel at home. christian or. would you have been in an airplane flying from you're. also a veteran singing find a true example with. michoacan future could fulfill a disease or one who would also for those who have been know for your for when you have one do you use for well obviously it's just. gone so much to
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host. so what do you not include into months after and it was a few short on photos also as i must. be yet finished making time for the measles so what it will so this mean for don't continue to blow so exception i don't want to come for too long no but was out for less than. it was and if you don't mind. let's has no control or. even fucks with me by luck it's. came into maryland at you and yet seen fools by bush at the plate this is and be specific it's a few grouping that fuselage and statements of i list as a mountain i list. devised us and them talk which meant for us but all for your. kind but i'm of in the interest of the forgotten that tall and one moment will be. one type of first person often. yeah and for
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the true ones it's fun for a. big long list into. not only a front end order. one for europe. but he deems quality that for them to form i'm something toyotas and so defeat him but also get us past our faults when you're feeling fine. i think it's that as it were more exciting because of karma also mentioned up thank. you. this is mozambique so why are people cheering for life. in one of the poorest
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countries in the world from one of the richest clubs in the world. yes here is africa's very first are the lights and fan club. the people here have a past unlike say and not a purely positive one even if the good memories tend to come to the fore. i. mean. this is the man responsible for the lights of chance. here in my puto the capital of mozambique east german immigrant homeland homebound founded the fan club and with it an entire life family. they all watch football together at all and. most of the other members also lived and worked in line for many years that's why they too have a special bond to the city's biggest football club. i think i see he's very intent
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on the siege business and on that one and then once he's in dead dead dead mind about that examine my going to the mouse on down the aisle with the likes. of me as their feeds on this i might have to feel younger or the monkey have to. read. like they like to like let's look philip let's. go. let's back up a bit the love for line sake and mozambique dates back to nine hundred seventy nine socialist east germany and the communist people's republic of mozambique signed a mutual agreement that's all around fifteen thousand so-called contract workers head from africa to work in nationally owned companies behind the iron curtain.
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like sherlock a here in east germany he built mopeds and got hooked on german football. you're right very few but when you bring the number of men it makes him look. he's personally been named on the group through this but he had julio sons live in germany but he doesn't have much contact to them he can't afford a telephone let alone a flight. there's just no money here a football field in mozambique is a world away from a luxury training pitch and light say the people wouldn't mind a little help sometimes. most of the you know whose fault all this for all the founders of the off guard with the presents and. the time that they have you know of or have someone who does the hole in the theatre and order. the lights of native
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has lived in mozambique for almost thirty years he's excited about the success of his club his former city means more to him than just home before the monthly mardi gras that's a horse because it's so i don't know what's the most already zero or. so from my door. for him but for me. the peaceful monday demonstrations in life helped bring about the fall of the berlin wall and the reunification of germany east germans were now free to travel anywhere in the world poland hope eric took advantage and emigrated the contract workers on the other hand were forced to return to mozambique. every day they meet up in a park in my. they call themselves germans an allusion to made in germany. germans want mommy income. was it from you.
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it's my german seat and if it's here doesn't it i thought you know for it's mozambique on and on and it's my judgment. and i know not to not get it. to my germans carry out their own peaceful protest to demand money for work they did in east germany for which they say they were paid inadequately or not at all. the boy did we are for. the next class but. they are either going to get the word that germany did transfer their wages to the government of mozambique but the money never made it to the workers and that bonds them just like the memories of their common past. right where. they are right. off the top. because in africa i know front. i know mine shaft.
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spin that's very fraud ma. that may seem a long way off just now as does the return of their last earnings. but they clearly haven't given up hope. oh. god gone away and told me. oh my. god yes. and to finish up we take to the air again for birdsong view of second division side one young barely in stadiums. i'm often away .
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from my mother's cosell all of those daughters by those of us who have to remember how this become the start of the first life. but over a month of playing and hearing mention he's an author mom you've got to remind us of our this listing sure this thing is interleave a staple of struggling. sort of policy with an award as it's moved us as towards it's worth four thousand bytes and other suborder it was inferred wish to go to war look for them on shelf according to a lawyer read i'll buy it i'm going to stay in this make good on his office it's like a movie a. few times on my. show i. was on this is the mind often mentioned to believe in the when the only movie first
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but all i was able to auburn by the lead of. the auto tells us once is fired in the star jones i i don't that's in the books like a plan that's idea by the will of an exam couple to forty one similar rises told with plenty of fame called lawyers favorites of them called motives but we come up to them and i was close by in realms of muscle called responses. from one. of. the first. cool move.
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the. country good international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic. russia streamed down from the upcoming winter olympics in south korea i made my locations of widespread state facto face i will most correspondent impact the
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announcement tabs on russia's hosting of next summer's so-called world cup finals own country. thirty minutes on. this is you've got news coming to life combine and let's go right to our correspondent news in central istanbul i'm joined by the show a couple of you know whose political correspondents on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about perspective closer d.w. news. your home life because of persecution. society . starting from scratch in an unfamiliar country five people who found a new home in a foreign land. with their stories books and music they've built bridges to the past and the future. after the escape starting december seventeenth
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d.w. . they're black and living in germany. is reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter like this not being able to belong. and all this kind i'll. take in college a group being no different than the friends. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. to look at c s. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption comes down to. the main thing was to keep your head down under mug shot of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the
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black john. afro germany starting december tenth w. five. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin alison in stages a deal reached in response to president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. hundreds of protesters.


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