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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2017 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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a hundred and twenty victims nasir has admitted sorting female gymnasts under the guise of medical treatment he's expected to face a subsequent sentence in january. you're watching the d.v.d. is coming up ahead how do you hondas the power of the sun visit a school in india attracting people from all over the was but the promise to teach them. and get this story for you coming up shortly he's standing by stay with the news. is that you. think. with the senses. recognize. and experience the inexpressible.
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the cultural magazine. twenty one. g.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free shop for d w z e learning course you can speak german made easy. at. the divorce is finally on britain the european union agree on general of the u.k.'s departure from the bloc now how difficult will it be to forge a trade agreement. also coming up on the fast track from munich.
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high speed rail. powering women school in india helps women from all over the world to keep electricity flowing in the villages. and more now here on business. negotiations about future trade relations between britain and the european union can finally kick off after both sides reach an agreement on the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the block u.k. prime minister terrorism and european commission president johnson made the announcement earlier today business leaders see the agreement as a major step to avoid the potential of disaster that disastrous so-called. in one of the most controversial issues both sides agreed there should not be a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. and here's
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a look at how markets react is to the news. relief on the markets as it emerged an agreement had been reached the footsie one hundred rose as did the value of the pound but traders in london are well aware that the next phase of breakfast negotiations may prove yet more difficult. by i think the next few months we're going to see far more analysis of what the effects of the u.k. being outside of europe are going to be for instance one example will be just in time manufacturing how is that going to have to change with custom course set up across the you with the number of border posts that require documentation that's going to change the way that manufacturing duty operates in germany two markets responded well to the news some analysts believe britain is now unlikely to give up access to the single market i have to. be a hybrid which is very positive thing because a trade between the russian and the rest of the e.u.
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would be interrupted but one thing must be clear this is just a very small success brecht it continues to be terrible for both sides the e.u. and the british people if markets already show gratitude for the smallest of agreements sobieski that there are still a lot of problems surrounding breakfast sized or even a feeler problem it will invade. the next round of tracks the talks will focus on trade an issue the markets will be watching very closely indeed. and these talks work out in the end britain is sure to miss out on this one the un japan have agreed on the terms for a free trade deal they've been negotiating for for years currently japan imposes high tariffs on european imports like foodstuffs european countries also impose tariffs on japanese cars the text of the agreement does not appear to include section related to the issue on how to settle disputes between states and investors the evil institute for economic research estimates that german g.d.p.
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alone could see an extra twenty billion euros a year through the deal it still has to be signed and ratified. so let's talk about some of the remaining challenges of bragg's it with our financial correspondent comma booze news dummy by frank comrade that e.u. deal with japan is something the u.k. will not profit from do you think it's an accident that was announced today and what does it mean for the use economy. i don't think this was on purpose you know. i don't think that the e.u. would be so short sighted and small minded to do that to make to create the timing or make the timing of this deal with japan so that the u.k. can get to feel that it's missing out it's just that trade deals like the one with japan also the other important trade deal between the european union and medical sort of the latin american common market which is currently being struck
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take a lot of time and they're both deals are just about to be ready to be signed of course they are important deals you just mentioned what the in-situ chief estimates how much germany might benefit from the trade agreement with japan. and of course it's something that people here in the financial center in germany germany and frankfurt are welcoming convert now the first step towards bragg's it is taken what do investors expect will negotiate a trade deal now we as difficult as the initial divorced or. well it's probably going to be more difficult let me give you an example which is very important for people here the. negotiations about the services sector financial services the passport rights for the banks in london that were that are to allow the banks in
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london to continue to do business with the continent it's very likely that the european central bank will continuously want to take a very strong supervision of this. business but as you know the hard core breaks the tears hate everything that smells too much like european jurisdiction on british affairs. and frankfurt thank you china's exports have jumped over twice their predicted amount in november exports rose more than twelve percent much higher than the predicted five percent it's a sign of strength in the world's economy and the world's second biggest economy as it transitions from an investment based economy to one powered by consumer spending after years of slowing growth g.d.p. is now also likely to outstrip the government's official forecast. germany's imports grew quicker than its exports in october narrowing the country's
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controversial trade the day it has bad weather and a dip in tourism figures analysts say that germany more broadly is on a stable footing with exports driving overall g.d.p. growth germany is often criticized for its high trade as it leads to income imbalances within the european union. time is money many new high speed link between the capital berlin in the northeast of germany and the economic help that is munich in the south opens today shaving off one third of the previous travel time between the two destinations is one of the most profitable routes for business travelers. it was more than two decades in the making and now it's ready to welcome passengers on board the icy east sprinter will cut two hours off the current travel time between berlin and munich with trains hitting speeds of up to three hundred kilometers an hour the mountainous middle section of the route features twenty two new tunnels. the six hundred twenty kilometer ride from berlin
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to munich will now only take four hours pushing competitive pressure on airlines and bus companies serving the same routes tortured ban is confident the new link will have a particular appeal to business travelers. in total the project cost ten billion euros making it the most expensive railway project in europe the number of passengers on the bruce itzhak to double from one point eight to three point six million a year the standard second class fare will cost one hundred fifty euros. critics accuse the operator of giving major cities preferential treatment despite the making of only a quarter of the population passenger lobby group says smaller communities are being neglected and has called for new infrastructure projects in rural regions.
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economies women often remain the single largest untapped economic resource a college in the indian state. made a mission to change that college is training women from rural areas to take control of their lives and the well being of their communities. and sending women from other countries to the institution to get empowered the sun is a virtually infinite source of energy. these women have come halfway around the world to register on to learn how best to harness that power classes at the so-called barefoot college of just beginning while those who study here can actually afford shoes they can't afford much else and definitely not a house with electricity supply that's why the courses here are about solar energy systems in this particular class most of the students come from africa during a six month course the women learn how they can use solar energy to improve their lives in their villages. doing them and i will end badly in my village there are
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only a couple of houses with electricity. only run when i'm finished here my neighbors and i will finally be able to use electricity as well that a proper look on. this man started the college nearly forty years ago. a lot don't get. me long in the beginning we also taught men but often they didn't pass their knowledge and skills on to others they took up new jobs and moved away from their villages women are more loyal and they have fewer opportunities and would charge women about dollar dick tell us about what i mean what are. the colleges trained over ten thousand women now who have returned to their villages you won't find a connection to an electricity grid out here but you will find mana she graduated from barefoot college a year ago and is currently on her way to meet a customer who owns a solar power unit. on her. the
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lights. there seems to be some sort of problem i don't know what it could be but he was a. man who gets to walk she inspects the unit and after a few minutes she's figured out is the power storage unit with just a few twists of her screwdriver the lights up back on. how do you put it on even then i know a village there are about forty five houses and in twenty three of them i've installed solar electricity systems but only if there are occasionally problems with the power storage units that's why i'm here but dad said he would pay up with a bad name. at the end of the day off to the sun has gone down this village should still have electricity. and that's all for me thanks for watching bye bye.
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glamour and the same. chanel presenting a dash oh in hamburg and town of design
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on there you know. now with us our innovations magazine for in asia the us from every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. it's. a pity too funny because i don't think it. tells them to and i make us feel i'm telling the famous potato. greetings from the german capital and a warm welcome to our latest edition and we are in for
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