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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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this is you know we news line for maryland demonstrations around the world following president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel israeli palestinian violence flares and the u.n. security council meets for an emergency session to discuss trump's contentious
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decision also coming up. brings in divorce talks back on track e.u. commission president truckload younger and prime minister to resign may say the next phase of negotiations can now finally begin. plus he's called for a united states of europe but first yes to persuade his own social democrat party to start coalition talks which i saw a glimmer of those conservatives still use has an exclusive one on one with s.p.d. leader martin schultz. also in the next sixty minutes we'll take you to zimbabwe a country that used to be the breadbasket of africa but the dictates of rule by robert mugabe have left it on its knees we look at the task ahead for its new president and the many challenges he faces. and the german human rights activist accused by encore of supporting a terrorist organization w speaks to peter's story after his release from a turkish press.
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great to have you along the united nations middle east envoy has warned about the risk of a violent escalation following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel nicholai told a gathering of the u.n. security council that the move might trigger unilateral actions which would make a peace deal harder to reach the security council meeting was requested by britain and france and half a dozen other countries all right let's listen in to what the u.n. mideast envoy had to say a little earlier on the united nations has repeatedly declare that any unilateral decision that seeks to alter the characters status of jerusalem could seriously undermine current peace efforts and may have repercussions across the region i
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stated by the secretary general the united nations position is clear jerusalem is a final status issue for which a comprehensive just and lasting solution must be achieved through negotiations between the parties and on the basis of the relevant un resolutions additional agreements. meanwhile monitoring the emergency us security council meeting is to carson fund nominee joins us from washington carson the closest allies of the u.s. were among those who called for this special session what have they been saying so far. it was pretty remarkable even the ambassador for the united kingdom probably the closest ally of the united states on the world stage criticized the move of the u.s. government they said jerusalem should be the shared capital of both israelis and palestinians that the u.k. they consider east jerusalem as occupied territory and that the u.k.
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has no intention to move its own embassy desk so they are not following the lead of the united states here nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations meanwhile repeated a line of argument of the trumpet ministration saying that trump and the white house remains committed to the peace process that this decision was no pretty cation of the final status of jerusalem and that the trouble ministration was basically just acknowledging the facts on the ground that all major government agencies of israel the parliament are in jerusalem and that israel had the right to choose its own capital now that was a point that was rejected by most other members of the security council swedens you an ambassador for instance pointed out that there are several un resolutions which say that is tourism is occupied territory that the annexation of east jerusalem by
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israel is illegal and that's basically there should be no change of the status of jerusalem before there is a final status a final agreement on the status of the city and of course and so it seems that from your reporting that the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley was doubling down basically yes nikki haley was a very defiant and she even went on the attack at some stage let's listen in though . it has not taken a position on boundaries or borders the specific dimensions of sovereignty over jerusalem are still to be decided by the israelis and the palestinians and negotiations israel will never be and should never be bullied into an agreement by the united nations or by any collection of countries that have proven their disregard for israel's security. how isolated is the u.s.
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would you say today judging by the mood at the u.n. security council when it's not like the united states on nala pariah on the world stage i'm in america remains the most important strongest ally of many countries around the world particularly in europe and elsewhere and we saw a nikki haley also talking to the palestinian delegation before the meeting so of course the united states still the most important player on the world stage but having said that it was pretty remarkable how isolated at least on this issue the united states were even allies ukraine or if the o.p.o. who actually also depend to some extent on the united states on the u.s. assistance for their own security concerns they criticized this move so clearly this was not a pleasant meeting of the security council for nikki haley and the americans are so
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phenomenal reporting thank you. present time sufficient recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel has sparked fury and frustration throughout the region people in syria jordan and iran took to the streets to express their opposition. to a familiar ritual burning the israeli and american flags the scene took place in a palestinian refugee camp in syria. across the border in around a prayer leader urged palestinians to rise up and hundreds of iranians took to the streets. of both countries have a history of enmity with the u.s. and israel. but in egypt long seen as a u.s. and israeli ally there were mass protests as well these demonstrators are chanting jerusalem is aaron. the alan said that i'm woman well trumps needs to know that palestine is in the hearts of all the arabs muslims
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and every free person in this world and in some sort of you has either. but the outrage spread beyond israel's neighboring countries from the streets of the somali capital mogadishu to the mountains of kashmir. was not that i was. lucky and in pakistan trying to decision seemed to trigger a general backlash by the judge that trump is a madman the american people must take a stand and make it clear that they do not stand with trump otherwise we are left with no choice but to consider the american people to be anti islam. i proof that the israel palestine issue has not faded in the minds of muslims worldwide i. want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. in congo at least fourteen un peacekeepers
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and five congolese soldiers have been killed in a suspected militia attack on the u.n. compound in the east of the country at least fifty others were wounded u.n. secretary general antonio good chess has called the attack quote a war crime and urged congolese authorities to investigate. officials say massive wildfires tearing through a southern california have destroyed hundreds of homes the blazes have now forced tens of thousands of people to flee for safety major state highways have been closed this since hot desert winds are fanning the flames. argentina's former president cristina fernandez the care center has said treason charges against her are politically motivated that's after a judge in argentina called for lawmakers to drop her immunity she is accused of allegedly covering up iranian involvement in
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a nine hundred ninety four bomb attack on a jewish center and when the. french president and many were not called has been awarded the twenty eight ginger john mccain prize the annual award is given by the german city of individuals and institutions who've worked for european unity the prize committee said because my call in recognition of his vision of a new europe previous winners include pope francis and german politician martin schulz. are you watching the news we still have a lot more to tell you about here's what's ahead. three weeks after mugabe's ouster zimbabwe's former finance minister goes on trial for fraud and corruption i'll bring you an exclusive report looking at the state of the country after decades of neglect. but first the european union and britain have reached an agreement on bragg's it which means they can now progress to the next round of talks u.k.
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prime minister theresa may and european commission president. they've agreed on key issues like rights for us e.u. citizens in the u.k. and guaranteeing no hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland and now they'll move on to negotiations about future trade relations. both sides are calling it a brick sit breakthrough capping off a week of drama british prime minister to resign may arrive early at the european commission goal saving the talks on her country's exit from the e.u. a short meeting with the european commission president john claude juncker followed and then the two emerged to make the big announcement. news of all. philip or. we've been able to make sufficient progress to ensure that we can now move into the second phase of the negotiation between the united kingdom and the european union of twenty seven so it. may say there's been progress on
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a major stumbling block how to manage the future border between the u.k.'s northern ireland and the e.u.'s republic of ireland has been a particularly tricky subject many fear a hard border separating the two with border guards could plunge the north back into turmoil by undermining the belfast agreement which ended decades of sectarian violence in the region in northern ireland we will guarantee there will be no hard border and we will uphold the belfast agreement and in doing so we will continue to preserve the constitutional and economic integrity of the united kingdom but the e.u.'s chief brecht that negotiator michel barnier says sorting out this the money issue will need special talks. until now northern ireland's democratic unionist party had stood in the way of an agreement their support is vital to may's minority government now despite reservations the d.d.p. has agreed to move ahead with this part of the deal it means trade talks can now
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get underway that's if e.u. leaders sign off on the dale as a council summit next week. are more about this important development with quinten peelings that our parliamentary city oh she's in alice with u.k.'s think tank chatham house a very good day sir is this a break sir. it's certainly a good thing it's the first serious sign of progress we've seen for about six months they had to get agreement on these three big issues in order to clear the way to the really serious round of talks ahead on what the future trade relations and totality of the u.k. e.u. relationship would look like and they got very bogged down on these issues the none of them easy so it the fact that they've gotten agreement now and i hope it will be confirmed next week in the european council then is a good thing because they can move on yes they can move on but they basically kicked the most certain tensions issues just down the road. yes i think so even on
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the irish border because in essence they're still saying that need to be no irish border but also there need be no border between london the rest of great britain and it's very difficult to see how if to resume a insists she's going to leave the single market and she's going to leave the european customs union how you can have new physical checks whatsoever on goods that may go backwards and forwards so i think there's still fudging the issue because both sides do want to move on right now prime minister may had a very difficult negotiating position she had to make and sessions what will our critics make of these latest developments well the trouble is for trees i'm a she's got critics on both sides she's got hardline bricks at cricket critics who don't actually care very much how what sort of agreement we have with the european
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union they just want to cut britain's ties with europe and the remaining who are actually desperate to keep relatively close ties something that looks very like the single market in the customs union because they're really worried about the economic effect on british business and it was business that's been pressurizing to reason may to get movement so that they have some surety of where they're going to . be closer to finding out what breaks it will actually look like just you know taking today's deal as a as a foundation. i'm not sure we what it says in today's deal and the irish border question has really precipitated this it says that if there's new bigger agreement then the brits will guarantee there is some sort of regular three alignment between the whole of the united kingdom and europe that's going to sound to the brits it is
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very like we're not leaving on the other hand will it actually be acceptable to the twenty seven remaining european union states i'm not sure so she's caught in between this real tension of how far she can go and she hasn't resolved the problem because there's still a huge division within her government can feel a tad house thank you. and of course those of elements a closely being watched javier in the world of business that's right especially if we have a big step forward as they are at least presenting it now you'd expect the markets actually celebrate the news of the u.k. and the you reach an agreement on breaks that after always told you many times right here what a risk the whole thing meant for investors right but no stock markets remained unsentimental with only a careful reaction is a just wait and see or do they know something we don't. relief on the markets as it emerged an agreement had been reached the footsie one hundred rose as did the value
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of the pound but traders in london are well aware that the next phase of breakfast negotiations may prove yet more difficult. by i think the next few months we're going to see far more analysis of what the effects of the u.k. being outside of europe are going to be for instance one example will be just in time manufacturing how is that going to have to change with custom posts set up across the you with the number of border posts that require documentation that's going to change the way that manufacturing duty operates in germany to markets responded well to the news some analysts believe britain is now unlikely to give up access to the single market i have trouble exit was the rosier be a hybrid which is very positive thing because a trade between the u.s. and the rest of the e.u. would be interrupted but one thing must be clear this is just a very small success rex it continues to be terrible for both sides the e.u. and the british people if markets already show gratitude for the smallest of
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agreements so b.s. that there are still a lot of problems surrounding baxter's sized or even a feeler problem it will invent. the next round of track the talks will focus on trade an issue the markets will be watching very closely indeed. now the president of germany's research institute says there is obviously a mutual interest in maintaining trade relations which is the good news but it doesn't like their chances of finalizing a trade deal within one year. well negotiating a complete create trade agreement within twelve months is i would say well actually impossible that's why we need a transition. looks like we're going to we're going to get one i guess ideally there should be agreement on a number of principles and agreement on a transition phase where the old rules more or less will continue to apply. more detailed free trade agreement can be negotiated over
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a longer time. meanwhile the bitcoin roller coaster ride continues the cryptocurrency had searched by more than forty percent of the best couple days as officials prepare to large the first but current futures contracts this sunday that has fueled investor interest but on friday of last almost a fifth of its value experts had warned bitcoin is heading for collapse. this sunday its kickoff for bitcoin future traits potentially propelling the cryptocurrency from the fringes to the forefront of finance trade is a busy coming up with a game plans the futures market allows them to speculate on the cryptocurrency price at a later date something which may stabilize the cryptocurrency but also push the price down from the dizzying heights of where it has been i think really argue a correction and i suspect the correction will happen when the futures markets come online and so my suggestion is to kind of wait and see what happens i think that if
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you're investing there for the next two years or three years then it the difference between the price now and the price in a week's time may be irrelevant. some say that bitcoin might not even be around in the next two to three years there is notoriously volatile with warnings that it may self-destruct and it's not backed all the same its impact is already thought to be lasting whatever you might think about the currencies the reality is that the technology behind it which is the block chain is here to stay if i can make a kind of a comparison is more like the dot com bubble that we had you know early two thousand. while everybody was getting rates just having you know a dot com on the web side but even after the bubble burst the internet is still there we have facebook google so the technology behind it is here to stay whether becoming a futures might prove the downfall or making of the digital darling is something really i need a future can tell. germany's imports grew quicker than its exports in october
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narrowing the country's controversial trade surplus but the data is skewed slightly by bad weather and a dip and tourism figures analysts say that germany more broadly is on a stable footing with exports driving overall g.d.p. growth germany is often criticized for its high trade surplus as it leads to income imbalances income imbalances rather with the european union. and that might be a data that's important for economic policy which is being discussed also absolutely because the germany's the social democrats are meeting in berlin to weigh what key issues they want to take into talks with ugly american on forming the country's next government party leader martin short stressed the role of germany and europe pledging to push for reforms that would eventually lead to a united states of europe as delegates voted on thursday for coalition talks with american conservatives and they will last start next week more than two months
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after germany's elections to have used tom aspera spoke exclusively with martin schultz and asked him if that wasn't too long. many countries in europe and indeed around the world are looking at germany and wondering when there will be a formal government and now the social democrats have agreed on a procedure that could take weeks if not months on germany afford to be so long without a government there is first of all a government in office religious by the way. composed by the christian democrats in the search of democrats that are going to america's chance to see my god where this first chancellor so germany for the time being is a rule by a neck thing government and therefore the government has a parliamentarian majority we have no need to speed up especially looking to the fact that the so-called. micah elias crashed completely with the negotiations.
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they took two months after the election after the vote. to disagree they needed two month to disagree at the boat everything so. two or three weeks' time to check if it makes sense to build to continue on the basis of a sustainable program incorporating i think that's justified that where justified for us. one of your key proposals is that idea of a united states of europe but wouldn't it be also important to focus on that united s.p.d. given the fact that so many delegates here seem to be against that idea of another grand coalition i think. the proposal table yesterday by the bureau of the party unanimously adopted in the bureau of the party for the opening of negotiations first of all about content to improving the internal situation the best execution
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in germany improving the situation of the european union and got an overwhelming majority of the around i think ninety percent of the delegates voted the in craver that open so a way for negotiations with an open then yes for sure between early elections and grand coalition of the american is possible but it depends from how we are able to agree on contemned that's the most important point for us and how confident are you mr shows that the conservatives will actually also be interested in that idea of yours of a united states of europe. i think this is a proposal of the israelis since nineteen twenty five and to discuss how to improve especially of the brakes of the remaining twenty seven member states how they can improve the basis of the cooperation that's the lisburn treaty which is visibly not sufficient for solving a lot of problems we have internally and in international relations and that's what
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i mean with the united states of europe that will not be a kind of united states of america or european soil we can transform a friendship in the california you know german and six alien it's impossible national civil and if he is strong and we remain but to deepen the transnational corporation that's what i mean with the united states of europe thank you very much for this interview mr schultz. what does the average german think of the parties and the politicians more than ten weeks after they voted in an inconclusive election we've been looking at the latest trends opinion poll for germany's national broadcaster a.r.d. . bungle america liz no only the acting chancellor and it could be some time until she is once again the head of an elected government if it is the merkel era as some suspect germany's most popular politician is foreign minister sigma
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gabriele of the social democrats the s.p.d. with an approval rating of sixty five percent merkel has the approval of fifty four percent while s.p.d. had martin schultz gets just thirty nine bought a majority of germans say they'd welcome medicals dying on as chancellor for weeks merkel tried to form a so-called jamaican coalition with his cd un the c s u together with the greens in the free democrats alternately without success is now only another grand coalition with the s.p. day or a minority government can prevent new elections the s.p. day is being grappling with a way that to join such a coalition again what does the public think which would be the best government at this point. forty five percent called a grand coalition of the c.d.u. c.s.u. in the us p d good about fifty two percent consider it not as good or even bad for the first time a majority wants merkel to lead a minority government. the close relationship with the united states long
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a cornerstone of german foreign policy is being called into question with the world seemingly in turmoil who do the germans still trust in these troubled times ninety three percent of germans place great trust in france britain has the trust of sixty two percent a majority despite breaks it less than a third expressed trust in russia and only a quarter in the united states under donald trump germans still support uncle americal even if his standing is diminished still can't imagine anyone else taking charge of the german government. you're watching the day when you still a lot more to tell you about here's what's ahead. accused of aiding an armed terror group and thrown into a turkish prison speaks to german human rights activist peter storrie back home now after his ordeal. it's one of the city's most ambitious construction projects the
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berlin state opera reopens the stores after seven years a renovations will talk about last night's opening concert and the centuries old opera house itself. those stories and a lot more coming up in just a few. moments . i know you see from lines a series of clips that can be gone so some music this is this time the songwriter from lion's head all business owners. go east i'll break my and.
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then you come up alina. thirty six and done. my first by state of moses sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion to even something as simple as learning how to write them by side isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have them by sight along my home and it took me years to convince myself. finally the gevalt been mentioned by me and by psychos but returned because sewing machine. sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than writing advice and now all i want to meet shall those woman back home blood bones by the juneteenth and social rules and informed him of old dead basic rights my name is dave out of the home and a war that's easy to. move
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. beyond. the use moneths imagine. me. to. get to see you again you're watching me the readers on the rock n roll and these are our main headlines right now. as israeli palestinian violence flares the u.n. security council has been meeting for an emergency session to discuss u.s.
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president doll trumps decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. britain and the european union say they've made a breakthrough in brics the talks prime minister theresa may made an unscheduled trip to brussels to me to e.u. commission president bush on closed you are the two sides will now move on to negotiate on trade agreements. german human rights activist peter start there hast spoken out about his experience in a turkish prison for the first time since his release two months ago started there and several other activists including the head of amnesty international in turkey were detained in june after being accused by ankara of supporting a terrorist organization while he and six others were or least back in october and the court case is continuing in their absence all since his release start there has been awarded the quaker helps service peace prize for his human rights work he
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spoke to t w news about his ordeal. mr festival thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview you were in a turkish prison nearly four months and you returned to germany just in time for your daughter this fourth birthday how are you doing now well i'm doing fine but taking it very slowly so rather no work just some mediocre some official contacts meetings but taking it slowly me with my family how have you been able to process this time in turkey yet well i think it's processing it is a process in itself takes time i'm not rushing with it there's a lot of continue to for me in it in a way to say that. as i'm a trainer for dealing with stress and trauma in know what can happen and doesn't have to happen but it's continuing in doing my relaxation exercises which i did before going into prison during prison i'm doing it still it's
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a lot of talking with friends with colleagues it's also just getting back into normal rhythms like taking care of the children etc i can't imagine what you've been through in these nearly four months how do you how did you experience that time in turkish prison how did that daily routine look like for you. coming into a prison was for me like coming into a new country especially also that i don't speak turkish or i learn turkish in prison only rather rough turkish. everything's new like the daily rhythm is new also moving from one prison to the other prison is new routines. there are very strict frames to everything else solitary confinement is maybe the strictest one had for several days but also there i was treated mainly was a respect for the work guards i had great great inmates in a way. whoever passing through simulate situations like i did and for
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me it was very important to feel the solidarity from the outside as well from the fellow prisoners so there was a lot of taking care of me i could take care of them and then knowing about all the solitary takes an outside really helped me to carry through these one hundred thirteen days you're lucky to be out now but you are still on trial in turkey for your accused of supporting actually several terrorist organization how is that influencing your lifestyle while the one hand sure enough i'm closely following the hearings it was the second one was on twenty second of november was the hearing of some of the. other trial runs and now the next one is end of january the thing for me is that i'm very much travel restricted in a way because we don't know if the turkish authorities would file interpol red notices or not we have seen it was a kindly with other. people that turkish authorities filed red notices we're
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not aware in the moment that this happened but this could happen and so i really have to check retro. many are still imprisoned in turkey also german citizens how do you judge on the situation in turkey on the human rights situation after having been through it yourself now well judging the political situation is very challenging for me because i've been for a month in a turkish prison but i don't know anything. on the political process is really between germany and turkey i didn't follow the political process in turkey before so i might be a specialist in solitary confinement in one turkish prison in the moment but i cannot say anything about the political situation looking into the judicial system and the judicial procedures i see that for a lot of the political detainees that the situation of rather unfair there the trials are postponed there are sometimes not even means until now locked in as you
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jail doesn't have and i and the other german like michelle told you there's a process ongoing but it's very slow and this is actually very very challenging and also not according to traditional procedures as they should be so there's a lot of solidarity from my side toward sam and i hope that i can say the same that i would love to say the same that as you just said a few days before my release like you're going to be out now soon and the german journalist that is still in prison in turkey exactly and he told me this during my last days because we were able to see each other through several glass doors and i would love to shout this to them as well but i can just say like i'm sure you're going to manage mr and i thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview i think it's important to shed light on the situation in turkey and best of luck to you and your family thank you. turns as a bob wayne hour just three weeks after the ouster of president robert mugabe
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a court in the capital harare has that the country's former finance minister can be released on bail after he was detained on charges of fraud and corruption ignatius is the first mugabe loyalist to go on trial other members of mugabe's inner circle are believed to have fled the country or gone into hiding while with widespread misuse of state resources during thirty seven years of mugabe's rule zimbabwe has been brought to its knees we have this exclusive report by our correspondent christine when. zimbabwe has been an uncomfortable place to live for much of the last two decades residents of my pinky a township east of hadi know the. access to running water in their homes has been a dream and have had to rely on boreholes mostly provided by foreign. aid. it's been like this for something like ten years now you have to wake up in
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may for example create for you to get water like you say we still have to wake up early so that you get enough four to three a painful and it's really not a good life for us to do so. much of the bobbies infrastructure fell into decline during robert mugabe's rule and the former president's failure to deal with corruption and the economy has had a devastating impact on the country's public health sector it's very difficult to get permission to film inside a hospital here so i secretly recorded this video on my cell phone this is one of the biggest hospitals in the country and it's astonishing to see a facility relying on old equipment it's not the end resourced and its staff overwhelmed medical practitioners often can't administer treatment because of a lack of resources. ducks a gum one that tells me it's hard to have to walk away from a patient who can't afford health care or
7:39 pm
a medical bill of ten dollars can be too much for some zimbabweans is very much a heartbreaking and. draining. your precious when they are suffering and sometimes you have to ask them if they do have a go. there but it's so cowher sore for them to be able to afford little bit of the provider and you're busy public mischief sometimes you knew so many places for me it was that i was a little devil zimbabwe was once the bread basket of southern africa boasting some of the best infrastructure in the region today the vast majority of people here have no jobs and the country's infrastructure has been crumbling previous many of the railway networks are no longer in use some roads haven't been serviced in nias . with the persistent decline in zimbabwe's political and economic situation millions have left the country in search of greener pastures many of them young and
7:40 pm
skilled further impoverishing and already battered nation. there reporting from zimbabwe and how there is back here with more business and germany's largest airline wants to get even bigger that's right but it won't be easy or thirty's telling lufthansa were paid a minute not so fast those times us plans to take over routes operated by failed rival air berlin have hit some turbulence the e.u. commission says it has deep competition concerns about the bid competition commissioner mark caves of fest august said her team believed there was the risk of just tons of certain routes she wants customers and rival airlines in the european aviation market to have their say hopes to pay two hundred ten million euros for dozens of air berlin aircraft as well as takeoff and landing slots and its austrian subsidiary nikky. and here's our correspondent who's many passengers who often take
7:41 pm
a flight have noticed that in recent weeks the prices on many routes that lufthansa took over from berlin after the insolvency have search very much now the european union's commissioner stagger is concerned that might already be monopolizing the domestic market here in germany the concessions that he. suggested to the antitrust authorities were probably not enough in the next two weeks the antitrust watchdog will interrogate lufthansa's competitors in order to find out what has to be done to create fair competition investors believe that easy jet will profit from this its share prize was a big gain there here at frankfurt's trading this friday. or not by air then perhaps by train business travelers here in germany have a new option from today the german rail company deutsche bahn has just inaugurated a high speed link between the capital berlin and the economic hub munich it saves
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a third of the travel time hoping to steal customers from their allies berlin munich is one of the most profitable routes. it was more than two decades in the making and now it's ready to welcome passengers on board the icy east sprinter will cut two hours off the current travel time between berlin and munich with trains hitting speeds of up to three hundred kilometers an hour the mountainous middle section of the route features twenty two new tunnels. the six hundred twenty kilometer ride from berlin to munich will now only take four hours pushing competitive pressure on airlines and bus companies serving the same routes. is confident the new link will have a particular appeal to business travelers. in total the project cost ten billion euros making it the most expensive railway project in europe the number of passengers on the bruce is set to double from one point eight to three point six
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million a year the standard second class fare will cost one hundred fifty euros. critics accuse the operator of giving major cities preferential treatment despite the making of only a quarter of the population passenger lobby group says smaller communities are being neglected and has called for new infrastructure projects in rural regions. solar power is a fish and cheap and environmentally friendly so you do wonder why it hasn't gone mainstream in rural areas sometimes it's just a lack of knowledge a specialized college in the indian state of raw just on has made it its mission to train women to bring solar energy concept so their villages and organizations are even sending students from other continents to get the institution and get empowered. the sun is a virtually infinite source of energy. these women have come halfway around the world to register on to learn how best to harness that power classes at the
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so-called barefoot college of just beginning while those who study here can actually afford shoes they can't afford much else and definitely not a house with electricity supply that's why the courses here are about solar energy systems in this particular class most of the students come from africa during a six month course the women learn how they can use solar energy to improve their lives in their villages. being feminized a family in my village there are only a couple of houses with electricity. wrong but when i'm finished here my neighbors and i will finally be able to use electricity as well that a proper look on. this man started the college nearly forty years ago. a lot so. many long in the beginning we also taught men but often they didn't pass their knowledge and skills on to others rather they took up new jobs and moved away
7:45 pm
from their villages women are more loyal and they have fewer opportunities and would charge women about gong addict out about what i mean what are. the colleges trained over ten thousand women now who have returned to their villages you won't find a connection to an electricity grid out here but you will find manna she graduated from barefoot college a year ago and is currently on her way to meet a customer who owns a solar power unit. out of town. the lights come and go there seems to be some sort of problem i don't know what it could be but. money gets to work she inspects the unit and after a few minutes she's figured out is the power storage unit with just a few twists of her screwdriver the lights up back on. how do you put it on even then i know a village there are about forty five houses and in twenty three of them i've
7:46 pm
installed solar electricity systems but only if there are occasionally problems with the power storage units that's why i'm here but dad said he would meet with baird. at the end of the day after the sun has gone down this village should still have electricity. a. very interesting story there are time for sports now and soccer fans pay attention pay attention it's the weekend so that means there is a special match up in the bundesliga this weekend and this time last thing but what tang derby when i'm tossed on for toast by our new unit brothers a kevin prince and. go head to head for the first time in nearly three years. kevin prince i'm trucked frankfurt midfielder. jerome defender at byron munich the voting for two brothers as different as they are like kevin prince is a bit of an extrovert he's never afraid to put on a show somewhere worries big personality would unsettle the frankfurt squad but
7:47 pm
quite the opposite has happened his leadership and self-confidence fit right alongside that of his coach. which we're going to get our chances up front we've seen biron give up a few of them and if we can get a goal and go in front we'll make it very difficult to play against us. the other bulleting brother drome is more low key he seems happiest playing at an even keel but it's club magazine thinks it's full speed ahead pronouncing things under bar not everyone agrees he's been nothing for the money i still think we haven't reached our full potential. we've got to get the guys back from long term injuries and get them back to one hundred percent their optimism. when that happens we can be satisfied not until then. it's of liens on the. one below it saying might find satisfaction each has one win
7:48 pm
a draw against the other. and have. a league draw with. was notable for another reason that marked your professional debut of jonathan claims men the son of germany greats even klinsmann unlike his father who was a striker. plays as a goalkeeper he produced the spray saves during the match including denying. captain brown nori from the penalty spot with three minutes to go who previously made six appearances for her tears under twenty three side in the fourth division. now the winter olympic games are fast approaching and among athletes training for peak performance are the women's bobsled team from nigeria well there's not much snow in this west african nation but if the sun kissed island of jamaica could do it back in one nine hundred eighty eight what's stopping the women from nigeria and the super eagles are not lacking in ambition.
7:49 pm
to vote for change started they're willing to give venture in twenty sixteen after a successful crowdfunding campaign they began training in the united states they broke their place last month off to strong performances in qualify as now the pride of nigeria. it's been beautiful to know that nigeria is supporting us they've never had anyone in the winter olympics and they're excited to see that happen nigerians globally people that even know nigerian you know just being supportive of the fact that this country is going to get representation at the winter olympics and the consonance going to get representation in the sport of outside. the trio maybe newcomers to winter sports but they've all been professional track and field athletes schon and you can even represented nigeria at the olympic games that aiming high in korea you know i think anyone signed up to go to the games to not be one of the top three you know it's only one of the things that if your natural
7:50 pm
competitor at least one of things that you aspire to to have a podium spot. the stupid eagles have already surprised the world in reaching the olympics now they want to have the ultimate fairytale ending and win an olympic medal. last night after seventy years of renovations the berlin stats all part of the state opera house reopened here in the german capital the us story building originally commissioned by frederick the great exactly two hundred seventy five years ago has been renovated to the tune of four hundred million years and there was a special gala performance for invited guests last night. and that robert merrill is here from our culture desk i might be a little bit confused but didn't open back in october yeah it opened the german reunification i was a public holiday here but it's what they called
7:51 pm
a soft opening you see because they still knew they knew then that you still had to install some very special sort of computer technology equipment backstage so why did they open then well the reason is there is a slight paranoia in this country about things not opening i should say just wall mud and port. which still has. the powers that they wanted to prove you know although they were a bit on sheds on everything that was going to open so they did that but it really has opened now and now they have the season gets underway and we'll have actually in the season seven brand new productions let's just have a look at a bit of history of this extraordinary opera house the oldest opera house in germany it's interesting all this talk about soft openings because when it originally opened in seventeen forty two it wasn't completed the scaffolding was still up and the invited audience of high society had to stand around in the cold
7:52 pm
for four hours only the casing frederick the great had to see now the house was destroyed by fire in one hundred forty three and then again it was bombed in the second world war and the latest reconstruction was in one thousand nine hundred fifty five that's the building we're talking about now which is just how these four hundred. million euro feistiness here it is and let's just hear a bit of music from last night's opening gob. it sounds pretty amazing and i know that acoustics were one of the things that they wanted to improve so have they improve the acoustics well as we saw that daniel bought his the general music director of the house and the man
7:53 pm
a really he was going on about the acoustics a lot he has officially given the thumbs up to the acoustics he said they're good now they've raised the ceiling in the house which extraordinary thing to do here you see it there brazing by five meters so they could have this set ramming next put it that makes the sound travel further and reverberate around the house making generally a much more warmer sound this is obviously cost a lot of money but this was barenboim's grace's wish and as we know here in berlin he tends to get. here we see one of the decision clarinet is trying out you q six a number of musicians i was going to have stride the acoustics and they said they really are very very good ok amazing and of course in berlin we're so spoiled for choice because we don't have one not two but three opera houses do we really need that many well. yes i say we do but look at the box office sales in the
7:54 pm
start so far which moved to fear itself a seven is even while they're in this theatre which wasn't built for the opera it was still selling ninety percent of the seats now if we come to the western side of the city to the don't show here not the most beautiful of things but they also sell out most of the time then we come to the core mission which we see performances of here this is the house where the boss is very costly has been gathering so many at accolades like the director of the opera director of the year in twenty fourteen the house itself to opera house of the year in twenty fifteen that's around the world this is voted for and to be honest trying to get a take. one of their performances i mean you know it's really very difficult so yes lynne can sustain three offer houses but right now the spotlight is on course it's magnificent staatsoper renovation which has opened which is bold and i can say for
7:55 pm
the portrait that had cable let's forget about that can we go to the website for more on yes d.w. dot com slash com charring amazing will have a great weekend thank you thank you all right before i let you go one there were mind you of our top stories this hour. as israeli palestinian violence flares the u.n. security council is meeting for an emergency session to discuss u.s. president trumps a decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. britain and the european union say they've made a breakthrough and break the top spy minister to resign they made an unscheduled trip to brussels to meet with e.u. commission president of his own glowed. the two sides will now move on to negotiating a trade agreement. germany's social democrats and their leader martin schultz of the pairing for talks with the americans conservatives on forming the country's
7:56 pm
next government source told the daily news his party will push for improved european cooperation and the creation of a united states of europe. all right that does it for me on leyla iraq in berlin on behalf of all of us here thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us sarah harman is up next.
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the us for every week and always looking to the future on d w dot com science and research for asia. losing your homeland because of persecution society. starting from scratch in an unfamiliar country five people who found a new home in a foreign land. with their stories books and music they've built bridges to the past and the future. after the escape starting december seventeenth on d w. i'm a mother like two billion other mothers around the world i have one wish the best for my child. but in this is a sign in which breastfeeding is often frowned upon and at its will for me to
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abound with profits is more important than my babies will be how do i know how to make the right decision. stands in december ninth on d w. this state of the news coming to bob from berlin demonstrations around the world following president trumps this is until recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel israeli palestinian violence flares and the u.n. security council meets.


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