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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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naturally hearns bus passes by dublin's famous guinness brewery he says brakes it will also affect how the beer is produced. it goes up to the north rim of the counting of the box in the congo and that's what's on the north of ireland. so it has to go to different countries. different jurisdictions as part of the u.k. . brics it will complicate irish imports and exports almost all trade is done via dublin's harbor where it's transported across british soil into the e.u. . after this british soil will become none e.u. territory. james quinn runs a freight business with nine drivers once breaks it takes effect trucking to and from europe will take much longer and cost him more money. i think maybe here is the time to check that we already. you know i often say it's like a horse race where we can argue and have a two and a half mile or a four kilometer radius to get to somewhere like brussels around two or four or
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cologne but if you're in mainland europe in holland or belgium or germany you're much closer to the center and we are constantly are fighting this battle to to arrive at the finished post at the same time as everybody else it takes an hour to get from dublin to the border with northern ireland takes us off the highway to show us the border it's barely noticeable. so now once again we're in northern ireland and as you can see we've crossed and it's pretty seamless really because we're going to go we didn't know if the so diverting not to burden some of the burning all the time and the only way you can tell is by the difference in the road markings and the road signs and pretty much this is how it is once you need the height with the whole wheat to the border to border down to gold silver three hundred easier to get others. here the border is actually visible it looks like a memorial site it's supposedly the only place where old border facilities still exist. they're going to to have. come to life in some form or other it was going to
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be controls whether people like it or not the notion that you can leave this whole highway open with no controls as the back door to the you is just is just a non runner no matter what the british think there's going to be cost was present here and if this course was present here we're going to have paperwork and i had trucks in switzerland literally on paperwork and expense was a nightmare and this recipe in our neighbors for over fifty years since the inception of the you so you would think they would have a down there down to a fine art but it was anything but a fine art it was difficult and it was time consuming and it was troublesome and the border close against them saturday. hundreds of mid-sized companies will have to contend with the consequences of bricks it. engineering is one of them the company's ten employees produce steel another metal machine parts. jerry macintyre founded the company twenty five years ago he's worried that bricks it could mean the company won't survive. right this project that's all here's a cast of the many i'm plans as castling when the call made by us is important here
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i am ashamed of for them their fix of two holes of rubber holds the six quarter of all over the war. and as a judgment here it is ninety five percent of the materials even i use coming through in the middle of the farming. today's workday is over. but nobody knows if the company will have to fold after bricks. many irish are frustrated as modern sounds on the sadness force yes you know my whole life stayed up in this and all. the modernists is because somebody has to say that the euro will be heavily penalized you know and we feel like you know once again the british only call the british government is holding the ransom. nobody consulted the irish before voting for banks it even though they might pay the highest price
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economically and politically. it's been more than twenty years since homosexuality was to criminalized in russia yet it is believed to be one of the hardest countries in europe for gay people to live in surveys reveal that much of the russian public endorse criminal prosecution of lesbians and gays and that many people consider homosexuality to be a disease if they demonstrate for their rights as seen here in st petersburg it usually doesn't take long before the security services crack down on them swiftly and severely. our correspondent yury were chateau met a young woman in st petersburg who shared her very personal story of what it was like to come out as a lesbian to her parents. in that she knew they could afford it they ran around shouting stupid lesbian and told me to drop dead boards they attacked me out of sheer hate.
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while dancing i met people with whom i felt comfortable with it. but since the war most of them are either bisexual or lesbian that gives me a feeling of freedom. or the. moment when i told my mother she cried a lot block a little longer not look at the bushel. it was a shock he just looked at them which honestly i even felt a certain physical aversion. to the machine should lose my god my daughter's a freak a monster. or something unpleasant at any rate you. and what should i tell
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other people. there are a few who must never find out not under any circumstances yet these are i can see she wants to understand me but can't her generation was raised in the soviet era. with a lot of physicists and that is one time we were on holiday in greece there were some pilgrims by a monastery suddenly one woman fell to her knees and crawled to the monastery the last one perhaps it was a ritual so god would help heal a sick family member then i thought if someone told me crawling on my knees would make my daughter well again i do it it will fulfill. last night that i get with the russian reaction is brutal. some parents want to disown their children and throw them out of the house. an acquaintance was almost killed by her father he beat her violently that's what my classmates found out when
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i was fourteen they spit at me hit me whacked me on the head with a full backpack humiliated and insulted me. just because i was an utter despair. all i did was cry i thought my life was over. homosexuality is viewed as something dishonorable here society takes an aggressive stance against it when i know i can't handle it anymore i'll probably leave the country. they keep their children out of school and beat them more than twenty times a day yet they're allowed to live peacefully unchallenged in the czech republic the
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controversial religious sect the twelve tribes left neighboring bavaria after charges of child abuse saw police placed seven of their children with foster families they have no quietly were settled just over the border in the sleepy czech town of skala. just behind the czech german border lies the czech town of school now it's a century for the christian fundamentalist twelve tribe sect scorners mayor finds nothing wrong with that. it would be problematic if they tried to tell or convince others to live like them but to my knowledge that's not the case. on. this twelve tribes propaganda video advertises the sex principles of parenting it openly supports physically punishing and beating children. was wise fathers
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use a sin piece of fried to keep their offspring on the right path. the twelve tribes sect was taken to court for child abuse in germany where it was previously based. all but apply or used to be a member of the sect for twenty years then he left because he didn't want to use corporal punishment on his kids. government why couldn't keep living like that i had to get myself and my kids out of there with me when community or. right inside the sect was cruel as this undercover footage from a t.v. journalist from several years ago documents. back then the twelve tribes was still based in southern germany. the fog and it's a corporal punishment sure a child might get slapped now and then but for children to be regularly beaten twenty or twenty five times a day no one's ever admitted that given the holes in. playa could take it no more
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and then a police investigation began leading to one of the sects teaches receiving a two year sentence for child abuse after.


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