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tv   Reporter - Child Thaiboxers A Fighting Chance  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2017 1:15pm-1:31pm CET

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have still got it our minds are of the top stories we're following for you this hour. the middle east is bracing for more violence after u.s. president donald trump recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel two palestinians died and hundreds of others were wounded on friday during protests against some. news coming to launch as always you can find more of the latest news and analysis on our web site that. dot com i'm sara harmon from our whole team. thanks for watching have a great weekend. when
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i'm traveling i like to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news and events. and e.w. makes that part of traveling easy just because it's available and thousands of hotels resorts and cruise ships worldwide. where have you found the domain side send us a picture that shows d w in your room you can win a great prize go to d w dot com travel quiz. time boxing is one of the fanciest martial arts in thailand children begin
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competing in this national sport at a young age known as more anti it's a big business read kids earn money from bets placed on the fighters. medical experts are critical of time boxing because of the high health risks fourteen year old fashion dreams of becoming a professional time boxer he's grown up without his parents in one of the poorest parts of the country his next fight is in three days and bat intends to win it. inside the ring bats in his element he's been coming to this gym every weekday for two years now. batters competed in more than fifty amateur fights over the past two years and won most of them his
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next fight will be in three days he's confident and knows his skills. and i. feel. i like kix best they're fast but if the opponent isn't good at blocking an uppercut can be dangerous. this is everyone's weak spot it'll easily knock him out. and i was once a successful time boxer himself and his wife sent up his gym three years ago with the help of donations boo knows that young time boxers are often exploited he wants to be a good character he's already a father figure to many of these kids. a lot of kids now they don't have the patterns because their parents go work. and then.
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the kid with. nobody. and nobody will take care. so i get. the people. thinking that because they don't know what the. patent boom live in thailand is northeastern is some region it's the poorest part of the country it's few landowners are rice farmers but yields have dropped in recent years there are few other job opportunities more and more people are moving to the cities leaving behind the elderly and children. back doesn't know if his mother still alive he hasn't heard from her in years all
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he knows about his father is that he works in a band called factory and that he was drunk the last time he visited. things aren't much different for an eighty year old no meaning she like lives with relatives. because they rarely get a warm meal at home boom often takes the kids out to a restaurant. looms why frances is canadian she used to be a time boxer two together they have a daughter but they also feel a sense of responsibility for baton nooning boom in france is one page him to give the village kids hope for the future. they rely on donations from abroad. they charge adults but kids train for free. but i think in the west kids grow up they're always asked what do you want to be when you grabbed you want to be a doctor you want to be a lawyer you want to be an astronaut and at school the teachers are always saying
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yeah good you can be all of those things but here that's not the case if it wants to grow up to be a doctor it's not going to happen he doesn't have access to post-secondary education he doesn't have the money to do it. that's the harsh reality. the next morning only two days until the final battle lives with his honesty as one of five children had to make sure they're ready for school for back at school is a tedious routine he has his sights set on his future. in four years time i'll graduate from school. and i can devote all my time to tie boxing and turn professional. baton does all she can but it's challenging without a permanent job often the kids she's looking after a left to their own devices. well. life is
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hard when my husband died years ago. i have to take care of five children all by myself. i work in the rice fields but if there is no work i have no money to buy food. locally but spends a lot of time with women francis they've given him a second home are. the peoples have to be at school by eight for the daily flag ceremony together they sing the national anthem. but it isn't exactly top of his class about everyone here knows he's a time bomb so with many wins under his belt that's on him respect. every day after school battened his fellow time boxers embark on a four kilometer run stamina is important in their sport.
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time boxing is dangerous with high health risks medical experts warn children in particular can suffer long term physical damage. france's water nyah takes a different view anything we do in life there's risk driving a car there's risk playing hockey there's risk going dirt biking there's risks so i don't think that one type poses any more risk than any other sport and when you look at these children and you look at their lives is by far the safest option for these kids. in his spare time but enjoys fishing he says it's a way to kill time until the next training session.
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sometimes when back manages to bring home a catch it's the only thing they'll be eating for dinner. oh the food is certainly appreciated since bad took up time boxing he also helps out in another way. but what. type of oxen is fine and even make money doing it. i always give my aunt some of my earnings. that way she can buy food for all of. her so many of us at home. when he wins takes home about fifteen hundred baht roughly forty euros in prize money that's more than he's on turns in an entire month fourteen year old bat is the household's main breadwinner i think it's important to give these kids
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a childhood to let them have. sports are fun the sport. but at the same time give them something very painful to focus on and the really great thing about is there's also career opportunities and not just in thailand but in but overseas also. only twenty four hours left until the final. all that's left on bad channel today is a massive blow he's really taken. when you need some lotion on your skins dry. vaseline is better. but it's more expensive and with. whom is convinced the band has what it takes to become a professional time boxer even though that's not even his main concern. it doesn't . get to be. a good. the evening of the fight has arrived it's
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a fun fair atmosphere though rather than exhilarating rides the attraction tonight is the boxing ring and the children fighting inside kids on whom punters have placed big bets the referee has decided that's opponent and frances is worried that the monitor. not in my. area and that. it starts out badly but takes several blows. time boxers have little protective gear just boxing gloves a mouth guard and growing protector punches are ok has our kicks and elbow jabs
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fights go over five rounds. three minutes into the fight the boys get their first break. but lost his first round on points. in round two he launches a spectacular come. right hand punch puts him in front of his opponent is fighting back off. in the fourth round but manages to dodge his opponent's punches by now he's clearly got more stamina. was that. the referee stopped the fight early in the final round past opponent as exhausted. for whom victory is almost business as usual and the young fighter himself doesn't. that excited i'm.
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glad that. he was bigger than me but i want. a somewhat subdued reaction but the fireworks certainly stirred some excitement france's praises bat's performance. when you're listening you have. the heart and. good to be able to turn around the light night and i think. we all know hired an attorney and a brand i think that'll really help an image here at the white. who ends well this time each finds carries new risks but baton he sees the promise that professional time boxing holds the promise of leaving behind a life of poverty. the women wait till nightfall to cross the border into israel. their syrian mothers
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bringing their wounded children into enemy territory clandestinely. doctors there will treat the little ones who are often seriously injured it's a gesture of humanity in an inhumane conflict google three thousand next on d w. fifty kitchens for one city a common area to or around berlin in general max series is a very simple recipe but it's well made that it's like having. fifty international dishes chefs restaurants all the recipes for cooking the dishes to join them in. fifty kitchens one city. your romex in sixty minutes on d w. stories that people have world over the information they provide. the
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