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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2017 8:30am-9:01am CET

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in politicians trying to provide answers. plenty wait for my car. and the refugee crisis insights and a look at the last week on w. . and if you look at me speak your language. for content in dari pashto and. for returning to our web special refugee journeys like germany and the prospects for those returning. join the discussion t.w. dot com and on facebook. specs for return if. you make.
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them to drive with the d.w. motor magazine coming up in natural gas on the go against new polo t.g.i. . we're up to turkey for the sea to sky endurance race. and mercedes posh new pick up. with its do x. class mercedes is breaking into a segment the german car maker has never tried before and a bid to attract new customers to the brand. is that yes the car tester says it's the first of its kind until now mercedes benz had never built a pickup truck that changes with the x. class it's bronnie wide enough for a shipping palin the back and sturdy enough to go off road. this time will test drive the production version or say these are really showed off its x. class concept truck at the geneva motor show last spring it's aggressive design caught everyone's attention. with
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a huge grille slender headlights and flared wheel wells unfortunately the production version is tame by comparison. to present it in final sense what jumps out are the mercedes star and the radiator grille with a massive bumpers and the wide toe more than one point six metres both front and rear it's not only gives the x. class a beefy appearance it also helps to stabilize the pick up on the highway come and offer o d x classes ground clearance of more than twenty centimeters helps it stay out of trouble and they sent him into. a striking feature is the x. class is grille the production version has larger headlights than the concept. in the rear the x. class bows a vertical taillights and a massive bumper. line
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on says pickups have to be tough whether they're going off road or hauling heavy loads the x. class can carry up to one point one tons on its bed and to up to three point five times the tailgate alone can withstand up to one hundred fifty kilograms but despite all these talents a two ton truck drives almost like a car. the new x. class offers a choice of two diesel engines we've tested the more powerful one hundred forty kilowatt version for sadie's rates fuel consumption at seven point eight leaders for every one hundred kilometers the truckie med's two hundred seven grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer and the top speed is one hundred seventy five kilometers per hour. up just as the right on says the ex class is more comfortable than its competitors a big. plus on longer journeys what's unusual for mercedes is the conventional
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handbrake and i demand a gear selector lever mounted on the center tunnel. typical for mercedes or the air vent nozzles in the dashboard in fact the x. class looks very refined for an issue what's more it seats five people. and as luxury is as its interior is the pickup can handle rough terrain with. one basket i know says it's time to see what the x. class can do off road to find out why he took it to a special test track and yes class faces a tough climb and wades through water up to sixty seven meters deep with a twenty five degree descent and thirty degree climb are sufficient for most construction sites and the boat ramp at the lake with one foot imes the. whole variants of the pick up come with a rear wheel drive and manual six p.
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gear box and standard. switchable formatting four wheel drive is available at a surcharge for all engine types the seven speed automatic is only available with a current top model the x two fifty which we're testing. excessively or cds could pose as the x. class is a real off roader and a real pickup so formatting is the perfect all wheel drive system for off road use for more challenging terrain and offers gear reduction as well as a differential walk and that really polls through just about anywhere. and there is more power on the way for the x. class next year mercedes plans to roll out a version powered by a one hundred ninety kilowatt three leader diesel b. six. that's what my note says the mercedes x class adds new momentum to the pick up
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sector technically the extra last is a close relative of the miss on the barra it's built in the same isaan factory in barcelona with an of lara is around ten thousand euros cheaper he says he wishes the x. class would have looked like the concept drug at the geneva motor show. focused on top. but even if the pick up could have been a bit more daring in its design this latest mercedes model is still bound to turn heads were ever a go is. the challenge the entire automotive industry is facing now is how to cut emissions but there are many ways to do that diesel has fallen out of favor and electric power faces many hurdles but other alternatives are often overlooked. they're going to stay month of well as well aware of how controversial diesel is but what's the
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alternative the german government is pushing electric and hybrid drives. but they're costly to make and to buy so for now volkswagen is developing cars that run on c n g or compressed natural gas. specifically natural gas is almost all methane when burned in an engine it releases about twenty five percent less c o two than gasoline does and less particulate matter and nitrogen oxides so v.w. will be offering a c.n.c. version in each of its range lines. and sanderson a volkswagen flatly rejects the notion that the auto industry will be able to go all electric with the batteries in the near future he insists that's physically impossible even if there are many transportation needs that can be adequately met if i battery electric vehicles and. should not be seen as
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a competitor to electric drive but rather as a complement he agrees that long chain and sank lead hydrocarbons must be phased out but says more can be done with conventional drive train and here methane is especially attractive girl from the office one by the incumbents and i'm saving one . of its people mittal visited us up thirteen. the newest member of the w.c. and she family is the polo t.g.i. it's powered by a three cylinder by vaillant engine meaning it can use two kinds of fuel in addition to the gasoline tank it carries two natural gas tanks under the floor of the trunk running on natural gas the polo consumes three point two kilograms per one hundred kilometers and emits just eighty seven grams socio tubercle ometer. so nice that small. ambition explains had both wagon has specially designed the
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engines to. run on natural gas bills so as they don't have to be converted after the fact and question time with the engines operation has to be dry and smooth so v.w. has redesigned the cylinder heads. and something the company's able to add across its engine range you're going to have stern doesn't have fished the artist i'm tired of. methane can not only be extracted from non renewable sources but also from renewable alternatives in bio gas plants for example this is another important factor in preserving the environment. in the middle points out that natural gas cars cost much less than electric car even hybrid cars he takes the polo as an example the natural gas version started just under twenty thousand euros in germany. for the c.
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and she model is worth the additional seven thousand euros over the purely gasoline powered models maybe not in the short run but longer term a lower fuel consumption not only saves money at the pump but helps preserve the environment by cutting down on c o two emissions. on the lines as well anderson emphasizes that this is not just a stopgap solution he says in the long term we'll have to learn to deal with natural gas power alongside battery electric power and judging by the current state of technology we'll also have to deal with fuel cell powered vehicles so would be a good idea to learn to handle natural gas energy sources. but god making to go. there for a man who adds that the advantage over an electric vehicle is that you can simply drive to the filling station fill the tank in less than ten minutes and drive on a once in electric vehicles battery is empty you have to plug it in and then you can't drive anywhere until it's recharged but what does it feel like to drive
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a polo t g. the natural gas polo is too loud for a man who is taste the engine doesn't run smoothly but he says that has less to do with the natural gas and more to do with the three cylinders and i'd sit in that. otherwise it's hard to see or feel any difference between gasoline and sea energy drive so using natural gas doesn't mean giving up any of the fun of driving aside from the lower purchase price another plus for the natural gas pullover electric drive is that range is no concern. of mine all once again reminds us of the advantage of a natural gas pulley using both c.n.c. and gasoline once the natural gas tank is empty you could keep going on gasoline until you reach the next natural gas filling station.
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porsche has unveiled the g.d.s. version of its seven eighteen cayman with its two point five liter four cylinder boxer engine and an optimized turbo charger the g.t. has now delivers two hundred sixty nine kilowatts of power twelve more than they came in as they came in g.t. issues from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and four point six seconds prices where they came a g.t.s. started seventy six thousand euros in germany. lamborghini has launched its first s.u.v. the year is offers luxury and superlative performance it reaches one hundred kilometers per hour in just three point six seconds and has a top speed of three hundred five kilometers per hour making it a fast his s.u.v. on the market and as you would expect for a lamborghini it's angular design exude sportiness all of this comes at a price the lamborghini iris will be available in europe next spring starting at one hundred seventy one thousand euros.
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he is a popular turkey seaside resort and one weekend a year is the venue for this see this guy extreme in motorcycle race this year marks the eighth edition of a three day event one hundred eighty riders from twenty three countries are taking part i mean race starts on the beach before heading into the forest and a little buzz mountain to the finish. good day am i spend fun most of the day just keeping good for having fun. there are eleven checkpoints along the sixty five kilometer long route steep cliffs and stony sections make the course a real challenge see this guy is regarded as one of our artistic stream and durations with its constantly changing conditions a three day race which is many riders to their limits both physically and mentally
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. my day was a paraphrase and the beginning and i descend the stairs for a better life for them. that right there is that gas have to disappear in europe and after that i ride my own race i have been leaving and i want our or something like that wade was really close following. seeds to this guy is so demanding van of the one hundred eighty writers who started the race just forty seven reach the finish line the others bodies are bikes simply gave out world class riders like mario roma wade young graeme jarvis and johnnie walker through the crowds and given their all to secure a place on the podium wade young has competed here several times before this year he finished third. happy to be on the podium could have been on any one of the three boxes say. good
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together graham and pretty much. together. most of the day. i was trying to save my energy but for that last year. transit center animals to truck keep up with them when they also tired myself out of it but you know i'm on the podium at about a bad luck the last races to finish on the podium i'm stuck between first but i gave everything today so i'll take that i'm happy with that. spaniard mario mine was the second rider to reach the finish line. and i'm really happy with this second place going to ask you about how my dad who plays for the body and i'm really happy with the man for a second like a team thanks very much. englishman graeme germans took the checkered flag the forty two year old's many years of experience gave him.
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i just can't believe on because i was here i was beyond for so long and then i'll just be here. this could be my last chance so i'll just have to keep going and pushing as i can and apart from breaking out the think it's a little bit but you know it's all the end of. the lap and i just i just went for it. and that little extra effort paid big in the end. to tucson is here today ronnie lipstick is testing it. has produced a compact this using since two thousand and five a korean model with an american named mike tucson arizona that's built in the czech republic and designed by a german that's true globalization is going about his. hyundai name the second generation of this crossover model the i and thirty five and many markets but the
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current third generation is known as the tucson pretty much everywhere. the s.u.v. hits the streets with a striking new design and more self-confidence and it's great fun to drive we're testing the version with the style equipment back each. day in a tool run he says the tucson snow featherweight depending on the engine and trim level it can weigh up to one point seven tons but then they wasn't aiming to build a lightweight vehicle but rather a robust compact is u.v. that's also good on long hauls he thinks that tucson does that quite well. at the front the crossover striking design can't be overlooked a large x a get all radiator grille that's typical for hyundai models and the new l.e.d. headlights are both real attention getters. from the side the two sun also cuts a good figure to gradually rising window line and the black cladding over the wheel
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wells at a touch of sporting news. at the rear the most eye catching feature is the horizontal taillights but the twin tailpipes also add to the overall impression. compared to the second generation venue to some bose ten percent more cargo space it could hold five hundred thirteen leaders or around fifteen hundred leaders with the rear seats folded down so there's plenty of room. among the two sons drivers says are an automatic emergency braking system which combines radar and camera data to detect if the car ahead makes a sudden stuff the two top trimline style and premium both come equipped with a rear view camera as well as the smart park assist the style version also features
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a lane departure warning system. he says there are many adjustments that can be made in tucson you can unlock the center differential because we have all wheel drive and there's a button to adjust the steering there are two modes of sport and normal ronnie doesn't think there's much difference between the two though the steering might be a bit stiffer and sport mode. lack dominates the car's interior to the center console as well laid out and packed up a little by the piano black details the infotainment system is clearly arranged in easy to use thanks to its touch screen and buttons. the weather steering wheel feels good in your hands and has just a few buttons to control the radio and the dashboard display.
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and though the seats aren't whether they're two tone fabric look sharp. the tucson comes with a choice of eight engines five diesel and three gasoline powered our test model is fitted with a one hundred thirty six diesel engine the most powerful one on offer it propels the tucson from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and around ten seconds tops treatise two hundred two kilometers per hour and fuel consumption is surprisingly low for an issue of the of this size just six point five liters per one hundred kilometers. romney says with the tucson hyundai was one of the first car makers to introduce a compact s.u.v. this segment so popular that other automakers have followed suit so the competition
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keeps growing state that he thinks the hyundai tucson a a contender in this. i meant for a while to come into the. twenty seventeen was the first year germany's retro class exhibit each carfare took place in cologne previously it had only been held in stuttgart now one of the world's largest vintage car fares is branching out to cologne and. it brings together france collectors and their darlings from every continent. among them is walter clyde with his ford town it's. immediate stuff he explains the cars attraction for him when he was a teenager a friend had the same kind of car and he worked on it a lot because his friend was a mechanically inclined i think and. vintage in classic car bus have plenty to feast their eyes on at the cologne retro classics from historic tractors to high
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powered ferrari some porsches to veteran formula one race years. of gong show in a bag is here showing off his ford g.t. forty a milestone in ford's history i decide to him the attraction is the excitement of sitting in and driving a car with a racing history behind it but it all started with a card game when he was a boy one of the cards had a g t forty on it and he told himself he had to have a car like that someday people think and put that thought the bottle. of the ultimate. ford took advantage of the fair to exhibit some of the highlights of its eighty five year company history role models from the american auto makers classic car collection spanned the decades from the one nine hundred thirty s. model a. to the newest version of a ford fiesta. i don't know why is that
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ford's way. well for says the beginning of production in cologne in one nine hundred thirty one with this car the model a was a major milestone for the company. more recent models attract their share of interest to. ford enthusiastic deafened vaca is here with his ford escort. explains that part of the venture huge forwards attraction is that they're so easy to work on the spare parts are relatively easy to find in terms of market share the escort has a status in britain much like the v.w. beetle had in germany so all kinds of parts are still made and owners have little problem fixing them on their own as that it was caught but a lot. of them tie the knot the fact that. the all the second set of. ford has been producing cars in cologne for more than eighty five years now
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a lot has changed in that time currently more than twenty five thousand people from over one hundred countries work for ford germany. kirsten vanda and klaus need a baguette have been with the ford classic department for seven years coming out of it i was new to bagger started with ford in one nine hundred eighty five when they urgently needed automotive electricians he'd previously worked for bosch for fourteen years at first coming from a family business he felt like he was only a number but workers can build careers in ford to. run one stomach class and then a adds that he and the others learned all about these engines but the old carburetors and distributors aren't made any more so today's younger mechanics don't know how to deal with them but when he works on vintage cars his experience
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stands him in good steede and he has fun with. as professional as don dust don't know so both these are. also on display are some of ford's other brands like luxury brand lincoln. explains and lincoln was the first outside company ford acquired it still a part of ford today in the cars are still sold in the united states he thinks lincoln's or grant. point to. some. co-directors items in rarities may be driven carefully or simply pampered and polished to keep them in mint condition these treasures are carried in on trailers. and motivates confirms that hate only transports his cars on trailers to vintage car meets and events in my drive them on race tracks but on the why's he just keeps them in the
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garage under wraps. now the vintage and classic car fans have put their darlings back to bed to sleep peacefully until next year's retro classics in cologne. next time and drive it sporty on the outside roomy on the inside that's the new v.w. golf sports van. and exotic good practical we test the subaru laborde wagon. glibc.
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the be. submitted. to. the law. the the. law. abiding the be a good subject is germany always has its finger on the
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