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tv   Made in Germany - In Focus The tech hype  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2017 1:30pm-2:00pm CET

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scientists around the world are working to measure our emotions. so hopefully i can be a helpful piece of salt with burchill person as a therapist or a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy. what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context when i disclose more information to a person or to computer in this case algorithms phin state of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth t w. it's no longer science fiction robots are already infiltrating our lives and what
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places but would you walk for one look at who my colleague bumped into at a tech trade fair. right now i've learned directly from my programmers and teachers that certainly have no need to make connections and inferences from that happening to my environment. if you work can you also be a boss. with practice i can probably do anything. a little creepy but the robotics business is booming and our future could look very different welcome to made in germany i've been physical and for the latest in ata fishel intelligence go no further than taiwan from voice activated appliances and facial recognition to poll factories that respond to visuals regulating production lines the question is who will be in control machine or man german entrepreneur if we turn off debts them at a time when he's found a for us for
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a look at how tomorrow's technologies are shaping up. a meeting at a parking lot of the mountain outside taipei flicked off that's not and shawn gone are both techies in their early thirty's one from germany one from taiwan both startup founders i think this is there were two or three hundred four of them being a lot bigger yet you just have to keep it up for a long time just can't stop yeah. got. people questioning your belief that's the hardest thing of the people because you're like the only person who is going to be down or pretty off debts no doubt if an internet company in hamburg when he was sixteen. bob they are. here in taiwan he's meeting people whose lives have been transformed by technology. we use a chop wood machine shop wood so part of that is being replaced and eventually i
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think human even human brain eventually. well. maybe a lot of it will be replaced by computers they can do a lot of it. taiwan has long been a global leader in the manufacture of computers laptops and smartphones that accounts for a fifth of its g.d.p. but it's now facing strong competition from china where quality is high but costs are lowered taiwan is moving away from hardware but its software startup scene is thriving. one produces autonomy's video security systems that work with artificial intelligence the smart systems are capable of learning for example they can now recognize and distinguish between different types of vehicles. we grew out of his or intelligence right so but we're we've got products that help to solve problems where people are really paying attention to wheels so i saw this
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is for security and safety so what we do is we use computers to flack importing friends for the users. with of the smart software can distinguish humans from other things sean's firm has just received almost seven million dollars in fresh funding from investors machine learning is a growth industry computers can analyze huge volumes of data very fast and with great accuracy and they're getting better all the time they outperform humans in some respects one application is in the early detection of disease by comparing a patient's test results to a vast body of data. i was relatively upset about music and it's hard to predict how this will develop there are two schools of thought and some say it will be great will no longer have to work everything will be automated. others wonder how we can control something that has the potential to be much more intelligent than we are. our viewer there are.
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a buddhist monastery in the mountains. she fire you are in the used to be a rocket engineer he says the buddha welcomed technological advances but only once he had carefully weighed up the pros and cons. many young people today are dependent on technology computer games and novelties like virtual reality technology fascinates us and many people are obsessed with it . it's very him technology is a useful tool and nothing more this device measures one's heart rate she fire you one students use it when they learn to meditate the numbers indicate whether they're doing it right hundred never to the meditation we come.
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into. the cookie we shouldn't use the technology until we fully understood it. only then can we use it properly. we must understand and be aware of the negative impacts it might have. done and she says you know. what. there are some four thousand startup entrepreneurs in taiwan here too it can be hard to balance family life put the stresses of business. as part of building company your soul be the order to your to give all your time to to the company i have to work really late into like one or two am in the morning no matter how late i go to i told my wife you have to wake me up like even if i don't move just like get up go take the case of school the only time i can you know we just hold their hand and walk of my mates for ten minutes and have them play around.
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schools are among shan's customers but taiwan has a population of just twenty three million so it's a tiny market he sells most of his surveillance systems to dubai in the united states the software creates something like a virtual wall if anyone breaches it the system triggers an alarm the security guard what we want to bring to him. is a period here for him to be mobile he may not need to look at the screen but world lurking with nothing shows up he may not be in this hear of what he's in as a hero instantly he chasm of occasion hey somebody is there you can pause before he would look at the video and does something that's a stranger you can react to that right away. the night market in taipei full of toys and games in the future people may well be playing against a computer rather than a human opponent. you know. you just fired three or four and then there's the example of the board game go and there was
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a match involving some champion on the thirty seventh move the computer introduced a strategy that hadn't existed before the computer invented it's crazy when you think about it. then later on the ninetieth move the human player adopted the same tactic with them and that's also totally crazy. and on the he's out of work for months. i think we'll have to get used to the computer becoming a kind of inventor that computers will become better at things that until now only human beings were good at it's a kind of new reality. so how's the rise of the robots going to affect our jobs in this new reality is a lot of dull work out there that machines could do just as well if not better than
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us still a lot of people are happy to carry out monday in tasks for money but they may not have that option much longer. it might not be long before this truck driver is out of work self driving cars would make him redundant. and in hotels reception desk personnel might soon be replaced by robots. with new york it'll cost us millions of jobs definitely says that automation will inevitably mean that many people will be out of work but the. warehouse workers are also at risk. in some companies they've already been replaced by robots which can work more efficiently and don't require or demand breaks. digitalisation is changing the labor market for many the future looks bleak that services may no longer be required experts predict that about seventy five percent of today's jobs
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are at risk. as in filing the top speed towards the other main jobs that are under threat are those that involve routine tasks whether cognitive or manual their jobs that are routine and repetitive with the workflow that is relatively clearly defiant. those kinds of jobs can certainly be replaced by some form of digitalisation. here at the phone who for institute research is a developing models for a future in which robots and humans work side by side. workers need to be trained in completely new procedures which allow both robots and humans to use their respective skills in a complementary way. the robots very strong that can lift and carry objects humans on the other hand have more dexterity and are better at positioning parts and guarding the process with.
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robots have already been successfully integrated into a number of industrial sectors fears that humans will be replaced or will be unable to keep up with the pace of technological progress a starting to subside that's partly thanks to three d. animation like this one which allow people to virtually experience what it's like to work with robots. that is did all its parts more didn't when i design and plan a work area i use virtual reality to get better results. after i built the work area they use virtual reality to create training and testing scenarios for workers who will be using the new system. so. industrial production is increasingly digital our human set to become obsolete what can be done to prevent automation from becoming a job killer. for. start training programs need to change they're still lagging
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behind the new demands of the workplace vocational schools have yet to arrive in the digital world. you imagine our dual vocational training system some of the classroom curriculum is twenty years old or twenty years ago we weren't thinking about digitalisation and the future of the labor market in these terms so some of what we're teaching now doesn't reflect the jobs of today and certainly doesn't reflect the jobs of the future. but it's a little different to finished up in. low level jobs are the only ones at risk from automation doctors may still consult with their patients personally but when it comes to diagnosis and surgery robots are playing an ever greater role even bankers are worried robots can be used for example to assess customer's credit standing.
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the digital society is upon us some stand to gain others to lose. let's talk about the winners of loses with economist and self-styled lateral think i'm a ts vike thank you very much for coming in today mathias you've described digitisation as a tsunami rolling over germany how scary is that scenario it's not just over germany it's over the whole world and it's not scary we have to think how we react now because a lot of shops will be redundant to mention you're late for work and do you hop in the text you just press a nap and on the way you present the if you get your favorite coffee old machine make you look outside some buildings are built by computers and robots it's every bit doctors and so we have to take now to chance and look what we can do best out of it but we can't stop it but when's that going to be know we in the middle of it
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it comes a bit by bit but if you look outside you notice like you've got all these little eps where you do your banking and soon you'll do your office work more and more than you think what we're doing was to paypal we're in the middle of digitalization why is this so much resistance here in germany then to digitization and change and new technologies when you also show that it's already happening i don't know but it's pretty bad if you look at the decay educational sector what we teach at school so it is this last century does this not twenty first century and then we have to pee that because the big thing of the future is data and whereas older data in the states and if we don't invest now a lot of money in germany into the high tech area was to get our universities and big companies and form mess if projects like new silicon valley we would be lost i guess that's a bit like a lot of the nineteenth century the weavers who destroyed the machines people on
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destroying computers here but germans holding back when you talk to c.e.o.'s are they trying to hold back progress some do some don't but re. look it's impossible and i'm going with a high speed train from frankfurt to stuttgart to munich and i've got no internet or slow internet and accounts speak on the phone sorry that won't work out in future let's look at some of the figures when it comes to corporate germany and the corporate u.s. us being such a huge tech driver the three leading tech firms in the state of worth more than all thirty german firms that make up the blue chip dax index that is scary the market capitalization of alphabet which owns google microsoft and apple is half a trillion euros or is half a trillion euros bigger than that of all those german companies so alphabet microsoft and apple put together these guys could just go belly up the german
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phones couldn't easily. pull could buy it like receive this german bank and b.m.w. do they want to why don't they do they've got the cash lying there because obviously it's not a great deal they are looking for new things and we have living now in a fast moving society and in y. and meant they can build message feck to rescind no it time so why should they build much of that by all once ok so we're talking about old economy new economy he imitates let me get back to you in a second because he mentioned education there by one popular estimate sixty five percent of children entering primary school today will end up working in completely new job types that don't even yet exist but which ones and if we don't know yet how do we prepare them. digitalization will destroy jobs and put many people out of work that's the fear. others disagree. they say
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robots will free us from routine tasks instead we'll devote ourselves to mental labor and the market for interpersonal skills will bloom. robots won't be able to fully replace teachers doctors ok errors humans can respond to other people flexibly and with empathy while computers can only carry out preprogrammed tasks. new creative jobs will emerge. people will work in entirely new jobs for example as baffling ones guides knowledge navigators or mobility agents. robots will carve out time for new caring professions which will be better paid. in this bright vision of the future affluence will be defined not by material possessions but by a fulfilling life and work oh thanks to our robot friends. what
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do you think of such predictions these this idea of a paradise of robots to work yeah we are we are close to paradise looking former times we are washing our dishes and our clothes do it for us. though you're talking about. americans europeans what about indians what about africans are they are they any closer. it is still a little step behind us but also there in africa everybody has a mobile phone so it's coming to africa as well and we have to think now what we do with the paypal who lose to jobs i think a good idea is the basic income and then the people can think and train and find new possibilities what they will do after what is a basic income still shunned in the corporate world no no i would like big c.e.o.'s talk about it and i mean everybody sees was especially in the tech area that we needed maybe we name it differently but we will definitely come and we have so many chop opportunities in the social sector what we pay really badly and but we have to
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admit that a lot of jobs will just disappear and won't come back and at the same time a education what has to be done there. if you look at schools and universities is that we need much more teachers who are trained in computing we need high tech computers at universities it's still old school day and we have to rethink otherwise other nations will overtake us economist mathias vike you heard it from him thank you very much for coming in. or programmers web designers and i.t. specialists the jobs that will be hugely in demand in our digital future but here in the european union there's a shortage of qualified workers or one hundred thousand positions have been filled career training hasn't caught up with demand we've met two entrepreneurs who've taken that as an opportunity. but are fila hine runs a company that offers online courses in web design. demand is strong people
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call up all the time to register. well they need us just fine almost and if you look anywhere at the big car companies in the big media companies all companies go online and that's a total right. and in order to do that they need people who actually know how to go digital how to design a great online experience or how to build a website she and her business partner set up career foundry in berlin four years ago it now has a start for forty they don't have classrooms all the courses are conducted online and are self paced with real time mentoring. big companies such as apple and bank of america already use career foundry services. a number of potential investors fail to anticipate the company's success. people just in germany especially react strangely to new ideas ride
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a bit of us through it and i think they're not going to work out and that whether you're man or woman we will get reaction and we certainly got that reaction and so many people nowadays for example that didn't invest in two thousand and thirteen two thousand and fourteen and all like got it now that their. mentors guide students through their course feedback is given online in one on one conversations the students could be anywhere this budding web developer is at home on her sofa. her course costs one thousand five hundred euros she's learning how to design interactive websites when she's completed the course she'll get a certificate from career foundry this is code for a new private university of applied sciences in berlin it was founded by tom an internet startup entrepreneur and software developer the focus is on the field of
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digital product development graduates can be pretty confident of finding a job demand is strong we develop these projects together with companies so we try to bring in the companies and the practical implications of that right into the study programs. code has the backing of many well known internet and startup entrepreneurs it aims to create a community of digital pioneers unity of digital pioneers it currently office three bachelor programs in software engineering interaction design and product management a degree program cost about twenty seven thousand euros but payment can be deferred until graduates start earning real money classes are taught in english each program is designed to be completed in three years. i was always goes into that however i didn't know how to. that's why i'm so happy that it's not just coding software engineering for
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a class of eighty eight the university received more than two thousand applications good software engineers designers and product managers are still a rare resource in europe and germany. tomba him has made millions with a range of ventures. but he says code is not about making a profit. i think it will not return and money return and fund will return and people like you know impact. that career foundry web design coaches are failing gein knows the importance of a sound i.t. education companies often reach out to her in their search for good web designers. she and her partner have raised over four million euros in funding now it's time to start turning a profit we are close to and we are a startup and startup means. we have investors that invested money into us so that
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we could grow faster and you don't use this money to invest and that's why we're not profitable yet but we were in the first quarter of next year. what's more she so certain of the value of the course is a career foundry but it will reimburse the fees of any student who fails to find a job within six months of graduating. it will be interesting to see if jeans and t. shirt remain the uniform of tech entrepreneurs of the future it's a look out style guru. is destined to the very back of the wardrobe here he is with another episode of his award winning series dress code. got an email from ukraine the other day business owner thirty five runs an i.t. company recently decided to use an t. shirt don't cut it anymore not quite sure how to make that change over to business that tile work common problem but solve it. ok vlad listen up the basics you need
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two suits make that three one navy one of it of a lighter blue and one great like this one. no stripes no problems make sure it's good quality will take them to a tailor have them altered to you. easy next you need six three white ones three in different shades of blue. no patterns no stripes leave that for the ties you need six of those two plan ones one red one blue. stripes check it dotted down. now do the math this will give you thirty six different combinations that means you could go to work for nearly two months without wearing the same outfit twice two or three pairs of decent shoes oxford's broke so buy the best you can afford. one more thing take your time when making the change from sloppy to smart start
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wearing a suit maybe twice a week and slowly increase the frequency that will also give your colleagues time to adjust just ignore their comments. what else do you expect from guys who dress like teenagers. do his math suiting up with care how the hell first you find the whole series of the. visit our website. the first.
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amidst all the glowing glitter smell the lovely aroma marvel and make a wish. there are places in europe where the christmas season is particularly special
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. we take you there this time we're off to nuremberg the city of gingerbread in our series home for christmas your romance in thirty minutes d w. yeah. and i think one day this war will be considered a cruel and unjust war abroad. and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child if she ran their own land is the enemy invades. no one wants russia here and don't need to nuke which is the. rebel against the mighty global news that matters. d.w. made for mines. g w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. an issue for thought a program to go in there it would be
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a show he says you know with us our innovations magazine for in asia of every week and always looking to the future on t w dot com science and research for asia. so this is the view from my seat in the one section. sarah willis knows her stuff. thinks is going to be the most incredible. musicians and conductors. and she shows just how diverse classical music can bear their. sorrows music contemporary classical. d.w. . crime fighters the new season of radio crime thrillers begins. in. motion domestic violence cyber crime and human trafficking for investigative cases that
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