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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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think shopping and dining offers and try our services. biala guest. managed by from. this is good news coming to you live from berlin remembering those who died in the grenfell tower in funnelled six months after the fire that shocked the world and killed seventy one briton holds a memorial service at st paul's cathedral we'll go live to the service also coming
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up. bottom line deals a blow to britain's tourism me as she heads to a summit in brussels for brics the talks but the solution could lie in norway could this king crab be a part of it and in the bundesliga and up and on form shall kill are determined to catch up with themselves and to second spot in the table by beating a solid outside but we've got all the know it's field. i'm under. a memorial service is now underway in london honoring the victims of the grand tower fire which took place six months ago the ceremony is taking place in simple as cathedral survivors of the fire are in attendance at the service you're
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seeing live pictures of that coming from london along with firefighters and senior members of the royal family at least seventy one people were killed in the tower block fire that broke out in the early morning of june the fourteenth. listen listen in and see and soak in a bit of the atmosphere what's happening in simple. you're watching live pictures from st paul's cathedral in london a memorial service for the victims of the grenfell info until six months ago.
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let me draw in bigot masacre respondent in london big now it's been six months since that inferno and which took so many lives and so many people were displaced by it but tell us it seems many of the survivors are at that ceremony that you're just been seeing but this seemed to be still very unhappy by the way local authorities dealt with the blaze. that's true survivors have been really putting on the blame on the council and i think it's due to the fact that many people had before the fire broke out warned that there is a danger that this is a building that's not safe and then the fire broke out of course it's something that still. looms over the area even now six months after i spoke to a friend who lives in the area recently and she still had tears in her eyes because she needs to walk across the street and see the building and when she talks about
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it she's still really moved and then imagine how this must be for people who are much more closely attached to were actually the survivors so they are blaming the council mostly kensington and chelsea council that they don't feel that they've been treated adequately many people are still in our conversation that they don't find us appropriate they also talking about not having the the help that they want from the council changing officers changing people that deal with them and that they find it very difficult to be heard so we're watching of course live pictures from san pork at the paul's cathedral where the service is taking place for the victims of that fire as you said some of the people who lost their homes in that fire still don't have proper accommodation at us more about the problems they are facing and their situation. well many families find it very difficult to stay in the area because this is what
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most of the people want they want to stay in that community it's quite extraordinary how people actually have come together after the fire and there has been a lot of help in the community they felt abandoned by the council in many ways but they had a lot of help from people who lived in this area and so people do want to stay of course this is not easy because london is facing a huge shortage shortage of housing council housing but also rented accommodation is very expensive and it's hard to come by so many people are still living in hotels or even in hostels children that's you know it now is christmas is coming out they're still don't have a flat so the situation. for many families so many surviving families is not good of course you're standing outside simples cathedral where the memorial service is going on we've been showing live pictures off to us to our viewers but tell us what exactly has happened at the site of grenfell towers.
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well it's still a monument basically of the disaster it's the. huge power block that stands out in the area and that is a shell. you know a burned shell and as far as i know there is still no decision being made of what is going to happen i've had the day there will be white clad possibly be turned into an art installation for the time being i'm not sure if there is a long term plan that's already agreed on like air and everything to do with the aftermath of the fire is a very contentious shot subject for the people who live in the area and of course of the emotional day for the survivors of the grenfell tower fire and here just outside simple as cathedral where service for them is going on thank you very much big boss for being us up to date live from london. and
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we stay in news from the u.k. britain's prime minister tourism is heading to a summit in brussels today after she suffered a setback in her own parliament over brags that she and other unit is expected to endorse a from the states deal on the terms of gregg's that we stay agreed on last week but ms defeated could undermine her party in brussels m.p.'s voted that parliament rather than discipline minister and a cabinet must have the final say on any brags that agreement before the deadline in march two thousand and nineteen. there says the move to resume ease way first said majority was exposed. the ice to the right three hundred nine the nose to the left three hundred five. eleven of whom m.p.'s rebelled against her to demand that the british parliament gets a say in the final breaks if. this is the architect of her latest
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humiliation for the present time is it time for everybody to stand up and be counted churchill said he's a good party man he puts the party before him self and the country before we's party and that's what i intend to do. airily or theresa may try to stamp out the rebellion for though she may have been better turning to those seated behind her but what can i say to the honorable lady but she says that it should be parliament that makes the decision about membership of the single market actually this parliament gave that decision about our membership of the european union to the people i think what this country with three seats of the union of undiscovered will to live on for the big. three she soon now that may would rather not have parliament tying hundreds imitates negotiations with the european union contribution but any end to the rebels who are unmarried if that is your way the
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lobby. and to reason me was staring at her first major defeat over brags that they are serving the eyes of it all off weekend she now heads for crunch talks to where else but brussels. the e.u. of course watching those developments in london closely let's go to our correspondent jug motus in brussels to find out more guild this is being viewed as a major setback for prime minister to raise may will this in any way affect the strategy in dealing with the dregs it i'd say i'm richard fuels the fear that stories are made simply not strong enough to push through any form of deal that may be reached to avoid a cliff atch to avoid the u.k. crashing out of the you without any deal which would cause mutual suffering on both sides something the europeans are very keen to avoid does it change the european strategy not at all the european strategy has always remained no cherry picking for
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the u.k. if they want access to the internal market they have to play by the rules and accept the strings that come attached packet parcel that was in brussels let's not take a look at some other stories making news around the wide russian president vladimir putin has rejected claims of interference in the u.s. presidential election and hoped relations between the two nations would get back to normal pushing was speaking at his inaugural press conference aside bigger by an annual press conference his first major public appearance since announcing he's seeking reelection in two thousand and eighteen years israel has closed its gaza border crossing crossings in response to rockets fired from the palace in an enclave over the past week these really military has also launched as strikes in the gaza strip killing two hamas gunmen the cross border fire has come off to u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital.
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a spacecraft carrying a three man crew has landed in kazakhstan a safe return back to earth after nearly five months today on the international space station the russian american and italian conducted hundreds of scientific experiments and even had time to chat with pope francis during their one hundred and thirty nine days in space. mexican born actress salma hayek has joined the ranks of hollywood women accusing movie producer harvey weinstein of sexual misconduct in an opinion piece called him a monster accusing him of sexual harassment and threatening to kill her more than fifty women claim weinstein has sexually harrisson assorted them over the past three decades weinstein denies all an address an allegation of non consensual sex.
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but missing a second child at home and gets an cation went into their match against looking for a victory which would push them into a second in the standings an x. like a far from easy prey these days let's see how it all panned out. the felton's arena was rocking is shaka hosted their last bundesliga game of twenty seven tane an early christmas present of second place was on offer shaka should have taken an early lead after good work from. butts western mckenney couldn't produce the finish. the youngster just inches away from a maiden bundesliga go. shock his dominance eventual paid off though i mean how it's fancy footwork found frank de santo. the argentinian showing off his own smooth moves. and with good reason it was a classy finish. a short break
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and then shall go back at it in the forty seventh minute bergdahl reacted quickest to notice header. sunil to the home side. but after a defensive showing auk's book woke up. the rising high for his fourth goal of the season two one. and one a penalty ten minutes from saw him. stepping up. but shocker wanted to be denied her a drawing of fell from of in hits. the jury doing the rest. three to the final score show can now guarantee to go into the winter break with their best points tally in six seasons. staying with the industry
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and leaders behind me and it will licking their lips at the prospect of windus cologne coming to town last night but the business side put up more of a fight than even their own fans might have thought possible after a school is opening half gallon started on the offensive after the break and could have taken the lead had luke us not lost his cool however vines robert eleven dollars ski kept his one little the final score in munich and still win for the lone sixteen matches into the season. here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you a national memorial service is taking place in london to remember the victims of the grenfell tower fire in june you're seeing live pictures coming to you from sinful its cathedral in london the royal family leading politicians firefighters
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and survivors have come together for the service. the fire killed seventy one people and many others lost their homes let's stay on the live pictures coming to you from london. we have to leave it there thank you very much for company and watching did have been use coming to you live from bernie. if you catch. my crashing into a sign i'm seekers roaming hot topics in europe with european politicians trying to provide honest wallflowers who fled from my condo in europe and a refugee crisis inside.


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