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tv   Quadriga - Trumps Jerusalem Plan A Capital Mistake  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2017 10:30pm-11:01pm CET

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the attack. police in germany have launched raids on properties a link to suspected members of so-called islamic state officers searched multiple locations here in berlin and in other parts of eastern germany the raids targeted four individuals three of whom are believed to still be held territory. the gambia has given to germany's president from baltar's steinmeyer a hero's welcome now the west african country has just emerged from more than two decades of dictatorship its political and business leaders are hoping that germany will help the transition to democracy now for its part berlin wants to dissuade the gambian young people from leaving the country to head for your. decision to visit west africa's smallest country on his first trip to the continent as german president was big news on the streets. it's been almost a year since president was sworn in after more than twenty years of dictatorship.
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but the level of discontent is still high the transition to democracy is proving more difficult. the more the most important be it you know the democrats freedom of experts who would be. very important. because everything is expensive by the time day we are saying that they are. there said that everything will come down but now everything is slow it's very. very civil society leaders met with the german president to discuss their grievances among them the fact that a lack of jobs means thousands of gambians have left the country over eight thousand try to reach europe this year alone in proportion to the gambia is
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relatively small population it has the highest number of the continent's migrants but young people need more than just jobs they need livelihood support their families. and activist explains that a teacher earns the equivalent of only about fifty euros a month just to leave me with yourself your. family and the families that expects you are into. the good life he was transferred after the. germany wants to give the gambia financial support for its transition to democracy with emphasis on job training for young adults in ghana as the german president's first stop on this trip a sweeping partnership deal was signed to provide for more private investment. but germany has hardly any economic ties that the guy be at because former president jiang has dictatorship all but isolated the country for more than twenty years. at the dent been mr president when you say the gambia is back then i will say as
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german president germany is back in. steinmeier says his visit to ghana and the gumby a were intended as a sign of encouragement with both countries showing positive democratic development the german president says it's now vital to ensure that young people in these nations are able to benefit from that development as well. christmas is not far away and many offices and schools are holding their christmas parties and the london zoo is also getting into the festive spirit santa brought the zoo's resident some early treats in festive stockings a gift wrapped boxes will leave you with these pictures thanks for watching everybody.
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in your home. because of persecution and society starting from scratch in an unfamiliar country. house that's supposed to work. five lives five people who found a new home you know foreign land. with their stories books and music they've built bridges to the past. and the future. the escape starting december seventeenth w.
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hello and welcome to a new edition of q. know this time around we have star wars and star women in focus coming up on the show producer he has brought a groundbreaking german films to a global audience including modern art as a prize winning only erdman trailblazer. produced her first film in the nine hundred seventy three and has helped more than six hundred cinema and t.v. productions on the way since but first up it's star wars time again the last gen y. is the second part of the third trilogy and picks up where the last movie the force awakens left off it's also the first film in the franchise since the passing of the right carrie fisher who played princess layer in the original movie now there's a new generation of strong female characters taking charge. three
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times sightly simply. in the stripes. for. star wars is back with ray firmly at the center of things. like musically. mark hamill as luke skywalker is still hanging in there from the original trilogy helping ray develop her newly discovered ability. to walk good feelings are familiar the age old battle between light. and darkness as the resistance prepares to do battle with the first order.
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the latest installment of the successful franchise was both written and directed by star wars newcomer brian johnson. brian has written a story that unexpected but right. some of the stuff that happens even to an homage goes. to. the late carrie fisher makes an appearance as general layout the actress died in december twenty sixth scene shortly after completing her work on the film. she gives a beautiful performance in this film and it's a very i don't know it's any obviously we didn't know it was going to be her last performance while she was giving it we didn't tailor it to be a farewell to her but that having been said the character i think and i think there
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are some moments at that hopefully will will really mean a lot to fans. and with carrie gone a new generation of strong women pick up the torch should i say might see. and while strong women are taking charge of the universe back on earth things are moving slightly more slowly here in germany for example only around fifteen percent of state subsidized movies come from female directors one for two so who'd like to change that is the ending to call ski own production company is already bringing groundbreaking german cinema to the rest of the planet. janine jakosky has managed to make her way in a man's world she's been involved in some fairy successful films. such as a fantastic woman of course the film about a transgender woman in chile it won the silver bear for best screenplay at this
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year's berlin film festival. or western a film about masculinity directed by a woman which premiered it can tell them her biggest success as a producer tony out now you. have got. the hard hitting german comedy one six lolo's of the german film awards director modern art founded the company completes and film their success is unusual even though just as many women study film as men. of baghlan marlon and i study together it was fifty fifty male and female students it just wasn't an issue for us when we were studying or and it was only a few years later when we began to look around and see what our former fellow students were up to now look to see who was left and it was almost only men to our dismay by the fast money men of your kosky has been drumming up interest for
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western festivals such as here in toronto for success is a door opener for two men generally have it easier. i think there are a lot of old boys' clubs and in the film business contacts are very important a lot of things depend on who you know and a lot of those connections go back to film school. the only way to bring about real change is to get more women involved in film janine your cover ski believes gender quotas would help. i very much support the target that in ten years time fifty percent of funding should be going to women whether that be directors screenplay writers or producers a lot of women already work in one of these branches. so i think it would be a very important sign for the younger generation because i heard you were going through on women like janine are role models for that next generation already on
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the rise in the world of german film. and we turn now to a german producer a legend who really was an absolute exception as a woman when she started out more than forty years ago first movie won the german film prize straight off a woman with the power to move movie mountains meet the irrepressible rick you know secret. you know i try to put things in motion and i feel like i'm the engine behind the whole thing it's kind of shunted out into the buck always stops with the producer that's why there are so few producers and had to be and i had neither money nor connections i simply said i want to start producing and would c.n.n. newsroom you need the right topic at the right time with the right actors and everything else has to be right the city has to be. looking at siegler the woman in red with the little hat has done a lot of things right she's produced basically every genre documentaries cinema
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films t.v. movies and series nearly six hundred productions. a theme i see myself as being like a truffle hunting pig always looking down to see where something good could be hiding and was. thinking that siegler knew early on what she did and did not want she dropped out of law school had a child at twenty two and became a production assistant for television but she wanted more. i wouldn't have started my company without voice who as i found out wanted to get his movie produced the voice really gave me an incredible boost and said you won't have a decent career at the t.v. station. so she started her own company and borrowed money for her first film the psychological drama which then promptly won a german film award. with.
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alice in. numerous productions followed often directed finds life graham who became her second husband for the past five years segel has run her company along with her daughter tanya. and there's no subject she shies away from light at times even frothy entertainment alongside historical stories she's won plenty of prizes including an emmy the biggest american t.v. award for the wolves of berlin a semi documentary about post-war german history told from the point of view of teenagers. with the internet and i think international success is becoming more important and that's where i go to the media markets and meet a lot of producers with projects and we talk about them. and. nowadays you have to think outside the box you can't just stew in your own juices you have
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to go out and say here i am with. in two thousand and six the museum of modern art in new york held a retrospective of her most important films one highlight was come across in eighty nine a science fiction crime film starring the great director of the now fast industry a cult favorite to this day. pretty silent. partners and i don't get what it's i presume now that i'm. thinking that siegler also makes entertaining epic films like the international coproduction henry of navarre the historical drama cost nineteen million euros to make. a sequel i was ahead of the eighties curve with the award winning series. about east germany and the omnipresent secret police the stasi of new york you find that he. has been in the film business for more than forty years through it all she's been
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able to maintain her independence something she can really be proud of. and finally just time to mention the new film of a veteran german filmmaker who rick you know it's helped along the way once or twice in the past i guess about nic is the first fully english language film of mockery. it's a comedy sets in new york with catch a reman. as the two x. partners of largely absent nick odd couple of thrown together in a loft they now jointly own due to arrangement made by the x. no i didn't read the pretty. hard work of that day. i couldn't look at that thing for another. week like.
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i had a hunch that you'd get along great once i was out of the picture. and then our very own producer and sometimes presenter meghan guy also plays a role in the film so look out for that one that's all for this edition join us next time for our review of the movie year twenty seventeen till then go easy on the popcorn. quadriga the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week
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is donald trump's decision to recognize to resume as israel's capital a diplomatic disaster or could it chill the long dormant peace process back alive that's our topic on this week's country get to join us. quadriga next on d w. one hundred and forty years ago now an exhibition celebrates her life and creative . including works on public display for the first time a new perspective of every element on show in munich. in sixty minutes on d w. is known as. managers do not
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hello and welcome to quadriga donald trump stunned the world last week with yet another decision that breaks with longstanding u.s. policy and with the positions of trusted american allies within hours of his announcement that the u.s. is formally recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital u.s. flags were burning in the gaza strip how must the islamist movement which controls gaza said trump's decision will open the gates of hell on u.s. interests in the region and it calls on palestinians to foment a new intifada uprising at a summit hosted by turkish president out of one this week muslim leaders called on the world to officially recognize east jerusalem as the capital of palestine trumps jerusalem plan a capital mistake that.


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