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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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you seem to want to go there's just. one quick. surfers fighting against unseen police. starting january seventh on the job. this is news live from berlin australian police arrest and then again acting as an agent on behalf of north korea you try to broker the sale of missile components and coal to third parties in indonesia and vietnam we'll go live to sydney.
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corruption and scandal have played the emcees current leader of south african president jacob zuma now the contest to select a successor threatens to split the party will have the latest. and bundesliga action dortmund hopes that hoffenheim black and yellows eager to prove that their turnaround under new coach peter stroker is more than just a fluke. and welcome to the program. we'll get to those stories in a moment but big b. begin with breaking news coming in from pakistan a suicide attack on a church service has left at least five people dead and two dozen wounded the two attackers stormed a methodist church and in the southwest of the country and opened fire on hundreds of worshippers police and army troops around at the church and exchanged fire with
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the heavily armed militants before one attacker blew himself up joining us now on the line from islamabad is journalist a shot has seem. assad details are sketchy at the moment what's the latest there. well as you say what we know right now is that at least five people have been killed and about two dozen have been wounded in this attack the police now say that the area has been cleared the attack took place during sunday services that happened at midday at the methodist church which is one of the larger churches. in the south was the father son and is in real good in a heavily populated area the police break out a search operation pulling it back and they say that we have it has now been cleared it seems that the attackers one of them but both of them already through title as one of them was able to divest but it happened i think each when he was challenging by police the other attacker was wounded in an exchange of fire at that
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time and he wasn't able to explode his vest he did however manage to start firing on the worshippers and that seems to be where the majority of the casualties and we had the rules of athens but both attackers seemed to have been contained near the entrance of the church rather than entering the actual building itself where of we're told about four hundred children four hundred worshippers that were attending that at the time may more than usual with just a week before christmas besides this attack there have been several other attacks in the country in recent weeks what does this say about the security situation in pakistan. well i think what we're seeing in the last few weeks as you say there have been a series of attacks generally don't attack president carter think police personnel would come under fire particularly in quick terror by roadside bombings and i.e.d. and also in the northwestern city of the shah where are we seeing the kinds of attacks generally going off or convoys and that sort of thing to hear attack
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against the christian community right now all these these extremely worrying given that christmas is very soon it's about a week away now and obviously as you say the numbers were higher at the services and they will continue to be for there for the next week or so they would seem to be a message that the beyond groups are spending that you know they're going to this lead question the question will be from breaking you know what is the major possible focus on it how common are attacks such as these on christian targets in pakistan. we haven't seen firm in several years the last major one happened in twenty forty where we saw an attack again on a church that was involved or at that time about thirty people were killed in a suicide bombing and there was actually a mall protest so i'd offer that as well since then we haven't seen a major terrorist attack before that all you see in two thousand feet in writing later cuz i didn't feel the ban was at its height there were a number of church bombing that happened in the northwest itself or who won
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multiple one so more than one hundred twenty people skills which is one of the worst terrorist attacks occur to me for ever and for me still but in general the christian community obviously because they are targets and it's known to be the case they are and they're quite tight security even in quite a in this case the police was nearby and they were on high alert given that it is christmas period the provincial chief of police speaking to reporters said in fact that because they're on that i considered that it's probably what we'll be able to to get them to keep the number of casualties in the sense that little because they're able to challenge the attackers at the gate rather than being allowed access into them inducing assad has shimon is on a bad thank you police in australia have arrested a man for allegedly acting as an economic agent for north korea the sydney resident is the first person to be charged under the weapons of mass destruction act the south korean born chan hunt choice is accused of attempting to broker sales worth
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tens of millions of dollars in missile technology and cold to third parties in indonesia and vietnam and journalist roger miner joins us now from sydney roger the suspect is the first ever person to be arrested under this act what exactly is he accused of. yes her chair and hand sure it was arrested at his home in sydney accused of brokering a multi-million dollar deal involving missile components and software associated with those components chan had apparently been under investigation for several months after a tip off front lauren forced and agencies overseas although some reports suggested actually being involved in brokering these deals for nearly a decade these of course are legations at this stage but. a news conference in sydney today police commissioner assistant police commissioner new gone so if the
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dealer go ahead it could have been worth tens of millions of dollars he said that the man was a loyal agent of north korea who believed he was serving some kind of patry arctic purpose and it's believed the naturalists australian used encrypted communications to broker these deals and to discuss and supply weapons of mass destruction although these so who weapons or components never actually entered australia apparently the australian federal police also allege that he was trying to transfer coal from north korea to third parties in indonesia and in viet nam although government officials were certainly not involved it's very very normal a huge amount is known about these allegations so far but it's certainly a very serious situation and very serious situation the police have reacted as you mentioned and the prime minister of australia has now also made comments let's have
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a listen to what he had to say. north korea is i dangerous reckless criminal regime threatening the pace of the region it supports itself by breaching un sanctions not simply by selling commodities like call and other goods but also by selling weapons by selling drugs by engaging in cyber crime it is vitally important that all nations work relentlessly to enforce those sanctions what exactly do we know about this man's alleged ties to north korea well not a lot of the stager chen is believed to be born in south korea and has apparently lived in australia well certainly is but is exactly is that the only yank a raw nerve at least publicly he was arrested in his hermes little fellas will nondescript suburb in in sydney offices see as components computers and disk
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drives from the property where he lived a fairly anonymous lifestyle apparently neighbors interviewed today said he'd gone under the radar hardly knew knew of his presence so it's still a bit a bit of a mystery this is what he's been doing although clearly the police on the intelligence authorities and governments are taking this all there is seriously indeed roger mann are in sydney thank you. in south africa delegates from the ruling african national congress are meeting to elect a new party leader with national polls in twenty nineteen the gathering is being closely watched for signs of the direction the party will take with deep divisions over who should take over incumbent leader and south african president jacob zuma has acknowledged the party is fighting for its future. not. that it's not. our to the people south africa's president jacob zuma trying to
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conjure up some of his party's former spirit the african national congress led the fight against apartheid demanding justice and equality for all for some it almost sounds like mockery but president zuma faces dozens of allegations of corruption blackmail fraud and money laundering for years he's used his presidential immunity to keep him in power though the mood at this party gathering seemed upbeat divisions run deep and zuma himself acknowledged. as. observers say the party is in danger of splitting into two camps headed by the two
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main candidates looking to succeed zuma as party leader cyril ramaphosa zoomers deputy i want to south africa's richest men is battling. the president's ex-wife and former head of the african union. ramaphosa is seen as someone who could revive the party and its fortunes he's repeatedly spoken out against corruption in the country he also pledges to put south africa's flagging economy back on track. if dummy zuma is elected some worry that corruption allegations against her ex-husband may go on investigated. observers say zuma may stand down early and not wait until next elections due in two thousand and nineteen if his ex-wife does take over the party helm many in south africa would like to see zuma go. people what they are looking at looking to him as it says look at newton is alive and all those names that he has been painted with. it's like the
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people that are supposed to be protecting the company country don't at all so it's about time that it's. one of the country's richest men or the president's ex-wife one of them is likely to be south africa's next president. now to some of the other stories making news around the world chile has declared a disaster zone at the site of a village destroyed by a mudslide heavy rain caused a river to overflow and the side of a hill to collapse killing at least five people rescue workers are searching through the debris for about a dozen missing people a team of astronauts have blasted off for the international space station from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan the three crewmembers making the journey are from japan russia and the united states their mission is to set aside to last rather six months thousands of romanians have attended
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a state funeral for their late monarch king michael he died in exile in switzerland earlier this month at the age of ninety six he ruled remaining a twice before being forced to abdicate in one nine hundred forty seven by romania's then communist leaders. neck in neck in the standings dortmund and hoffenheim battled it out in saturday's late bloomers league game this match follows dortmund's first win nine games earlier this week is the debut for new coach peter shoulder so could his side prove that the win was more than just beginner's luck against hoffenheim. winning football matches has been far from child's play. but there was a spring in the. time as this team went in search of their first home win since september and began brightly for what i'm sure you're malenko going close. to hoffenheim goal wasn't just sage but the simplistic was unlucky here. but after
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twenty minutes the visitors mounted their first real attack and open the scoring and well look movies finished off by mach. don't miss defenses drop deep understood but hoffenheim were far too quick. despite the setback the home side and continued to fret in the sixty third minute stephane poss fouled since he could gather in the box a clear penalty. enrico by me on dispatch to spot kick his thirteenth goal of the season. the equaliser initially spurred on hoffenheim rather than don't run but you did not those inside could not take advantage it was left to do it was to expect the sets policy for the winner in the eighty nine minutes dortmund have stormed back to form with a two one success against them rivals for a european spots that's two wins in two games thirty later.
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and are minor of the top story we're following for you a suicide attack on a church service has left at least five people dead and two dozen others wounded in southwestern pakistan two attackers stormed a methodist church and opened fire on hundreds of worship first one of the men and blew himself up. and watching the news live from berlin i'm. joining again at the top of the hour if you can thanks for watching. the whole d w one out. for in focus global insights the news out of the.


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