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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2017 1:00pm-1:15pm CET

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so the ball. we're just learning this is a new through. this is news live from berlin gunmen attacked her church in southwestern pakistan killing at least eight and wounding dozens of others two attackers have targeted a methodist church and quite out with hundreds of worshippers. for more also coming up. corruption and scandal how plague and sees current leaders south african
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president jacob zuma now the contest to select a successor threatens to split the party. and in this legal action dortmund hosted hoffenheim with the black and yellow digger to prove that their turnaround under new coach peter striker is more than just a fluke. i have a quote awesome welcome to the program we begin in pakistan where a suicide attack on a church service has left at least eight people dead and wounded dozens of others the two gunmen targeted a methodist church and in the southwest of the country hundreds of worshippers were gathered in the church at the time of the attack police and army troops around the church and exchanged fire with the heavily armed militants before one of the
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attackers blew himself up. joining us now from islamabad is journalist aside his shame has side what's the latest on the ground at the moment well yes as you say we know that two suicide attackers were involved in this attack they were attempting to storm the bethel memorial methodist church in quitter during sunday's midday services it seems that they're in was to get inside to explode their vest once they were in the mean hole but they were stopped at the gate by police guards who were lurches their presence and then opened fire upon them one of the attackers as you say blew up his best at the gate itself whereas the other managed to survive the initial firing and then offer a brief exchange of fire off that he too was killed by police police then carried out a massive search operation around the church which computer just recently in conjunction with the army they have now declared that that area is no completely clear the provincial police chief said the church was on high alert especially so close to
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christmas how common are attacks on christian targets in the country yes unfortunately we've seen a number of attacks targeting box of minorities including christians in recent years and last year one of the most high casualty attacks in pakistan was an attack targeting christians at an easter celebration in the eastern city of lahore that killed at least seventy five people who were gathered there christians muslims and many others who were just out there celebrating the festival one of the worst members in attacks on pakistan soil has also been targeting christians i was back in twenty thirty when one hundred twenty five people were killed in the northwestern city of the show or so we've seen that targeting minorities in the christian community is not a new tactic for armed groups such as that they get out about pakistan and its allies questions while a minority of bucks on of course still number in the millions and therefore there are hundreds of churches across the country and it's considered to be something that that is somewhat of a soft target for these groups for these groups that are planning such attacks do we have any indication of what group is behind this specific one. so far no group
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has yet claimed responsibility for this attack but we know that the pakistani taliban has been active in below to starve province for quite some time and in particular over the last year year and a half one of the main factions of that group the jamaat or herat faction has been particularly active in targeting police and security personnel in baluchistan province and in fact just in fact about there are was the group that carried out that bombing on easter last year that was targeting christians a lot or in addition to that the so-called islamic state has also been using or has allied itself with with local groups such as the last bridge on wheel of me which is extremely active in baluchistan and has carried out a number of attacks as well so far though it's too early to tell who it could be who's actually carried out this particular attack assad has shimon islamabad thank you very much. in south africa the party that ended apartheid is confronting its own future at a conference of the african national congress current leader and south african
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president jacob zuma is hoping to bring his party together zuma himself faces ongoing corruption allegations in office in two thousand and nine this is likely to be his last charm deputy and his ex-wife a former foreign minister are the top contenders looking to succeed him. for more on this we're joined by christine wa christine will we know today who will be the next party leader and likely the next president. i just got a notification moments before we came on is saying the credentials process has been adopted. essentially there were issues around bogus candidates having been created in the process of the. congress and so that has been taken out of the way now means voting can commence ok and we've heard about the divisions was mentioned in the report within the party is this potentially the beginning of the end of it and see you know if he is a good that might have been
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a very sensational statement but there is the great spitting has never been more real going into this there's been much consternation album going into this there were eight candidates vying for the job of president the signature general of the party himself said this showed the extent of how deeply rooted the divisions within the party ah if you look for example at the relationship the a.n.c. now has with its alliance partners it's had an all time one of the partners said that they would even accept president jacob zuma addressing it's congress's so there is a lot of division within the a.n.c. at the moment and you can see even now by the procedures that have been delayed you know the fact that they can be accusation of bogus candidates that could potentially cause was one or the other candidate that just shows you how hotly contested this particular congress is it's never been like this in the history of this. you mentioned multiple candidates but there's two that are in the lead but more about them or at. who is an astute politician in her own right she has held
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big portfolios in south africa's cabinet she's been interior minister recently she came from the african union where she was the chairperson she has her struggle credentials she is a woman she embodies the perfect politician in many ways her problem is an affiliation with former outgoing soon to be outgoing president of the jacob zuma the fact that he endorsed it people see her taking over as merely an extension of the party that has been leading over the past couple of good people worried about that people are also worried about the fact that he is somebody that has reached the constitution and should face charges for that people think that she would shield him from that then you. know who actually was meant to succeed president mandela and then things changed at the very last minute but he is now back in that he's has come back one of south africa's richest men he is the good in this state that the shape of the problem with that is that he is tainted as one who is too closely affiliated with white monopoly capital race is still very sensitive in
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south africa and the idea that you have a black man in the bed with white people so to say really makes a lot of black south africans an easy but he is the frontrunner in the street as of last night even this morning he's also received a massive backing by the party a senior figure in the party it looks like this is his race to be ok you mentioned a little bit earlier about president zuma he gave a speech earlier how was that received well it was not received very well by a lot of people including the partners who felt that he distanced himself from a lot of problems that they see as having when you talked about the issue of corruption which has been plaguing the dog in this party you know he seemed to blame everybody else but but himself you talked about the policy needing to be united and some of the alliance partners and some members of the a.n.c. felt like he played an instrumental part in the divisions in the way off affection affection is and that's taking place in. people felt that there was a man who who could have taken the opportunity to say as a leader. but instead went to all of the avenues and put the blame if where else in
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terms of you know the voting process he went on to say that external faxes. change the way we do things in the a.n.c. we shouldn't have any other voices influencing these decisions essentially what he was hitting out at is much of the economist in the end this who have been saying that he says his former wife is not the candidate that should be in the exit ok so not taking much responsibility for his own actions there. joining us in studio thanks for walking us through that christine right. now to some of the other stories making news around the world police in australia have arrested a man for allegedly acting as an economic agent for north korea south korean born chen hunch oyo is accused of attempting to broker sales worth tens of millions of dollars and missile technology and coal to third parties in indonesia and vietnam. chile has declared a disaster zone at the site of a village destroyed by a mudslide heavy rain caused a river to overflow and the side of
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a hill to collapse killing at least five people rescue workers are searching through the debris for about a dozen missing people. the california wildfire that erupted almost two weeks ago near los angeles is now ranked as the third biggest on record on saturday strong winds pushed the fire towards the outskirts of santa barbara part of the city is now under a mandatory evacuation order the fire has destroyed more than one thousand structures. a team of astronauts has blasted off for the international space station in the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan the three crewmembers making the journey are from japan russia and the united states their mission will last six months. somebody has legal news now neck and neck in the standings dortmund and hoffenheim vattel that out in saturday's late game this match follows dortmund's first win nine games earlier this week it was the debut for new coach pater stroger
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so could his side prove that the win was more than just beginner's luck against hoffenheim. winning football matches has been far from child's play for dortmund this time but there was a spring in their step against hoffenheim as pages stood as team went in search of their first home win since september dortmund began brightly for what i'm sure you are malenko going close. to hoffenheim goal wasn't the sage at the simplistic was unlucky here. but after twenty minutes the visitors mounted their first real attack and open the scoring and well look movies finished off by mock. don't miss defenses drop deep understood but hoffenheim were far too quick. despite the setback the home side were undeterred and continued to fret in the sixty third minute stephane cost fouled syndicate that were in the box
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a clear penalty. emerick obame on dispatch the spot kick his thirteenth goal of the season. the equaliser initially spurred on hoffenheim rather than don't win but you did now those inside could not take advantage it was left to dortmund to gower to it's but he set a policy for the winner in the eighty nine minutes dortmund had stormed back to form with a two one success against them rivals for a european spots that's two wins in two games thirty lated. and the other game frankfurt welcome to shock a side in scintillating form the royal blues coach by dominico tedesco are unbeaten in ten matches their longest run in over a decade meanwhile the home side have struggled in their own stadium this season with a record of just two wins thus far but it was far from easy for the visitors. shall because team spirit has played a large part in essex s.
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so far this season but it was the stairs of giving evidence at the start of their match against eintracht they were less than two minutes. maclaughlin you could use h. trotted home christmas come early for the benfica loney. but i'm tracks have struggled at home this season and the visit has gradually got back into the match you kashrut ski the hero here his fingertips save in short i'm tracked went into the break a goal to the goods. and there were more goodies in store after half time me out gotcha novich pressed into the box and sebastian apples the sounds of his christmas stocking. more generous defending from the visit says but how about that for improvise a second. rat home when looked on the constant sound of the comeback kings had other ideas sabrina picked the perfect time to score his first of the season with eight minutes to go south to getting there just rewards for some excellent buildup
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play. he desperately tried to get the message out to his team. but it was all in vain five minutes into injury time now and who else pops up with the equalizer i least he turned out to be the last of the match. wheeled him that like to play football to play position and with this bitch today was very hald very sleepy so we try our best and at the end i think this roy's like a victory for us. that's now eleven games without defeat for south no wonder they were singing jingle bells to desk all the way. to the super g. in valdez there france now we're american lindsey vonn pulled out of the race because of a sore knee rising to the occasion austria's and a fight it was an emotional win for the lady who has taken top spot who hasn't taken a top spot rather at a world cup and almost three years it was only a year ago when she made a comeback after a serious knee injury. and
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a reminder of the top story we're following for you a suicide attack on a church service has left at least eight people dead and wounded dozens of others in southwestern pakistan two attackers targeted a methodist church and for hundreds were gathered for a service. called off when you're watching the news live from berlin john my colleague humphrey at the top of the hour for more thanks for watching. images from an isolated country. jews from north korea. in newtonian fatah.


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