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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2017 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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you seem to want to go there's. one where you see surfers fighting against one simply. starting january seventh on t w. this is d w news live from bondage gunmen attack a church in southwestern pakistan killing at least eight and wounding dozens to attack as talk as a methodist church in quest to where hundreds of washington's have gathered so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility also coming up corruption and
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scandal have plagued the a.n.c. he's currently a south african president jacob zuma now the contest to select his successor threatens to split the policy. and australian police arrest a man accused of acting as an agent on behalf of north korea they say trying to broker the sale of missile components and call to third parties in indonesia and vietnam. i'm out of the home for good to have you with us we begin in pakistan where a suicide attack on a church service has left at least eight people dead and dozens wounded the two gunmen targeted a methodist church in quite in the south west of the country hundreds of worshippers were gathered in the church at the time of the attack police and army troops surrounded the church and exchanged fire with the heavily on two minutes and before one of the. because blew himself up so-called islamic state has claimed
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responsibility for the attack. well joining us now on the line from islamabad is a generalist assad asked that the so-called islamic states claim responsibility for this attack how credible is that while absolutely so that that's just come in through there a mock news agency where they have released a short statement claiming that they had sent two attackers to this church now the credibility of these claims that have come in several times before is almost impossible to verify islamic state has done this often where when it's a tactic space and when it hasn't been plain in the hours that follow it they will release a statement that doesn't dig them in some way usually the only way to corroborate whether they were actually involved is if a second statement comes in later in the day which often will have pictures of the attackers or will have some sort of video statement that kind of corroborates an actual physical link to the operational planning of this attack we do know that islamic state has carried out attacks or the so-called islamic state has carried
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out attacks in baluchistan before through local affiliates known as the last cottage and we and other me where so far hearing nothing from that group saying that they were involved in this so we will have to wait and see whether or not this is really a credible claim all right well we're still learning more about the attack at this stage what's the latest you can tell us about the situation on the ground. well at the moment now it seems that the area has been completely cured the police and army have finished their search and for an operations following the attack which occurred somewhere around midday services today on sunday eight seen two attackers work or attempting to gain entry into the compound they were first pretended by the guard who was at the gate that guard was killed by one of them and then the other attackers began to fire as they came into the into the main hall or tried to access the main hall police with an alerted and opened fire upon them one suicide attacker then blew up his vest another was unable to blow up his vest but then was continuing to fire for a short while later he was then killed by police as well most of the injuries and
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the deaths that we've seen have come from we're hearing from the shattered dos and windows that were blown up from the force of the explosion that was outside the church itself and blew that debris into into the church and the worshippers so as of now it seems that the chief of police has said that the search operations are over and they have secured the area as had our attacks on the christian minority comment in this region yes absolutely we've seen unfortunately a number of attacks are getting all the fathers of minorities including christians in the last few years christians have always been a soft target in this country as they are is the number more than in the millions really impacts on there about one point eight percent of the population and so there are hundreds of churches across the country and police say that it's while they do it tend to security at time particularly at times like these in the run up to christmas it's almost impossible to secure all of them one of the biggest attacks that we saw was last year of course near easter there was a bombing at
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a park that was claimed by the pakistani taliban that killed more than seventy five people and was one of the deadliest attacks that year that was dark getting a festival that was being organized for mainly for christians to celebrate easter but there were muslims and all other pakistanis at that park as well this was in the eastern city of lahore we've seen other attacks as well in the last few years generalist in islamabad thank you. and south africa the party that ended apartheid is confronting its future at a conference of the african national congress current leader and south african president jacob zuma is hoping to bring his party together zuma himself faces ongoing corruption allegations you know this since two thousand and nine this is likely to be his last term to ms deputy anticipates wife of the top contenders looking to succeed him. for more on this i'm joined in the studio by d.w. christine christine will we find out today who the next party leader will be all
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while we wait with baited breath and unfortunately in our streets to seem has come from the party's deputy secretary general to say because of the delays that we've seen pretty much since the start of this conference they only finalized the credentials earlier that late this morning essentially that's the procedure that must take place before voting can actually commence there were issues about certain delegates who were who were who were given to criticize who people had issue with and then there were some delegates who claim they could not be a creative side for the conference so there was a lot of issues around that so that we understand has been finalized but hell more delays so we're going to have to wait until probably tomorrow morning at the latest to get the issues delays the divisions are already stark within the a.n.c. just this potentially spell the beginning of the end for the party and if you had made that statement two years ago we would have talked about it being potentially sensationalist but we are in a new territory with the a.n.c. jacob zuma leadership of this party has brought it to a place that we've not seen before going into this there were eight presidential
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candidates people vying for this top job in the secretary general of the party said that was indicative of just how deeply rooted the divisions within this party were at an all time low with its partners the n.c. is that right now one of the partners the the south african communist party refuses to have president zuma address it's congress's so this is where we are at the spot . deeply divided a lot of faction is factions and people say that the threat of the split is real now more than it's ever been the threat of a split and it's certainly a tight race that we're seeing here at the top it is telling that the two top candidates so you've gotten calls on it and it's stupid decision she's a woman she's held several big portfolios in south africa's cabinet including interior minister most recently she was the chairperson of the african union the perfect politician she's a woman and that's what people in politics are calling for right now in south africa the challenge she has is she's affiliated with jacob zuma he endorsed her
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and the problem with her is that people feel that if she takes over as president and potentially the president of south africa in two thousand and nineteen she will shield zuma from the prosecution that people say he needs to see that he needs to face his day in court we've had various courts in south africa saying he's breached the constitution people want him to be held to account people also feel that his style of politics will simply play out through her then you've got a poster who by the way was meant to succeed nelson mandela way back when but has now come back he's been in business he's come back into politics he said he is ready to assume the role of leaving the country he's challenges that he's one of the richest men in the country a lot of black south africans look at him and think you're too closely affiliated with a white monopoly capital racist and a massive thing in south african society and so serious critics are very quick to remind the public that sort of was that is so rich and he will only do the bill of the bidding of the western world for example all white people who by and large still hold south africa's wealth now we saw that final speech from jacob zuma in
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the capacity as leader of the a and c. he admitted failings of the party how was it received well here's the thing so you talked about the failings of the party he talked about the failings of of government at large even but he didn't take any of the blame he elevated the blame to everybody and anybody else but himself and people felt that that was a moment that indeed it could have taken to say this is where we got to draw this is where it could be improved. but he simply allocated the blame to to their lives partners to certain members who had even taken the party to court he scolded people for allowing external forces and influences within the policy and people are saying as the leader of the party you presided over a boss that has disintegrated to the point that we see the divisions that we see today the corruption levels he chose to draw the dwell on private sector corruption and merely glancing over a public sector program in which is crippling that country's economy and and keeping investment away christine thanks as ever since then and
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now to some of the other stories making news around the world in the philippines tropical storm kai tak has triggered landslides that have killed more than two dozen people almost as many i'm missing a slow moving storm passed over the eastern philippines on saturday officials report heavy damage to power lines roads and bridges. polls have opened in a chair days that run off a presidential election the vote will determine if the country turns right with conservative billionaire and former president sebastian opinio that was stays on it's a center left course candidate and a hands are supported by the current president michel. and little as he moves astronauts has blasted off the international space station a from the by co nor cosmodrome in kazakhstan the three crewmembers making the journey from japan russia and the united states their mission will last six months. police in australia have arrested
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a man for allegedly acting as an economic agent for north korea he's accused of attempting to broker sales of missile technology and coal to third parties in indonesia and vietnam a naturalized australian citizen of korean descent is the first person to be charged under the country's weapons of mass destruction act. the police have called it a case like nothing ever seen on a stray in soil sydney resident chanhassen choice stands accused of working as an economic an agent for north korea he allegedly used encrypted messages to try and broker sales of illegal exports including missile parts and technology in an effort to raise money for pyongyang astray and prime minister malcolm turnbull delivered a stern warning to anyone thinking of assisting north korea. north korea is a dangerous reckless criminal regime threatening the pace of the region it is vitally important that all nations work relate more slowly to enforce those
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sanctions because the more economic pressure that can be brought on north korea the soon will that regime will be brought to its senses if it's five shown yang to expand its intercontinental missile capabilities have accelerated in recent months resulting in a tightening of economic sanctions astray and federal police assistant commissioner neil gown told reporters that the case is a sign those measures are having an effect. by sweetly as an economic engine on behalf of north korea there's nothing to suggest he's doing anything but that is doing it a patriotic purpose you know i think at the end of day he would sell whatever he could to to mike money back to the north korean government i think it does go to show that the sanctions are boarding the fact that we've got people involved in those top of activities. police believe chan hang choice illicit deals could have netted north korea tens of millions of dollars in much needed revenue. in the united states authorities have ordered new evacuations in parts of california as a massive oh a massive wildfire continues to spread fierce winds have pushed the inferno closer
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to santa barbara and want to see today with thousands of homes threatened by that place. more than seven hundred homes have been engulfed by these flames. nest a place reaches the city of monta seato its residents could only pray for the best . the fire has been devastating california for two weeks and has now become the third largest wildfire the state has ever recorded. the firefighters have been battling around the clock but strong winds are keeping that task extremely difficult. that the firefighters were facing last night were the expected the sundowners to hit somewhere between two am four am so strong north pushing the fire back downhill so extremely. humid as being
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low is a very very hazardous fire fight facing a high threat tens of thousands in some parts of santa barbara and venture or have been forced to leave their homes. and smoke has blotted out the county sploofus skies. authorities say the wind has shifted in the firefighters favor but so far only forty percent of the blaze has been contained. earlier on sunday french. set a new record for a nonstop solar sail around the globe it took a guess about forty two days to complete the voyage docking more than six days and ten hours off the previous time sailing author it is going to only confirm the record after reviewing the boat's black box and g.p.s. data. and your mind in our top stories we're following for you a suicide attack on a church that has left at least eight people dead and dozens of others wounded in
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southwestern to stop to attack as talkative a methodist church in corinth to where hundreds have gathered for a service. you're watching news from a to forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's d.w. dot com thanks for watching and join us again at the top of the hour if you can. images from an isolated country images from the north korea. any tony was a target for countries fascinating shots of everyday life in a regimented society. of north korean.


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