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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2017 12:00am-12:16am CET

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so you will be you know. and the reason is if the song fresh water supplies water it competes with food that is a perfectly possible scenario. this is d.w. news line from grilling donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital goes to the u.n. the security council will vote on a resolution submitted by egypt this as muslims protest against trump's move in
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demonstrations from indonesia to pakistan to paris to get the latest from deja news middle east and also coming up. gunmen attack a church game pakistan killing at least nine and wounding dozens the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility. turned to the rioters former president sebastian pinera wins sunday's a runoff election will get the latest from our correspondent in santiago. welcome to the program the u.n. security council is due to vote later today on a draft resolution on the disputed status of jerusalem the body will consider a text submitted by egypt after u.s.
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president donald trump said that washington would recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel that decision has triggered a new surge of violence in the gaza strip and west bank and protests across the muslim world. in the gaza strip effigies of donald trump and benjamin netanyahu burn. earlier protesters carried models of the temple mount through the streets. these symbolic acts bear one message jerusalem belongs to the palestinians and can never become israel's capital almost one hundred kilometers away more protests. we are here tonight and don't of it is muslims and the christians. on this candle is just. different messages toward the war. first of all we are refusing the speech of. jerusalem as
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a capital love for what called as well and moving. to. crowds demonstrated in turkey to the country's president friendship type add one making a diplomatic statement in support of the palestinians. who the struggle since jerusalem is currently under occupation we cannot go there and open our embassy but our consulate general is represented at ambassador level so we have to factor our complex this god willing that he is close when officially we will open our embassy there. despite the protests israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu reiterated his support for trump's plan to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and he condemned egypt's introduction of a draft u.n. resolution seeking to reverse the move. i would like to express once again my special appreciation for the determination leadership of president trump and his administration in defending the truth of israel they reject attempts to use the un
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as a platform against israel and within a visit just days before u.s. vice president mike pence is due to visit israel divisions in the middle east seem deeper than ever. and for more on this story i'm joined in studio by correspondent who is actually just returned from jerusalem where you are covering this exact story so what exactly is in this resolution that egypt is going to present to the u.n. so it's very short resolution it's just one page and basically it just calls for the u.n. to reject what donald trump has says it's calling about for them to affirm that this change in jerusalem status has no legal effect that it must be reversed and that the status of jerusalem has to be resolved through these peace negotiations which have actually been stalled sense twenty fourteen and there currently as far as we know are no public peace negotiations happening and it's also calling on all countries to not move their embassies to jerusalem as we know all countries that
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have a business with israel recognize israel keep their embassies in tel aviv right now but it's worth taking a step back and remembering why jerusalem is such a big deal this is a city that's very old it has a lot of religious historical cultural context for people around the world and especially for people who are in this region and it was supposed to be the last thing the last piece of these peace negotiations to be negotiated and it was supposed to be theoretically split between the israelis and the palestinians as a partial capital for both and this this move by trump has up and did any sort of progress that has been made in the past really seven decades of the u.s. being a partner in these negotiations so what happens if the u.n. does vote in favor of this resolution. so we have to be honest with ourselves here the u.s. has a veto vote on the u.n. security council the u.s. the u.s. is one of five of the five permanent members of the u.n.
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security council so in all likelihood the u.s. is going to veto this resolution when it's put on the table to vote tomorrow but what is then going to happen after that likely is the palestinians will then turn to the general assembly and the u.n. as a body is as a record. voting in a very pro palestinian fashion is not very anti israel fashion the u.n. g.a. and the un security council passed more resolutions against israel than any other country and we can look back as late as two thousand and twelve when palestine went before the u.n. g.a. to be recognized as a nonmember observer state and won that vote after losing in the security council because the us vetoed it likely that they're going to turn to the u.n. g.a. and we'll see some sort of resolution about recognizing east jerusalem if not all of jerusalem as the capital of palestine u.s. vice president mike pence is set to visit israel this wednesday a very interesting time for him to be there what kind of reception do you think you'll get is worth remembering that this trip was actually planned before all of
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this happened but now of course it doesn't much different context on a much different tenor to the visit on the israeli side he's likely to be very well received we have to remember that this issue of jerusalem being recognized as the israeli capital has been a pet issue for netanyahu and for his government on the palestinian side he was supposed to have a meeting a bilateral meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas and that has been canceled the palestinians immediately when this news broke said we are not going to meet with pens and we reject this move out right so not a lot of progress being made in bilateral negotiations there shall we say well thank you very much for your analysis. suicide bombers have attacked a church in pakistan killing at least nine people and wounding more than fifty hundreds of worshipers were inside the methodist church in the city of quick. officials say quick action by security forces guarding the church prevented great to bloodshed. a church in tatters after two suicide bombers targeted
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a pre-christian a service in the pakistani city of question. but it could have been a much worse police credit security forces with preventing an even greater loss of life this c.c.t.v. footage shows the moment one of the attackers tried to rush the gates of the church with an accomplice he managed to scale the fence but did not make it into the main building eyewitnesses describe the horrors that followed the little girl who was only first i heard shots firing and then a blast lots of people were injured. i saw a man with a bullet in his right side he sat down the bleeding badly children and women were also injured. quite a is a city in western pakistan and it has a large christian minority but christians make up less than five percent of the country's total population religious minorities in pakistan have faced attacks by
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islamic militants over the years this time the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility now to some of the other stories making news around the world russian president vladimir putin has thanked donald trump for information that helped prevent a terrorist attack in the city of st petersburg the kremlin says a tip from the cia led to seven suspects linked to the so-called islamic state put in said russian agencies were passed on similar information to the u.s. if the case arose. in south africa delegates at the ruling african national congress party convention will vote on monday to decide who will succeed president jacob zuma as head of the party deputy president is facing off against as soon as ex-wife who. the winner is likely to succeed jacob zuma as the country's president. in the u.s.
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a power blackout has stranded travelers and delayed flights at the world's busiest airport officials at atlanta's hartsfield jackson international airport say air traffic control is working normally but passenger terminals do not have electricity it wasn't immediately clear what had caused the outage. conservative former president sebastian pinera has won chile's presidential election with almost all the votes counted bonaire has already won nearly fifty five percent of the vote clearly ahead of the center left's a one hundred who has conceded defeat billionaire already served as president between twenty ten and twenty fourteen this time around he is pledging to increase economic growth and no a corporate taxes his win will see chiller join a tide of latin american countries that have turned to the right in recent years and the correspondent of homs is following that election for us and she now joins
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us from santiago so often hear what will pinero as when mean for chile. well first this one consolidates the neo liberal tendency that we have been seeing in the region since two thousand and fifteen with winning in argentina now the thing is pierre doesn't mean a complete turn to the right even him in his first presidency he didn't turn the country into a riot direction he he mainly continued with the four former president sees from the center left. so experts think that he might not. make a big change this time around either what they think also is that he will probably have to continue with most of the reforms made during last presidency the current one he has already announced in the last couple of weeks that he will maintain free
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higher education and maybe even broader this program so chile might not see a huge change but it's definitely a turn to the right that has been seen in other countries in this region but certainly a change of faces because this election does mark the end of michelle bachelet president twice as the chilean president what do you think she'll be remembered for what will be her legacy. well she is a very popular leader in the international spectrum leaders from outside of chile have really applaud her reforms she is even seen as one of the favorite candidates to be the next secretary general of the u.n. so from the outside she has a very good image. the thing is inside she has not been very popular in the in the past couple of years some corruption scandals her have made her have given her less
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than twenty percent of the acceptance. even though that has been going on experts calculate that in the next couple of months she might raise her popularity again and she will end up with forty percent what is being criticized not only from the left is that she has she has not been too deep with the reforms whereas from the right the reforms were seen this too broad so this is the panorama that we see in chile have the population kind of like her reforms and the others think they were not good. homes in santiago thank you. now imagine being completely alone on a sailboat and some of the world's most dangerous seas for seven weeks that's what french sailor francois go boss says he has behind him after setting a new world record for circumnavigating the world. but sailing officials won't
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recognize the fate just yet here's more. out on the open seas alone for forty two days the achievement would be enough for most people but says he is circum navigated the globe in that time if confirmed the french minister smashed the previous world record set just last year by six days praise even came from up high. on behalf of my crew in the french navy i welcome you on your approach to france. or to lure of boats treated him on his arrival back in britain in along with thousands of well wishers. gathered put on a show for the crowds and make sure he enjoyed the moment. good weather you need luck with the weather i had that i had good fortune. this
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feat is so staggering that sailing officials will now check his boats g.p.s. data to make sure that the world record is genuine. next up on the bundesliga with highlights and analysis of match day seventeen. coast and berlin and leverkusen this it head on over there with goals going or in sunday's fixtures thirteen in total between the two games so do make sure you stay with us for a look back at that the reeling action. you're watching the news from berlin and don't forget you can always stay up to date by logging on to our website w dot com i eat a few money thank you for watching. your smart t.v. smarter d.w. for smart. what you watch what you want. to do.


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