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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2017 2:02am-2:16am CET

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working to determine what happened the train was making its maiden run from seattle to portland when it derailed. global markets rally come to business put a charge here in berlin u.s. president donald trump's corporate tax cuts could be signed into law this week. financial deals in the netherlands. coming up a german tradition which is great for corporate culture whole company because trust still play a big role in germany. major u.s. stock indexes are breaking records this monday other global financial markets have also spent the day rallying across to new york in just a moment but first the reason for all the excitement congress is expected to pass
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trump's tax bill this week there are reports that company profits could surge by thirty percent on the cuts red suit or not us president to donald trump seems to want to play santa claus this year we have a tremendous spirit for this. this is going to be one of the great christmas. but trump's tax reform gift is overwhelmingly aimed at large corporations shrinks their tax burden from thirty five to twenty percent for mid-sized companies the tax cut is slightly less generous their rate is capped at twenty five percent meanwhile tax rates for ordinary employees will hardly change at all in fact allowances for low earners won't even be as high as was originally planned. but perhaps the greatest blemish on the tax reform is its cost two point two trillion dollars over the next ten years money the government doesn't have that trump knows exactly where
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he hopes to get the missing funds we think four trillion dollars will come flowing back this is a country that's money goes overseas that's stuck there for years and years and by that means his controversial import tax twenty percent on products imported from abroad its aim is to encourage u.s. companies to relocate bank home but it would also hit european companies hont the e.u. calls it discrimination so as far as international trade goes trump's christmas present might actually be a lump of coal instead. all right let's talk tax reforms and bring in our financial correspondent stance quarter yes charles tax reform is not even through yet but investors are happy tell us more about the atmosphere behind you at the new york stock exchange. we've seen as for weeks if not for months that investors on wall street are expecting this tax reform and now it
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got even a bit closer to reality of the u.s. president could sign the package before christmas and for the seventieth time this year alone the dollar jones industrial average said a new all time high that is a record so having so many closing highs within one year isn't enough they're called blizzard so the tech savvy index so for the first time ever at least during training trading reached the seven thousand point mark a lot of companies are basically expecting a lot of positive figures for their own because of this tax reform which companies and just how much the benefits could be. there are some companies who might profit a bit more than others for example financial institutions merida stage firms they might do extremely well but bottom line when the talk of corporate tax rate will be
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lowered pretty much all of the big u.s. american corporations will profit and we've seen in the deposit couple of weeks and months so that all of those companies are pretty much on the rise and go to new york thank you so much. and to a different story to europe the european union has launched an investigation into ikea's tax arrangements in the netherlands they could have given the swedish furniture giant an unfair market advantage and now it may have to foot a bill that's of course a little pricier than its cheap bookshelf so. ikea's known across the globe for its practical and inexpensive home furnishings the company also strives to have a low tax bill but the european commission believes ikea took advantage of questionable tax loopholes in the netherlands. we have concerns that to touch tax rulings from two thousand and six and two thousand and eleven may have allowed enter ikea to pay less tax and given them an unfair advantage compared to other
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companies subject to the same national taxation rules in the netherlands which would confirm it be and reach a few state rules. the alleged tax avoidance model apparently allowed the furniture giant to pay little or even no taxes during some years but ikea insists that its tax deals in the netherlands did not breach e.u. laws the debate over you tax havens isn't new the netherlands ireland and luxembourg are among the countries attracting multinationals with favorable tax models besides ikea apple and starbucks are among the big names taking advantage of such tax schemes the european commission has now launched an in-depth investigation into ikea's tax deals and then the other ones if the allegations of irregularities are confirmed could be hit with a large bill for back taxes. they said next case could cost amazon ten million
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euros francis finance ministry suing their reach for abusing its market dominant position on its own platform the minister sighs there is a significant imbalance quote in business relations between amazon and vendors selling products on a third party vendor platform the case follows a two here investigation into such platforms and will be heard by the paris commercial court allison has the power to modify contracts at a moment's notice demand show to delivery times or block deliveries why demanding additional corporate information from lenders though here in germany alison wants to roll out its brick and mortar stores like in the u.s. it's set to be part of an international strategy so far the company hasn't issued a timeline. the corporate graveyard includes more than a few brick and mortar businesses slain by amazon most recently toys r us which
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declared bankruptcy this year yet while traditional businesses have struggled to match amazon's online presence customers haven't given up on physical stores far from it in fact close to ninety percent of all retail shopping worldwide is done in person a figure that also applies to the u.s. . become a shopper since about twelve percent of sales nationwide but there's evidence that it's kind of hitting a plateau terms of the amount of sales it'll produce shopping in person is even more common in europe where cash is still king and online buying not quite as widespread amazon may hope a physical presence can help when those store go in customers experts say its american bookstores allow the company to show a personal face and showcase its own products well learning lessons about customer shopping habits that could help online. there's some irony in amazon selling books off the shelf as it was selling books online that first put it on the map and helped put some brick and mortar bookstores out of business but the retail giant can afford to experiment its online empire after all is only expanding the company
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that place together stays together said lease many germans play musical instruments here and it's not unusual for large companies to have their own orchestra playing together is not just fun it also boosts team spirit. when you handle vite complex the bottle she leads sixty accountants engineers and i t specialists they have all swapped their computers for cellos violins flutes and assumes they are the s.e.p. orchestra maybe not as well known as the company's corporate software products but an important part of the business nonetheless. in the company that wants to advance and be successful it is very important that people are in harmony with each other that they are able to work in a team and cooperate there's no to vittie in the world where you have to react so
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quickly to each other and work together so well as in an orchestra. that's because each musician depends on his colleagues to achieve that perfect harmony they have to listen to each other respond at the right time and be well trained and prepared. that you have to practice if you want to get right. to. practice. and that's how it all fits together s.a.p.'s schubert bush and yes the german auto parts maker has its own orchestra too in fact many of germany's largest corporations are tuned in among them siemens chemical firm b.
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a f and all of the automakers are b.m.w. and. it is in the german d.n.a. in germany it is a widespread competence to be able to play an instrument all those people playing an instrument are organized within the german music federation which has nine million members and that is more than the german football association and. that should make sure there's enough musicians for generations of company orchestras keeping the economy. the company beyond humphry bogus for during long can tyrus and force had gear in the indiana jones movies this company is bankrupt union officials say a court has thrown out a rescue plan for italian hatmaker borsellino and put the company into administration and investment fund took control of the struggling hats for two years ago but its efforts to save the company failed what you know was founded in
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eight hundred fifty seven and its heyday wasn't in one nine hundred twenty s. when he produced two million hats a year. very nice doing business for you see you tomorrow same time same place thanks for watching.
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