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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2017 1:00pm-1:16pm CET

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there's. point where you surfers fighting against them seem to be starting january seventh on g.w. . this is news live from berlin the united nations gets even tougher on north korea imposing fresh sanctions on the country the u.n. security council unanimously agrees to measures proposed by the united states the aim is to limit oil supplies that needs for its nuclear program also coming up. the
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palestinian christian minority gears up to celebrate christmas and bethlehem but the mood is far from festive. and world cup skiing in italy under the floodlights the world's greatest male skier marcel fer sure how does work cut out as you try to secure another victory. and welcome to the program the united nations has slapped tough new sanctions on north korea in response to its latest missile test the new sanctions dramatically restrict the import of oil diesel and petrol and banned the import of industrial machinery north korea will also be prevented from exporting agricultural products electrical equipment and machinery for extracting minerals. and the resolution
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calls on countries hosting north korean workers to expel them by the end of two thousand and nineteen some one hundred thousand north korean ex-pats are working mainly and china and russia the remittance money they send back home helps reserves of hard currency is the third such package of sanctions against the north this year as tensions continue to rise over the communist states nuclear and ballistic missile program. the draft resolution contained in document slash twenty seven slash one zero nine two please raise their hand a striking display of unity all fifteen members of the u.n. security council backing another round of sanctions against north korea. the us ambassador thank members for backing the measures against what she called the most tragic example of evil in the modern world should the north korean regime conduct another nuclear or ballistic missile test this resolution commits the security
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council to take even further action it sends the on ambiguous message to pyongyang that further defiance will invite further punishment and isolation the u.s. drafted resolution even won the support of north korea's main trading partner as russia and china. china urges north korea to take the demand seriously abide by the council resolutions and refrain from any further nuclear missile tests. the new sanctions are in response to pyongyang's latest launch of a ballistic missile in november the country said its most powerful missile yet is capable of reaching anywhere on the u.s. mainland but russia and china who both hold a veto on the council only back the sanctions are after the trumpet ministration agreed to water them down. russia also called for compromise from all sides.
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what's needed is a comprehensive approach one that stipulates both a sation of nuclear missile tests and the abandonment of the scaling up of military infrastructure by north korea as well as the reduction in the scale of maneuvers being conducted his comments point to the u.s. and south korea's military drills on the korean peninsula which have been condemned as a provocation by the north so the north korean regime of kim jong un has insisted that fresh sanctions will only make it speed up its nuclear program the security council hopes the latest measures will finally produce results. in another round of sanctions from the international community but will putting the screws to north korea truly make a difference i ask correspondent stephen borowitz was in south korean capital seoul well north korea has already absorbed other rounds of sanctions and they've proven to be pretty resilient when it comes to enduring economic hardship and to finding
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alternative forms of income other ways to fund their nuclear missile programs one thing that's interesting about these sanctions is that they specifically target north korea's imports of petroleum products which are very important for these weapons programs north korea has none of its own oil and needs to import a lot of its energy also a lot of the better off people in north korean cities rely on petroleum imports to run the generators that they use for their own private security supply so the screws are tightening as you said and we perhaps can expect a major change right away but this is an important step towards further cutting north korea off from its source of income steven burrill lake in seoul thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world officials in the philippines have confirmed more than one hundred people have been killed by a tropical storm in the southern part of the country dozens more are missing storm ten billion with winds of up to eighty kilometers per hour has now passed across
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the southern island of mindanao. thousands of well wishers have gathered at the imperial palace in tokyo to mark the eighty fourth birthday of japan's emperor akihito the emperor has pledged to carry on with his duties until he advocates in april two thousand and nineteen his elder son crown prince not who will then take over the chrysanthemum throne. u.s. officials say they've approved a plan to provide ukraine with military weapons including antitank missiles the move aims to help kiev in its fight against russian backed separatists moscow has condemned the measure insisting arming ukraine will inflame tensions further. a former u.s. soldier has been arrested on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack in san francisco over christmas the man allegedly told an undercover agent he planned to target the city's busy pier thirty nine area in the name of the so-called islamic state authorities say
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a search of his home turned up firearms and a letter claiming responsibility. in spain a regional vote the central government had hoped would stifle separatist sentiment has only deepened the country's constitutional crisis that's because cattle and separatists held onto their majority the pro independence leader car let's put them on could now become catalonia regional president again but he's still in exile in brussels even though separatist parties won a majority of the seats it was the n.t. independent citizens party that picked up the largest individual share of the vote meanwhile spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is still refusing to consider independence for the region he declined an offer from to meet on neutral ground. my colleague. joins us now in studio for more on this story pablo your resident of spain you've been following the story it looks like a complete deadlocks most of us and it is and it's impossible to ignore particular
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when you're in spain or across europe for that matter now obviously what the next move is the million dollar question my daughter the spanish prime minister has said that he will speak to the next president whoever he may be but also he said under the right conditions now what he was hinting at was the fact that catalyst for them on the former premier the former president who is currently in exile in belgium looks like the possible next president of the region of catalonia but of course the minute he comes back to spain he will most likely be arrested because of these charges against him for sedition and rebellion related back to the first of october . referendum which was deemed illegal by spain but of course many of the holy has also said that he's very much willing to speak to the head of the citizens party that is to be my last who they are the party with the most number of votes in the region of catalonia but to so most were essentially in a situation of deadlock and it's going to be very difficult for
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a government to be formed in the pro independent side and also in those parties who are very much against the idea of independence and in favor of that union with spain basically maintaining the situation that we're in in the moment in spain ok and the european union is definitely watching all of this unfold very very closely many people in spain perhaps are wanting the block to intervene but that hasn't happened why is that no is very much the e.u. has essentially said that this is an internal matter that spain needs to resolve but they also have very much backed money on overhaul the government in madrid particularly germany and france and i think it's quite important that we hear what this m.e.p. from germany has to say on the issue. i think mr put it is very emotional not exactly realistic and easily carried by the emotions of the moment in the masses mr a whole is sometimes a bit stubborn and does not have the flexibility or the openness to approach others
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. think it's incredibly telling essential what the reaction has been particularly from france and germany on the one hand he's very much backing up money on overhaul the madrid government but on the other hand he's saying that perhaps the tactics or the way that money on a whole has approached the issue in catalonia hasn't exactly been the best way to approach the situation on how to deal with it so in the next weeks body on a whole is going to be going to a lot of spotlight on him to see on how he deals with the situation on the crisis in catalonia which is not going away anytime soon yeah especially with a vote that was meant to bring more clarity and that hasn't happened. yet thank you for joining us. the winter olympics are a little over a month away and alpine skiers are busy honing their skills for the flagship discipline in south korea the latest world cup event took place at the italian ski resort of medina become p.l.e.o. but it was a different kind of men slalom the night race took place under floodlights.
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calculation night race and madonna is one of the most eagerly anticipated off to ski season and it didn't disappoint switzerland's new cut and he was well placed in fear and after the first run of the men slalom his second run was even better. than any powered down the course with perfect technique to grab the lead. and it wasn't me happy. that austrian great mausoleum will be the man to beat at the winter olympics however a mistake halfway down the second run meant this was by no means a flawless race for the sixth time would cup winner of a compost hershon managed to bounce back though he triumphed by just point zero four seconds to win his forty ninth world cup race and reclaim the lead in the standings. tis the season to be jolly but christians in the palestinian
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territories are feeling less than festive as they prepare to celebrate christmas but they feel a responsibility to keep its traditions alive in bethlehem and surrounding areas one of these traditions is the game of bingo the w's israel correspondent tanya kramer was there and joined in for around. christmas time is bingo invade at the auditorium of the arab orthodox christian community there keeping track of every number troll people here play bingo all year round but during the festive season the extra special. palestinian christians even says. it's a custodian of christmas and it's often colorful traditions and bingo is one of them that tumble as they call it and they jhala friends and family gather to play every sunday after going to. sleep gives us a break from everything going on with all the checkpoints the situation is
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difficult and people can't go anywhere they want that's why we opened the community hall so we can play bingo over the holidays and have a good time walk. being groupings everyone together. on a very vigilant look we really have a good time. would be christmas here without being go maybe christmas day wilfredo way it we we have a nice holiday atmosphere that's why we need that has never gel with. instead of sweets the winners get practical hosts want items like rice detergent or toilet paper it's been like this since intifada times this spirit of helping families is strong but this year the next in warsaw going to be let me say anything at all when a crisis situation this is about the future of to a city that's holy to us to it's about our homeland that we had wrestling. a
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message for surround speech and bethlehem cutting off the roads to jerusalem images of trying familia site palestinians from the west bank need a special permission from israel to visit jerusalem. bethlehem the birthplace of jesus decked out for the christmas holiday here too the mood is far from stiff but locals and this is just try to make the best out of the situation. to sit looks like this christmas will be back after what happened in the west bank following trump's decision so everyone here is against it. we like to come to bethlehem today to show the baby the atmosphere the city and the circumstances we are in. because of the occupation. the. third round of the big everyone's enjoying the evening and trying to forget the
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certainty. over this christmas. and reminder of the top story we're following for you the united nations has slapped tough new sanctions on north korea in response to his missile tests their rule of strict oil supplies needed for peace nuclear and missile program the sanctions were proposed by the u.s. and back to sleep. you're watching. join my colleague at the top of the hour if you can thanks for watching. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. you know webspace.


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