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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2017 6:02am-6:16am CET

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yes go out. the. u.s. president donald trump has praised his tax reform as a christmas present for all americans. the package slashes taxes by a total of one point five trillion dollars because of what we did it's the largest i always say the most massive but it's the largest tax cut in the history of our country and the reform but tax cuts. really something special. the bill was passed by a majority in the house in the senate the core of the five hundred pages long is a massive tax cut for businesses from the previous thirty five percent rate to twenty one percent. most of the remaining taxpayers are set to receive some kind of tax break as well but that could aggravate the
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country's deficit according to opponents. the republicans maintain that the reform will finance itself by stimulating the economy no credible outside analysis has found this to be true at best what many analyses show is that we would see a bomb of growth in twenty thousand and twenty nine thousand but after that it would start to falter outside the u.s. strums tax reform is considered to be a double edge sword. some fear it could cause a worldwide race to lower corporate taxes in germany the corporate tax rate is thirty percent and that's nine percent higher than it will be in the united states and that could animate companies to move their businesses there. pinus must for one thing trump is certainly successful that is stimulating the american economy and if he pushes through massive tax cuts in the us that will lead to german companies
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investing their. in this to you and as a result profits and jobs could shift to the us as well america first trumps favorite slogan is getting a boost from the new tax reform package. bitcoin the world's most popular crypto currency has been extremely volatile in recent weeks gaining and losing value rapidly. and it's almost a minor affront just one street away from singapore's financial authority an opponent of digital money cafe has opened where customers pay only with crypto currency. we just want to make sure that people understand that of the currency second to state i don't think they did that is a question the way technology develops and goes right now there's no doubt about that development record so far the cathay has been flourishing people there don't
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just pay for drinks and snacks with bitcoin they can also use the cafes own currency known as the dukakis which is also the name of the cafe. still experts warn that crypto currencies are very volatile bitcoin for example lost a quarter of its value now only worth around eleven thousand five hundred dollars it's a problem for investors some experts see the trend soon coming to an end. the second one will be where we don't like more progress on connecting it with the retail world so if you can't spend crippler counties or if you can't redeem them for cash if you can't get rid of them back as cash. people are going to lose interest and when that happens the heat will come out of the market and people will move on through. that's when we'll see that crush him. but the owners of cafe du qantas are not so sure about that quite the contrary they soon want to expand opening cafes
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hotels and travel agencies where you can only pay with digital money. lifton's a saw an opportunity in the demise of its one time rival with air balloons bust the flagship carrier could now take on new routes as well as the aircraft and employees to service them. it originally proposed a takeover that included two air berlin subsidiaries yet that plan sparked e.u. concerns over competition. lufthansa responded last week with a more modest proposal dropping the purchase of austrian fighter nicky altogether and instead of the original eighty one aircraft it wanted to buy it would now buy just sixty. a green light from brussels raises other questions first among them who will buy airline nicky which remains insolvent there are already a number of interested buyers including the original owner former austrian racing
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car driver niki lauda yet another decision for a turbulent european airline market. the greek parliament has approved its twenty eighteen budget according to prime minister alexis see for us it will be the last one written within the confines of the country's financial bailout program greece has been staving off bankruptcy since twenty ten with the help of loans from its fellow eurozone members and the international monetary fund its current bailout of eighty six billion euros expires in august. the us administration in washington has blamed north korea for the wanted. iran somewhere attack that infected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide hospitals trains and car makers were affected by the attack as well as spain's telefonica and the
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russian interior ministry hackers demanded a ransom payable in the crypto currency bitcoin to release locked databases. amazon has only thirteen brick and mortar bookstores in the united states but it's already planning to roll them out internationally german media reports that the head of amazon germany says amazon street stores are slated for global expansion and germany is one of the countries that will participate in the rollout. the company behind humphrey bogart for dora in casa blanca and harrison ford's headgear in the indiana jones movies is bankrupt union officials say a court has thrown out a rescue plan for the italian hatmaker borsellino and put the company into administration and investment fund took control of the struggling hunter two years ago but its efforts to save the company have failed.
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ek is known across the globe for its practical and inexpensive home furnishings. the company also strives to have a low tax bill. and the european commission believes he took advantage of questionable tax loopholes in the netherlands. we have concerns that. the tax rulings from two thousand and six and two thousand and eleven may have allowed enter ikea to pay less tax and given them an unfair advantage compared to other companies subject to the same national taxation rules in the netherlands which would confirm to be in breach of state rules the alleged tax avoidance model apparently allowed the furniture giant to pay little or even no taxes during some years but insists that it stank steals in the netherlands did not breach e.u. laws. the debate over e.u.
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tax havens isn't new the netherlands ireland and luxemburg are among the countries attracting multinationals with favorable tax models besides apple and starbucks are among the big names taking advantage of such tax schemes the european commission has now launched an in-depth investigation into ek as tax deals in the netherlands if the allegations of irregularities are confirmed ek it could be hit with a large bill for back taxes. in argentina unions and opposition members protested against the pension reform near the parliament around one hundred fifty were injured in clashes with police the demonstrators fear the reform will leave millions impoverished. thank god i'm against the politics of president mockery i do not consider him my president because i didn't vote for him i said this was going to happen i was fighting against this during the crisis in two thousand and one. we had established freedom
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in this country we live the good life but in two years we went into debt and it affected our lifestyle now i'm in my late sixty's fighting on the streets for my children and grand daughter so they'll live well in the future as things are now you cannot live like this. and. the. president agrees administration hopes the pension reform will reduce the country's massive deficit the overhaul is expected to save the government almost five billion euros. in the future pensions will rise more slowly and the retirement age will be raised to seventy from the current sixty five for men women will retire at sixty three instead of sixty. when johana vite comp lifts the baton she leads sixty accountants engineers and i despair. celeste's they have all swapped their computers for cellos violins flutes
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and bassoons they are the s a p orchestra maybe not as well known as the company's corporate software products but an important part of the business none the less. false deserves to feel so it's a talk in a company that wants to advance and be successful it's very important that people are in harmony with each other that they're able to work in a team and cooperate. with there's no activity in the world where you have to react so quickly to each other and work together so well as in an orchestra. nets because musicians have to depend on each other to achieve that perfect harmony they have to listen to each other respond at the right time and be well trained and prepared. gives you that essence of that. sense that you have to practice if you want to get false right. it also.
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teaches you that you can't wait until the last will. s.a.p and schubert bosh and bach yes the german auto parts maker has its own orchestra too in fact many of germany's largest corporations are tuned in among them of tons of siemens chemical firm b.s.f. and all the automakers dime learned b.m.w. and folks wagons audi. in the end it's in the german d.n.a. it's not unusual for people in germany to play musical instruments all those people who play an instrument are organized within the german music federation which has nine million members more than the german football association and. that should make sure there's enough musicians for generations of company orchestras keeping the economy in tune.
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