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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm CET

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or is one hundred of what we have here on earth it's very very cold at the best it's like antarctica you could imagine bringing some supplies you know if you do and build a little self-contained pressure vehicle or vessel which would be on the surface there are things like oxen and that you can harvest from the atmosphere to help make a living possible. if you want to think of humanity if we really want to survive forever we're going to have to move off the earth eventually and i know that seems a little crazy but you've got to start somewhere. along welcome to drive with the d.w. car show in this edition of a look behind the scenes it out equal with the assurance. yes in motor show
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celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. plus the new v.w. golf sports fan. books wagon has one of the largest product ranges of any car maker and it just keeps on finding market knishes and gaps to fill in two thousand and four were developing a go plus from the gulf this was intended to fill the gap between the compact car and the seven seat compact van and the concept lives on although with another name . side cycles going to stay under a tsunami on explains that in two thousand and fourteen the gulf plus was made over as the globe sports van in an effort to combat its oldster car you michel since the name changed its ring up some one hundred fifty thousand sales by. now to make sure
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it keeps on selling e.w. has updated both design and technology by its. under the hood the one point two and one point four leader gasoline engines have been dropped in favor of a one point five leader t.s.i. with cylinder deactivation whether a one or a one and i have a leader engine v.w. rates fuel consumption for each at five liters per one hundred kilometers. and imus under a thinks the name sports fan is more than a little misleading as it's neither a proper venue nor all that sporty. higher center of gravity does not suit a sports car and in his experience it doesn't handle like a sports car and feels more nice good natured and safe is than mine all that stuff i had next fall to this sundowns a shell good way to get a ticket. on the outside the changes are not quite as apparent the update is only
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a facelift not a new model one feature is the new daytime running lights in the headlights and a new friend spoiler and the tail lights are now standard. on the inside is the classic analogue instrument cluster the sports fan does not offer a virtual cockpit but at least the navigation system has been modernized. does highlight buy and both bought spend others were under the new gulf sports fans are real highlight is the rear seat at first glance it may not look that spacious but one full of a lever expands it generously in a total of eighteen centimeters forwards or backwards so what about head room. it's relatively easy to adjust the headrest it and set it back a little bit about the promotional press kit is one i think reality is often another that's a thing exists. this car has
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a panorama glass roof and obama glass the hob which brings the lion are a bit lower too low for andre feels like he could use a more room up top. depending on the configuration the goal sports van offer is between five hundred ninety and one thousand five hundred twenty leaders and luggage space far more than the golf sport wakin. under a nose from his own experience that he's got to be extra picky if he's going to find something to criticize about a motorway get off and they go sports fan is no different and what does he judges it to be a good and robust carding steadman so why should a buyer choose the gold sports event over another car was live and i want to a bigger car than a goal he could pick a that caddy gets by that caddy a bone that are out of the fire seats position if he could go for a tour and admitted that's whichever is more rwanda or a to go on as an s.u.v.
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as trendy or so what might swing a decision to buy a gold sports bad hip history of. the new sports van has piled on the assist systems in the version with a magic transmission traffic jam assist can actually take over some of the driving semi autonomy slate up to sixty kilometers per hour so the sports van is hardly destined to remain a niche model that starts at twenty thousand euros in germany and is close to thirty thousand euros for the top of the range high line version. quality is important to car manufacturers audi has a tech day where interested people can visit various departments and laboratories for insight into the company's quality control efforts. to go for. stop for
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visitors focuses on fault analysis more than ten thousand sensors measure a huge variety of parameters in the vehicle for demonstration purposes a metal bar conveys vibrations from the engine to the interior a diagram shows what faults arise at what time and what might be causing them that makes it a letter easier for a repair shop to locate and fix problems. than korean heuberger from service technology says that as automotive technology grows more complex his department makes it possible to keep this technology manageable so that repair shops can clearly identify can analyze and solve problems. in the future with the advent of autonomy is driving cars will have even more sensors that have both and then shufflers materials engineering department watches over audi cars and their parts from development through production to performance on the road the team's work is divided into the typical areas suspension engine interior
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exterior just as you would intuitively divide up a car from looking at it. this guy forced at them once and all to feel something but as i type. the new parts are all his department scrutinizes they also look at old parts that fail to do their jobs. this is a focused ion beam a combination of scanning electron microscope and eye on can and they can remove thin layers of material making it possible to conduct high resolution analyses deep inside the part back the. removing outer layers exposes the spot that needs to be examined. as i've also functionally important parts are growing ever smaller explain shuffler we're reaching the sub micro or nanometer range which is really decisive for the functionality of a component. of this technology reveals damage. and problems you wouldn't see even
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with a magnifying glass. to. an essential field is a semiconductor technology. this technology explains specialist robert kraus is central to all automotive innovations coming in the future and. i would be semiconductor lab ensures that the technology fulfills the quality standards that a maker of luxury cars places on functionality. fortunately. the one exactly does that mean and why is it important. if you think of your cell phone says cause if it's all like tronic stopped working after two years you might get annoyed but you'll probably say oh well time to buy a new one. but. tronics are designed to work without a hitch for fifteen years and this is the difference in the lifespan and robustness
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between consumer electronics and out a motive electronics to do this. and all the more difficult. the only team is especially proud of what it calls the meister bock it has several sections one is used to examine the body of a new car design for example. robot arm scanned the entire vehicle and create a three d. image. even the tiniest and most in conspicuous deviations are rendered visible and the requirements facing the industry are growing continuously. and it's a moment from audi quality control says quality craig. theory are shifting with the
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development of autonomy is driving alternative power trains and networking inside the car and between the car and its surroundings audi has to meet its customers changing expectations of. aspects such as material appearance and tolerances are also subjected to meticulous examination if something isn't up to standards production processes are revised all these measures aim to provide customers with a high quality vehicle with engineering that functions perfectly throughout the life of a car. b.m.w. is launching a second body variant of the eight the new edition is available as a coupe a or a roadster with a fabric soft top the upgraded one hundred five kilowatt electric motor gives the plug in hybrid models all electric speeds of up to one hundred twenty kilometers per hour and
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a range of around fifty five kilometers overall top speed is two hundred fifty and two models will be hitting the road and made twenty eight thousand. the symbiosis showcases renault's vision of the automotive future the concept car is said to have a range of five hundred kilometers and directive charging means that the batteries need just twenty minutes to reach eighty percent of their capacity to symbiosis provides a preview of how autonomous and connected electric mobility could be part of everyday life in two thousand and thirty the car is designed to become an integrated extension of the home and of domestic energy management. the subaru aboard is somewhat of a rare sight on european roads we checked out the station wagon version. here in europe says our car reviewer the man who was shafer people mainly. tend to
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associate two things with subaru first access t.n.i. the legendary rally car that later became a road going model two and proved reasonably popular and then there's the four wheel drive that subaru always has four wheel drive and the law of war goes no exception the good thing is in adverse weather conditions like you get in europe in the fall and winter four wheel drive has a decisive advantage when driving on wet leaves. the lord's exterior boasts arrange of sporty touches a large wood scoop is more reminiscent of a sports car than a family car and measuring four point seven metres long the lord has plenty of space for carrying loads. they call from a cargo area has at least five hundred twenty two leaders a room and also has a series of little stowage compartments so that your smaller items do not end up
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flying around in the back i think there are some here on the sides and under the cargo bed if you need to transport along the items just push this button to flip the rear seats down to go to pick up a book and then you have over one thousand four hundred liters of space at the top . and in addition to the cargo space the live orc has a lot of room for rear seat passengers to. him that the manual finds it just as comfortable and back as up front francine circular of which gives anyone behind more leg room there's also ample head room and one feature he really appreciates is the adjustable seat bash who can sit up straight or lean back and relax and something else sadly don't find too often in this segment of the night and even when he thought i think. i use fluid lighting around the instruments any seven inch touch screen with a built in sat nav as as well. blue themed display discreetly underlined the car's
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sporty style and. he caught it fell of or doesn't offer a wide range of benches in fact there's just one line a one point six liter gasoline unit putting out one hundred twenty five kilowatts or one hundred seventy or is power which does the trick and it makes the dash to one hundred kilometers per hour in under nine seconds that said the man will find the top speed of two hundred ten kilometers an hour a little disappointing. we tested the highest of the three equipment lines which includes leather seats so our test car will set you back thirty seven thousand two hundred euros in germany the entry level version of this upmarket subaru cars twenty nine thousand nine hundred ninety year us. picking up but i think just under thirty thousand euros concludes the money well will buy a well equipped and comfortable car with four wheel drive and for him that makes it
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a genuine alternative to other station wagons in the segment such as the v.w. passat or the audi a four a soul drawback the thirsty and she must go with the more top. three. but not suffer a car test a enos as modest a c. x five is selling like hotcakes but most people buy a bigger issue of e than they actually need so today we'll be taking a look at the cx prize with the brother a c x three. the smaller car is just under four meters thirty long making it almost thirty centimeters shorter than the c x one that means it's better at running down narrow streets or fitting into a parking space. i
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don't want to arms the c.x. three comes with a choice of two gasoline engines and one diesel unit enos is testing the addition with a smaller eighty eight kilowatt gasoline engine and a manual six speed transmission that the shift throws short and although this is the smaller engine it's two hundred four newton metres of torque developed power smoothly through all six speeds. mazda sky active technology incorporates all the fuel saving innovations and its engines transmission body and suspension mazda says the c.h. three with manual transmission the version we're testing needs an average of five point nine leaders of gasoline per one hundred kilometers standard already with the second level equipment package is a city emergency brake assistant that registers pedestrians and other vehicles and works at speeds up to eighty kilometers an hour among the optional extras is
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adaptive cruise control with radar supported distance recognition. the most especially likes the color mazda has given all its current models metallic ruby red is a very emotional you and for her it fits both mazda sports cars and this compact issue how this cover goes perfectly with a design with its flowing forms inspired by nature they remind her of a gorgeous round little cherry and then that miss and give them five letters and i like not to go. among the c.x. very striking exterior features are its long hood the passenger compartment shifted toward the rear and the big radiator grille with its seven vertical rips. plastic parts protecting the body intended rear windows give the c.h. three. a modern look.
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to the rear bench as plenty of leg and headroom adults can sit comfortably in the back of a c.h. three. there are four equipment packages available with the compact s.u.v. we're testing the top one for the sports line. the dashboard makes do with refreshingly few controls all important functions can be controlled via a seven inch touch display smartphone connectivity is already standard in the second equipment package. our version also has the head up display which presents i resolution full color information in the drivers field of vision. that's on the data says that must
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a has improved the c.h. three not only technically but also in terms of comfort the acoustic insulation is better so the noise level is lower inside the car. jacking noisiness likes the sound the door makes when she shuts it it underscores perfectly the car's high quality and overall impression of them and the thought that's perfect on testifies. sweeping lines flow around the rear so the design looks good from every angle. that a c h three has been around since two thousand and fourteen ina says its big advantage is the will have options you can get a four wheel version with a seek speed gear box or an automatic transmission but if you want a lot of time. knowledge especially assists it will cost you because they come only
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in the higher equipment packages. overall enos thinks the c. x. three is well equipped for the competition coming when releases its range of a new mini s.u.v. he says pilots anigh amynias. the s. and motor show comprises ten days of creative tuning and classic cars galore this year the event turns fifty reason enough for celebrations the fireworks were provided by this jet powered school bus. and also an issue of gun when you can't sleep at night says former drag racer get have a minute to come up with really silly or spectacular ideas he's been drag racing for thirty eight years and has a number of jet powered vehicles sitting in
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a school bus is something special kids would love going to school if they were picked up on this bus as an idea one took several years to develop to add here is the result. dusted at the goodness. and fact there are no seats for the kids they had to make way for the westinghouse j thirty four turbo jet engine that runs on jet fuel generates twenty five thousand horsepower and comes with two drag parachutes. also on exhibit is this oddity from britain thinking less can be more paul byrd had thirty one centimeters off his one nine hundred eighty nine glow. and welded the rear back on. his ten year old v.w. beetle has also had some surgery it had a sixty six centimeter section and it's middle remove the doors also had to be downsized to fit as did the side sills.
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but stealing the show on a regular basis over the years have been the rin speed prototypes from swiss visionary franklin that connect this masterpiece is called the old. he says. it's self driving and for a relaxing vibe while on the road has a miniature garden on the dashboard. for music fans there was this little card jam packed with speakers for some people the sound can never be too loud on. the show also featured this funky version of the v.w. passat it has ricardo bucket seats and a body colored roll cage. this opal courses see was also hard to recognize the whole interior has been lined with black and orange leather and also
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has a range of carbon fiber details it too of course as anti-roll bars. has been seeing quite a lot more interior customizing recently he could easily imagine the trend being taken up by the professional tuners my knickers quite often that private initiatives end up as commercial trends. being in indian evaporation but i should be talking we had a. ford took the opportunity to unveil the new racing version of its mustang g.t. four at the s. and motor show in two thousand and sixteen the cold pony car was the best selling sports car in the world. a special show titled fifty years of super sports cars featured this bill gotti shiran with a price tag of some four million euros the most expensive car at the show is
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a new car but only one hundred fifty will ever be built making it a coveted collector's item right off the assembly line. another high priced rarity is this by golly who i read b.c. fifty were built and this is the only one currently offered for sale. anywhere price two million euros. this arose rice two thousand and twenty five h.p. with a hooper body is the oldest vehicle at the show it was built in one nine hundred thirty four. the v.w. beetle has been a darling of many generations now the nearly half century old bug has received an
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especially colorful paint job from professional tuner from seizo much she customized and rebuild almost everything about it the fenders headlights and windows. among the cars on display in s. and r. hollywood celebrities this eleanor shelby is the original car used in gone in sixty seconds with nicolas cage behind the wheel. batman is here to a mercedes e m g stand with the original movie batmobile from justice league. six in the s. and motor shows fiftieth year horse power teams up with emotion for ten days of fun for young and old over five hundred exhibitors welcome more than three hundred
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fifty thousand fair go. and next time i'm driving i dream to drive the nine eleven g.t.s. convertible. and super many with five doors and a lot of space the ford car plus. move . the boat.
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in the eye of the storm moves christians in egypt for centuries they've lived here she stood alongside muslims. block tensions between the religions are rising
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above me a cause to christian family the beauties worrying developments in christian still lead a normal life here at all. fifteen of. the fast pace of life in the. us shift as the lowdown on the web but it shows up new developments useful information and anything else worth knowing the . prisons the fines the books over the shoulders of makers and users the sense. shifts in forty five minutes. g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages.
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on a lot of programming going there either have you noticed that our innovations magazine for in asia or the are from every week and always looking to the future on t w dot com science and research for asia. they live to serve. danger lurks in the water we were there for you long surfing into waste and and polluted water not only being the witness but it can't be victims i mean what is it you troubles all gastric troubles. and basically in this case it is always moments in backupify there is no pill i was on a shelf. is only decent it's sad to go somewhere every day and see more and more proficient time sort of assumed gives me everything the waves the wind i have to give something back to me and i can apply
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inched museum to many of the us. point waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution the seas starting january seventh on t.w. little. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin russian opposition leader alexina volney is calling for a boycott of the presidential vote next year this after the country's election commission barred him from running against president putin and el spoken scootin
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critics have only is vowing to.


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