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know about. it's all about the inside. it's all about george dance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us sponsored by distinctive instagram orders. d.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. welcome to the show today i'm louise housen and i'll be with you for the next half an hour taking you through the highlights of twenty seventeen on your imax is a taste of the action. by removing the odd young's punishment is present there
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exclusive blue wine. spectacular scenery a cable suspension bridge and gemini docks mountain. and sensational sounds showcasing a talented new kiss from like. the reports on the spanish wine makers as one of my past no favorites this year a lot of wine and i've tried reds whites roses and orange wine so i was really intrigued about this blue variety it was created by a group of youngsters who didn't have any previous experience that is just to have fun and to shape the wine industry a little and they buy every six well and during that fishel it came in at number twenty and all rankings of this is top stories on your likes. a drop of any one it might not look like it or be permitted to be called wine but this is
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a spanish wine it's made from grapes pressed in the normal way it was created by five friends and who wanted to revolutionize the wine world with their product live . the bright blue color is their trademark and marketing gimmick. and then we extract. from the skin of the right great. that's when the blue come from so it's actually one hundred percent grape. blue wine isn't a category under each new law that's why it can't officially be called wine. some wine experts like enrique martinez are also a little skeptical. but not enough to turn down a takes to. your body washed out of one of people that wine tastings will be frightened by the color which if you want
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to but when they smell it there may well be surprised that it smells like wine you will. know what i mean it's not a strong wine. the alcohol content around eleven point five percent or one little bit when you try it if you notice the taste a bit sweet i personally prefer dry wines that are witnesses about the. spanish wine making is steeped in tradition so for some this blue wine is hard to swallow. owns a vineyard and he's the president of a spanish council on wine regulation. he likes young people to get involved in wine as long as the culture isn't lost. you know we know how much a line is more than a drink. when you drink wine you're also absorbing the region it's from what. you feel the effort that's gone into the want of me in the work and hopes of the wine maker not picking up a glass of wine is a small piece of the country and the vineyard with you know why it's
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a different story it's a. spanish wine bars have a more pragmatic approach as long as it tastes nice any alcoholic drink is welcome . the blue wine certainly arose as a curiosity from young and old alike. but it's not bad but it lacks expression but if you know. that's taste is very smooth you can't really tell if there is alcohol in it. it was a little weird. the creators of geek alive are vindicated by their success they've sold more than four hundred thousand bottles in twenty five countries including britain japan and australia next they want to conquer the u.s. market. costs around eight euros so. it's not for wine connoisseur like people don't know all this kind of rules of how to drink it it's only for people who want the best wine and the best concept. you
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know without all the trouble of having to there are low this kind of rules that. the basic rule for wine is actually drink what you like so if you like blue wind then cheers. it's always good to follow your passion and do what you love and if adrenaline rushes you all thing then we can suggest a trip to germany as hops mountains a suspension bridge a tas and white swing and you have opened this year one hundred twenty meters above the ground they run over the valley near the dam so have fantastic views for all who attempt it all reports i went there in spring when the cable suspension bridge was the world's longest and even though it's not anymore it is still short to get your heart racing. this is one of the
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world's longest cables suspension bridges located at europe's largest dam well it offers great views and white the adrenaline rush. and without the boat well i've. been up front that you need not one hundred twenty meters difference in our own to trade up to ninety kilometers an hour and one kilometer in length is the most challenging leisure experience in the whole it's mountainous and we want to give it a trying works with you to see over the political. views of the roads being moved with a lot of the old the intrepid adventurers hang on a wire that's twelve millimeters thick once they start their descent there's only one way to go down. a thrilled with fantastic views of.
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food but you know you voted over so i just hope you don't it's not to drink yeah i would have just cut your bread by. one of them a lot of hooking up flying out to part of. the created between the zip line and the dam one hundred meters above the ground the tight r t bridge clings to the slate rocks on both sides of the valley with a massive nine hundred forty seven tons of ten style force when built it was the longest of its kind. as if the length so what it is now book has been just put into it four hundred eighty five and a half metres in length is longer than the former record holder in tsotsi and that's exactly what mike back who wanted to achieve ok by the way don't you know this is yes my brother and i thought if we're going to build something this big oak then we want. set a world record for once in our lives. do part that's how you did it there
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flattering and completion took three and a half you know did you encounter any problems really enough to make the him i know to under his certainly structural analytics were a problem here with environmental issues and all the red tape. it isn't every day that someone wants to build a suspension bridge especially around here it was pioneering work from cuneo but less mature and i think this makes the hans mountain smaller extractive to young people this is this is such fun you lightening up the return on what i. meant to get that it is as an insider i don't see it as much as we're told that's the case. this project suits the harks mountains well few mainly the area attracts more and more young families and adventurers. i personally know a lot of people like that around here so yes this one is that i'd say we're doing our part. by good kind of i put the delta like the best one through
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and then the other one. there's a platform for people who are searching for the ultimate thrill. you know no other day off and little nervous rightly so. not mine and i know. seventy meters freefall. so they swing like tarzan above the water. i would. have thought he was great as i did again but not today. screaming like that but smiling to the typical reaction. as a distinct. screaming prove that there are tons of women. talk of me most people including men are stupid. i don't make a sound during the fall i'm still when they started swaying back and forth then the
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relief can be heard. and whether it holds the record as the monkees cable suspension bridge world wide or not it remains a great tourist attraction in the hearts now and. whether he likes those views then do you check out all instagram pages we post images from all over europe on there that we'd love to share with you. europe at its best your imax brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacy our reporters are constantly on the look out with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our duramax instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. follow us on instagram. hopes yeast and water that is all the ingredients allowed in
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a beer according to the german purity last set in fifteen sixteen as you know that germany and berlin is home to a mix of different coaches and many people living in the capital wanting to jazz up the original recipe with saying the dollar off crawford being this summer for the third year running the city hosted the berlin beer week which kicked off with a craft beer cruise along the river. there's something brewing in german beer glasses the craft beer movement is gaining momentum especially here in brooklyn. to the right here we are in a river boat cruise to celebrate the start early and be a week there are forty nine different craft beer types on offer here most of them brewed in berlin with the capital of the german movement but don't already have enough of different kinds of beer they drink every year
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a billion liters of beer and there's so many different types to choose from so why do we need trucks especially since it's more expensive. some brews would cost up to six euros a glass in a store. my kid meets up with stefan congo one of the founders of berlin be a week stefan says we need even more craft beer. but why is that you try. still i think a lot of beer here in germany is totally boring and it lets you sure of the quality is good and there are lots of good advice from breweries that produce traditional kinds of peer they do a perfect job of it to perfect order but they haven't tried anything new for centuries. the cruise boat is an excellent place to try out a large number of craft beers but don't worry you only get to try a sip of each kind they don't want anyone going overboard so to speak craft beer
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fans from all over the world are attending the event including. the now. she's expecting a baby so this time she's sticking to alcohol free beer actually i am in medina fits right now we have around twenty commercial craft beer brewers they don't all own a brewery so they rent a facility from someone else to prove their product. the number is increasing so there's a real craft group seen here in berlin his feet in bed. so what percentage of the be a drunken determining it is actually craft beer actually. it's almost impossible to say we don't really know what craft beer is here in germany in the us they have a clear definition that doesn't apply here in germany doing clothes the mid-size breweries that do everything themselves are only those that brew india pale ale but at a guess i'd say around one percent of them but a growing number of breweries are introducing craft beer to german beer drinkers new small start ups begin brewing every year. one of them is
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barlow in berlin's crites bear district it gets its name from the slavic board for swamp it already has an excellent reputation amongst kind of sewers the container building was designed by the famous goft architects office this is no run of the mill brewery here the name of the game isn't tradition but creativity and handicraft skill of the beer is only brewed in small quantities around fifty percent as for export some ingredients have an unusual aroma and the prices in the brewery restaurant are not to be sneezed at. as well what's your latest experiment and why is the beer so expensive. machine and right now we're experimenting with different fruits and spices like chilli we use costly aroma hops that are later added to the beer in large quantities. and we have a large variety if you always brew the same beer and use the same used and just
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press a button well then that is a good deal cheaper. than it's the says if you're going to stick up the official festival beer this year is made with earl grey tea. we're back on the riverboat some crafty of brewers that hear to the german purity law although they don't have to but as adding things like tea herald the end of five hundred years of strict. content regulation. and being tended to get some is on the contrary it fits well together you can brew interesting beers and still stick to the rules but most kinds of beer only need the four basic ingredients and that a body knows is a sign has good board and the purity law ensures the beer is of premium quality and that's what craft beer is all about to quality be all the speed and quality full fare tickets beer everyone here agrees that craft beer is a high quality product time now for a small test with
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a craft beer crowd managed to spot a normal berlin beer. to be here. thank you to speed this up. for. that alan said that. they call managed to spot the odd man out of the market in the moment the people here and so many are talking more about trough they have been drinking it but the people here on the ship believe that very soon in every good restaurant there will be not only a wine list but also at the end menu and any case it's a good to dish into the good old joe and be a culture. well is staying in germany now for number seventeen in our ranking of this year's top twenty five reports it's time to hone in on the woman who runs this country i know
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a mackerel this it to have party won the most votes in the general election so we took the opportunity to dive a little deeper into her life i know america grew up in the former communist east of germany and took a lot of slack to have presentation at the start of her career slowly though she gained respect and first became a lead at twelve years ago now angle america is seen as an icon around the world of fashion wanna. an election winner for the fourth time in a row and a political fashion icon. fashion icon seriously. who would have believed it back there at the start of the one nine hundred ninety s. america was nicknamed helmut kohl is girl when she first entered the political arena she was the drab mouse from great communist east germany not someone to be taken
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seriously. as if you sent she had to take a lot of really smart are monks. they can always have time she absolutely does this and made to sell it over by the time she was chancellor saying for a look that to day has become the brand. milk of style trousers and a colored blazer topped off with a good haircut was set in two thousand and five the first she sported a bowl cut when she became party leader then chancellor a hairdryer became part of her styling programme. she won the power battle with her hair and with her critics too. but no matter how her hairstyle developed over the years her clothes remain the same the blazer is part of the chancellor's uniform it's got one cut but comes in many shades color psychologists
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are challenged by the choice of hue because they try to use it to determine her political intent. but america doesn't show her hand the days color is simply an expression of how she feels. not so much as a remark that she has three hundred sixty five. people copying her and she's become a model for women at brule it they say hillary clinton did this during her last campaign. when she colored and outfits rather than black can't see what saltzman wasn't and she was sending a political message as well to fall. off. the description the nation's mother used to be used condescendingly but america is long been praised now for how she keeps even the bad boys in line and for how she pursues her policy with her demure yet sincere men are reducing debt and organizing the budget plus how concerned she is and cares hollywood political campaigners like
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richard gere and george clooney seeker support and she seemed genuinely pleased when germany won does soccer world cup in twenty fourteen that put an end to criticism of her mother an approach. i'm going to america came from call never rises to jobs like that she recognized early on that it's worse to resist and your attention to it rather than letting it just die down by itself. the hair style the jacket and a diamond is part of american style too. she almost always has her hands in this position. many interpret the gem shape as a sign of tranquil energy. that it's so strongly linked to uncle america that her party used it in twenty thirteen and in this campaign as well miracles diamond is
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a symbol of her chancellorship. well this is the primary only it's the tranquillity that she exudes because the sense of security goes with it and you get the feeling that she has the tolls well in hand whatever it is. even though america is judged by her political achievements the chancellor also knows how to use the power of images. now we end the show today on a high note and i mean that literally as we feature british musician nathan day he's known for playing the flute but not in the classical way that you might expect nathan developed his own technique incorporating beat boxing with the instrument it's cold flute boxing let's take a listen. when nathan lee plays it first sounds
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like classical flutes but not for long. he calls his mix of melodic tones and beatbox rhythms slow thoughts and it's something very few musicians have mastered i've seen one of them. not like he's their meat box and i'm sad crazy man. appreciate it. and the box using your mouth to imitate sounds and instruments is as much a part of london's underground culture as street art but nathan really developed his on the usual flute technique entirely on his own. you know. under the next bit. but.
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the difference. for two decades now nakedly has been the pioneer of the flu vaccine he and his band the clinic perform regularly. natively used to be a construction worker his music career began when he was twenty and a friend gave him a flute. it's just it was an accident but it's played flo but i picked it up and then i thought. this is amazing it's just such a beautiful thing instruments that it's a nice thing to touch it's a nice thing to learn about. an instrument. it was. only to work with other artists most recently he teamed up with. foundation.
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thanks to the group. he doesn't want to be pinned down to a single genre. that . is way of playing fascinates people whether on the street at home in london or on the internet videos of his performances have been seen millions of times. but nathan says he actually doesn't care too much what others think about his music.
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it's just. maidenly says he will never stop playing the flute whether at home or on stage with other musicians. i used to play the play as a child so i'm very impressed with that it is all we have time for on this i say that but join us again tomorrow at the same time and place to continue on and of yet count out. you know make sure i'm our special the latest fashion trends for comical and
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germany. design now peter thomas. the king of the all right. this is some more of the year's top stories in our next euro max special. thanks.
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little always at full speed. only with shiny. but always on the move plane mobility today and in the
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future. driving thirty minutes w. . they live to serve little danger lurks in the water we were there all year long surfing into waste and polluted water not only being the witness but the things being victims i mean it was a new troubles all gastric troubles lt basically this is a sort of allays moment a backup of the nation full of others in a shelter. human sewage completely untreated and stone walls are coming out of these rights consider it out and out into the water call miles must try me yet so. he's going to have to go somewhere every day and sees more and more probably sheets tiniest missing gives me everything i suppose waves the wind i have
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to give something back i feel obliged and then to look at those who miss him too many of the worst. waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution in the sea started in january seventh w. little. org five keys to safer food. clean to prevent contamination. separate draw and cook foods to avoid cross contamination. thoroughly to kill microorganisms. keep food safe temperatures either cold to prevent bacterial growth.
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use safe water and safe raw materials to avoid content. producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food or both but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases in the home by plying the five kilos to sea for food use them you also have a role to play in. the west african nation of liberia is selecting its new president in what could be the first emma kartik transfer of power in over seven decades fotis it choosing between senator george weah a former world footballer of the year and then come the.


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