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are you got all your statistics there in cricket australia may have won the ashes but arch rivals england impressed on day two of the fourth test in melbourne australia were all out for three hundred twenty seven following a lower order batting collapse england meanwhile ended the day on one hundred ninety two for two with alastair cook powering his way to his thirty second test century australia have a three nearly eight in the best of five series and one of the longest running competitions in sports history all right that does it for me we'll have more news at the top of the hour but stay tuned it's d.w. news up next where gary hart alford's.
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they make a commitment they find solutions. they and stronger. africa the. stories of those people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the stories of the motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own. d.-w. is a new multimedia series for. d w dot com africa on the move. twenty seventeen was the year of the robots giant leaps in technology might make science five fantasies become reality sooner than we thought spot for many workers that future looks pretty bleak as robots might take their jobs. and then our series
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following the news this week why china is sinking hundreds of billions of dollars into large infrastructure projects in africa. this is a business. the robots are coming that's the headline that we've heard a lot. pete internet and systems learning fast with artificial intelligence have brought the dream of many people closer. to reality that robots will work for us serve us and even think for us this dream is also a nightmare for many workers who fear they could be replaced by a machine that is smarter and faster. and we all thought. these robot soccer players doing world for rookies but maybe they'll improve through learning. miro the robot dog can already do that he can learn the floor plan of an apartment
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and fetch help if necessary he also makes cute little noises and likes to have his back scratched but without the inconvenience of walkies and feeding times. twenty seventeen pepper got a lot of attention with his coffee service he serves a hot drink of choice without bothering the client with small talk. you get it and you get back it's a. it's. a good deal easier from. robots like this one are already showing they can take over simple tasks like making deliveries. when this m learns to complete tasks quickly and precisely many assembly line workers will have to start fearing for their jobs. motivation comes in people just moved to something else but only at that time he was going to do. the scope of jobs that robots are able to do is growing rapidly pretty soon farmers won't need farm
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hands anymore to feed their animals tennis clubs won't need ball boys and pizza delivery will become a job of the past even though this delivery robot has a top speed of just fifteen kilometers per hour. and then twenty seventeen brought us robots that could try to do the jobs that some people already regarded as unnecessary how much better or worse would this rehearsal have gone if there had simply been a metronome on the conductors podium. the robots are coming that much is clear the small high tech helpers are stepping into our lives but some obviously still have a long way to go before they'll offer serious competition to humans. it is europe's largest association of hackers and it's holding its annual congress this week in leipsic the chaos computer club of germany has focused on surveillance
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piracy and data security issues in the more than thirty years then it's found its annual meet ups have gotten ever larger and this week's event is no different topics this year will include the latest cyber threats and data privacy issues members will also participate in so-called activism sessions a kind of constructive. ever snowden is this year's keynote speaker. but has been there revealed that they discovered flaws in the payment system of public charging stations of for electric cars are reported to bellow is there in lights. just how much owners of electric cars are vulnerable to. well the main issue with electric cars is actually the loading stations public loading stations that is people normally have a car that they use to pay for the energy the electricity that they put on their cars and they have
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a card that is apparently not secure enough so the data on that card can be copied and when that happens anyone can basically use the same card at other charging stations to pay for their energy and that's the main problem and that's been the big story you know leading up to the chaos communication congress and of course it's the big story here at the chaos communication congress today. whether congress in lives there where you are as well the most important online security conferences in the world what else is on the agenda then the next three days. well there's a lot of things you know from data protection of course it's always a topic here it's been a topic for years and there's social credit system that china is currently testing so basically points are awarded to people for you know trustworthiness online their behavior with friends or within their families and that's something that china wants to put in place by the year two thousand and twenty another topic is net neutrality the big topic though is that keynote by edward snowden tomorrow so
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everybody will be looking at that tomorrow you know what is he going to say and that's a big story this communication congress to put a bit of that in for us thank you very much. and from the technologies that will shape our future we stepped backwards a thousand years into the past in our weekly series about the silk road it wasn't ancient trade route from china it traversed all of asia bring fine porcelain expensive spices and the a promise so to europe the chinese government now wants to research that trade route on land and on water for years china has invested hundreds of billions in infrastructure projects along the route harbors highways and bridges for example this week we're looking at some of these waypoints and today we're stopping in africa since two thousand and five the chinese have invested sixty six billion u.s.
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dollars all over the continent that makes the largest investors that they're pumping money into the construction of harbors roads and rail lines to boost their own supply lines and trading roads in may this year new railway line opened in kenya linking the port of mombasa with the capital nairobi soon the line will be extended all the way to kiss me on leg victoria total price tag eight billion u.s. dollars and even though kenya needs massive investment in infrastructure the railway agreement with china raises many questions. no if it spared to keep trains on the new nairobi mombasa link looking spick and span they're not just an infrastructure project they are important to the image of progress that kenya wants to project and that includes the polish presentation of the train stuff that morning roll call the four hundred seventy two kilometers of railway line cost around three and
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a half billion euros the chinese state stumped up most of the capital chinese companies laid the tracks and delivered around sixty diesel locomotives and seventeen hundred carriages the opening of this artery of communications in eastern africa is a great achievement of the friendship between china and kenya in the new era it is also the chrysalis zation of the win win and mutually beneficial cooperation between china and kenya. this stretch is just the beginning they are a big plans afoot for expanding kenya's rail network this line that links the capital with east africa's most important port to transport of goods a lot of them chinese of course should become much cheaper the new link should more than half the travel time from around ten hours to just four passenger tickets cost around eight euros but contracts for the massive projects have also raised questions there was no transparent tender process and there's talk of corruption critics say kenya is being sold obsolete technology at an exorbitant price on
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credit which has to be paid back at high interest rates. you know african leaders think china is santa claus they're not santa claus they want returns on the investment we've already had a levy on each liter of fuel sold in kenya there is a libby going towards the repayment of that loan now this is more sophisticated banking than china has been known for they have got a fantastic return and they've got security they own and run and manage the whole thing but. there have been plenty of protests against the project the route passes directly through the nairobi national park and threatens the nature reserves existence but the protests have had little effect in kenya the chinese are pressing ahead and in uganda they are building another rail connection china's grand plan is to link the two countries with rwanda burundi and south sudan
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carving out a new trade network and new markets for chinese goods. crude oil and the trading here its highest level in more than two years prices have been steadily rising for weeks ago to another boost on wednesday after an explosion of a pipeline in libya interrupted supply lines and connect some of the country's crude oil fields with the oil terminal incident might cut oil production by up to one hundred thousand barrels a day as bring in our financial correspondent only bonds and frank only we're looking if we're looking back at the twenty seven thousand it was a good year for producers where you see the oil price going in the next year. well the experts i've talked to said it's likely to stay around the level of sixty u.s. dollars if there are no external shocks either way at the most i asked what could it be probably eighty dollars but even it if even if it went up to eighty dollars
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it probably wouldn't stay long at that level because at that level it would become once again more enticing for us shale producers for example to start going and then if the market were again supplied perhaps oversupply then the price would come down again automatically having said that oil this year one of the performers in the world markets among the commodities as well seventeen percent higher as we stand today than at the beginning of the year and it is being felt by consumers and businesses in terms of inflation only about sinn fein for the development of the oil price last year thank you very much. well that's it from the business team here and. more news for you at the top of the hour of course before you go here. global markets this.
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