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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:16pm CET

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it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and be inspired by distinctive instagram murders. d.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. this is d.w. news live from berlin a show of support in the streets for iran's religious rulers pro-government demonstrators rally and other cities for the supreme leader this after a rare anti-government protests erupted over rising prices and corruption also
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coming up the victims of a gun attack on a coptic church in egypt are laid to rest the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for the cairo attack. and how the alleged abduction of this vietnamese businessman in germany has soured relations between berlin and. i met her thanks for joining us. thousands of iranians have turned out in a mass show of support for the country's religious rulers after days of rare antigovernment protests pro regime demonstrators gathered in several cities for march is the planned weeks ago meanwhile the government of the islamic republic has warned people against what it calls illegal gatherings this follows two days of angry protests over corruption and a surge in food prices u.s.
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president donald trump has warned iran to respect protesters rights tweeting that the world is watching. and for more we are joined by f.p. correspondent eric randolph in teheran eric antigovernment protests in iran they are rare but still we've seen two now three days of scattered anti-government protests what is the scale of this what does it mean. well this started on the second city that started off as just a normal route to protest against problems i didn't costs but surprisingly spiralled out of control people were chanting slogans against the regime as a whole it spreads to other cities around the country not five. people even chance of. the monarchy that was toppled in the one thousand suns not revolution which is something we haven't seen since the mass protests. not. really put everybody off
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guard. and. cause some trouble of the regime. well i mean it's interesting you mention this two thousand and nine protest today's pro-government protesters anniversary protests about suppressing those protests will what makes this wave different from what happened you know eight years ago. well back then there was a allegations of election rigging which brought me to the middle class and the streets this time it's horrible people who complain about corruption about high living costs about losing money large scale financial scams servicing different demographic this on each but it can spread of more why many people would have expected to be on households still protest all over iran we normally don't see this kind of attitude regime. really quite flagrant so today
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the government has really been trying to take back control of the ships with the fortunately for them day out a series of programs around those who already organized it today specifically to mark the anniversary of the defeat of those protests back in two thousand and nine inch and that was an opportunity for the regime to give a show of strength. that there were tens of thousands of people gathering in the streets of tehran and. the other cities showed those still a very srong swaroop support for this is not a republic. you know rouhani is last election when was fairly emphatic but he is embattled by his domestic opponents did any of these protests put him and his status under threat. well you know ron is faced criticism from the conservatives on the hardliners specifically over these precise economic questions so it creates
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an interesting dynamic the hardliners want to hit right on the on the economic question at the same time they don't want those protests do exactly what they have done in the last couple days which is spiral out into protests against the regime as a whole so trying to balance those two things is quite difficult in the end this might actually end up helping iraq because it will show that it's hard my conservative opponents that it can't get into because it risks. encouraging protests the put the entire regime risks and i think this might end up favoring moderate lenient part that said everything is very unpredictable at the moment no one saw these protests coming and we don't know that they might not continue at the moment things look relatively under control today it's ironic first a very small numbers of protesters trying regime supporters came out quite.
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right eric randolph in tehran thanks so much for your insights egypt's coptic christians are in mourning after another attack by suspected islamist extremists the thirty's say worshippers and a police officer were killed in a gunfight when an attacker attempted to break through security outside a church in a car oh suburb the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility in the past year it has killed dozens of christians in turkey bombings and shootings. at least eight up to christians were killed in friday's gun attack. a joint funeral was held hours later attended by hundreds of people. i queuing to enter the church mourners expressed grief and anger at yet another attack on the christian minority this time
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a week ahead of orthodox christmas. i know nothing thirty of them i knew you know i'm during our christmas every holiday they send us these gifts card you are vengeful never mind. the attack happened at the mom in a church in a cairo suburb a gunman on a motorcycle opened fire on worshippers leaving a service at least one police officer was also killed. only quick thinking prevented more deaths. if there were crowds inside we closed the doors and we heard the shooting god saved us i don't know. all thora teams have given conflicting reports on whether the assailant was killed or arrested and on whether a second gunman was involved the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility the shooting comes just a month after militants affiliated to i.s.i. attacked a soofi mosque in north sinai killing over three hundred people. egypt
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remains under a state of emergency. as more families grieve it is clear that security service is struggling to contain a brutal insurgency. now some other stories making news around the world mourners in gaza have held a funeral for a palestinian killed in clashes with israeli troops a spokesman said the soldiers shot at the instigators of what it called a violent protest regional tensions spiked after u.s. president donald trump recognized to roost woman as. the capital of israel. russia's supreme court has upheld a ban on opposition leader alexina volley from running in the country's twenty eighteen election the court rejected his appeal to a prior ruling that barred him from registering as a candidate. responded on twitter calling on russians to boycott the booked.
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authorities in serbia have discovered a huge stockpile of toxic waste at a private property outside the capital belgrade twenty five tons of deadly chemicals were being illegally stored in poorly sealed barrels local residents have been warned not to use area wells in case there contaminated. war. star has been awarded a knighthood in queen elizabeth's new year's honors list. drummer's one of many names featured on the list honoring service to the nation. co-founder and singer barry give as also. be we. will be just b.c. . vietnamese businessman who germany says was abducted in berlin and then smuggled back to hanoi by vietnamese security services may face the death penalty
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the businessman trench one ton is accused of corruption back in vietnam annoyed denies kidnapping him but the case has caused a diplomatic rift between germany and vietnam. german diplomats had both expected and feared vietnam's top news headline it is now become a matter of life and death. is public enemy number one in vietnam but germany sees him as the victim of an unprecedented abduction. police say that while walking in the central tear garden park an organist turned was seized by vietnamese agents he was overpowered in broad daylight dragged into a car and flown to viet nam as a supposedly medical case next week he could face the death penalty turns kidnapping has seriously damaged relations between lin and hanoi.
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the vietnamese know what they have to do to restore good relations between us and revive our strategic partnership germany's foreign ministry blames the vietnamese embassy for abducting tan the ambassador was subsequently summoned diplomats suspected of involvement were expelled and german economic aid was cut back the vietnamese government not only rejects the german accusations but claims that tan gave himself up voluntarily to police in vietnam after being accused of corruption. that's a bare faced lie we know what happened the german police know what happened and of course the vietnamese themselves know best of all. perlin is pursuing several different channels to secure tans release every day counts.
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syria williams returned to tennis today four months after giving birth to her first child she put her fight but ended up losing two french open winner yasser banco at an exhibition tournaments in abu dhabi williams looked a little rusty losing the first set six two she had back though to claim a second set instead of a dream comeback win but after penco wasn't in on that plan to spatting the seven time wimbledon champion in a match deciding tie break she's probably the best ever but williams will still have to work to get back to the top. and germany's all conquering football team are currently world cup champions confederations cup champions and number one in the fever rankings the team is now preparing to defend its world cup title in twenty eighteen and russia and coach yogi love believes germany has all the ingredients needed to win the competition for a fifth time. for germany's coach joachim the upcoming world cup is the burning issue his reputation could suffer if germany to defend its title.
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the best the world is probably saying that germany are favorites and logically every team that plays against those will want to take it from the second round to the quarterfinals and semifinals that the pressure will be greater for us than it was in brazil we have to deal with that. on them and still nervous keeping his cool after all he has several established stoss that he can still count on and a host of emerging on the country. and would like nothing more than to go to the world cup too with. the coaches spoiled for choice when it comes to squat selection . or keeping track of our players to see what shape they're in for their clubs form and to gauge their health and levels of confidence and saves their club formal play a big role over the next six months. or that gives germany plays
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a more tactically very game keeping the opposition on its toes in the face sweden and nightsticks start him in fosse back in south korea who feature former naval coups in k.s. one point. and mexico who lost heavily to the world champions at the country to ration scott. mexico mexico is a team that can clear the high technical and tactical level at the taj we did not tell you to lead to qualify for the world cup so shouldn't be underestimated the group will be exciting about an. eighty one thousand fans at moscow's luzhniki stadium will await the world champions in their match against mexico or should germany to cook up a storm in the group they could face heavyweights brazil in the second round a gemini for. can rest assure that you hakim europe has the recipe for success to keep his team on track for another title. well thanks for joining us here at g.w.
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news in berlin we'll leave you with some images of the more attractive side of wintry weather footage from the world's largest ice sculpture festival in harbin china enjoy. the d.w. media center see it find it here it discover. video and audio podcast and language courses.


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