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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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women in niger suffer from. a wife is only fully accepted upon. a very personal film about the suffering of childless women in the fruitless tree starting january fourteenth on t w. this is. a wrong order people to stay away from government protests or face the consequences the warning comes as groups of demonstrators gathered for a third straight day in cities across the country in a rare show of defiance against the regime also coming up. the victims of
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a gun attack on a coptic church in egypt are laid to rest the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for the cairo attack. and how the alleged abduction of this vietnamese businessman in germany has soured relations between. unusually low temperatures are making life difficult in many parts of the united states and forcing some to put their plans. to the program the iranian government is warning people not to take part in what it's calling illegal rallies the move comes as anti-government protesters take to the streets for the third day running in a number of cities including iran meanwhile thousands of iranians have also been
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taking part in pro-government demonstrations. getting everything. down to rain ians took to the streets across the nation in rallies that had been planned weeks ago they commemorate pro-government demonstrations in two thousand and nine that put an end to unrest following a disputed election state sponsored role as well in more than one thousand two hundred cities and towns. earlier state television had fine the reported anti government demonstrations that have been taking place over the last few days the news reader blamed what she called hostile websites and daily and media for stirring up dissatisfaction and called the protests illegal state television showed a fearful demonstration but there were clashes with police in the western city of come on show the demonstrations have been taking place in several cities they started as a protest against rising food prices and corruption but they developed into protests against the regime back of the pro-government demonstrations even some
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supporters are knowledge that there were valid reasons to protest what people are protesting because they are under economic pressure the government must be responsive in the face of rising inflation and economic hardships. that people have protested against inflation and other problems but that doesn't show that people have turned on each other or are against the ruling says time and the leadership. security police are everywhere in the islamic republic so open political protest is rare the people like these in the course of banda us were prepared to shout we don't want a clerical regime suggests holly levels of frustration over unemployment inflation and alleged corruption. egypt's coptic christians are in mourning after another attack by suspected islamist extremists authorities say eight worshippers and a police officer were killed in a gunfight after an attacker attempted to break through security outside
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a church in a suburb of cairo the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility in the past year it has killed dozens of christians in church bombings and shootings. i at least eight coptic christians were killed in friday's gun attack. a joint funeral was held hours later attended by hundreds of people. i queuing to enter the church mourners expressed grief and anger at yet another attack on the christian minority this time a week ahead of orthodox christmas. i know nothing thirty of them i knew yeah i'm during our christmas every holiday they send us these gifts. you are vengeful. was. the attack happened at the mom in a church in a cairo suburb
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a gunman on a motorcycle opened fire on worshippers leaving a service at least one police officer was also killed. only quick thinking prevented more deaths. there were crowds inside we closed the doors and we heard the shooting god saved us. all thirty's have given conflicting reports on whether the assailant was killed or arrested and on whether a second gunman was involved the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility the shooting comes just a month after militants affiliated to i-s. attacked a soofi mosque in north sinai killing over three hundred people. egypt remains under a state of emergency. as more families grieve it is clear that security services struggling to contain a brutal insurgency. and now some of the other stories making news around the world
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authorities in russia have reportedly arrested a man in connection with a bomb attack at a supermarket in st petersburg last week more than a dozen people were hurt in the bombing. some severely so-called islamic state said it carried out the attack but provided no evidence to back up its claim. russia's supreme court has upheld a decision to ban opposition leader alexina volley from running in the country's twenty eight thousand presidential election the court rejected his appeal to a prior ruling which barred him from registering as a candidate obama responded on twitter calling on russians to boycott the march vote. mourners in gaza have held a funeral for a palestinian killed in clashes with israeli troops a spokesperson said soldier shot at the instigators of what it called a violent protest regional tensions have spiked after u.s. president donald trump recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel.
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a vigil has been held in new york city to honor the victims of an apartment fire in the bronx that killed twelve people including four children it was the city's deadliest fire in decades officials say the blaze was started by a preschooler who had been playing with the stove. a vietnamese businessman who germany says was abducted in berlin and then smuggled back to hanoi by vietnamese security services may face the death penalty the businessmen won is accused of corruption in vietnam annoyed denies kidnapping him but the case has caused a diplomatic rift between germany and vietnam german diplomats had both expected and feared vietnam's top news headline it is now become a matter of life and death. is public enemy number one in vietnam but germany
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sees him as the victim of a number precedented abduction. police say that while walking in the central tear garden park in august town was seized by vietnamese agents he was overpowered in broad daylight dragged into a car and flown to viet nam as a supposedly medical case next week he could face the death penalty turns kidnapping has seriously damaged relations between but lynn and hanoi. vietnamese know what they have to do to restore good relations between us and revive our strategic partnership germany's foreign ministry blames the vietnamese embassy for abducting tan the ambassador was subsequently summoned diplomats suspected of involvement were expelled and german economic aid was cut back the vietnamese government not only rejects the german accusations but claims
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that tan gave himself up voluntarily to police in vietnam after being accused of corruption. that's best say still i we know what happened the german police know what happened and of course the vietnamese themselves know best of all. perlin is pursuing several different channels to secure towns release every day counts. a deep freeze has taken hold across much of the united states record breaking snowfall and some zero temperatures have hit communities hard across the northeast and midwest the cold spell will make the start of this new year a tough one especially for those that risk. a safe haven away from the life threatening cold the rescue misson in milwaukee is bursting with people in need of a hot lunch and most importantly a place to warm up. it's kind of hard to navigate outside you know standing you
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know. you know hypothermia on the side and pretty quickly the deep freeze continues across much of the country and authorities are urging the public to help those needs. the extreme weather is not only a threat to humans even fish are freezing to death these sharks were found dead on the coast of massachusetts experts say cold shock may have led to their demise. and this place made the news earlier this week with a new record of its own erie pennsylvania had one point five meters of snow in two days some residents are still digging their way out and even more snow is underway . experts say the weather is linked to climate change from his private resort in florida prison trump tweeted that the u.s. could use a little bit of global warming the u.s. leader publicly denies the existence of climate change. those who can are trying
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to make the best of the unusual weather an illinois family turned their backyard into an ice rink to the delight of their children and forecasts indicate they will lose it any time soon. serino williams returned to the game of tennis just four months after giving birth to her first child she put up a fight in that first match but ended up losing the french open champion to penco at an exhibit in auburn dobby while a lost her first set six two she did strike back to claim the second set and nearly set up a dream comeback win but also penco wasn't on that plan dispatching the seven time wimbledon champion in a match deciding tie break. germany's all conquering football team are currently world cup champions confederations cup holders and number one in the three for rankings the team is now preparing to defend its world cup title in twenty in russia and live believes germany has all the ingredients needed to win the
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competition for a fifth time. for germany's coach joachim the upcoming world cup is the burning issue his reputation could suffer if germany to defend its title. the best the world is probably saying that germany are favorites and logically every team that plays against those will want to take it from the second round to the quarterfinals and semifinals that the pressure will be greater for us than it was in brazil we have to deal with that. on the i'm still nervous keeping his cool after all he has several established stocks that he can still count on and a host of emerging on the confederate scot and won't like nothing more than to go to the world cup two of. the coaches spoilt for choice when it comes to squat selection and. we're keeping track of our players
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to see what shape they're in for their clubs form and to gauge their health and levels of confidence and saves their club formal play a big role over the next six months. it gives germany plays a more tactically very game keeping the opposition on its toes in the face sweden and nightsticks starting mean for prosperity. south korea who feature formally because in playoffs one point. and mexico who lost heavily to the world champions at the country to ration skop. mexico mexico is a team that can clear the high technical and tactical level at the taj we did not tell you to lead to qualify for the world cup so shouldn't be underestimated the group will be exciting about an. eighty one thousand fans at moscow's luzhniki stadium will await the world champions in their match against mexico or should germany to cook up a storm in the group race they could face heavyweights brazil in the second round
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germany fans can rest assured that you hakim has the recipe for success to keep his team on track for another title. former beatles drummer rango star and bee gee's icon berry good have been knighted by britain's queen elizabeth and this year's new year honors list l.a. based rainbow star now serving go said he was honored to be recognized for his music and charity work while starbury used the ok jand to pay tribute to his brothers and fellow bee gee's with whom he wrote some of the biggest hits of the disco era. it was the new year's honors aims to recognize people who contribute to national life in the united kingdom. thanks for joining us here i do w. news and berlin we'll leave you now with some images of the more attractive side of wintry weather footage from the world's largest ice sculpture festival and heart in
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china enjoy. was. it's only been a touch of. surely news from africa the world your link to exception the stories and discussions can you and will come to the debuts as a clean program tonight from phone in germany. easy.


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