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just about being fear in better words or being neutral it's about being truthful. i want to show that even though we're all different there is a generous human condition that needs that so i want to give the younger generation of not for the express themselves freely for you what they want to be and raise their questions. for t.w. before it's. freedom of expression. of value that to own ways has to be defended in new. all over the world are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia of project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d. w. don't come to freedom.
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aurora borealis the northern lights have fascinated mankind for millenia. some find them frightening others inspirational most when they experience them are simply overwhelmed. i think i mean what you see behind me is the reason we've come this far north there are a barrell as all northern lights this natural spectacle in the sky has fascinated
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humans for thousands of years many people now come here on holiday just to see and experience the lights for themselves. who are almost two hundred kilometers north of the arctic circle at kew roun abdul originally built to support the mining industry these days most of the arrivals aren't coming to work on the contrary jack hong for instance is a chinese student on holiday. and made. the journey continues by bus. people who have come from all around the world to experience something very special . jacques kong who studies physics in the united
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states has been dreaming of this for a long time. to see the north and lightning lawrence norden that soft. and almost every other place where i can sit here and i just want to see and i was . in my whole life and i think that's you that landed on. the new arrivals are surprised by the darkness it's just two in the afternoon but it's already pitch black outside it's the polar night. and. their accommodation is cozy with simple rustic chalk. it's like a better quality youth hostel. and that's no wonder because it's
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run by the swedish youth hostel association. it's the top choice in town and it's been booked out for months. its northern lights seasonal biscoe. this is where in orbit school a remote village somewhere in lapland but not far from the swedish no we joined borda orbit around one hundred people and it's a very special place that's because of the northern lights you can find northern lights tourism in many other areas of the world but all bisque is considered the best place to experience the celestial phenomenal that's due to its location in a low precipitation microclimate. not part of the a pony and gate that's what they call this u.
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shaped valley. it's a point of focus for visitors to lapland the mountains and sure that few clouds obscured the view of the northern lights. and it's necessary to travel quite far north to see the northern lights the area around all business is situated in the wide expanses of lapland and that's north enough. freight trains from kew roona transport iron ore to the port of navi otherwise not much goes on up here. roughly one hundred residents who will be live directly on the railway line. in the evening almost everyone in town meets at the only book that means tourists
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and those who profit from the presence it's only recently that holiday makers started coming to see the northern lights and it was newcomers who recognise the economic potential of the celestial display the first time i saw the northern lights something in my brain changed something in my outlook changed and i think that's a reason people come here actually is because when you see the northern lights for the first time. it makes you feel small it makes you understand how powerful the universe is. and a lot of times it helps you understand that your problems and all these things that seem like food in your world at any moment that truly aren't that big and when you see nature at its finest and that's what they are or it was. it puts everything into perspective and for me obviously has changed my perspective on life. and. now some fifteen thousand visitors make their way to
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a biscoe every year to see the northern lights it's a very to build boom that's good for the local businesses which now make decent money all winter long. and. it may be minus twenty degrees celsius but chad blakely has to go to repair the webcam it broadcasts images of the northern lights all around the world the most recent footage was blue. very. i had to come up here tonight to adjust the settings the infinity focus was off just a tiny bit and i'm better of a perfectionist so i wanted it to the perfect. chant blakeley is an american who's lived here for eight years captivated by the northern lights he and his swedish wife came up with an idea that transformed winter in a biscuit. on
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a good night we can have many many many thousands of people from all over the world looking at these pictures self i feel a bit of a responsibility to make sure that it stays running. people that don't have the ability to come to school get to see us through the eye of the lens plexiglas protects the delicate optical lens even in these optic temperatures this camera has turned life in this remote community upside down. perhaps a little too much according to some. when he's out of the snowmobile chad blakeley always has the lights on better safe than sorry visibility is poor during winter in the arctic. the american from the state of missouri had to get used to that when he first came to the cold dark north .
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winter holiday makers stopped arriving in all biscoe in october to make sure these photos so far is too unpleasant challenge set up an old sound weak tent this is where the paying guests stay until the skylight some. from. the small firearms to the sense of adventure or bisque who used to be an insider's tip now it's a popular destination chad lately may benefit from the boom but he's also concerned that too much traffic could destroy the magic of the place i think my biggest challenges is making sure that as we grow and as the interest in all the school continues to spread that we continue to give really really good levels of
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experience you know one of the things that always goes really dealt with in the last couple years as we've had this boom is to make sure that the place doesn't have too many people or have of too many tours happening in a national park it's a very small area and i think our biggest challenge is to make sure that we don't love all this go to death and be a good what's the word a good shepherd and take good care of the place. it's a good idea to warm up the tent in advance of the evening session. hopefully the sky will be clear. chad blakely heads back to the village he still has a lot to do.
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chad blakely of his photography courses and even provides cameras for the but discipline. guys my name is chad i'm going to be your guide tonight i'm going to be your storyteller your fire maker here aurora photographed teacher here your guy that teaches you a bit about space i'm going to make you a warm drink and hopefully we're all going to have a really nice time. we can go out and talk about camera settings all night long if you just want to take pictures we can also do that everybody should have brought an s.d. card to anyone not bring in s.d. card what a great group and there we have it ok guys so we'll start with the basics there are only two variables that we will have to change throughout the course of the evening and the way we change that is very simple if you look on the back of your camera here there's a wheel that you'll find by your thumb ok so on your camera you have a little lever here that goes back that's called alive you believe or like us out
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this women are almost entirely from asia you can just go one couple is from singapore just in the whole day weekend the use of the camera in. aurora isn't super cool commit where you come from well but it's nice to to experience such with the ones in a way. as to where this kind of so i thought with a. walking towards. venturing out into the darkness with chant it's not a cheap adventure. the three hour excursion at minus twenty five degrees costs around one hundred twenty euros per person so braithwaite has to be sure his customers get something for their money i want you to experiment with exposure take a fifteen second picture take a twenty second picture take
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a thirty second picture point the camera this way and you'll start to get your first aurora photographs but the reason we're going to experiment with those exposures is to see which exposure level you like the most your aura is not super strong right now. now so as i turn the ring slowly slowly slowly it gets nice and sharp and now we turn the live you back off and once that's done your focus is set . yet no matter how hard he tries no a roar appears in the sky thirty seconds right now because there was a big call when you first saw it and then on the last we were in finland we were surprised that you can actually see like what you saw in the pictures media only could i but with the camera you know you can see much more clearly so you can go back to your friend and say well you were sitting on a couch i took a picture of another world yeah cool thing because this guy's dong chan provides an alternative program and everyone should feel the trip was worth it there we go
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on three one two three don't move. we also learn more about the stuff that would be about the milky me about the different styles and how you should frame that picture such that you are us in this thought make up that if it's just like anyone else we might use it but it's i would you know see i write a piece and. so maybe you know a nice vacation you might want to try and look in the southern part of the wood and in a sense of the recorded australia. still. they're a little disappointed it's a long way to travel to look at a dark sky that's not why they came to a busy. you know the island chad and his wife linea offer tourists a variety of other options in addition to photo tools. cleared up and yes from.
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what is this. just. ok some movement in some boots and. the web cam is working perfectly again now that chad's fixed death. i told her picture on facebook this morning and in the last hour and a half it's been seen six thousand five hundred forty two from. the nights. and when you look here it's none want. she actually. has become known around the world thanks to the internet from someone that had a really snowy night last night so it's easy to get a great review and yours are going strong on the slow nights. bigger orus the saying is you know i've said it a million times when people book a trip to go see the northern lights if they're going anywhere other than all the
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school day they often wonder am i going to see the lights and that's usually our biggest question. they might deserve a raise. but he can't guarantee anything apart from the freezing temperatures by the time winter comes to an end the couple have had enough of cold laflamme. we always try to go somewhere warm and really just relax but i've actually promised when air this year i'm going to take a two week vacation with no phone no e-mail nothing and i i'm ninety nine percent confident that i will have the ability to opt to keep my word i certainly hope so. spectacular sites like these are something every northern lights family should experience at least once you know a lifetime regardless of how cold it is. in
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the evening chad wants to present the northern lines to his guests at last it's got me even colder and windier there's nothing to see yet but plenty to talk about thriving a lot of times when we can explain something we don't understand something we immediately go to the spirit. if orion our constellations out there we would look up at the heavens and see the same thing with natives together and it sort of but chad can wax lyrical about the magic of the or all of those and he enjoys doing so i think he's. in a new extreme ends to be caught in that calling catching the no light and then be in the fifth the now it's warm and everybody you know talking to and some more about the not like it's very enriching and lightning hand experience so i would definitely recommend to my friends. hydrogen. as the solar wind all the
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extras make the whole thing even more interesting but will the skyline dump. the group wants to be ready to go in case they have to hurry. on their tripod so see how bad zoomed in on i can get as i turn this focusing thing you'll see there that gets a little bit sharper but as soon as i've got a person just final adjustments to ensure the guests successfully capture images on that as d constitutes a comb with the. story the real thing. and you remember to take the picture just trust that for right right i'll come back and check on you soon ok second anything let me know. and there they are the north unlocks. everyone starts snapping pictures directly overhead starting to
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develop right in from the north east i should say the east northeast we're starting to get something called a hydrogen arc to take a picture and then you look at it on the screen and if it needs to be adjusted you make those adjustments. ok. nice and still. are you ready for the long journey to get here has been worthwhile. three. nights and still very good looks good. canvas. i think it's something that it comes from the sky. well you can explain from the scientific point of field but. i think. it's something they will share aspire. and enjoy.
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latin is also home to the sami and indigenous people who inhabit the arctic regions of scandinavia some a culture tradition that in revolved around reindeer for centuries the sama lived as nomads and survived life in the cold many are still having difficulty finding their place in modern swedish society and not everyone is happy with the attention northern lights tourism has brought to the region but others see it as a business opportunity given. those who focus only on winter nights in all busy who will miss the chance to take in the region's stunning scenery as well as its reindeer they're an important part of summing culture to truly understand the indigenous people up here in the north
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it's necessary to understand the love of reindeer. hakan and knocks on is expecting guests he's a reindeer breeder. when tourists first started coming here how khan was concerned about the negative consequences it might have on the environment and local people but now he enjoys telling visitors about sami culture and lifestyle. it's not a number of tourists it's just right. it's still not in the fleet that had only been that spread out we don't get thousands of people in one place making a lot of noise which will clean your teeth and they come in small groups and stay in settled areas with an oxy only road on that that it would be another matter
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if complexes were built in the middle of nowhere. and did land were used just for that purpose meet the standstill. such claim. fifteen holiday makers who booked a tool for today. ok come over here please. when we use the lot. to catch the reindeer. no we don't do like call bulls what we do is make some loops like this. one it's rope you go like this. and hopefully the rain in that ring. old the guests are allowed to give it a try an excursion like this costs around two hundred twenty of was proposed some
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it's something mental income for the saami money they can really use even if in the end as to catch the domesticated reindeer himself. this doesn't have much to do with the real life of the sammy. i am going to want to put original thought. i hope that by. i. think by far the story. every. five thousand some is still live from breeding reindeer and one to the north with us but they don't use traditional rain dia sleds like these anymore so the tourists love the short ride around the
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corral these days the some of them so's you snowmobiles. inside a traditional song we love who can show us some insights on how to survive in la plans on images how dumb moves for example for some it's easy to sound like you may lose what you thought like you moved the sound a long distance and therefore you need to hold your hands like this. and the moves are more. nothing all than me and definitely don't hold or feel. ok all of them out. there with a come off or awful lot off off off. on them the female and just all the women ah
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ah ah ah i was. not so much. not so much fat and. reindeer goulash is a typical dish hakan tells his guests about samba traditions but he doesn't say anything about the northern lights there's a reason for that. because they like this often. we just talk about northern lights when it's dark and this is not dark yet it's to keep the course and we must show the northern lights respectful way and therefore i don't talk about northern lights in daylight driving pleasure. and that's not just an act. is deadly serious right now it's time to warm their feet and eat
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reindeer meat with deafening yes it's an adventure to tell family and friends about at home. to. do this some experience last three hours after that ha gone once again has the labo to himself in his culture the aurora borealis has a mystical quality as of a older lads only in the lots of when i was little i was told to have respect for the northern lights well but i wasn't allowed to shout a whistle or anything stupid like not when they were visible. for me enough for my parents taught me not to use little man. language people so long ago the saami believed that the lights and mandate from the souls of the dead . mannish was among people who had died in violent tragic way in the old sunsets on
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fancy someone or the queen. his ancestors perceived the lights in the sky as threatening but he prefers not to tell his guests about that. those who come to see the northern lights in northern sweden often arrive here in kiruna one of the biggest and most important towns in the region and while it's possible to see the northern lights in karuna to the people around here tend to be a war interested he wants below ground and wants up in the sky kiruna is situated above one of the world's largest magnetite appetite deposits mining has been going on here for more than one hundred years and that's going to continue to ensure it can the entire town will be relocated in the coming years. they had wanted to wait for the snow to be gone but the wind in karuna is long this
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year the first houses are being demolished in the district of spirit which was largely home to families with children. beaver and col your one mickey wants the demolition machinery with mixed feelings the neighborhood that was their home for decades will soon cease to exist. it's sad building something is one thing demolishing it has another it feels awful and i know you want to have any of that away from that. even carl your hand came here almost forty years ago with average temperatures of minus twenty and colder their home was more than just a place to stay during the long polo windows. it was a council of fortress for more than thirty five years our two children grew up in.
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the pit operator the state run company a b. that's procured a new home for them kiruna is a mining town north of the arctic circle with a population of twenty three thousand it was founded in the year in one thousand nine hundred the world's largest continuous iron ore deposit lies beneath the town had said the pit is karuna the town wouldn't exist without the iron ore every day the auris transported from here to novick by freight train novick is the closest ice freeport on the west coast of norway the fact that the town is threatened by the mining activity became evident when cracks appeared in the ground more than ten years ago those responsible decided the whole town would have to be moved away from the dangerous cracks. this man helped design the new kiruna his model of the town is becoming a reality you hunt cost is aware that he's taking homes away from many people but there are no alternatives he says very very thick dust all for how we want to move
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the whole town two and a half kilometers east and this way there are a variety of reasons for that in this new location would allow us to keep some of the out to districts that are on threatened by the crack. and this location is also secure meaning we won't have to move the town again. urban planning cost shows us the old wooden chair which it will be destroyed it will be moved into the heart of the town and important to many residents. with her sure goals of the church is our grandest building will dismantle it bit by bit and reassemble it every component has to be labelled not so absolutely crucial. there's another highly respected establishments not far from here it's said to be demolished the restaurants vow to be on the black bag it's
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a meeting place for those who aren't ready to go home at the end of the shift if a mickey appreciates the hearty home cooked fare with second helpings you know if. i came to kiran area nine hundred seventy full this restaurant was already head back then it looked different but we always came here for lunch or we bought sandwiches for breakfast. the bat barry's simply part of karuna that so they take it or not. but it may not be that way for much longer. that this is a work has restaurant i don't know if anything like this is included in the plans for the new town and the rents will also be much higher than. mad to peterson doesn't know what will happen yet but she knows the wrecking crew will be right eventually the enormous project is only said to be completed by twenty thirty
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three the move will cost more than three hundred twenty million euros and yet it's worth demolishing kiruna and building it again the iron ore deposits should continue to generate huge profits for decades. one person who is not happy about the move is going to sell by a local politician and a member of the liberal centrist party suburb is concerned that the new kiruna may be built on contaminated land. out of the open is me exact there is one stood on the location where they plan to build and there was also a pit that mine water was pumped into the pool it might contain having metal such as arsenic cobalt nickel and other hazardous substances. that he could fall into and not many other thus far. is one of the few critical voices most of the residents accepted to varying degrees eva and car your one mickey the maid
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a new home for themselves in a neighborhood on the outskirts of town the new place is bigger and not much more expensive we were able to express our wishes about the size of our home and its location the mining company tried to take our desires into account it would depended on how long you had been working for the month. yet but this new flat has to become the new home in a new town. they're waiting for the next wave of families to move from the old kiruna. that many scientists studying the northern lights even though they significantly impact people all over the world. who've been brunt's through him has been evaluating data in his lab for many years
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. her. every ororo is preceded by a solar storm when the particles of the solar storm reach the earth's upper atmosphere force fields are created waves of light can be seen around the north and south pose because the electrons are attracted to the magnetic fields that mixed with gases in the atmosphere they do lower the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere determines whether the light appears blue violet. the most efficient we have to understand how not to behave as plus a large proportion of not saying the universe is in the plas mistake and it's important to understand how events in space influence us and that they can badly damaged our technical system from satellites to radio systems power lines and
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pipelines pipelines. there are no words for there for it therefore it cameras are the best tools for scientists to examine and evaluate what happens. and there's a problem in the family shares his love of the northern lights although at some point even the most passionate scientist needs a break from the spectacle in the sky. you know my family takes an interest of course and they've seen the old all run many times but once in a while someone will say hey the northern lights were really great yesterday and i don't want to know about it on the day off that the family of the last. nevertheless globe on bromst room is captivated by the natural phenomena in the sky even after all these years.
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outside kiruna it feels quite desolate. desolate and nearly impassable. that's why bomb bromst redmond his colleagues have to complete the final kilometers in snow shoes half a meter of snow fell in recent weeks. the forest is a winter wonderland ancient spruce trees and virgin nature. the two scientists from the institute for space physics regularly inspect the small top in the wilderness it's vitally important the northern lights can be observed very well from this dock
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location with a special camera. studying the all ron helps us to better understand the solar system in space weather. it can cause problems with technical systems on earth. but first they have to restore the view lebombo on stroom grew up in lapland the him is a child he found the aurora borealis fascinating. the
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aurora borealis has become his life's work. he says the northern lights can become addictive. a few days ago we get that some very interesting. it's only on this hard drive so we have to make another copy and get it to our lab as quickly as possible a fellow before. they check their camera and then they take the new data back to the land. not far from here is one of the most extraordinary places in swedish lapland estrange space center. it's not quite as big as k canaveral in the u.s. state of florida but they launch proper rockets into space here to. whom brown
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strum is a regular visitor and becomes to talk shop and have a look at new equipment to. think you know because if i'm out of the box no not not as good though i don't think it is. victor. from india and. the scientists share information and work together especially before iraq it will make them feel good to hear us and they're the biggest challenge is ensuring that sold the electronic equipment works and that it doesn't overheat and that the mechanisms work so much could go wrong but that's why we have to check and double check things constantly have. they been launching rockets from here since one
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thousand nine hundred sixty six symbol research on behalf of the european space agency with the aim of learning more about the optics atmosphere. i mean fiction that i had out there had mike but my task is to take measurements on the ground and pictures of the northern lights which allow us to create three dimensional images of the light phenomena i think i might you know if i had them and then compare those with the data collected in the atmosphere it's great the rockets shoot right through the plus. the fool launching the rocket they send up a balloon with measuring instruments. it's to determine whether the conditions are in fact ideal. it's looking good.
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then it's time for the countdown ha ha. ha. ha. you. do. a perfect launch the research rocket gathers data and sends it back to ground control before it burns up and. the scientists in the control center it as range are at least as proud as that colleagues at nasa. ones they've evaluated the results they're hoping they'll understand the northern lights and the effect they have on earth even better. the.
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expression the behold the experts who claim that in a few years time the northern lights won't be so visible to the sun's activity will diminish. nevertheless people will probably continue to travel by these cold northern parts to experience the northern lights he's a fascinating and truly unique natural phenomenon and might even that to a friend of mine. when the sky lights up like this it captivates everyone it's impossible not to be fascinated by these incredible spectacle.
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musical holiday greeting with classical music stars.
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christmas indiana from indiana consent hours. fifteen minutes. for sarah willis playing the horn is a. perfect. join her on a journey of musical discovery. this time she made some loose along hamburg. the female quartet moves with ease among those. in seventy five minutes on the d w. d w church diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of that i've been going there you know. now with our innovations magazine
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for in just the classroom every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com of science and research for asia. this is d.w. news live from but a celebrations as the wall to wall comes at twenty eight fireworks light up the skies above iconic a landmark struck here in berlin at a brandenburg gate to sydney harbor bridge millions are.


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