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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2018 9:00am-9:15am CET

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had to call directed to a large degree at the but they held for a longer period of the boy. this is deja news live from bali celebrations as the world welcomes twenty eight see thousands turned out for new york's countdown despite the record low temperatures on times square and all the major cities around the globe bring in the new year with lavish on what displays.
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i'm having a home for good to have you with us he is ravenous around the globe have been treated to spectacular displays of pyrotechnics as the walt welcomed the new year in new york thousands on times square braved frigid temperatures to celebrate twenty eighty and minus twelve degrees celsius it was the second coldest new year's eve on record. all security arrangements were tight as people assembled at iconic the news around the world we begin our report at the brandenburg gate. germans may have a reputation for being reserved but not at new year the country goes firework crazy and nowhere more than the capital berlin thousands throng the streets around the brandenburg gate to welcome two thousand and eighteen and d w reporter rebecca
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rivers was there to soak up the excitement. despite something here to give them this year this is said to have gone off without a hitch and despite all the out little they can seem to night is the maid here he's friendly and fun people just want to have fun. just ten hours earlier the sky above sydney harbor was a blaze with colors as australians greeted the new year. another harbor another wonderful spectacle this time in hong kong. there were no fireworks in dubai this year they settled instead for a breathtaking a laser display at the city's eight hundred twenty eight metre high burj khalifa tower.
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to another tower now and london's famous big ben rang in the new year in the british capital. and france perrie's and looked on from the shelves eighties and as fireworks soared above the uk to tell us. of course rio's copacabana beach in brazil is never one to skip a party. and revelers in new york's times square watched the iconic crystal ball drop. this year's new year's eve sold. the second coldest temperatures on record and lovers were outlawing lips to keep warm. some even decided to seal the deal as they said goodbye two thousand and seventeen hello two thousand and eight.
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north korean leader came much owen has delivered a new year's address with a warning for the united states he said he has a new kate button on his desk at all times to be able to respond to any u.s. attack came said the u.s. would be unable to wage war against north korea because it was within range of pyongyang's nuclear weapons but he was more considered a tree towards south korea saying he was open to talks and hoped to loa military tensions between the two names. well all the while leaders have used their addresses to give their prospects for twenty eighteen with compiled some of their case statements for you on the need is read on the international level we will be facing several fights in twenty eighteen and determined actions in the fight
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against islamist terrorism in the middle east and africa and on a national soil a little sadness for another guy who paid long we must take the path of reform and openness to develop a modern china and bring about the chinese dream two thousand and eighteen marks forty years since china began to reform and open up we should use this anniversary to surmount all obstacles and carry the reform further to its ultimate triumph. we've missed you but we're all together in this new year's night and we're all together in our daily pursuits as well. our solidarity friendship and unconditional love for russia multiply our strength giving us the power to do noble actions and great achievements history i believe twenty eighteen could be a year of free new confidence and pride in our country a year in which we continue to make good progress towards
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a successful brics it deal an economy that's fit for the future and a stronger and fairest society for everyone and whatever challenges we may face i know we will overcome them by standing united as one proud union of nations and people meanwhile german chancellor angela merkel has also delivered a new year's address in which she urges the country to pull together she says she was aware of fears that a rift was opening up and gemma society and the people were becoming divided over a range of issues she was to outline the key challenges facing the country in twenty eighteen it was a difficult political year for chancellor angela merkel at the very beginning of her speech she addressed the social atmosphere in germany and the tensions or thought i think i know from many conversations and encounters this year that a lot of you are concerned about the cohesion of germany it's been
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a long time since the differences of opinion about this have been so stark some have even spoken of a rift running through our society. merkel mentioned the worries over whether the government would be able to organize and direct immigration into germany but she also spoke of the fears and doubts of people living in the countryside who feel left behind those are her obligations as for foreign policy she look to europe and says she is expecting decisive years ahead for the european union. it's plans and all of this germany's future is inseparable from the future of europe the twenty seven countries of europe must be motivated more strongly than ever to hold together as a community and this will be the crucial issue of the coming is this will be a matter of whether we europeans represent our values in a globalized and digital world assertively and in a spirit of solidarity both internally and externally that the. by european
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policymakers are also waiting for germany to form a new federal government for chancellor macko that will be the most pressing task in the coming months. now some of the other stories making news around the wild in indonesia more than four hundred couples have second part in a mass wedding ceremony in the capital jakarta a new year's eve tradition is designed to help the poor who are unable to afford getting married. costa rican investigate is working to establish what caused a child to at craft a crash in a wooded area in the country's northwest the plane crashed soon after takeoff killing all twelve people on board twelve of them u.s. citizens. iranian president hassan rouhani has appealed for calm in the face of renewed anti-government protests his comments came as demonstrations spread across the country for a fourth day on sunday the regime responded by blocking social media sites and
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making arrests at least two hundred people are in detention since protests began against corruption and spiraling inflation there since turned into why the protests against the country's islamic rule. despite warnings of a government crackdown demonstrations have continued across the islamic republic the protests have been serious enough to warrant a response from the president hassan rouhani. one point must become clear to everyone that we are a free nation according to the constitution and people are absolutely free to criticize or even to protest however we should also be mindful that criticizing and protesting should be done in such a way that will improve the country's situation but others in government were less diplomatic. hammy after all those who join the protests in recent days and those who provoked it behind the scenes their relations and connections
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those who misuse cyberspace and spread violence are absolutely known to us and we will definitely confront them in due time that has none. but protesters have had support from u.s. president donald trump. he took to twitter to warn the iranian government against human rights abuses rouhani however cast doubt on the sincerity of trump's concerns in all you jim ruse that this guy in america who wants to sympathize with our people today has forgotten that he called the rain ians terrorists a few months ago let it go he still meet but if he was looking for iranian backing trump need only have glanced out the window did a good me. me me before the white house dissident group the people's mujahideen of iran showed their solidarity with protesters in tehran back in iran the protests
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rejoin the next few days will show whether demonstrators he drew honeys call for come or trumps call to action. well for more on this we're joined now by a.f.p. correspondent eric randolph in tehran eric protests have been going on for four days now what's happening today. where the protests overnight were a little smaller than previous nights sporadic reports of government buildings are clerical buildings in the northwest and then a few different towns. caught the people were out of the season and crushing a fire engine reportedly but verifying any of this is tough because of the restrictions on social mobile it now authorities have threatened to come down hard on protesters i mean what do they mean by that any is there any sign that that's happening. no so far the police are taking about a softly softly approach we did have a couple of people who showed
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a couple of nights ago in a small town very hard to get any information on that but they've been keen not to come from to strongly but everyone knows that if it gets out of the revolutionary guards in the waiting in the wings to crack down as they have done in the past where the protests go from here and they have to support of most sections of iranian society. but it's notable that in the wealth and middle class there is there are it was absolutely quiet has been throughout this in contrast to the previous demonstrations in two thousand and nine has been much better figure out of the provinces but it doesn't look like it's been winding down overnight so without a clear leadership structure or any clear demond it's not much it's not obvious whether this can continue but this came as a surprise so it's hard to predict it if he correspondent eric randolph in tehran thank you now the tennis season is about to get underway with the australian open
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just two weeks away and if superstar and human serina wins decides to take pot the spotlight will surely be on the former while number one he's returned to the game less than four months after giving birth. along with her twenty three grand slam titles serina of billions can now also add motherhood to her accomplishments millions gave birth to daughter back in september and has shared her experiences on social media. but the urge to pay saw the former number one return to the quiet at a tournament in abu dhabi but admits motherhood has been a whole new ball game have biggest distraction had tiniest of fans. in the middle of the match looked over and i was like is limpy ok because usually i always with her. so i don't know how i'm going to be able to manage that but
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maybe i'll just always look over in the middle ground is a limpia ok when she is older she'll be able to actually come out to the mashers. brilliance lost a french open champion not stepping cohen have pressed match since having a baby. she put up a good fight but didn't take many risks. this was a wonderful opportunity for me to kind of test to see where i am not only physically but mentally it's like mentally like you have to get over that hump of like go for the shot you're going to be ok you know because it's a lot that goes on through a female's body if you have a baby's. serina volume's has not yet decided if she'll defend her title at the australian open this month what is known is that she wants to continue competing for more championships. you're watching news live from berlin more coming
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up at the top of the hour to join me that. they make a commitment they find solutions. they inspire. africa the. stories of both people making a difference.


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