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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm CET

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in a society that expects them to bear children this is a burden many married yet childless women in niger suffer from. a wife is only fully accepted upon motherhood. a very personal film about the suffering of childless women and niger and. the fruitless tree starting january fourteenth on d w. oh and welcome to drive with a v.w. car show and this edition this is s x four s cross takes on a muddy forest roads of ireland. and early bestselling model the original cadet. plus the porsche nine eleven g.p.s. convertible.
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car to steer going old is on the road in the most powerful version of the porsche nine eleven the g.t.s. but he's turned the wheel over to race car driver hans joachim stuck. because it's like this is no ordinary convertible says by an old it's a porsche nine eleven g.t.s. has over the decades the g.t.s. has always been a special car it's not a turbo and not a g.t. three so what is so special about this car is this puts it on the phone with. him says it's got a three leaders six cylinder engine and it's a twin turbo with four hundred fifty horsepower right now we're just cruising around with a normal rate of revs and the engine is coming right along but as soon as he's got some open road he can engage the turbo and let rip the acceleration is unbelievable and to combine all that with a convertible is fantastic and he can take it to the racetrack and put the pedal to
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the metal. with my job ok let's get a guy. on the track the nine eleven g.t. as helps the driver in a number of respects the standard fitted p.s.m. electronic damping control system allows the car to corner at high speeds and with the sport krone package you can measure the speed of your laps. it's a cool gimmick but you don't need it for cruising around in the convertible then other qualities come into play. because the thing is and i know it says what matters with the nine eleven is not just how it drives but how it sounds and recent years fans have been critical they say that's supposed to be a g.t.s. turbo so how is this model let's have a listen. and that. doesn't that you have the normal exhaust
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position hans joachim says you don't hear anything but when you press the exhaust sound button the porsche sound system it really takes up. that's three hundred thirty one kilowatts the nine eleven g.t.s. convertible goes from zero to one hundred in just four point two seconds the top speed of our edition is around three hundred ten kilometers an hour only the turbo in the turbo s. are faster where does the performance come from. doesn't mean as modern and i know it says that every time people sit in a new nine eleven they say that it's the best one ever every time they ask what do they added now. as the designers deserve a compliment says hans joachim if you see the leaps the model is made from year to year it's unbelievable where do they get their inspiration is that the handling is better the brakes are better the mileage is better and the emissions are better and all that has been combined with better performance on. the nine
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eleven g.t.s. comes as a coupe a a target top addition and the convertible we're checking out the fabric roof opens automatically at the touch of a button in city traffic to all the g.t.s. models have a new front section special seats and central locking wheels for million or from race car driving. the rear end of the car is forty four millimeters wider than the career and it's a black strip between the tendon rear lights is a particular eye catcher as is the standard sporty exhaust with the black tailpipes .
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the nine eleven g.t. is convertible starts at one hundred thirty seven thousand five hundred euros in germany. a segment cars are compaq's with an entry price of around ten thousand euros because of their small size their unsuitable for families or trips with lots of luggage but their ingenuity means they're great for city driving and for people who don't have to transport too many people around. ford use the fee of five hundred as a basis for their many segment run about the cock but now ford has developed a platform of its own and the resulting model is called top plus ford classes it as a seven b. vehicle the lower b. segment. the exterior of the comp
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plus is a straight forward of fear doing without any fancy frills the chrome grille is typically ford. at three point nine hundred three meters the complex is longer than a typical a segment car. of the two elsner kerman and of a says had seen immediately apparent that the come plus has burst a segment boundaries it's nearly as long as the seventh generation ford fiesta and the come plus is actually taller. this also translates into enhanced comfort in contrast to the fiesta under a has enough room which is mainly down to the higher roof.
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andre says that the trunk clearly positions the car as be the segment vehicle less than a b but more than a mini dickman the cargo space is definitely enough forward ordinary trip and that one little niggle when you open the trunk there's not much to see you could describe it's a plane this has inexpensive well they have to keep the price down somehow but with the getting i stick. the model we tested came with the cool and sound package for a sticker price of eleven thousand six hundred euros you get a cd audio system voice control manually adjustable air con and an emergency call assisted it calls for help via a bluetooth connected cell phone if the airbag inflates. than from high under he says that the cab plus pressure on the competition with its price in size but ford because also kept the vehicle in check so that it doesn't
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steal customers away from the fiesta for example with a relatively small old fashion infotainment display panel it's being phased out of the eighth generation fiesta which will have a large touchscreen but with the car plus it's unfortunately the best you can get has to dig into. a cool and sound comes out a magically with a high performance one point two leader four cylinder induction engine variant it has sixty three instead of fifty one kilowatts and is the most powerful car you can buy. help i don't want to under a says that in terms of the engine a car keeps a respectful distance from its big brother but i fiesta if the car does not have the ladders three cylinder eco bushed unit which one and engine of the year award. there are also no six speed manual or automatic gearbox options. the engine in the
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cup plus is adequate but not much fun to drive. that ok pop. the suspension is above average for the a segment but the engine loses points. about him or top dead but i'm stuffed confident also miss analysis. there are a number of a segment cars with a lively three cylinder turbo engine. despite the amount of hard plastic the interior of the comp plus is stylish and practical with four drink holders in between the front seats plus some extra ones in the back no one's going to get thirsty. the trunk lamp can be turned by pressing a button next to the light switch to keep. as it hasn't been under he thinks that ford should have come up with another
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designation for the con plus a segment b. implies that the car's been artificially kept below the fiesta which is a bit unfair what it would buyers get is a more a segment car at an a segment price a vehicle that offers more space and better handling and is usually the case and the a segment. meant myself like a missile. and all wheel drive crossover and ireland ideal terrain for the new suzuki essex for as cross to show what it is capable of the weather here seems to change by the hour from wind and rain to blue skies. so look at our car reviewer missed. wants to
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see whether the s x four s. crossed lives up to suzuki's promise to get you where you're going fast rain or shine she's testing the version with a one point four leader gasoline engine delivering one hundred three kilowatts of power and a peak torque of two hundred twenty newton meters that makes the dash to one hundred kilometers per hour and a little over ten seconds. the manufacturers fuel economy rating is five point six leaders for one hundred kilometers hour edition as the comfort plus equipment line prices in germany start in just under twenty nine thousand euros. personally michelle finds the engine a little weak and the steering too soft she misses that feedback from the driving surface. among the optional extras is the all wheel drive system algorithm last year's facelift added two new engines to choose from there's the one leader three cylinder diesel unit with eighty two kilowatts and the newest and most
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powerful gasoline edition that we're testing. the s x four as cross does not have permanent all wheel drive it's primarily powered via the front axle if it loses traction the car switches to both axles this can take a little more time than expected a feeling that takes getting used to. but now it's time to unleash all grip as we go off road our forest course provides its fair share of obstacles the gravel track doesn't seem to really challenge the asics for as crouse but what about more slippery conditions the crossover certainly has the right color for this adventure at least. even deep top holes and a seriously muddy section. sir unable to unsettle his car. the
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front gives the essex for as cross a bride and chunky appearance measuring four point three metres long there is plenty of space for rear passengers thanks to a ground clearance of one hundred eighty millimeters it can master regular and bumpy roads with these and take on off road passages pretty safely even when things get a bit rocky. suzuki has definitely fulfilled its promises michelle it's offered abilities mean the asics four is crossed gets you where you want to go fast on the road or cross country. says.
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the latest generation of the key a rio driving along and rio in portugal the ta goes. there have been a range of changes for the subcompact fourth edition with a reworked design a new engine and plush fittings the korean manufacture hopes to score big with buyers. that are you with in terms of numbers the rio is key is fourth most important current your money explains executive stephan cost but the rio is more than that for its maker of it's generated a lot of new customers who previously had nothing to do with a brand new one. he is unique seven year warranty could be among the factors attracting them or maybe it's the eleven thousand six hundred ninety euro starting price and the new design line already been introduced in other models is also expected to entice newcomers. but i'm with the new design is noticeably
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stronger in sporty or has a wider grille and a longer hood and a beefy look. but they've also redesigned the interior was sections clearly divided the old horizontal lines and the best materials when both of them up the yard in. the rio's dimensions have increased slightly the interior geometry has changed thanks to an extended wheel base and shorter overhangs which also make it more powerful on the road. both front seat and back seat occupants have ample room. the truck is also bigger its capacity has increased from two hundred eighty eight leaders to three hundred twenty five leaders and it's able to expand further to nine hundred eighty leaders. of the rio comes with a one point four leader diesel engine or four gasoline units including the new one
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leader three cylinder turbo version delivering seventy four or eighty eight kilowatts of power there are four trim levels available and unlike its predecessors there's a lot to savor even in the basic model. but in a fair our driver says on board that you don't usually see in the small car segment explains archaea man such as an emergency braking system with pedestrian detection and all. the more expensive models feature a sat nav an entertainment system which can be connected to smart phones and a range of other devices. so the new rio has a lot to offer onboard what are motor journalist saying about addition for. this stuff it says and it's nice and quiet in both inside and outside the car comes on and you can i really like that there's a more economical three cylinder turbo onboard it's more than enough for this month
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. photos license if you do this more it was on its design very progressive only it makes a solid and appealing impression on them and in. a very sporty city car very distinct from the usual monotony it's definitely something different as off in flight did or didn't it's a head turner that. the real hasn't gone up in price despite the significant improvement on the equipment front we tested the one leader three cylinder seventy four kilowatt engine with a fuel economy of under five liters per one hundred kilometers not just economical but also agile. says. today we're going for a spin in a top selling car from the one nine hundred thirty s. the original opel cadette the compact sedan was introduced in one thousand thirty six with the selling price of twenty one hundred reich's marks that made it
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a mid range vehicle in germany a rare breed at the time back then opel was growing in introducing new models in the hopes of attracting new groups of buyers as classic car expert could stop by our explains. but that isaac has he says that in the mid one nine hundred thirty s. opel was riding a wave of success and one nine hundred thirty five they became the first german manufactured to build over one hundred thousand cars per year that made opel the largest maker of passenger cars in europe however this impressive growth was only possible thanks to f.t. cash injections from american parent company general motors which took a majority stake in opel in one nine hundred twenty nine during the great depression when the german economy started to pick up the middle class developed an interest in cars us old enough to see it. during this time opel biggie. and using progressive american production methods
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like assembly lines and modular construction systems and one nine hundred thirty five opel started producing germany's first mass production car with the money cock body the opel olympia. a slightly more compact version of the olympia's body was used to create the cut at it's simple technology was largely taken from opals entry level model the p four. has got it but titan buddy system says i could it is a military training who are often hopes become an officer but is still far from reaching that goal and he thinks that's an apt description of the oval could at what would have the monocoque body modeled on the olympia at lax some of that much more expensive cars finesse still at its premier and berlin in one nine hundred
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thirty six opel sales director touted the cadet as an everyday car for discerning customers. it's about always speaking stunts. and the cadet was a hit. soon the compact model from russell's time had become the best selling car in its class and the quickest though it just twenty three horsepower out of its one point one leader engine it still left the competition in the dust thanks to its low curb weight of just seven hundred fifty seven kilos. by the way to do it with a little patience and a heavy foot kristoff can almost push they could add two hundred kilometers an hour mark to stop at the braking system features hydraulic drum brakes on all four wheels the base model could add as too rigid axle. as on leaf springs making for
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a bumpy ride on country roads however this special variant has an independent front suspension its tune quite softly though so when he rounds kurz fast the car really tilts on it. but that's not the guy who told me there's a. christo says that like most thirty's era vehicles the opel cadette has that streamlined shape and rounded aerodynamic design that was so popular at the time and back then integrated headlights were a real novelty and before that when the auto makers had simply stuck lights on to the body that the opals ad executives sang the praises of the car is designed saying the front end keeps the cabin air tight while driving and it's smooth rounded shape and makes it easy to clean good to know. a stylized zeppelin adorns the cadets who could it was only in the one nine hundred
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fifty s. and sixty's that the airship was gradually replaced by the lightning bold logo ople still uses today. it's similar for to turn signals instead of blinkers and the externally mountain spirit tire distinguish the cadets as a pre-war model. the interior is very spartan with just a few instruments and a lot of bakelite like other cars of its day the trunk space is only accessible from the inside not very practical. when it came to the engine opel employed low cost tried and true technology. christo says the engine is a pretty unspectacular cast iron model with a one point one leaders of kubica pasadena and twenty three horsepower and it powered vehicle since one thousand thirty one what's innovative was the cars monaco
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construction in which the body shell and the under carry germ melted to create a single unit of this construction method saved weights making the car faster and more fuel efficient it also reduced production costs while heightening safety because along the way opals engineers had invented the crumple zone. the crumple zone was a byproduct of the car's uni body construction though it was only patented at the end of the one nine hundred fifty s. by mercedes engineer bell about painting still that oversight didn't hurt the cadet a little opal found over thirty thousand buyers in its first year alone. thanks i must take crystal says it's progressive technology soon made the kid at the best selling car in its class in germany with
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a market share of fifty nine percent ferdinand porsche even used it as a comparison while developing the v.w. beetle germany's first true people's car and spite of its success the cadet didn't earn that distinction well it was a relatively low cost car at the time for the masses it was still an unavoidable luxury in a fight with an extremely difficult subject of the us any more than half of that with the a c. . that's why over thirty percent of the production was sold abroad cadets could be found on the roads in south africa argentina china and new zealand after world war two broke out production ceased the last original model cadet rolled off the assembly line and made one nine hundred forty. nine stick with christa tells us that while production of the opal olympia resumed in the postwar years that had that was in resurrected that's because as part of the war reparations the entire production line in russel's i was confiscated and shipped
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off to russia so there was a cadet was reborn as the most of it four hundred and remained in production until one nine hundred fifty nine thanks to its innovative modern cognoscenti the overlook at remain competitive for many years which christophe says qualifies it as a miles. an automotive history at it to find my insight into what makes it. more than one hundred seven thousand rolled off the assembly line in four years making the kid at germany's best selling compact car of the pre-war era. in one thousand nine hundred eighty two the model was reintroduced with a snappy slogan ok like opel could that. be. a total of six generations so they could add were produced until production in the early one nine hundred ninety s. .
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couple extra clues meant to. enter the conflict zones confronting the powerful high test the convictions and values of the politics comes from taking them to sex i would draw all those people who live other people's lives in their hands out of their conscience so. how good are the arguments of my guests casas called just excuses. conflict zone confronting the powerful on d w. d w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages that can take on a mission for thought a program to go on doing it may show you that you can show them attack our innovations magazine for asia. every week and always looking to the future fund
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d w dot com science and research for asia. education is not only fault i'm glad that education is fought empowerment i'm saw that in coming ten fifteen years the one of the think about how to in colcord the values all follow trends moves in understanding these things cannot be ignored for a because the fundamentalist forces and the phonetic forces are also acting very deeply and intensely and they cannot undermine their power the power of communication gap our all technology ordinary people must not modernise support them must not frozen is a board that the international community has to invest more on the education which can prevent young people who entered into that type of head into courses.
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taking. this is d.w. news live from berlin ten more people were killed in protests in iran bringing the total number of dead to twelve iran's president haasan rouhani the number and see some of the demonstrations are not just about the economy but also about freedom but also coming up.


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