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knology and told made up alone and. that everyone has the right to. everyone has the right to say or. this is deja vu news live from berlin can diplomacy relieve tensions on the korean peninsula south korea poses high level talks with the north and this is just in coming just a day after north korean leader kim jong un offered a rare all of branch to the south and new threats to the u.s.
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we'll go live to seoul also coming up. renewed protests in iran is that country sees its most violent of rust in the years more than twenty people have been killed in the demonstrations as the government threatens a further crackdown. and it could be a make or break year for german chancellor machall look at what's in store for her in twenty eighteen as she tries to form a new coalition government. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us south korea's a government has offered to hold high level talks with north korea beginning next week the talks would focus on the participation of a north korean team in this year's winter olympics to be held in the south now the offer comes a day after north korean leader kim jong un struck
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a more conciliatory tone towards the south in his new year's address saying he was quote open to dialogue but kim did keep up his threatening stance towards the united states. flowers for kim il sung and kim jong il north korea's past leaders a gesture of reverence repeated on every holiday in the kept saying those who turn out also pay homage to their current president kim jong un during his new year's address his speech included a range of threats against the united states but also unexpectedly an offer of dialogue with neighboring south korea. you want a winter olympics to be held in south korea will be a good occasion for the country and we sincerely hope that they will be a sixth is we're prepared to take various steps including sending a delegation officials from the two koreas may meet to discuss the possibility. kim
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said now was a good time to demonstrate the unity of the korean people in seoul south korea's president responded cautiously. we welcome that the north korean leader kim jong un expressed a willingness to send athletes to the olympics for improving enter korean relations is not something that can be done separately from the resolution of the north korean nuclear issue. but that is still a distant goal south korea's presidential office remains on edge after kim's renewed nuclear threats made on state television kim. ok let's get a line up now if we could to a soul and go to correspondent john smith who's in the south korean capital right now what are we to make of this olympic overtures the olympic diplomacy we're
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seeing could a signal breakthrough and the hope of reduce tensions on the peninsula. well there are certainly those in seoul and elsewhere around the world who hope that this does some kind of opening end to the rising tensions that we've seen over the past year however many analysts were somewhat cautious and skeptical of this noting that north korea in the past has also offered similar branches all of branches with little result they also noted that even if north korea does come to the olympics it's not clear that this will have any impact on the broader dispute over their north or their nuclear weapons program ok well what's the word in seoul right now is it looking like north korea will be sending a team to the olympics this outskirt the south korean
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government is certainly open to that it's something that they've been calling for for some time and they jumped quite quickly on kim suggestion that officials might meet today the south korean government proposed holding talks on january ninth they say they have not yet heard however back from the north koreans officially on whether they are willing to send a delegation ok now one way to look at this is that on is trying to split the u.s. from south korea with this overture is that a possibility. that's definitely something that analysts have noted saying that that is almost certainly a major goal behind kim's efforts to both reach out to the south koreans while maintaining his threats against the united states it's not clear however whether this will work as the south korean government has played an active role in
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enforcing sanctions and other international pressure on north korea ok what's the mood on the peninsula right now just how tense are things where you are for example in seoul. well here in the south korean capital life goes on they have lived for you know years now with threat of north korea and so in fact many of these more fiery headlines are often relative the north here in south korea that being said they are very keen that the olympics go off well and one thing that they're most excited about is even if north korean the at the presence of north koreans at the games don't solve all the problems on the peninsula they do see it as meaning that or a signal that north korea will is unlikely to disrupt the games in any way and that's something they are quite excited about josh thanks so much for that from
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seoul thank you it's to iran now where protests have erupted for a fifth consecutive day in tehran and around the country this reports of growing violence state media now reporting more than twenty people have been killed in the demonstrations authorities say demonstrators tried to overrun a number of military bases and police stations last night protests initially broke out over economic conditions in the country but they've also been drawing opponents of the country's religious establishment. this footage has been provided by demonstrators people have been on the streets in various parts of iran's since thursday protesting conditions in the country and this is footage provided by iranian state t.v. which claims that protesters are violent and that some have damaged a.t.m.'s buildings and other property and also claim that some protesters tried to take over police stations and military bases on monday iranian state t.v.
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showed president hassan rouhani meeting with members of parliament to discuss the situation rowhani claim that protests are happening because iran's enemies are angry due to the country's accomplishments and are therefore provoking protestors state t.v. provided interviews with the iranians who don't agree with the demonstrations because one in these protests the chicago have a message of unity but they should be held peacefully not to finally the thoughts violates our well being and safety don't reach it initially there are so many people who intend to exploit the situation and take advantage of the violence they're destroying our society. a pro-government rally took place in the northern city of rushed where protesters voiced their support for the government they've asked for a peaceful solution to the country's problems. so far though anti-government protests continue the fear now is that the government might crack down hard on the
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protesters. for the very latest let's go now to tehran and the correspondent eric what can you tell us about the fifth day now of protests. well it does seem slightly common based on the number of years being shared on social media but that have been. stray shien's other nights we have reports of one policeman being killed in a shooting incident three others interests in one town in central iraq it is going to be hard to their eyes on the internet is being shut down there is something of a media blackout understructure and even if it's on a smaller scale it's. spreading quite fast continuing across the country now how are authorities likely to respond will they use persuasion or will it be force. we're starting to see a bit of a tougher line the revolutionary guards of. seditious elements warning that they
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have identified people who hundreds of arrests were going to be quite. various parts of the authorities so far they haven't confronted the violence as much. as much of the major but the tide is definitely getting stronger ok what about support in the larger rainin society for the protests how significant is that. we're talking to people in tehran which is actually seeing. protests. a lot of people don't like the violence which is rather. an alternate route but they do definitely sympathize with the economic grievances that were initially tried. everybody has stories of family members who are unemployed struggling with our living costs and the general frustration of the government not responding quickly
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out of really enough and that's something that show across society quite conservative parts of. you recognize that something needs to be done whether or not the government has the means to deal with those grievances even if they can control the protests is something that remains to be seen in the coming weeks now carrick what about the reports from authorities that military bases and police stations have been overrun is there any way to verify that. i think iran is probably overstating it but very hard to get reports you know that have been attacks on this full goering's on the symbols of the regime. during selling to the clergy and things like that and i doubt it's difficult for us to move around outside iraq and it would become too reliant on social media videos which have been all verified. the government emphasizing some of the five attacks. places but.
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unfortunately it remains very difficult. to know exactly what's going on because they are so widespread the ground zero for us from tehran thanks very much mark now for a look at some of the other stories making news this hour in his first week of the new year u.s. president trump has threatened to cut foreign aid to pakistan accusing his leaders of lying and deceiving the united states. the country has been harboring terrorists . israel has toughened conditions for ceding any part of jerusalem to palestinians and a possible future peace deal makers passed an amendment that requires a special two thirds majority in the knesset to do so also means want to use jerusalem as the capital of an independent state. police in germany are investigating a member of parliament for incitement to hatred after she posted anti muslim
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remarks on social media beatrix on store shove the far right if tea party cues alone police of appeasing quote barbaric gang raping muslim words of men after they tweeted a new year message in arabic. all this week d w in the start of the new year will be giving you a preview of what to expect from top global players and twenty eight hundred today we're focusing on germany number one on the agenda for all the machall trying to form a new government it is now more than one hundred days germans went to the polls and september's elections and beginning on january the seventh all americans conservatives will start exploratory tour talks with the social democrats but even if they are successful it could take months before any new government is actually in place. each day a new record is broken here in berlin never before has it taken so long falling an
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election to build a new government. and in the middle of it all chancellor. or at the moment interesting chancellor. if decisions are being made in parliament she has to search for allies so far she has not been able to find a fix coalition partner it looks like no one wants to form a coalition with the chancellor on the other hand doesn't think a minority government is the right thing for germany in other words she has to woo the social democrats and build another grand coalition but that's still a lot of work to do. this is becoming a problem on the international political stage why french president has kiyo go it's. best to wait it out that's not good for her and not good for europe europe cannot work without a strong germany and a strong german french alliance that is why berlin carries a huge responsibility to build
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a stable government. twenty eighteen will be an important year for the e.u. reforms must be made and burden is expected to make suggestions soon. is hardly any doubt. will remain here in the chancellor rhee and govern germany the question is just when will she be elected at the moment to act internationally like her neighbor here in the swiss embassy people are used to remaining neutral but from the german chancellor the world expects something else. a week chancellor at the head of europe's biggest economy at least america is able to steer the course of her own party. in a false term she wants to lead another grand coalition. there was unanimity from everyone that we now have to go into exploratory talks with the s.p.d. with the goal of building a stable government. within her conservative party people are saying that she
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will last another four years at the most no one discusses this openly but many in the c.d.u. are thinking about the time after. potential success as now i have to position themselves at the same time to plan how she can hand over power little by little without losing it too fast. so what's the next step in germany there are a lot of on on such questions. as the first question. and have a great start in the new year. whether it turns out to be good or bad twenty eighteen will certainly not be boring. while her own conservatives may want on the machall to stay on but what about public opinion has political correspondent short of news here in the studio with her crystal ball to talk about that good morning
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michelle. what's it looking like you know we have a new poll out there that shows forty nine percent of germans want all the machall to step down that's not exactly a ringing endorsement of another coalition but i think we're in a pleasant climate in germany where you're not going to see any ringing endorsement that he met any more after all that was the turning point in syria when we stopped talking about the. we are all pretty much aware that she is positive prime in terms of how much support she has in germany but also how much power she will those indicate as you just cited now that when he speaks about people who don't really want to see it's another full time but she still has a lot of support for most votes is more than two thirds of those who voted for her voted c.d.u. because of i'm going to machall so make no mistake she's still in a very strong position both in her own party and particularly when it comes to those european neighbors those cause of course is only one in france who really has big plans for europe and germany certainly wants to help but my colson needs
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a bit of help from the germans he needs some constructive talk that coming out of germany and mackel says that she wants that germans help all pro european but they don't want to see that terribly much mccall in the end when it comes to sherry so lot of open questions i'm not one hundred percent so whether she will necessarily be the default so there once we get to the nitty gritty of building this coalition it is all about the nitty gritty even though she isn't a strong position what happens if the talks at the begin on the seventh failed to produce a new government i mean we haven't talked about the social democrats at all. yes we have talked about them and yet they play the decisive role here because the real kingmakers and the real ones who have to say whether this grand coalition continues is the grass roots in the social democrat party who get to vote on whatever that agreement might be and if they don't really give the green light and there really
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is a lot of sentiment in the social democrats that this is a fight for survival not to enter this coalition once again then everything is ready in the open and then the only options on the table is for medical to agree what she pretty much already ruled out is to actually lead a minority government all to go through that lengthy process of that actually having fresh elections here and both of those are still also absolute still open possibilities and during this time it's been more than one hundred days now and historical anomaly for germany and people are wondering what's going on we're involved with all the political ins and outs of this of this issue but what about everyday people what do they want to see happen what are the problems they want to solve them twenty eighty well i mean germans really wanted to see that that earlier coalition come together which the so called to microcode is what we've all of almost forgotten about that but germans also have ordinary concerns like cheap housing wages at the same time there is record low unemployment we haven't seen
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such low unemployment for twenty five years here in germany so they're also concerned about bigger picture issues like climate change and that the talks that does have a lot of backing what she needs she's doing but she also has a lot of critics also talking about what we're nations with the united states and russia could look like in the future is a lot of issues that germans want to see tackled and patients here certainly like pretty much everywhere else in europe is wearing thin because i'm very want to see . their bags very much for joining us you know a. and the chancellor in her new year's address has called on german citizens to show respect for opposing positions when engaging in political dialog you can watch a johnson speech in its entirety on our website go to dubuque all ords germany for that. well a lot of positive sentiment out there as the new year begins for investors christophe brian there's the new year spirit on the trading floor hong kong stocks
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rose to the highest level in over a decade on tuesday and markets in shanghai all supposed gains in the first trading session of twenty eighty now with exchanges in europe in new york set to open later investors will look to see whether last year's record setting stock performance in the united states military over to twenty eighteen at the prospect of a major tax overhaul in the u.s. put investors there in a bullish mood through much of last year and rally global trading a weakening u.s. dollar and solid manufacturing figures out of china are considered early positive signs from global consumption in the year ahead from today social media companies in germany will have twenty four hours to take down illegal material if they fail to remove hate speech or fake news for example they could face a fine of up to fifty million euros a post critics fear that the likes of facebook and twitter could overcompensate and
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delete controversial but legal posts to avoid they have to finds a facebook has hired hundreds of new people in germany to comply with the law falling oil prices political unrest and corruption have decimated venezuela's economy there are chronic shortages of food and medicine inflation is set to hit more than two thousand percent this year the president's throwing a bone to the working poor by hiking the minimum wage but that won't help much as the local currency the ball of r. is worth next to nothing. basile president nicolas maduro made the announcement on new year's eve on the issue in the window i'm announcing an increase of forty percent of the national minimum wage and of all salary scales nationwide of teachers military police doctors public workers a lot of political. but still only brings the full time minimum wage to just under eight hundred thousand baht of r.'s
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a month or the princely sum of seven dollars on the black market that would only pay for about two kilos of pork a venezuelan stable when it's available the wage hike comes after the government failed to deliver on a promise of lowering port prices for traditional christmas meals. blamed portugal for failing to deliver pork imports. last week hundreds of people took to the streets in the poorer parts of the capital caracas to protest the food shortage millions of venezuelans are unable to afford three meals a day. i don't think yet that name where hungry now the people are hungry there is a famine the government says the local food supply committee should hand out food every fifteen days but it doesn't arrive you say you know you don't but you don't want the meat. economists say the wage increase will only fuel the rampant hyperinflation opposition politician same with duros refusal to overhaul venezuela's failed socialist economic model and stop excessive money printing will
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create more misery in the year ahead. the days around christmas and new years a good time to get away from it all the north the far north of europe is attracting more tourists than ever mostly thanks to its spectacular natural phenomena. this is the spectacular result of electrically charged particles colliding with atoms in the upper atmosphere the northern lights visible only in the nighttime skies above the arctic circle this couple from germany spared no expense to come here to the extreme north of norway. from us more adventure here and it's something special when we told our friends and family that we go to trial. for four weeks and they were they become very jealous with the sun barely climbing above the horizon in the deep midwinter days are largely cloaked in darkness so the norwegians of
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come up with some rather special attractions for tourists the hotel brought out advice for example king crab safaris and close encounters with killer whales in recent years no ways tourism sector has gone from also around to leading light this is science winter season we have the highest growth percentage wise in only twenty eight percent and this makes me very happy and visitors to this secluded but increasingly popular corner of the world are also getting a buzz especially from those awesome night skies. a killer stuff now here's a story that could also mean big business brian certainly to address of california has become the largest u.s. state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana customers lining up to be the very first to take advantage of the change in the law which allows adults twenty one or older to buy possess and grow the drug until now it had only been available for medical purposes voters approved that change in
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a referendum and twenty sixteen the broad legalization of cannabis is predicted to generate at least a billion dollars in tax revenues alone. oh is it is the end of an era in professional darts as phil the power taylor bows out lies only close to the top of the world darts championship in london these sixteen time champion fell seven two in the final to rob cross just twenty seven year old former electrician making his finals to bill taylor who last won a world title in two thousand and thirteen exit the sport at age fifty seven as its most decorated player ever it has been a good start to twenty thousand for german tennis fans after angele caballe and alexander's vera secured a two one win for germany over belgium in the hopman cup they won their mixed doubles match against elissa americans and david goffin does that victory that came
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after cabo also beat mountains in these singles next up germany faces canada tomorrow. get your the top stories we're following for you this hour south korea's government poses high ranking talks with north korea next week. here's winter olympics the offer comes a day after north korean leader kim jong made a rare overture for dialogue with the south. and state media in iran is reporting that the death toll from ongoing government protests has now risen to at least twenty including a police officer those. protesters are said to have tried to overrun police stations of military bases during the day five protests. this is the news live from berlin thomas for the entire team thanks so much for being with us and we're back again at the top of the hour.
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