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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2018 9:30am-10:01am CET

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many of the younger promising journalists are now making names for themselves all over the. song by the good pirate along the way song by follow. with continue. their experience or freedom in a sense is like a few minutes of day your care visits with your car come back home. my name is your favorite florida and i work at the. opportunity prosperity optimism that's the power of global trade global three thousand brought to you by d.h.l. .
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this week global three thousand heads to argentina can city dwellers be enticed to move to the countryside. the sri lankan hotel is determined to operate his business using sell late with new local energy. but first we go to banda che in indonesia where young people in particular on literally suffering the severity of the islamic rule of. islamic or sharia law is often perceived as oppressive by the west and yet there are huge differences in how it seems forced even within muslim countries in fact it plays a dominant role in the legal systems of very few islamic communities and countries elsewhere it's generally referred to for private affairs like marriage divorce cases of inheritance. on top of that there seems to be no single interpretation of sharia law it's interpreted and implemented in different ways and those usually
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have more to do with local traditions than with any wills found in the qur'an. flashlights eliminate the dark corners shari'a police cars a patrolling the streets of banned actually at walking pace they're looking to catch young couples unawares they warn them go home it's late these officers are making sure people up by sharia law. alcohol holding hands and even flirting outside of marriage are all prohibited here. we've ordered them to sit further apart. or to go home if we have to tell them again to make more space between them then we'll take them to the police station. anyone caught by shari'a police is in for a gruelling punishment a public beating tonight eight people
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a brought to the mosque in handcuffs among them twenty two year old. some of them i've seen and i'd advise young people not to overstep the boundaries of sharia because it hurts. the men and women are each sentenced to twenty five lashes among them is corneas girlfriend. a masked man is waiting with the came. the opals crime wouldn't raise an eyebrow elsewhere just a day between two people maybe a kiss but these young people are made to pay. the cane hurts but the physical pain is just part of it the punishment is meant to humiliate them publicly. this is the end of you shouts the crowd
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next time you'll be dead. many people pass out from the pain and the stress. indonesia has long stood for secularism and moderate forms of islam but that appears to be changing in the capital jakarta muslim hardliners recently pushed the christian governor out of office he was sentenced to two years in prison for blasphemy against islam money has been pouring into indonesia from conservative saudi arabia for new mosques schools and universities ratna sorry tells us conservative forces are on the rise here in ash a three hundred forty people were caned in akshay in the past year the could be more than that this year the sharia police are abusing their growing power she says . it often affects women worst of all they're deemed
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immoral after a public beating women can often get back on track again they have to move away they lose their jobs. here and the public caning continues it's the young man corneas turn. he also gets twenty five lashes from the algo joe the executioner. and then the show is over the audience is sent home and cornea is a free man. he spent four months in prison for his forbidden relationship we go with him to a cafe where he tells us his story. i've never committed a crime in my life i never want to experience anything like that again my heart was pounding. cornea is relieved to have it all behind him his
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girlfriend chichi saw him being beaten today. but he still has great plans for their relationship. i want to visit my girlfriend's parents and talk about the future maybe i can marry or soon. the sharia police are back on patrol this time we ride along with female officers but the camera man isn't allowed in the truck men and women are prohibited from being in such close proximity. the marlin forces use a loud speaker to remind women to wear a headscarf and avoid tight clothing just another day under sharia law. according to the un by twenty fifty almost seventy percent of the world's population will live in urban areas that's a total of six point five billion people. and two billion of these people will be
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living in slums where the quality of life is substandard. in argentina several organizations and now trying to reverse the rural flight trend and get people to head back to the country. the nearest major city lies one hundred forty kilometers away out here in the remote arjan time grasslands most people make a living from cattle breeding or growing grain crops or soil. is a fifth generation farmer here. his village. is struggling its population is no longer growing because many young people move away to cities where no siree send santa fe to look for work including his sons. the older generation wonders why so few people want to stay. offers
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a glimmer of hope with her organization responding she's trying to rescue villages on the brink of extinction places like colonial belgrano. immensity of people who are tired of city life and who want thriving there these villages a wonderful the hidden gems i want people who want doing well in the cities to have the opportunity to live in a village. more than half of all argentineans now live in cities it's hard to lure young people back to the villages they need work after all but the lopez and rodriguez families have taken the plunge for a few weeks now they've been renting a house in colonia belgrano seriously this project offered me a way out i used to live in the city in a very dangerous area i didn't like it because i had young children my children
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francesco and florence here and as they got older the issue of safety became more pressing. one man is an air conditioning technician and the other a plumber both useful jobs out in the country in the city the tradesmen barely scraped by they lived in a poor neighborhood and worried about their children. that we had to work long hours just to afford our living costs. it's too dangerous to let your kids play outside so you have to send them to a club outside school hours. the arrival of new families has sparked hope in the village residents even pitched in to spruce up the local church. among them farmer daniel pran they are also receiving financial support from various organizations that promote the move from
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the city to the countryside in the village and surrounding areas there just aren't enough small business owners or trades people even though there be plenty of work for them here. seventy percent of global migration is motivated by economic factors. we know people have to work to live and helping small businesses to carve outs and giving them an opportunity to grow in this village that's the first step toward saying yes we can do this in any village. but the transition isn't always easy the village school has to have space for newcomers and to be able to accommodate their age group regular support and financial assistance are part of the n.g.o.s program. yet the families have to be carefully integrated into the community but there are communal events to help with that. benito has surged hard before she found colony
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about ground zero the village may be shrinking but the quality of life in the area is still high. as an initial stop twenty families are being introduced here they've been offered an affordable plot of land and alone. twenty houses that leech on its own piece of land so every family can develop their own small business their houses are all based on a special prototype they're heated with solar power and they have better insulation . that each. two bedrooms a dining room and a kitchen and if the families grow this room to expand but i. cannot. for many argentinians those are a dealer clipping conditions the governor of the state of santa fe supports the
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initiative two thousand families across the country applied and these are the ones that were selected. here they'll have less income but a better quality of life. responding and a foundation called s.v. says are now working with authorities and benefactors to connect more villages and families there were that. has to be rolled out nationally and not just in argentina but across the whole of latin america that's our dream for many communities in the region to benefit from this approach. rural life in argentina still has a future muscle of anita's is convinced of that she hopes the colonia belgrano project will soon be followed by many more. now we head to spain to the region around cuenca where many villages are also struggling with the challenges of the population. well yet. the minimum number of pupils
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required to keep a school open in spain is five and that's how many working earlier this welcomes every morning it's a mixed group some are in first grade others in fifth. what kenya has taught in schools with more than a thousand students but she prefers this village got a levy or despite the challenge of adapting to two age groups it is to have a hope of nino sides working with the children i have a much closer relationship with their parent that makes everything a lot nicer. if android did actually when she started here sixteen years ago there were twenty five students and. all three classrooms were in use but now they need only one. wackiness pupils are lucky they live close to the school but in this region that's more the exception of a bus picks up students in remote villages and brings them to school fifty
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kilometers away. driving time is an hour each way. the province of cuenca is one of the least populated areas in europe. in the countryside there are ten inhabitants per square kilometer people here used to work in the lumber business or as farmers but there's no profit in either occupation anymore so more than half the villagers have left. professor francisco bottle of the university of southern gaza wants a new initiative to stop more people from leaving the village one has thought that . the international community needs to develop a strategic plan to use the culture and history of the region to the people's advantage the land can be used for organic farming and eco tourism. but unlike other e.u. countries spain has no regional development plans funds are spent on more immediate
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needs. dr javier ordered a works in one of the regional health centers his family whom he sees only on weekends lives inside almost two hundred kilometers away he still drives about a thousand kilometers a week to visit villages and see his patients. everyone in this area gets good medical care but there's a problem. and if this is the most of the older people don't realize when they need medical attention sometimes they call because of a problem that's gone away by the time i get there. and at night they're afraid to call because they don't want to disturb me. nurse one carlos soriano who goes on house calls with dr or there is usually the first point of contact for the patients. i'm the mailman the nurse the social worker i'm
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a little bit of everything really. the villagers of monti's universalise in the quake a province appreciate the attention to families live in the village of. the nearest village is fifteen kilometers away carlos the domingo family's twenty three year old son works on the farm with his parents he doesn't want to go away the air is clean it's peaceful they have everything they need including medical care. but he understands why so many others have left. schools of close there's no work no culture. farming isn't profitable and harvests are the same as fifty years ago but the prices of fuel and fertilizer have gone our stores here it's practically an invitation to leave. but what canada us wants to stay she only
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has five years until retirement her school is in danger of closing when the older pupils leave that's already happened in two neighboring villages. said. if they close the school and go to the neighboring village. they have the same amount of student the. idea but i won't go to or any other big school. the village school is my life. but maybe it won't come to that wackiness says three children were born in the village last year according to spanish law they're eligible for preschool at three years of age and that ensures the further survival of the school in quite a levy. and now we meet people committed to protecting our planets in our global ideas series.
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tourism is booming in sri lanka by twenty twenty the island expects to welcome three million holiday makers but the equipment in many hotels is out of date and cons in particular use up tons of power and contain harmful refrigerants now here around kuwait owner of the island's. chain wants to change that they have the next three years he plans to make his hotel's carbon neutral all reports have twenty learn more about combining tourism and climate protection. it's an ambitious vision one of sri lanka's biggest hotel chains wants to cover all of its energy needs with renewables by twenty twenty the jet wing runs thirty upscale hotels on the island and welcomes visitors from around the world. if you don't look good and. their strategy is to install cutting edge air
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conditioning systems powered by a sustainable energy source would buy products from the cinnamon industry it's quite a bold move for a hotel chain to take charge of its own energy supplies one that's not without risk . we can be a guinea pig but just how green is jet wing really. will come along. we visit the chairman of jet wing at home he ran korea as one of the most powerful men in sri lanka's tourism industry his father herbert set up the company in the one nine hundred seventy s. even back then the business was environmentally minded my father is. going to be what is. his. if so for to. talk to that. and also. community's been heated from what it was he
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was doing. the hotel chain is a proper family business two of cories sons also work in the company and being green is a private goal as well their home is also powered by solar energy. gumbo a picturesque port on the west coast. there are five shipping hotels in the surrounding area. the island's electricity grid may look old fashioned but about thirty percent of sri lanka's electricity already comes from renewable sources mainly hydro power. so in seeking to be carbon neutral jet when isn't starting at zero air conditioning accounts for over half the energy consumed in the hotel's conventional technology uses electricity to compress refrigerants that are harmful to the environment. but
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a new type of eco friendly air conditioning has already been installed in five hotels it system cools with water vapor the german development agency g.r.i.z. train the technicians involved the necessary electricity is produced by burning biomass the hotels will save money from the switch but only in the long term the new boilers are twice as expensive as the old ones and operating costs are considerably higher. the biomass. you have to keep on feeding you at me. is that they've got. to maintaining going to go so one maybe. somebody men will be eating maybe we have going out that you have to keep on beating. that fuel is waste wood from cinnamon farming. it only releases the amount of carbon dioxide that the tree absorbed during its lifetime power used to come straight out of the socket but now jet wing has to build up its own grid. one
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hundred fifty kilometers to the south is the center of the island cinnamon production. of silver farm cinnamon as people have done here for generations after removing an outer layer of bark they pry off strips of inner bark the quills will later be packaged as cinnamon sticks. we also pack in all the little bit. and then we let the entire thing dry in the sun . for. cinnamon is an important sideline that the family relies on to get by donations husband also works as a cabinet maker her brother has an administrative job. until now the wood left over from the cinnamon harvest was waste by product. now the family can sell it to jet
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wing and earn extra cash hiran cool ray is visiting another supplier who's been selling waste wood for a while small bakeries for instance sometimes use it as fuel but since jet wing is started ordering from him things have grown much simpler. these days i can sell and talk to both buyers in the past it was all small scale stuff jetplane is sri lanka's biggest buyer of the fuel snapping up around half of what's available the rise in demand has also led to a rise in price and soon supply could become a problem. expanding. to different parts of the country then and if you had to rely only on cinnamon would i think that would be a shoddy because we need to do and some may be either the conduit cinnamon is dying . and then we don't have so we have to find alternative methods of
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biomass. the company is already testing an alternative briquettes made from compressed rice husk it might be renewable but burning it is dirty work the workers have safety glasses and face masks to protect them from the smoke but they don't always wear them the power plant has only been in operation for three weeks not everything is working smoothly at. this diesel generator is a stopgap solution here too cinnamon wood is being burned to dry the rice husks. is this laborious process really environmentally friendly. that's a challenge that we have right now. many mice the smoke and the guts embedded in it you don't want you know gram. used. and see with it it's. like. the company is already pushing the limits of what can be achieved with
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biomass. if the hotel chain really wants to achieve its goal of being carbon neutral by twenty twenty then here and corey is going to have to opt for an additional renewable energy source solar power he's already made some investments in photovoltaics but he'll have to invest a lot more. but . it is possible for us to have. one hundred percent green if the experiment is a success it could set an example for other hotels in sri lanka and those further afield.
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that seoul for today thanks for joining us back next week and remember we are hearing from you right two. thousand. on facebook. prosperity optimism that's the power of global trade global three thousand. by d.h.l. . few any. object.
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so for the be the best. you. bigger and bigger ships more and more freight the german cargo shipping company humbug lloyd is a global player. when the company was founded in eight hundred forty seven the competition was pretty tough. today cargo is shipped more quickly than ever and how
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accepted upon motherhood. a very personal film about the suffering of childless women in niger and. the fruitless tree starting january fourteenth on t w. in untaught to cover. the deadly storm which will be minutes away. so a satellite phone is your lifeline. there's no way more extreme to build a runway. in this man's phone with d.h.l. get a replacement haul of way around the world within thirty six dollars a. runway was finished allowing climate change scientists. to continue the fight to
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research the benefits or. that's the power of global trade and d.h.l. making it happen. this is the news live from berlin the death toll rising in iran as the most violent unrest there in the years continues more than twenty people have now been reported killed after nearly a week of protests across the country police have detained hundreds of demonstrators also coming.


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