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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CET

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to continue to fight to research the benefit is who. acts the power train. making it happen. this is the news live from berlin the death toll rising in iran as the most violent unrest there in the years continues more than twenty people have now been reported killed after nearly a week of protests across the country police have detained hundreds of demonstrators also coming up. south korea proposes high level talks with the north
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now this comes a day after north korean leader kim jong un offered a rare all of branch to the south and new threats to the u.s. . plus saudi arabia embarking on a pivotal year as it introduces reforms among them lifting the ban on women driving more hear from saudi women about the chip and the call for deeper reforms. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us protests in iran have continued for a fifth consecutive day in tehran and across the country with anti-government violence reported to now be spreading state media saying more than twenty people have been killed so far demonstrations initially broke out against economic
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conditions but they've also been drawing in opponents of the country's religious establishment. this footage has been provided by demonstrators people have been on the streets in various parts of iran's since thursday protesting conditions in the country and this is footage provided by iranian state t.v. which claims that protesters are violent and that some have damaged a.t.m.'s buildings and other property and also claim that some protesters tried to take over police stations and military bases on monday iranian state t.v. showed president hassan rouhani meeting with members of parliament to discuss the situation rowhani claim that protests are happening because iran's enemies are angry due to the country's accomplishments and are therefore provoking protestors state t.v. provided interviews with iranians who don't agree with the demonstrations because while one in these protests should have a message of unity they should be held peacefully not to finally not file
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a case our well being and safety then reach it initially there are so many people who intend to exploit the situation and take advantage of the violence they're destroying our society. a pro-government rally took place in the northern city of rushed where protesters voiced their support for the government they've asked for a peaceful solution to the country's problems. so far though anti-government protests continue the fear now is that the government might crack down hard on the protesters. but well will it for the very latest from tehran let's bring in the correspondent eric randolph eric we're getting reports of dozens or scores of arrests where you are in tehran nine people killed overnight what's the latest. yeah there were just recently after all some states. region including
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six protesters tried to stall a police station as well as a police burn in another town in a row which got another town most of these protests focused out in the provinces this isn't sporadic presence or on last night but almost always go elsewhere and we do have reports of hundreds of people being arrested in various parts of the country over the last few days now if these protests continue in the way they have so far to date are we likely to see a crackdown by authorities could we see the republican guards stepping in suddenly protests grow seriousness government has closed ranks and record that there are legitimate grievances and house try to take a relatively salt. you've got have been waiting in the wings though these things do start off early how to fish was talking about seditionist elements saying that this
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is a proxy war being waged by groups and countries outside such as saudi arabia united states that could provide a pretext for us more serious crackdown and could it be necessary what what type of support is there in broader raney in society for the protesters and for their demands. oh but we were out so it's ironic yesterday. by the violence taking part so there are widespread sympathy and understanding for the economic grievances that drove these protests in the first but everybody has a story of unemployment about young people caught fire jokes about frustration which it would not be more responsive not doing enough to control prices and corruption and so that is widespread problems even if people don't agree with the way these protests being conducted and many. everybody understands the groundswell
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of frustration. and are a new society. eric thanks so much for that from tehran south korea has offered to hold talks with north korea and whether the north can send athletes to the winter olympics south korea's president moon j.n. said he's ready to negotiate on letting north korea join next month's olympics hosted by the south but he stressed north korea's nuclear and missile programs would be major topics north korean leader kim jong un had raised the idea of joining the olympics in his new year's speech in that same speech he also issued new threats against the united states voters. ok let's get a line up now if we could to a soul and go to correspondent josh smith who's in the south korean japanese right now john what are we to make of this a limp dick overtures the olympic diplomacy we're seeing could it signal
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a breakthrough in the hope of reduce tensions on the peninsula. well there are certainly those in seoul and elsewhere around the world who hope that this does some kind of opening in an end to the rising tensions that we've seen over the past year however many analysts were somewhat cautious and skeptical of this noting that north korea in the past has also offered similar branches all of branches with little result they also noted that even if north korea does come to the olympics it's not clear that this will have any impact on the broader dispute over their north or their nuclear weapons program ok well what's the word in seoul right now is it looking like north korea will be sending a team to the olympics this outskirt the south korean government is certainly open to that it's something that they've been calling for
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for some time and they jumped quite quickly on kim suggestion that officials might meet today the south korean government proposed holding talks on january ninth they say they have not yet heard however back from the north koreans officially on whether they are willing to send a delegation ok now one way to look at this is that i can jump on is trying to split the u.s. from south korea with this overture is that a possibility that's definitely something that analysts have noted saying that that is almost certainly a major goal behind kim's efforts to both reach out to the south koreans while maintaining his threats against the united states it's not clear however whether this will work as the south korean government has played an active role in
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enforcing sanctions and other international pressure on north korea josh thanks so much for that from seoul. now for some of the other stories making the news today israel has toughened conditions for seating any part of jerusalem to the palestinians and a possible future peace deal lawmakers passed an amendment that requires a special two thirds majority in the knesset to do so palestinians want east jerusalem as the capital of any possible independent state. police here in germany are investigating a member of parliament for incitement to hatred after she posted anti muslim remarks on social media beatrice fun storage of the far right if tea party accused cologne police of appeasing quote barbaric gang raping muslim hordes of men after police tweeted a new year's message in arabic. while saudi arabia says its ban on women behind the wheel will be lifted in june the majority sunni country is under
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strict sharia law and is the last country in the world where women are forbidden from driving instead they have to employ chauffeurs or ask their male relatives to drive. the women sit in the back and do young boy is in the driving seat to saudi made videos like these making fun of the country's ban on female drivers fifteen thousands of times to one it was a good gag it soon to be out of date. as of next you retire not i hushed me will be allowed to drive a car. and she's already lining up a perfect right. car shopping has become a popular holby for wealthy saudi women. you just want to be free with the car you can get your groceries every stuff every shop you don't need to to to wait for somebody to take you to do is small things you know your daily life thing when you go to my office come back to my office to my home you know. i'm free
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the car dealer says a lot of saudi women have actually already bought cars but until now they've just been for their drivers driving yourself is obviously a lot more fun. yeah that's like. so what do saudi men think about it this is the time for her to die if i do had all the fires there will have. to be i don't. know for soupy and her sisters don't have a regular chauffeur there aren't any public trains or a metro in jeddah so when no funds to go out she has to hire a driver or ask her brother mohsen sunday afternoon drives a popular with middle to upper class women but there's always a male chaperone present. no for wants to get her driver's license primarily for financial reasons.
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in the business maybe i want to save the money that i spend on drivers the law makes total sense what a women who don't have a husband or brother supposed to do when they need to go somewhere take a taxi. along the new law will make many things easier but personally i don't like it i can drive my family were ever they need to go on or. i mean. saudi society is still very conservative women are required to wear full length black robes. rotund me once more color in saudi society she says there's nothing in the qur'an that says women must wear black ten years ago the freelance designer was one of the first women in the country who dared to start designing the buyer traditionally the robe of choice of saudi women in different colors red green or purple she was inspired by the traditional colorful
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costumes of the bedouin women it caused an uproar at the beginning. they have to be permission from their has to go in god where is your husband because in every day. by god by. law by they're not used to it you know britain also designs a range of premises female entrepreneurs have been common within her social circles for several years now. and now no soupy wants to do the same she's currently unemployed but retraining as a jewelry maker it's a project funded by prince charles and the saudi foundation teacher is a british goldsmith. the aim is to open up new industries for women. up until now men have been the only
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ones able to learn a trade. now women can to. go to the us i would like to have a small workshop in the future where i can give my own lessons to show that every saudi woman is capable of having a trade and i want to produce my own jewellery. too and. the chauffeur who takes no food to her jewelry course and back every day costs around one hundred twenty euros per month during the week her brother doesn't have time to drive them oh it's money the family scrape together from her mother's small pension and her siblings incomes. although they say they aren't a wealthy family things are changing for them to. sort of. we women now have more freedom to when we can earn our own money we don't have to
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constantly ask our husbands for it the mother how. we didn't have a face in the world's no one knew anything about us saudi women now we're proving that we can do anything different so a. change is in the average saudi arabia and a lot of women are eager to see it through. this is. you can always find out more about these and other stories on our website. for now though from the entire news team thanks so much for being with us. for information.


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