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falter to save i try to be on duty to alter. this is g.w. news live from birth lay in the death toll rises in iran as the most violent on drugs two years continues at least twenty people have been killed as protests raged for nearly a week around the country police have reportedly detained hundreds of demonstrators . also coming off twitter suspends the account of a german m.p.
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over a tweet deemed anti muslim the reprimands comes as germany begins and forcing tougher laws concerning hate speech on social media. plus saudi arabia embarks on a pivotal year as it introduces reforms among them lifting a ban on women driving we will hear from saudi women about the change of the call for deeper reforms. i'm sorry kelly it is great to have you with us clashes overnight in iran have left at least nine people dead the anti-government protests have been raging for nearly a week in tehran and around the country in total several hundred people have been arrested and things twenty have been killed according to state media iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei. he appeared to condemn the unrest in
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a post on his official website in which he accused iran's enemies of meddling in the country. and let's talk a little bit more about that crackdown we are joined by a.f.p. correspondent eric randolph who is joining us with the latest from tehran and eric as we've heard iranian state television reporting nine more people killed overnight more than one hundred protesters arrested what are we to make of the authorities response to the unrest and how big of a threat are these protests to the regime well this is the biggest test the regime has faced since there were mass demonstrations back in two thousand and nine the difference this time around is that they. considered. although it is very difficult to confirm the reports we're hearing for problems is she's restrictions on trying. to you know the six protesters that showed us what on store the station is. several other people were killed in. various schools and cities over the country
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in recent days. well there is a start of crackdown was just been told the four hundred fifty people have been arrested in tehran the last three days were protests that's a good road to this move and we don't know how many you're being arrested in other parts of the country and we understand that among these protesters there are host of grievances but that the general feeling among many of them is that economic growth in the wake of the iran nuclear deal has simply not trickled down to the average iranian they're facing unemployment which is high inflation creeping higher as well prices of eggs poultry really skyrocketing and recent weeks what do the protesters want from the government concretely speaking. at this stage it's very clear that it's a very amorphous spry and seemingly out of nowhere small intimate protest for a long time both a long and this seems to be just another economic protest that started it is not
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clear what was true cause this is spread all over the country and become so unto its own against the regime itself i think a lot of people do too frustrated with the government with the lack of progress on the economy and they feel that given all sides of the spectrum a chance to improve things and they aren't seeing those benefits as a result they seem to be quite generally against the regime but it lacks focus of the moment protests. and speaking of lacking the focus i wanted to ask you because you live there in tehran how widespread would you say the discontent is i mean how deep is this in iranian society at the moment is bear a deep support for the protests generally speaking. talking to ronnie's yesterday. and a lot of people are very uncomfortable with the violence that they've seen group
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the way some of these protests being conducted but there is a well of sympathy and understanding for grievances the economic problems of driving everybody knows young person who's highly educated on top or who struggle with filing costs with high rates of inflation with a general sense that the government is not responding to them honest it's not responsive in general. so i think. people are people who recognize that there are deep seated problems with the economy and simply want action. they want action and they have been protesting for the past six days in order to get it eric wound up at the very latest from tehran thank you so much for your reporting. well the protests have drawn some opponents of the country's latest stablished but they broke out initially due to frustrations with a weak qana me and a rise in food prices economic turmoil in iran remains
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a key factor driving the current unrest. the protests began thursday in response to a forty percent price increase for eggs and poultry the government also announced plans to raise fuel prices the moves would have hit the poor especially hard at a time of economic uncertainty inflation is at ten percent unemployment is high and young iranians face weak job prospects this despite the high hopes that many expressed as international sanctions began to be lifted in the wake of iran's nuclear deal. with the sanctions being lifted we hope that foreign capital bores into the country. that will allow us to reopen factories. and then it will be easier for young people to find a job that suits their taste. is truly the end of business
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but that's not what happened foreign investment did increase but not to an extent that would allow the broader population to live a better life one reason is the country's still decrepit banking sector international money transfers are difficult and many credit institutions are essentially bankrupt so far the government has failed to build a stable trustworthy financial sector. threats from the u.s. to reintroduce sanctions have also made foreign investors wary many iranians once placed their hopes for reform in president has done rouhani but now they see him as an ineffectual leader unable to stand up to the islamic hardliners who really run the country. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world south korea has offered to hold talks with north korea about cooperating on next month's winter olympics in the south but he stressed that north korea's nuclear issues will be part of any dialogue north korean leader kim jong un has raised the
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idea of joining the olympics in his new year speech a new hollywood campaign against sexual harassment has been launched and it has already raised thirteen million dollars the time's up initiative has the backing of a list power players like reese witherspoon jennifer aniston and shonda rhimes the project aims to help victims of sexual misconduct working in low income industries . much of the central united states started the new year under a bone chilling cold that has led to at least two deaths and has broken century old records the national weather service has issued wind chill advisories across vast areas of the country's midwest. a member of germany's parliament and leading figure in the far right party may face charges of illegal hate speech for her angry tweet on new year's eve beatrice fahnestock he ranted at police in the city of cologne for publishing a new year is creating an arabic she said that they were trying to appease quote
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barbaric gang raping muslim hordes of men well twitter swiftly deleted that post and also froze her account for most of new year's day a new german law requires social media to delete hate speech within twenty four hours or face fines of up to fifty million euros. and we have team coverage of this happening let's bring in our political correspondent and our social media desk straus reporter here joins us also on the set and go to your you first because you know people who are not living in germany and they might not know who beatrice phone store he is just fill us in on who she is and what she stands for. yes bit phone store issue is a leading member of the if tea party the far right party she's actually been an m.p. in the european parliament since twenty fourteen she just joined the german parliament
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as part of that first entry of the a.f.p. into parliament and she's also most known here in germany for statements in twenty sixteen when she wouldn't rule out the german border guards to use guns against migrants crossing the border illegally that created a storm of criticism here in germany so she's been there once before where she's chosen her words at the very least to say unwisely and now this tweet has become the talk of the town talk of the country again she is well known for her anti muslim sentiments and for being very outspoken so incendiary comments nothing new for her but what is new and i want to talk of this with this a little bit more with marina who's following it from our social media desk is that a new law has actually come into force here in the country it's a network inforcing act apparently it forces social media companies to delete hate tweets and posts you know that
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a business post of particular just two days old what exactly do they they have to do is people have to report posts and tweets that they think are violent or are threats that's nothing new actually but the new thing is said now the social networks have to react in germany and all concerned social networks have said that their own procedure is twitter has an option for example to it's already existing report function and facebook has a more complex system we tried that out it's a bit hard to find after a special page you have to take a screenshot and then to have you have to choose one of the twenty offenses online you have to upload a screenshot and then report it and what happens that is that the now. groups have seven dyas to check if it's illegal or if it's not illegal and or if it breaks this new law and there's always a balance right between free speech and then you know getting rid of the hate
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speech is this is a topic that we've heard time and time again here in germany critics are already calling this censorship what's behind that debate they have actually we have the far right for example they are to herself she said this is censorship what you are doing there but we also have internet activists and we have journalists organization like reporters without borders. they are really having the criticizing this new law in chimley they say many because the german government has left this big responsible task of evaluation evaluating content to see if it's legal or if it's illegal to social networks of private companies that bring them to court and lars also expressed their concerns that just new law would violate german governmental neutrality code so to german basic law which is like a big thing and that means that the ministry of justice actually has direct influence to how social networks implement their deleting mechanism with its users
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with social media editors don't have this insights and others those who criticize that the german government puts this social problem. speech online and to million billion dollar worth internet companies and drilling back down into the particular comment that was made by beatrice i want to turn back to mckay live now to put it all into context for us you know they do you we know in the past has painted themselves as the victims as if doing so now is this a strategy do you think by being just one story she can say hey i'm the victim of censorship here. well that's certainly what she is saying i mean let's put it this way and what marina laid out there is the conflict a very fundamental conflict about communication it is part of the way the a fifty sees itself that mainstream media is against them and this is also kind of an astounding accusation when you engage with the supporters they would always assume that you don't really want to hear what they say that you can't really say anymore
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what you think in germany this is something that the alleges very strongly what happened here is that beatrix from starch took a new year's message from the german police which literally only wished everybody knew year in french english german and arabic and saw that as evidence of the police appeasing to muslims who the she then described in derogatory terms so figure it out for yourself make a look of what the political side to all of this and joining us here in the studio marina strauss from our social media desk we want to thank you very much to both of you for telling us a little bit more about this issue. and if you want to find out more about this and if you want to give us your take on germany's new anti hate speech law you can join in on the conversation we encourage you to do so you can tweet us at news or go on to our facebook page and tell us what you think but in the meantime you're watching news of course and still to come on our program saudi
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arabia is set to allow women to drive cars legally for the first time in twenty eight we will hear from saudi women about what the new freedom for me for their daily lives. and starting the new year on a high california legalizes recreational marijuana we have a report from the first day of business. speaking of business in the new year christopher koper is here to tell us a little bit more about positive sentiment actually that's right and kicking off on the market is exactly sarah last year's record setting run continues at least in asia hong kong stocks rose to the highest level in over a decade on tuesday and markets in shanghai posted gains as well solid manufacturing figures out of china are considered early positive signs for global consumption in the year ahead however the optimism did not span all the way over to europe most markets here are trading lower. now for more let's bring in our
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markets correspondent unadvised in frankfurt and as a why are investors in europe much less of beat. well afaik it's a mix freeze and a the euro is a lot higher as the currency than the asians currency meaning that exporters won't have the greatest time probably in two thousand and eighteen the euro has just hit a three year high and that is traditionally weigh on shares especially in germany but also in france and other export oriented economy that's one reason but also people are looking at various factors such as car registration the car waiting here the general sentiment but also if you look at my notes they're down as well which gives you a fuller picture why also the stocks fifty is dahlan quite
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a bit and on this first today trading in twenty the automotive sector is under heavy pressure give us more. yes yes it is and it is also make shows things the car shares were one of the biggest winners last year and that's traditional sort of a portfolio change in the beginning of the year but there's also hard news coming from china the chinese news agency between christmas and new year announced news that china is planning on banning some fifty five hundred fifty three or two models which also is affecting german comic because german comic a traditionally have. joint ventures in china in order to produce cars on the ground and to be able to sell them there so it's a huge market for them now china has announced that they are going to ban models which are not compliant with their ideas of consumption standards and that is of
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course also hitting german cars and that device problem frankfurt thank you. now paying for your bus ticket to a ticket with a contactless card putting down plastic in a restaurant or a store these may be aspects of life and most industrialized nations but not so in germany germans continue to have a love affair with cash only five percent of all payments in germany are conducted with a credit card according to the barco consulting company only one in four germans believes that cashless payment of any kind is safe most are concerned that their money or data could be stolen that's why germans always carry plenty of cash with them just over one hundred euros on average that's almost twice as much as the average in the eurozone and it's not just german consumers who prefer to have plenty of good old hard cash around the country's financial institutions are
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sitting on huge hoards of banknotes so much that space vaults is in short supply their stashing the cast to avoid paying the european central bank's negative interest rate of four tenths of a percent that's what the e.c.v. charges banks to park funds on its books the fee is supposed to encourage banks to lend money instead of sitting in on it. and it's said to be a pivotal year for saudi arabia as the government implements a serious of reforms so yeah in fact christoph saudi arabia says that its ban on women behind the wheel will be lifted in june the majority sunni country is under strict sharia law and is the last country in the world where women are forbidden from driving in fed they have to in place chauffeurs or ask male relatives to drive . yes the women sit in the back and a young boy is in the driving seat and saudi made videos like these making fun of the country's ban on female drivers have been watched thousands of times but while
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it was a good gag it soon going to be out of date. as of next june ratana hashmi will be allowed to drive a car. and she's already lining up a perfect right. car shopping has become a popular holby for wealthy saudi women. you just want to be free with the car you can get your groceries every stuff every shop you don't need to to to wait for somebody to take you to do is small things you know your daily life thing when you go to my office come back to my art show my home you know. i'm free the candy list says a lot of saudi women have actually already bought cars but until now they've just been for their drivers driving yourself is obviously a lot more fun. ok that's like. so what do saudi men think about it this is the time for her to that i found. herself that they would have
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free time to play i don't. know soupy and her sisters don't have a regular chauffeur there aren't any public trains or a metro in jeddah so when no funds to go out she has to hire a driver or ask her brother mohsen sunday afternoon drives a popular with middle to upper class women but there's always a male chaperone present. no for wants to get her driver's license primarily for financial reasons. in the business maybe i want to save the money that i spend on drivers the norm makes total sense what a women who don't have a husband or brother supposed to do when they need to go somewhere take a taxi. to the new law will make many things easier but personally i don't like it i can drive my family were ever they need to go on or.
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saudi society is still very conservative women are required to wear full length black robes. hashmi one. color in saudi society she says there's nothing in the qur'an that says women must wear black ten years ago the freelance designer was one of the first women in the country who deads to start designing the traditionally the robe of choice of saudi women in different colors red green or purple she was inspired by the traditional colorful costumes of the bedouin women. it caused an uproar at the beginning. they have to be permission from there has been going god why i have to ask your husband because he never does. not by the by pink out by. law by not used to it you know. return also designs
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a range of premises female entrepreneurs have been common within her social circles for several years now. and now no soupy wants to do the same she's currently unemployed but retraining as a jewelry maker it's a project funded by prince charles and the saudi foundation. is a british goldsmith. the aim is to open up new industries for women. up until now men have been the only ones able to learn a trade. now women count to. order because. i would like to have a small workshop in the future where i can give my own lessons to show that every saudi woman is capable of having a trade and i want to produce my own jewelry. too and.
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the chauffeur who takes no for her jewelry course and back every day costs around one hundred twenty euros per month during the week her brother doesn't have time to drive them oh it's money the family scrapes together from her mother's small pension and her siblings incomes. although they say they aren't a wealthy family things are changing for them to. start a lot of. women now have more freedom to when we can earn our own money we don't have to constantly ask our husbands for it the mother has. we didn't have a face in the world no one knew anything about us saudi women now we're proving that we can do anything different so a. change is in the air in saudi arabia and a lot of women are eager to see it through. on the out of the united states where
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california has become the largest state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana voters approve the move in a referendum in two thousand and sixteen the change in law is said to generate a billion dollars in tax revenue every year but some users say that despite the new legalization they still still buy the drug on the black market. hi joe do you agree that cutting the ribbon the owner of this medical center in oakland says he wants california to be a beacon of hope to parts of the world where people are still suffering under prohibit as he put it. customers have been lining up since early in the morning to be the first to take advantage of the change in the log it allows adults twenty one and older to buy possess and grow marijuana until now it had only been available for medical purposes. it's history it's history and i think it's the way it's been a fish are going to help a lot of people
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a lot of different demographics in the long run tribe in a medical patient her quite some time and my car expired so it was kind of waiting for the police for the new year to legalize and i'm going to come out to w. spoke to the director of a rehab clinic that helps heroin addicts overcome their habit by using cannabis and other states will absolutely follow suit when you see the benefits of california another sister and you know washington colorado. oregon none of them have had the negative outcomes. they vote on very positive outcomes as some buyers of marijuana said on the first day of legal sale it's safer than having to purchase their supplies down a back alley but some reckons they'd still use the black market because one of them said it's cheaper. it is the end of an era and professional darts as fill the power taylor bows out tantalizingly close to the top at the world dark
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championship in london the sixteen time champion fell seven two in the final to rob cross a twenty seven year old former electrician making his final stay bew taylor who last won a world title in twenty thirteen exits the sport at age fifty seven as its most decorated player ever. crews in one of the toughest races in the planet have returned to the high seas in melbourne australia in stage four of the volga ocean race both sar set to travel over ten thousand kilometers to hong kong team map free the lead out of melbourne but that can change the leg is expected to take nearly three weeks to complete the overall race which began in october has eleven stages and won't conclude until june at writing off. you're up to date now on g.w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thanks so much for watching don't forget you can
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fighters and share tell a friend tell a friend tell a friend. cried fighters don't miss it one will twenty eighteen have in store for us which topics and developments will shape the next twelve months in our political outlook on. berlin twenty eighteen what lies in store for the new german government. and for chancellor angela merkel. today why don't you news. hello and welcome to tomorrow or today coming up. fears and phobias coping with anxiety disorder is. the power of color how lights can affect performing.


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