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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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just fifty seven and a tap on your smartphone smartphone users number sure i would. imagine the impact you and your friends could have together we can end global hunger please download the app. this is deja vu news live from berlin the death toll rises and iran as the most violent unrest in years continues at least twenty people have been killed as protests raged for nearly a week around the country and around supreme leader accuses an abuse of the country
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of meddling in its affairs. also coming up twitter suspended the account of a german m.p. over a tweet and hundred muslims the reprimand comes as drummond begins and forcing tougher laws concerning hate speech on social media. and legal marijuana hits the shelves in california recreational users can now buy the drug without fear of arrest as america's most populous state. i'm sorry kelly great to have you with us clashes overnight in iran have left at least nine people dead the anti-government protests have been raging for nearly a week in tehran and around the country in total several hundred people have been arrested and at least twenty have been killed according to state media iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei appeared to condemn the arrest in
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a post on his official website in which he accused iran's enemies of meddling in the country. and let's talk a little bit more about that crackdown we are joined by a.f.p. correspondent eric randolph was joining us with the latest from tehran and eric as we've heard iranian state television reporting nine more people killed overnight more than one hundred protesters arrested what are we to make of the authorities response to the unrest and how big of a threat are these protests to the regime. well this is the biggest test the regime has faced since there were mass demonstrations back in two thousand and nine the difference this time is that they could be considerably more violent though it is very difficult to confirm the reports we're hearing for problems it is due to restrictions on travel. to know the six protesters the job last night walked on store the station. several other people were killed in various
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small towns and cities. all over the country in recent days the stories he's the star of the crackdown was just been told the four hundred fifty people who've been arrested in tehran the last three days were protests actually that rose at least moved we don't know how many are being arrested in other parts of the country and we understand that among these protesters there are host of grievances but that the general feeling among many of them is that economic growth in the wake of the iran nuclear deal has simply not trickled down to the average iranian they're facing unemployment which is high inflation creeping higher as well prices of eggs poultry really skyrocketing and recent weeks what do the protesters want from the government to concretely speaking. at this stage it's very clear that it's a very amorphous spry and seemingly out of nowhere small protest for a long time both long and this soon to be just another economic protest that
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started it is not clear what triggered caused this to spread all over the country and become so unto its own against the regime itself i think a lot of people are frustrated with the government with the lack of progress on the economy and they feel they are given all sides of the school spectrum a chance to improve things and they aren't seeing those benefits as a result they seem to be quite generally against the regime but it lacks focus of the moment protests. and speaking of lacking someone interest i ask you because you live there in tehran how widespread would you say the discontent is i mean how deep is this in iranian society at the moment is bear a deep support for the protests generally speaking. talking to ronnie's yesterday. and a lot of people are very uncomfortable with the violence that they've seen group
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the way some of these protests being conducted but there is a well of sympathy and understanding for grievances the economic problems of driving everybody knows young person who's highly educated because on top or who struggle with the costs with high rates of inflation and with a general sense that the government is not responding to democracy it's not responsive in general. so i think. people. recognise that there are deep seated problems with the economy and simply want action they want action and they have been protesting for the past six days in order to get it eric wound up at the very latest from tehran thank you so much for your reporting. south korea has offered to hold talks with north korea on whether the north can send athletes to the winter olympics south korea's president said
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that his country is ready to negotiate on letting north korea join next month chuang a lympics hosted by the south but he stressed that north korea's nuclear issues will be a major point in any talks north korean leader kim jong un had raised the idea of joining the olympics in his new year's speech in the same speech he also issued fresh threats of attacking the united states. a member of germany's parliament and leading figure in the far right party may face charges of illegal hate speech for her angry tweet on new year's eve beatrix one store where anted at police in the city of cologne for publishing a new year's greeting in arabic she said that they were trying to appease quote barbaric gang raping muslim hordes of men. twitter swiftly deleted that post and also froze her account for most of new year's day a new german law requires social media to delete hate speech within twenty four hours or face fines of up to fifty million euros
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and we have team coverage let's bring in our political correspondent who is standing by in our parliamentary studios and we're also joined by marina strauss from our social media team welcome to both with you both of you and i'd like to begin first with mckayla. for those who don't know explain to us who beatrice fung store he is and what she means to the political scene here in germany. well she certainly is a leading and spoken figure in the far right i'll turn to but she's been a european m.p. since twenty fourteen and she joined the board to start i'm in parliament also together with the for the first time in the past elections were still to see a government being formed here in germany on she hit the headlines here and in twenty sixteen when she said that if migrants illegally cross into germany as a last resort border guards should also be allowed to shoot. civilians that
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caused quite a storm she did slightly regret but that also shows that she has been there before making very provoking statements indeed and now we're seeing this backlash against her statement basically describing migrants in a very whole same derogatory term here so she is no stranger of course there are two incendiary comments but what is new this time around is that there is this new network in foreseeing act marina tell us a little bit more about that. there are people who report tweets and posts that they consider offensive for a while and that's actually nothing new that has been possible before but what is new is the fact that if people complain now also shanab works have to act have to react and all of them set up their own procedures to their for example has added an option to its existing report function and facebook has said a boom or complex system users have to find
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a special page which is quite complicated i tried it out and take a screenshot of the post and then upload it and then the networks have after seven days to check if the content is illegal if you violate this new law and if it does they have to delete it critics of this new law they say this essential shift you're interfering with free speech why is that. actually be addicts fun stuff parts of for example herself and her pa did the deed they. this is censorship it's not only the far right it's also like internet activists journalists are going to say shows who are heavily criticizing that law they say it's against the free speech actually so many because the german government has left the task of judging content and saying if it's legal if it's legal to social networks rather than bring it's a card and some lawyers even say that this new law violates government neutrality codes in the basic german law the ministry of justice now has access to how social
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networks implement the deleting mechanism so this is a huge problem so right after this law comes into force we have been just one story making the street make a little turn to you is this a tactic here on the part of the. well i would want to judge you on that but certainly i mean maria de lay doubt that there really is a point of principle here and you also have many civil society groups being very critical of this new legal provision at the same time let's just look at what this tweet actually said it was a new year's message in english german and also arabic and friends and the reaction from bit his full story is to describe muslim men gang raping who are i think that kind of speaks for itself where really was. that level of outrage and the language used could potentially amount also legally to
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hate speech and that will be something that would have to be decided by the courts incidentally it was immediately retreated by a vital who's a co party leader who might also face similar investigations now and we know that the law itself that it's a german law right but perhaps we could see some some international implications for it what we can say is that this new generalized actually the most tricks example word wide of any government trying to reign in social media companies and even of facebook twitter cetera are international companies that now have to respect the german law and if they don't it can get really expensive if you said it earlier fifteen million euro switches a lot of course they don't want to pay that sum so we it remains to be seen if germany is full set an example for the rest of the world marina strauss from our social media desk a mechanical for joining us from our parliamentary studios with the political side of all of this we thank you very much for both to both of you for putting it into
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context for us well what is your take on germany's new anti hate speech law if you want to join on the conversation we encourage you to do so you can tweet us at news or go to facebook to tell us what you think of it. but in the meantime we have a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world people in the pakistani city of karachi have held a protest against u.s. president donald trump the demonstration was in response to trump's first tweet of the year where he threatened to cut foreign aid to pakistan accusing its leaders of deceiving the united states the u.s. ambassador to pakistan has been summoned by the country's foreign ministry. a new hollywood campaign against sexual harassment has just been launched and it's already raised thirteen million dollars the time's up initiative has been backed by a list power players like reese witherspoon jennifer aniston and shonda rhimes he's seen there. the project aims to help victims of sexual misconduct working in low
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income industries much of the central us started the new year under a bone chilling cold that has led to at least two deaths and has broken century old records the national weather service has issued wind chill advisories across vast areas of the country's midwest. california has become the largest us state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana voters approved the move in a referendum to twenty sixteen the change in the law is set to generate a billion dollars in tax revenue every year but some users say that despite this new legislation they will still buy the drug on the black market. with these three . cutting the ribbon the owner of this medical center in oakland says he wants california to be a beacon of hope to parts of the world where people are still suffering under prohibitive as he put it. customers have been lining up since early in the morning to be the first to take advantage of the change in the log it allows adults twenty
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one and older to buy possess and grow marijuana until now it had only been available for medical purposes. its history its history and i think it's it's been a fish on sea going to help a lot of people a lot of different demographics in the long run tribe in a medical patient for quite some time and my car expired so it was kind of waiting for the pollution for the new year to legalize and i'm going to come out to w. spoke to the director of a rehab clinic that helps heroin addicts overcome their habit by using cannabis and other states will absolutely follow suit when you see the benefits of california another city street you know washington colorado. oregon none of them have had the negative outcomes of. very positive outcomes as some buyers of marijuana said on the first day of legal sale it's safer than having to purchase
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their supplies down the back alley but some reckon they'd still use the black market because one of them said it's cheaper. you're watching news still to come on the program iran's rulers are learning it is the economy stupid from banks to supermarkets we take a look at the economic factors fueling nationwide protests. all that more coming up in just a minute ben fizzling will be here on t w i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks so much for watching. g.w. true the diversity. of the world of science is at home in many languages. on issues.


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