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tv   Kick off - The Mia san Mia Phenomenon Part 2  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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by this motion towards him in something as simple as learning how to write them by side isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me mr clinton might have. finally gave up invented by me and by cyclists and returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing and. as knowledge i want to meet shall school boys woman back home who are bones by their duties and social rules and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is the matter of the go home and i work into.
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one and must time and the minister and. i'm going to give you court then there must . be a few months after buying a view toward going to mars the stuff i know for history of things that i think is to prime the. point was my best escape it was because more me than the by this is guns a mule some meo he's against me answer this it's who by. the sword what is the phone about soy afforded even mercury is beginning to tally difficult to make the most money. everybody in the dream and you don't need to sell your dreams.
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that was what i did was what i'm suited. to. get through the. years of listening even the second plane. to naught but it's but to one but for my get off of the side of the lake and then the bonds and it will. be a few empty seats but it. was
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nice. this is. my. every club outside of it was exotic so we were does a child because. i don't really go anywhere so for me it was a way of a way of discovering the world. that. bond in germany was just interchangeable you know they shared a lot of the same characteristics. chest wise difficult to be all those things but i do think. the impression of violence is really changed in in recent years not just because. of.
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the i think a far more widely watched it's far easier to see. football from all over the world wherever you are in in the world things aren't so parochial nowadays i think people globally know more about bond and the reason it sit close of course is also the way that. made them play. a brand of football and you know that was the idea of the club to create a brand of football as well as the the bond brand so. you know i think people appreciate them maybe for football more than i ever did before. even watching i mean i'm trying to fully again get off the pitch of the emirates even the guardian has gone they still have a shot of him there in the fact that they're playing not on those at the start of training but that is something that the players love you see and really enjoy it
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you can just hear them with three and hollering from one hundred two hundred mi is why i didn't. say it's one of the great experiences of european football to cover what you gave a game like this in the big game. oh. ok. so you know i sort of i six up. he's one of the great. one to ten.
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what. let's be brutally honest this is going to happen more chance of me more chance of me getting a date with this honey. i think austin. come out of the blocks quite quickly. but from. the gap in quality. if you place. a bar in order to place. kind of feel they can be more themselves in china a special she was feeling. you get all. the time. to. look.
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it's still up to you to give you a little pocket book you see. i i. cut. out of her she's killing somebody. napping. this. rude. you know i think you know sometimes the way they play is almost sexy so you know and the really talks a lot about love and sex and you know the interplay between people and that sort of
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thing. watch these guys twenty years you know. just run up and down the field and that sort of thing and such a high level. you know it's just to me is a beautiful thing you know it's you know the apotheosis of me of the human form. i would do with that i feel when i play with words. i think you know look for a tree and viola have in common is that they both. they're both expressing an art form. you know when when somebody like river is passing the ball to somebody like robin you know over and you know love and love and dusky is creating something out of nothing you know or even more so you know thomas miller you know you see those
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emotions and to see how they contort their bodies not to score and asked to play. you and to me that's all very. very artful. you know much like that much like really good poetry is. when you know on the bus to miss that penalty against chelsea. was done in the back of the brain. it's like. you know i felt really really awful for you know the song like i want to wrote all million afterwards but just to show the sheerest sure emotion. you know as he's covering his face and then he's trying to you know sink into the ground.
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and i felt like. you know the best poetry moves you in that same way. they must. be told of a young hot tip. top of.
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the base of. the baseline swipe i feel just as if we've been by the way that the palaces. alice i got from harlem recently house one was the fuel that. was common and is i'm sure often said that if these designs would work you know we would be remiss in. in pam and then on then fine by and mention her and ask lousy i'm staying in this is covered. thing in the us ipanema on and he disarm him of either answer from asking to be tag on it him off as though they had.
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the hardest actual can not because of if we are almost of admin email. champions league sega best now on task this is song off lawyer as of and going it is. often a mention then any make and this meant and figure it out a set us off in peace and is tense yet the fact become. a sort of new to all the stuff that young bands of sr of this create can come up this quest it's sequencers . ala'a what you are. you want more. and more guns he was found. not. just how to say to
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my sis that united. he sees need the advantage of football when joe was deed and there a minute tommy and the money eleven ave a lot of it's falling into sort of. a one model of a. given eleven m. how that could lead to my bets. as to how. the view of the off the long time. i saw him with a single fascinating. one the. course in the first the. first i was little if i was if you this. was. the full full blown war and knowing how we win the game how can we help one time
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since we don't need to be we were in control of the end. he was taking i was you will enjoy if i had was. one. something missing from them is the. first. one text is from bob come to it but it has been fixed. if you want. to touch on it keep the time i think you can i think
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about the time just to and i did not think these guys just a. bunch of enzymes and i don't want to put them up it is time to go but i thought i'd come on the couch come on east alpha so was and spoke i. think i can bring out i. let you know what since that day and i was the game. i decided not to watch the
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game at any time i was the game of my hot season. as a my kind if you know i was a young mind if i had them if me as she said. i'm still in the know in sixth album and i instantly threw it on shocks this time in sly from crimea north side isn't polka dots and i'll be out for the simple crowd for five months off when i first saw. thompkins it often i was kinda stuck. the whole in flight because it's not but he's i'm sure that muslims are on noisy some of the like are sick at the end of the fictionalized periodicals and possibly that's big out of my. fear he says and the new knock isn't phonology something of i like it out almost all i want i'm happy and wide seal eight so watch it here
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kind of break then tito will be a god must see it. only if it does if done in the caribbean in that. mussing on the bed the going is not thought the steal and also kind. down there is for unga shout hear them it's corpse now and on non-confidence back and. so it. was by god nothing got that deep down by its edge of you does. he have it by the way it kind of like that it didn't a good mom. but as you kind of list of of a giovani
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a. job. and. when she. found. things as you used to contact if the buy in. the business. was if the buy in is bust for him. that the. first incumbents of the speedo. l'engle belli for the funny thanks again for info. on mine and i'll think about. the
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fascination some left if i and. i want. to have schematic. chance not so much people so they have. invested in things that america. in fencing is not. about one's own many on through having a doctor saw him zero special by him then by the fear but not so much after my missions because. they were here.
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for the speeding and had him agree to a having problem can he get help trying to develop machine phones. this in believing the floor. did the leak when then i guess i took incident see if he'd been shown that he had just driven in a sitting target for the super speed. then how did the system get my dog from side to stupid dog associates with him snarling. and done today. teatime can sing the champers mix he. thought it was the end of the in god i thought it was because i would think it was because i wanted to have done my own. song and i'm going to kill. me.
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even for this miss peter she's having. it's a guy was a see it it was a his on his way it's called copy take the old if you wish to live in your taste in town devon and john i think oh that should buy you if you back. thought it was yesterday was the end do you think speeds up the aston martin you thought it was night time to go for good shit see who would think if i had any advantage they could you know take a car. if you thought it was a car was the it was your car it was hard to see that these attributes you care to see the if indeed this often you have this often for fraud.
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i now get through one of them plots. yes this bleak no for the house or it will being on serve only as it's meant to last so on him one on one see. that's the it's a test of us they see it seems via sharples big secret of what normally they have that's the thing here give on hospice in once a fenced in so familiar. we. like to be still distant. i. relented
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a bit of sleep by a minute. and as by now i know that i had a more need to look again. because i'm not a get at the out of a whole lot of them that made it more nice and. rail madrid really mad that it. had last year plus this time but now it's hang on to that issue. and this one ima thing up to most last. oh thank you. thank you. saying look look look look look look good i'm sure you'll get out of.
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them ended up against them and. then. you know. when i might as well as i have seen when this and that. and i said then that one though if i'm going to attend a. yes event that i will but i will tell them that i. can only mean. come on any of us a little bit of. a study go by to see him but i said look i stand out and wait for more news. in a mosque if you need to make it about an idea of the even more needs and they will tell you a little google. wanted those qualities to be going on my leave of the ill mrs penhallow we're going to if you happen to be in the yeah. it was or not feel. bad on this one by you know. they didn't know about. it.
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but i can see a lot of them about. this about a feeling that one day i was about it is. going to be so nice i'm feeling. and i stand in a little what. has been you know the family's. going to somebody's. gay day that i. if you do know a little you know what i wanted and we fucked it up but is that in this by now but it's all you can do it kind of can't be done then that i'm by a principle that. meant that he be a serial coming in and i'm speakin much of it. isn't gonna come on through your psyche i'm on the marco. responses.
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and fun of to teach by my mind is east on point in the me. as a deaf i. how you measure the. lighthouse through all possibly the best said you could you. and others it is up and down and also vital that the bonus that i will swallow article more that at that and you know. that i stand it i mean as i suspect it will got as will so crest on all seattle. they may do. that but then when we did. google.
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the be. the be. the be. the be. the be. holding. for a long time in. the tolerant form it is long. but that's changing radically.
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accepted upon motherhood. a very personal film about the suffering of childless women in niger. the fruitless tree starting january fourteenth on d w. a z w news live from berlin and the death toll rises in iran as its faces its most of violent unrest in years at least twenty people have been.


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