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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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washington. one against a. common president trumps second gear in the windows down global politics cells today. this is deja news live from berlin iran's government mobilizes support after days of unrest targeting the regime tens of thousands rally in the streets in a show of force for tehran now this minutes reports around is clamping down on the protests being held across the country but also coming up north korea reopens
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a key line of communication to the south the move suggests the foreign relations between the two rivals with new calls for dialogue on both sides. and president trump it's twitter with a flurry of warnings to america's adversaries we look ahead to what could be a turbulent year for the white house at home and abroad. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us we start this show in iran where authorities are trying to turn the tide against anti-government protests sweeping the country this is footage aired by iran's state media of pro-government demonstrations which they say condemned the unrest at least twenty one people have been killed hundreds of now been arrested the country's supreme leader has blamed
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foreign meddling security forces are struggling to contain the boldest challenge to iran's clerical leadership for nearly a decade. well the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has called for an emergency session of the u.n. security council on the situation after six days of demonstrations protests and still show no signs that they're going to back down. video footage reaching dortch avella through social media shows the extent of the unrest spreading across iran. the violence which has rocked the country for nearly a week appears if anything to be escalating. these pictures from the central province of is for han unverified. official state television says six people died in this protest has stormed this police station. supreme leader
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ayatollah ali how many accuses enemies of iran of stirring up the unrest. bushmen one anime is poised for an opportunity a breach to penetrate through that look at the incidents in the past few days all those who are against the islamic republic of iran those with cash and politics weapons and intelligence operators you can join hands to create trouble that opposition leaders say the demonstrators are demanding far reaching reforms more changes even radical changes. they want to change pretty much everything all in short they want to live differently. it's true that improving the economic situation is very important for them. but it's not only about that citizen economy it is impossible it's an opinion. has the protests
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widen iran's president has some rouhani has expressed sympathy for peaceful demonstrators worried about making ends meet that's unlikely to satisfy their demands. north korea says it will reopen a suspended key communications line with south korea and what may be a sign of thawing tensions north korean leader kim jong un werder the reconnecting of the hotline at the country's border the two koreas have been making overtures to improving ties since new year's now that's when kim signaled that he wants to see north korean athletes crossing the border to join next month's winter olympics in south korea. let's get the very latest on this with josh method correspondent covering the story for us from seoul josh what's behind this announcement to reconnect this key line of communications. well this move was somewhat expected and hoped for development in the wake of kim's speech on new
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year's day in signalled his willingness to. not only potentially send north korean athletes to do upcoming winter olympics but also called for reduce tensions on the korean peninsula. specifically with south korea so this is something that south korean officials had been hoping for and looking forward to they haven't yet told us what that conversation has been but we do know that it took place ok now i should further discussions take place between the two sides do we knew do we know what the focus of those talks could be. well each side seems to have slightly differing views on what those talks should include. in his speech kim generally. had
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a fairly fine line he wanted to talk about the olympics and generally reducing tensions on the korean peninsula but he also asked that the world except north korea has nuclear state now south korean officials along with the united states have said those issues cannot be disconnected from each other and that any talks that don't address the broader issue of north korea's nuclear program are not useful ok now we should to south to join the north north in talks would america be at the table as a kind of silent partner. that also remains unclear there's been some mixed messages out of washington about their attitudes towards talking to north korea as some officials in the state department have signaled out willingness and there have been some reports of back channel overtures in past months however president donald trump has remained rather publicly
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skeptical of the usefulness of talking to north korea so that obviously remains a huge issue for the effectiveness of any kind of talks ok briefly if you could josh are we looking at the escalation. again it's not clear you know whether this will hit some of those more substantive issues but i think even many of the most skeptical observers see this these overtures and this talking is better than nothing just not for us from seoul thanks very much thank you now to some of the other stories making the news today rescue crews have been working to recover the bodies of forty eight people killed when a bus careened off a cliff in peru officials say six of ivors were found but other passengers are still missing they go collided with a trough truck before plunging off the highway north of the capital lima. roman catholic church in congo has condemned
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a crackdown on protests against president joseph to be allies quote barbarism security forces killed at least seven people and used tear gas during demonstrations on sunday in the capital kinshasa catholic activists have been organizing protests over belows refusal to leave office. a canadian man who was held hostage by taliban linked militants for five years has been arrested in ottawa joshua boyle is facing fifteen charges including assault making death threats alleged fences took place between october and december just after the thirty four year old his wife and three children were rescued. well in the u.s. president dog trump a start of the new year with a flurry of tweets directed at america's adversaries and partners he says need to do more to toe the line for north korea's leader he had this i too have a nuclear button but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his and my button works. also threaten to
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cut off aid to the palestinian authority saying after paying hundreds of millions of dollars the us wasn't getting respected yet it with the palestinians no longer willing to talk peace why should we make any of these massive future payments to them and the us president also addressed the protests in iran the people of iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt iranian regime all of the money the president obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their pockets. well iran north korea the middle east peace process these are among the many challenges the president will have on his plate and twenty eighteen and at home investigations into the alleged links between russia and donald trump's campaign remain open our washington correspondent carson phenomena sent us this report on what lies ahead in american politics this year. there is little donald who will dominate the headlines in the united states this
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year once again donald trump like him or not the president has up and it's washington's way of doing business we broke every record it's the largest i always say the most massive but it's the largest tax cut in the history of our country tax reform might be trump's only big legislative achievement so far but the president has used his many powers to change the us for years to come the environment consumer rights immigration foreign relations trade and the judiciary have all been affected donald trump has even changed the way journalism works these days this is arguably the most important tool of journalists covering the white house has a smartphone to follow the president's twitter feed and to find old what is on donald trump's mind today or the next owner or the next minutes until the next tweet anyway on average the president tweets seven times
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a day in addition to speeches and other statements trump rants against what he calls fake news parents conspiracy theories and so its opponents celebrities and even members of its own party and praises himself for his real or imagined achievements like ending the alleged war on christmas i told you that we would be saying merry christmas again. and donald trump certainly isn't done yet his next big project is infrastructure the united states might be the world's only remaining global superpower at least for now but back home much of its infrastructure is crumbling like this hybrid just outside washington. i the president hopes that his new initiative will for a change be popular across party lines but there are still many open questions like what kind of infrastructure projects you'll bridges and airports or will equip
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schools and hospitals and who's going to pay for that donald trump's tax reform already blows a big hole into the federal budget and then the infrastructure package for a come on top of that now some republicans want to cut welfare programs to plug that hole but that's a no go for the democratic party especially in an election year and in fact the democrats stand a good chance to win a majority in both chambers of congress in autumn after all trumps approval ratings are at a record low for any u.s. president in modern history of to a year in office they hover at around thirty five percent so his biggest hope for a boost in popularity is continued economic growth or perhaps the outbreak of a major international crisis. nothing makes americans rally behind their president like the threat of war and in particular when it comes to north korea and its nuclear program trump hasn't been holding back they will be met with fire fury and
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frankly power the likes of which this world has never see before and there are quite a few people here in washington who fear that trump might follow through on his threats this year the rhetoric of trump and some of his supporters on north korea shows parallels to the bush administration just before the invasion of iraq and so it raises some eyebrows when the commandant of the u.s. marine corps recently told his troops a war is coming and they should be prepared for a big fight. the pentagon quickly backpedaled saying the marines should always be prepared but with such an unpredictable commander in chief not everyone is reassured so two thousand eight hundred promises once again to be a turbulent year in the u.s. and the role in the world. we have some sports now and in football the bonus league
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of returns from the winter break in nine days and champions byron munich have begun their preparations for the restart the training camp in qatar the team including new signing sandra wagner arrives in the gulf states for several days of intense fitness and tactical training the return of face labor in the opening game of twenty. and crews and one of the toughest races on the planet have returned to the high season melbourne australia in stage four of the valvo. boats are all over ten thousand kilometers a hong kong team held the lead out of melbourne but that could change legs are expected to take about three weeks to complete the overall race which began in october as eleven stages including two. at. the top stories we're following for you today tens of thousands of pro-government rallies following days of anti-government targeting the regime at least twenty one
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people have been killed hundreds of the rest of the week of protests. and north korean officials say they will reopen it. at the border with the south the move comes amidst a possible thaw in tensions between the two rivals with leaders on both sides making calls this week for dialogue. this is. thomas for the entire news. more news at the top the hour. information.


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