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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2018 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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this at spain's molokai airport about half an hour after arriving from london stansted airport police arrested the fifty seven year old after the plane's crew persuaded him not to jump with his suitcase from the wing. it's going to talk north korea reopens its hotline to the south with kim jong un saying he wants the team at next month's winter olympics and check the south says we're listening china says into korean discussions are in everyone's interests but america says it's just hot air unless discussions include at the nuclear eyes north korea i'm phil gayle in berlin welcome to the day. the. north korean leader kim jong un has given an order to open the border with.
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china welcomes and supports the efforts by north and south korea to improve their bilateral relations. we will discuss working level issues related to sending a winter olympics delegation. we want to take any of the talk seriously if they don't do something to ban all nuclear weapons and north korea. has done for the entire united states is within range of our nuclear weapons and a nuclear button is always on my desk and we're going to keep all of our options on the table as we have said time and time again our policy on that front hasn't changed. well we'll talk about the latest developments on the korean peninsula and just a moment first u.s. president donald trump past launched a scathing. attack on his former chief strategist steve bannon ahead of the release
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of a new less than flattering book in a formal white house statement to mr trump said that steve allen has nothing to do with me or my presidency when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind just about and is quoted in the forthcoming book saying that to donald trump jr is meeting in twenty sixteen with a group of russians was treasonous the president's statement blames balun for helping to write what he calls phony books. well let's get more on this from washington correspondent costs and phenomena welcome kasten let's start by looking at what mr trump is reacting to so steve bannon talks about donald trump jr's meeting with a group of russians he's quoted as saying that even if you thought that this was not treasonous or unpatriotic or bad and i happen to think that it's all of that you should have called the f.b.i. immediately so costly let's talk first of all about this meeting.
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yeah this was a meeting of members of the trump campaign with a group of russians and russian lawyer this meeting was convened by donald trump jr the president's son who had been offered compromising material on hillary clinton the opponent of donald trump in the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign from a source that source made it clear that this was part of a campaign by the russian government to support donald trump in that election and donald trump jr in a now infamous e-mail wrote back i love it so this was the meeting there this was all well known but still steve benen the former trump chief strategist coming forward and saying this was not only dubious but even treasonous is of course a new dimension because it runs counter to the claims of donald trump that this
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whole russia investigation is a hoax and a witch hunt and there's nothing to it and the president has responded to the claims in this book with an official statement rather than one of his infamous tweets let's take a closer look at that response and he's written as steve spent his time at the white house leaking false information to the media to make himself seem far more important than he was so it was rarely in a one on one meeting with me and only pretends to have had influence so custom these two men were close political allies now the president is doing his best to discredit his former chief strategist is a sign that he's worried about the effect that this book could have. certainly and it's also a sign that the people around him of worried that this could become even bigger if donald trump would shoot from the hip and just tweet out whatever comes to his mind so they crafted this statement here to get it right but of course still the
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language in the statement is very harsh on steve benen that shows just how angry donald trump must be and what if steve bannon that the books not been released yet why is he allowing this material to go public which could damage a man that he helped to become president. steve bannon is very vain and very full of himself he things is the smartest guy around he has shown that time and again in interviews that he has given and so basically he's been his own worst enemy many times pretty much like donald trump in some other respects so steve benen of course knew that these quotes would be used for this book by michael wolff fire and fury but he didn't release them in the way i think he just once again tried to present himself in the good lights and didn't mind painting donald trump in the white house in a very negative light and i think you might have crossed the line here this time
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because a phenomenon in washington thank you. now when it comes to relations between the united states and north korea the new year began pretty much the way the old one ended with verbal sparring between the two countries north korea's kim jong un used these new year's address to boast about the nuclear button on his table ready to launch strikes at the united states declaring that this was not a threat but a reality u.s. president donald trump fired back with a tweet saying that whatever pyongyang could do washington could do better will someone from his depleted and food starve regime please inform him that i too have a nuclear button but it's much bigger and more powerful than his he tweeted and my button works let's be clear the u.s. president doesn't have an actual button but that's a story for another day so despite the war of words across the pacific there have
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been signs of thawing tensions on the korean peninsula itself today north korea reopen the suspended hotline with the south the communications link of the country's border have been disconnected since two thousand and sixteen the two koreas have been making overtures of ours improving ties since new year's eve after north korea's kim jong un signaled that he wanted to see he's athletes at next month's winter olympics in the south. well melissa charm is a follower of the robert bush foundation the journalist specializing in that asian affairs welcome to the w what does this announcement tell us about kim jong un's thinking well everyone focuses on the fact that he mentioned that he has a button on his table the nuclear button but of course he also did extend an olive branch to open the possibility of discussing and having talks with south korea which the south koreans responded positively to they said let's have
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a meeting let's have a meeting next week how about tuesday i mean this is happening very quickly and it is one way to bring the temperature down so that's looking at the situation with the glass half full and so there's a lot of symbolism in this isn't well to a certain extent there is symbolism that he decided to give the speech at the start of twenty eight thousand but also keep in mind of course that the two koreas have very few means of communicating actually this hotline as you mentioned is something that they're just restarting after an interim where they weren't really speaking with each other and there were instances where the south koreans would call the north koreans and they just wouldn't pick up like a sort of teenagers having a fight and one side not picking up the phone i mean that was how bad communication was between the two sides so in many ways this was the only way for them to speak to each other through press conferences via the media so would just. want. well how does something that a lot of people are wondering i mean first of all of course is the preservation of
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his country of north korea and it appears that he believes strongly that the only way he can ensure his own personal survival as well as his country's is that his country has nuclear weapons which the united states finds on a sceptical as we've seen with nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. saying so but the u.s. saying so doesn't mean that it is so north korea it is a defacto a nuclear state it is something that the americans find on a sceptical but they might have to learn to live with let's hear more of what u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has been saying. we won't take any of the talk seriously if they don't do something to ban all nuclear weapons in north korea we consider this to be a very reckless regime we don't think we need a band-aid we don't think we need to smile and take a picture we think that we need to have them stop nuclear weapons and they need to stop it now so north korea can talk with anyone they want but the u.s.
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is not going to recognize it or acknowledge it until they agree to ban the nuclear weapons that they have thank you very much. so washington has preconditions but south korea says well you know let's let's talk the husband toll. the plan behind this is to sort of drive a wedge between south korea and washington did you find that credible i mean that's one way of looking at it i mean the tricky thing with this whole thing between the united states north korea south korea china japan all the players russia as well is that it really you can look at it the same situation and interpret it in different ways yes one way is to look at the situation and say that the north koreans have successfully driven a wedge it's not entirely clear at this moment that the south koreans actually ran this by the americans in terms of offering to speak with the north koreans next week so the very fact that south korea and the united states are allies of very
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close allies especially with this issue and the very fact that the south koreans have not discussed with the americans this decision to take and pick up the overtures from north korea could be viewed as a potential which but again that's one way of looking at things child of a very positive about this china is very positive china has always said that everyone should try to talk this out but of course china has played a game in all of this as well it's very interesting their very week they said that the reports are coming out that china was really putting the pressure on north korea and selling less oil their very same week you had reports coming out that china was selling oil. of you know on the down low to the north koreans so they're doing this dual thing where they're putting pressure applying pressure on the north koreans and we do understand that the sanctions are starting to finally work to certain extent that the north koreans do feel the pressure but again on the other hand you have china also secretly selling oil to the north koreans and of course
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encouraging everyone to talk so briefly that what would each side north and south korea regard as a best outcome from these talks well i think the best outcome baby steps right is just to bring down the temperature it is not helpful when the american president responds in the same kind of rhetoric. as the north korean leader i mean sure north korea says that it wants to destroy the imperialist american power all the time and use flashy rhetoric like that but the united states has always kept fairly call him in response to that and when you have two sides speaking in such bombastic manners it's this is a new you know this is a nuclear situation how seriously should we take tweets i don't know but it's nuclear and i think we have to take it seriously melissa china thank you. and one of the big challenges facing the united states in twenty eighteen is its opioid crisis every day dozens of americans die from drugs overdoses the children
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of drug addicts are also victims some are removed from their patterns for their own safety and cared for by foster parents our next report looks at the hardships suffered by one such go. it's a moment fifteen year old athena gregory can enjoy when she can focus just on herself behind her lies a horrific childhood as the daughter of drug addicts she foresaw responsibility for herself her little brother and her parents. you always have to stick by your parent's side. even when they are doing what they aren't supposed to do you have to hope as much as possible and be as brave as possible. back then there was no such thing as cooking a meal together the family moved constantly they often lack basic necessities at the end they lived in a motel athena's parents existed in
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a drug fuelled hands first pills then heroin. you know i went my bought heroin and i had it been a with me and i was in the basement of this these people's house and i was shooting heroin in their house and she was upstairs in their living room watching t.v. and she'd run through the house to try to get rid of everything she would find. she would flush it down the toilet or she would break the needles. and then on the hand you know we're just getting a matter of her late why you know why would you do that. it's very clear why. she was just wanted us to stop. the authorities intervened when athena was eleven and she and her brother were sent to foster parents. the lady said you and your brother are going to need to come with me and we're walking down the stairs just remember seeing my dad like crying and just being like i promise we're
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going to get you back i promise we're going to see you and stuff with drug addiction in the u.s. across the country the numbers of those affected have skyrocketed experts say it's an epidemic including here in florida. drug abuse dictates many people's lives especially in poorer areas one result neglected children. orphanages are rare in the u.s. . instead the government relies on foster families to take in children at risk. as a foster mother she took an eight in when he was nine months old and made sure that his contact with his birth mother never broke off kate explains how it is when drug addicted parents suddenly take a sober view of their own lives to keep that momentum going day in and day out when you're sober for maybe the first time in your life and you're confronting all sorts
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of. what i hear about whether overcoming but when they are when you think about what they have to go through day to day if they can see that maybe every day and it's like this is what i'm working for this is what i'm doing that's. a court gave his mother one year to get her life in order after she had overdosed on heroin since they had a. background of drug use and my other two children are in my custody because of my drug use you know they gave me a case plan right away and at that moment i was like ok now i'm done that's it so i wasn't going to lose you know another child into the system because i wanted to go and use drugs. katherine has made it after eight months she got her child back but she fears her past might destroy her children's future. you know i'm very scared because it's more likely for an addict's children to become addicts and i know that
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i've struggled with it for a while that would actually kill me to watch my child. in maryland the gregory family are picking up their youngest from the school bus stop for years big sister athena was the only reliable parent substitute for anthony who suffers from autism and epilepsy his mother even used drugs while she was pregnant with him now she's playing with a guilty conscience. and i'll never know if my actions had anything to do with how he turned out but i can't help but think about it and always think about it. you know he's going to pay for something. that i chose to do for us in his life with a yes she's not as worried about athena the teen violence to never go near drugs. her i just want to prove to people that i don't have a higher risk of that and that i am myself me and my brother are us we are not
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based off of our past and now we're we are the family that we are now we are nothing like we were before. athena knows exactly what she wants after high school graduation she wants to go to beauty school her dream is to have her own salon. and joe shot case found a high sobriety pioneering rehab center that integrates cannabis in addiction recovery welcome to day doubly why does america have this opioid problem. well i mean there's a bunch of different reasons and theories about it one of them is overprescribing there's another theory about just sort of sickness in the entitlement of americans to believe that they are entitled to pain free life so there's a lot of different reasons i think you know trying to figure out some of the reasons of why that happened so that we can stop it from future generations as part
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of the challenge in the immediate sense we have so many addicted people that we have never seen anything like this before in the culture so we really have to address this here in the now and the lethal aspect that people who are dropping you know we drop five bodies an hour from overdose that's it's and how does this opioid epidemic compare with other drug epidemic of the united states has faced like crack and cocaine. well it's i think it's more serious i also think that america we look the other way our alcohol problem here is sixty four thousand people each year we die of an overdose lisa's reported there's eighty eight thousand americans who drink themselves to death eighteen hundred college age young people drink themselves that so i feel like there are a lot of aspects of drug use in america we need massive reform and drove policy we are very focused on the opiate problem not saying that we shouldn't be i'm saying
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that it's probably larger than just the opiate. and yet the president trump has chosen to make opioids a but he chose to make a big part of his campaign and is now targeting it why. that's a good question and i think that he's targeted in a way of hyperbole i think that he really hasn't done much of anything to address the issue other than to say that people shouldn't do drugs which is great advice but it doesn't really do very much and so i'm not sure i think that you know he will typically jump on anything that's in the media and that's what's currently in the media. but he's not looking at this is in terms of policy reform jeff sessions his choice for attorney general has virtually said that good people don't use cannabis we know that there is no lethal dose of cannabis it's one of the reasons that we were created into our protocols advice briony jeff sessions state is notorious for drinking themselves to death distilling grain alcohol in the basement
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with a still that blows up so the idea that we're looking to the trunk of ministration to salt or even make any impact on this is wrong the expectation is extraordinarily low for that system of people to actually do anything meaning for a little meaningful or measurable for this particular problem it's not so different the crisis ronald reagan didn't even say hiv and still there were i don't know how many people are dead and so it was a very lackluster response to aids and they say the it's the same thing with this the trumpet ministration has made a few statements but they've done actually they've done enough and briefly if you would mind you touched on it just the last ounce of your approaches to sweat one drug full another opioids for accountability which sounds wrong. yes it's a good sound counter you know the theories about cannabis being a gateway drug it been disproved it it is a gateway it's also
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a gateway out like gates go two ways my interest in candidates in our interest in supporting people is is multifaceted for the first and the first point of entry people will say they can get their minds around replacing drug use they can't necessarily get their minds around sation of drug use it also really aids in the detox process it helps people get through most people are deathly afraid of the detox process that they don't even try to continue to use you know from their cannabis can help them stay off it might help people is that they achieved their goal whether that's sation of all to use or whether that's replacement there is no lethal dose of cannabis nobody dies using cannabis so that's really our thing is nobody finds any recovery of their debt so let's start with taking debt up to table and see what we go joe shrunk thank you so much.
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for you show that you already recognize this music the james bond theme is one of the most iconic pieces of music that you will hear at the but it's also one of several featured in a new documentary called school that opens in germany this week. whistling melodies twenty guitars and fatalistic trumpets never before had a movie score set the mood for a series of films in the way ennio morricone is did for the renowned spaghetti westerns. took that sound of that it's r. and they called it in so that was the violence. that is the sound of you know look at us that still fifty sixty years after the fact what would cinema be without music composer marco beltrami analyzes the famous shower scene in
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alfred hitchcock's psycho music it's not that scary. you know there's you know there's the process of the music. thank you thank you stuff and myself i thought it. and a violin is what provided that tortured sound. german composer hans zimmer has created music for more than one hundred fifty movies including the pirates of the caribbean series he's known for integrating electronic sounds with traditional orchestral arrangements a reporter solves roughly the food where somebody comes into the room and got this idea that will be fun to do if you're flattered but even considering you me and you have a moment of reflection you go i have no idea how to do or. what
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how does film music work and who's behind it the documentary score answers some of these questions it offers a behind the scenes look for example at recordings for the james bond film casino royale scored does reveal a few tricks but still leaves the sense of magic intact. most directors don't know how to convert emotions into musical. or into music so the composer has to kind of you know act almost like a therapist and go through all this mish mash of what the director is saying get the essence of it. and push emotion to the next level whether for john's or for star wars film scores can help us feel a part of the action. well this day is nearly done but. the station continues a line to find us on twitter. or a fellow galas g.a.y.
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