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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2018 12:00am-12:02am CET

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has no children which makes her feel worthless and incomplete. in a society that expects them to bear children this is a burden many married yet childless women in niger suffer from. a wife is only fully accepted upon motherhood. a very personal film about the suffering of childless women in the nature. fruitless tree starting january fourteenth on t w. in iran pro-government demonstrations have taken place in numerous cities the country's revolutionary guards have also been deployed in three provinces to quell anti-government demonstrations that have continued for a seventh consecutive day at least twenty one people have died in clashes so far.
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the u.n. human rights commissioner has called on iran to rein in security forces to avoid further violence. north korea has reopened a suspended communications line with south korea north korean leader kim jung un ordered that the hotline at the country's border be reconnected the two koreas had been making overtures to improving ties. at least forty eight people in peru were killed when a bus collided with a truck and then tumbled down a cliff onto a rocky beach the accident occurred on a narrow stretch of highway known as the devil's curve about seventy kilometers north of the capital lima. a ryanair passenger who apparently grew tired of waiting to deplane use an emergency exit to reach the wing this at spain's molokai airport about half an hour after arriving from london stansted airport
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police arrested the fifty seven year old after the plane's crew persuaded him not to jump with his suitcase from the wing. at the. bank in hot water again this time it shareholders with the land in the sights that are looking to sue the back for the seven hundred million euros. or is that coming up the latest child labor numbers look a little better but it's still a huge problem in bangladesh. too good to be true a french city puts houses up the sale for the princely sum of just one you're right . this is your business update on how to humphrey in berlin good to have you with us security experts have discovered a new major design flaw in the chips made by u.s. tech.


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