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tv   Made in Germany - Digitalization The Workplaces of Tomorrow  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2018 3:30am-4:00am CET

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little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and it took me years to. finally gave up and went to buy me and my cycle but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice and now i want to meet those woman back home who are bound by them and social rules and inform them about that basic rights my name is the amount of people home and i wore them. experts say germany is losing its tech age europe's economic engine is behind in
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the global race today are made in germany we take a look at where the germans are in robotics currencies an artificial intelligence and in physical and. robots assuming the journeys of sales personnel surgeons being offered an entirely new dimension of control in the operating theatre technology is on a rapid trajectory and germany is playing its pot is the first report in our new series digital germany with the w.'s and matthew on here to. the spin pod i'm told is are you looking for specific products yeah not so fast please speak after the p b. yeah. very what are you looking for i'm looking for a t.v. . may i take you to the television department. please not so fast
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please after the b b. yes you please creature this time specular. careful i'm setting off and follow me. paul is the new sales assistant here and the first robot i've ever met. oh no you're a bit on the smoke side. come on. he's even got the small talk down his job is to make people feel more comfortable with robots. and if you must robotics are set to become a bigger part of our lives i mean if i increasingly people will be using robots there will be a lawnmower robots cleaning robots social robots so paul is perfect for getting people used to them. and he's usually pretty good at that.
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this is where paul was born so to speak he was assembled in this workshop is creators are still refining him they're confident he'll soon be in demand not just as a sales assistant but in all sorts of areas. we count whatever and i think robots will provide support when there's a shortage of personnel for example in the cast sector or whether the show. twenty five thousand workers the question is actually will we be able to maintain the levels of service we have now this is where robots will play a major role. of course. if he's going to work in the care
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sector paul might have to work on his bedside manner. and flexible arms will come in handy too. in fact robots are already used in health care. davinci is a surgical robot specialized in prostate cancer it can't actually operate by itself yet its arms a remotely controlled by a surgeon. these new assistants takes some getting used to but make surgical procedures a lot easier. the robot gives the surgeon a view of the operative feel that's magnified ten fold this allows the surgeon to
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work more precisely and monitor shows the image from the camera on the robot's omma is a chimera is removed. it looks huge in actual fact it's only a few millimeters big. i find myself wondering how i would feel about being operated on by a robot putting my life in its hands basically. surgeons often work very long hours unlike humans robots don't get tired man and machine in future they'll be working together more no. the director of this private clinics. prostate cancer tells me that fifty percent of operations are now performed with the help of such cool robots. pleased with
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thousand of the robots allow us to refine movements if i move my hand by one centimeter the robots are moved by one millimeter there's also a sort of tremor filter zone no more problems with hand tremors there are some drawbacks there's no had dick feedback and you can't actually feel anything you only have a visual so it's a very promising technology but although there are many areas which have seen increased use of the technology we've never seen humans actually replaced by machines. but they have replaced them here. there are no humans to be seen in amazon's new logistics center. it's cool very futuristic with robotic transport units gliding around by themselves steered by invisible hands. these are the new amazon robots.
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best f five yeah it's an improvement first because it means there's a lot more storage space for the merchandise the shelves are very close together now we don't need such wide eyes for the workers. and secondly it's so much faster because we don't need to factor in the amount of time that it takes to get around like you buy disallow think and think. hard for the units make that own way around nine hundred amazon robots are in operation the first warehouse robots in use in germany. over two thousand a planned for here each robot costs tens of thousands of years a human warehouse worker and eleven years an hour. around two thousand people were hired for the logistics center if it weren't for the robots twice as many would have been hired. is the fear that humans will one day be
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replaced by robots justified. if that's not true they can ask them and not of course i understand the fears to some extent. looks as though we'll lose out but the fact is we won't be losing out at all like to achieve the same level of efficiency i would need a lot more workers but i'd struggle to find three thousand to three thousand five hundred people in the hamburg area they are probably immigrate is four percent it would be hard with robots it runs smoothly is this guns i'm written on. i'm not sure i follow the logic amazon uses robots because there aren't enough people looking for a job i thought the point was to boost efficiency. either way the amazon warehouses could be a glimpse of the future. visiting
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halls design. one of their top priorities is alleviating public fears about robots. the head designer tells me that's why it's important always given a personality a friendly one. he's helpful. pleasant and helpful intelligent charming. i wanted him to be a gentleman to have a certain elegance. and this is reflected in his appearance of. the he's nice missions elegant and he moves like a gentleman into him and. he can give a sort of bow to his students and to intern for. no one hears afraid of paul not even the human sales assistants that he might one day put out of
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a job would be should i find you a sales assistant please answer with yes or no. young ok i'll call one of my humanoid colleagues. i think human noise calling arrives home is playing music and i ask him if he can turn it off when he says no told us that so who really is in charge here you mention the humans are still in charge maybe not for much longer but for now we're still the boss. calls definitely got a friendly vibe and he's got some great moves sort of. his a technological development that could put banks out of business it could also make all sorts of middlemen redundant in lots of other situations crypto currencies are gaining popularity around the globe and so is the information storage and
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transaction system behind them the block chain it's not only revolutionizing financial transactions. what is a block chain. edward is a composer. a producer sells his c.d.'s and a performance rights organization protects his copyrights collecting a fee for him every time his music is played or broadcast publicly until now edward has paid for the services. but the administrative functions could soon be handled by a decentralized computer network it would operate like this edward would put his work online in a codify and file a block. millions of linked computers would receive and store identical copies other musicians could also post their code if i'd work online together and words musical data would form a long chain of coded blocks
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a block chain every computer contains exactly the same chain of data if a further copy is made it's instantly apparent and of hackers try to manipulate edwards' block it too would differ from the link copies the network would sound a warning and so prevent any fraudulent activity that means edward would be able to sell or swap his music without needing a record label to protect his interests. every transaction would be recorded securely in the block chain it's fast and costs almost nothing the losers are the middlemen that once also earn money from edwards work his producer unemployed the music rights organization disbanded its staff out of work because by their nature block chains automatically provide intellectual property rights protection block chains would enable edward to do without a range of other service providers as well think can be used to validate money
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transfers or document real estate sales making bankers and notaries superfluities. computer geeks love them they expect block chain technology to transform the world as dramatically as the internet but there are still systemic limitations edwards computer isn't powerful enough to handle a block change constantly growing data volume has electricity costs would skyrocket and any power failure would put his block chain out of action for the duration. if things continued like that edward would need a new producer if there are any left to be found. overhead wood to recover forever vattel and i t entrepreneur founder of a block chain startup is with us today to tell us all about the technology and you've also brought along a cost of sorts tell me what why the cowboy outfit if mobile phones are getting bigger all the time and they didn't fit in my pants i decided to find
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a solution. now i have my most important work device always available you look like you are set for the job tell me what actually drew you to the job what drew you to this industry. find this into the station fascinating and i think it can empower a lot of people worldwide and i come from it as well a country that is right now in the middle of a crisis and i think a lot of uneconomical and i says. a lot of problems can be solved through this and really sation and not having people that could be corrupt in power and and taking all those variables out of the system and that's one of the things that blocks and technology promises the changing the way we do business and banking but also changing politics yes absolutely exactly. and technology came into being through bitcoin in two thousand and nine and it was developed not only
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with the technological purpose at hand but also political and it was developed after the two thousand and eight. economic crisis so it was a way to find a solution to all those problems and it's been working pretty well and some say you've come for a bit as well a to germany where does germany stand technologically there are a lot of critics out there who say germany is way behind. germany. is very special because there's a very good infrastructure already in place and a lot of. regulation for all types of economic activities and i think that germany could turn this into its advantage by making regulation that is attractive to blocking startups on the world so it's a big opportunity now haven't seen any germans walking around with chips under
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their head but surely what you've got there because it's it's quite an unusual thing to do get a chip implanted into your head i don't people who've done it but why did you get it done yeah we're experimenting and thinking about solutions where we use those kinds of chips in order to sign block chain transaction or it can transfer actions and it's all about the centralization of bringing power into more and moving it to the individual instead of centralized organization so people can sign all the transactions with their hand. at the beginning it was a bit strange but after a couple of months you get really used to it than right now i don't notice it anymore and you've actually you can actually put big cohens on to that yeah there's a new chip that's going to be on the market soon that is going to allow that to be
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done securely and right now i'm using it mostly to open the doors of our office i think we've got a back to it of a bit about that first of the rise of cryptocurrency more and more countries are accepting the digital payment method and more and more people using it is why and how. what is a crypto currency. kitty loves the internet and on it she buys bitcoins ethe ripple money arrow not real money but crypto assets which she manages with the help of smartphone apps as do some five million others in germany kitty stores her cryptocurrency in what are called wallets that anonymous and encrypted she can use her digital currency to buy pretty much anything on line a growing number of stores accept these currencies with her crypto currency she can book a hotel say in moscow the payment process takes ten minutes in comparison a standard international bank transfer would take up to four days and costs money
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but correspondent banks exchange rates and fees would make a transfer of two hundred fifty euros twenty eight euros more expensive. whereas cryptocurrency is transferred wallet to wallet and incurs almost no extra costs there's no bank involved no state no central bank and no privacy concerns. over carter's company makes that process even simpler can you actually show us on your tablet how to buy because i've never done it yet one of the things about the sick knowledge is that it's technically very complex and we decided to build tools that make it very easy to buy bitcoin so this account is connected to my bank account and i just put in that i want to buy and ten euros worth of bitcoins i place in order and then it gets transferred to the server and the first as has been made so the bitcoins are credit to the wallet. and in
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this case. we have to buy the bitcoins in an exchange there's other processes for people that trade where it's important to buy at the same day and our focus group is mainly people that use bitcoin for other purposes than short time trading. tell me how you put a value on a bit coin because i mean everyone understands how currencies work and how they fluctuate around the world it is that going to be something that just disappears everyone suddenly using the same crypto currency. the price of bitcoin is. driven by a supply and demand and cents like i said most of the transactions are done through exchanges there's over one hundred worldwide and almost in every big country there isn't that kind of change this. this is what drives the price so in every exchange there's a different price that is driven by the demand of that country and when it comes to
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putting a price on our services and our companies and what we do will it come down to a bought a system of sorts because if this move this shift to digital currencies. yeah i think we're going to be seeing a future where more and more cripps of currencies arise. tokens that are right now arising through networks based networks like the theory i'm where you have backed tokens so you have a digital certificate of for example potato and then we don't need to exchange the potato physically but we can maybe exchange it completely digitally allowing global market to to trade this this off to importantly we have to point out it's all about handing over the reins from regulatory bodies that have been in place to so long to to whom at the end of the day. yeah it's mostly about empowering the individual and
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so what we're seeing that be taken advantage of in negative way i mean there is a dockside there are people buying weapons and drugs through the darkness and say yeah like all kinds of technology there's a positive and negative side and that's why. technology like boxing which is so powerful. there it's very important to be early in the market and early to know all the dangerous to be able to control and offer regulation that doesn't give a lot of space for criminality and i think it's going to enable a lot of possible things if the right regulation is in place under a block ten x. but there are a veteran thank you very much for coming in today thinking well to machine learning getting computers to do the thinking for us nothing new but it is gaining you meant to especially in the united states that's where most technology originates germany
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is trying to catch up the global sick that could soon be worth tens of billions of yours. software manufacturer s a p is investing in a vast new market marcos noga the head of machine learning at the firm wants to get artificial intelligence running across all sectors. we have a vision the intelligent company we want business processes which are often very rigid repetitive and extensive to run themselves room ashima learning meaning that the eighty percent of a process which involves routine tasks can be carried out entirely by the software her alone. this program evaluates the visibility of sponsors logos during t.v. broadcasts of sporting events until now that's been a tedious manual task. you can make an analysis here you
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can see very clearly which logo can be seen at intervals for how long. in s.a.p.'s innovation center in the german city of potsdam data experts are developing new applications for machine learning. machine learning is about the computer learning from data rather than being specifically programmed that enables us to process fundamentally restructured information such as natural speech a spoken word the written word pictures or videos in completely new ways. in which seemed learning computers analyze data and identify patterns like humans learning from experience the more data available the more reliably a program can make its own decisions berlin start ups are already using the technology. in pharma cultivates vegetables and herbs in computer controlled modules on location in supermarkets or restaurants the data collected on growth and
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consumption is ended up taining a perfect match between cultivation and demand. but while in farms data volumes are growing only slowly online retailer federate has collected enormous amounts outfitter restyle lists put together wardrobes for half a million men from eight countries entirely according to their taste and needs. machine learning helps the stylists cater to a customer's taste more accurately with each order. the software gradually restricts the available selection based on the knowledge of goods previously ordered and returned. stephen lam is outfitter east chief data officer he says adopting intelligent software has improved sales though it still wouldn't be possible to replace the online retailers one hundred fifty stylists
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with computers. we want to create the perfect symbiosis between stylist and machine a stylist will always be able to do things better than any algorithm such as recognizing trends and the entire communication process with the customer is something a stylist will always do better than a machine but when it comes to these enormous data volumes the statistics the number crunching machine offers a clear advantage. to machine hard to plan photo. that's why companies will soon be using computers for routine tasks rather than people if things were up to s.a.p.'s marcus noga artificial intelligence will soon be hard at work in every company. and in every country in japan they've already got a robot that can present the news and weather germany still lagging behind chances are good i can keep my job until i'm ready to retire by the end of another edition of made in germany if you missed anything to our website you can also follow the
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team add me on twitter at banff as well as my head oh i'll see you again soon.
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