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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2018 7:00am-8:01am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump rips into his former chief strategist steve bannon is in the firing line for explosive comments on a trump tower meeting with russia trump says banon has quote lost his mind we'll
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get the fallout from washington also coming up. around the claires an end to deadly anti-government unrest islamic rulers there mobilizing support tens of thousands taking to the streets in a show of force for the country's government. plus russia's election countdown president vladimir putin seems certain to win this coming march as he brushes off challengers will talk to an adviser to one of the opposition candidates. also on the show will have a special report on homelessness here in berlin charities say east europeans are especially hard hit thousands of them are sleeping rough in the capital a reporter investigates why is being homeless in berlin better than going home. plus in sports and dortmund hitman pierre everich obama young is gunning for a second african player of the year award tonight we'll look at his stats.
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i'm brian thomas great to have you with us u.s. president donald trump has launched a scathing attack on his former chief strategist steve battens ahead of the release of a new bombshell book by bannon the president said steve batten has nothing to do with me or my presidency when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind bannon is quoted in a forthcoming book as saying that donald trump jr's twenty sixteen meeting with a group of russians was quote treasonous this is the f.b.i. continues its investigation into alleged links between the trump campaign and moscow well the white house press press secretary sarah huckabee sanders faced the press following the release of trump statement i think there are
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a number of factors that played in i would certainly think that going after the president's son and absolutely outrageous and unprecedented way is probably not the best way to curry favor with anybody furious disgusted would probably certainly fit when you make such outrageous claims and completely false claims against the president his administration and his family are washington correspondent kelly and she is following the shock waves rolling across washington today let's start off carolina bice looking at what trump's reacting to exactly steve bannon in his forthcoming book is talking about donald trump jr's meeting in two thousand and sixteen with a group of russians he's quoted as saying that even if you thought that this was not treasonous or unpatriotic or bad and i happen to think it's all of that you should have called the f.b.i. immediately. early in
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a first off how is this going to affect the ongoing russian investigation where i would like to put this into context and explain a bit what this meeting was about this was a meeting of members of the campaign team with a russian lawyer convened by don't trump jr the president's son in june two thousand and sixteen that means in the middle of the the alexion campaign the meeting took place in the trump tower you know washington d.c. because trying to new york had been offered compromising material on here early clinton which came supposedly came from the russian government this meeting has already been in the u.s. media for a while for a long time and it is also part as we know of investigations on the alleged meddling of russians in the election two thousand and sixteen but was it what is new here is that steve bannan transformer t.v. strategist is calling this meeting as you already said he's declared they are
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actively against the claims of president donald trump and against the white house who say that the whole russian investigation is a lie which i'm trying to ministration ok now this context is crucial let's take a closer look now at the president's response he said steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency when he was far are you not only lost his job he lost his mind and he went on to say that steve spent his time at the white house leaking false information to the media to make himself seem far more important than he was steve was rarely in a one on one meeting with me and only pretends to have had influence. now this is an incredible response when you consider that bannon was trump's chief strategist is fair to say he was the architect even of his victory now the president is doing his best to seriously discredit him how worried should the
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president be about what this book is going to reveal. trump is very worried on the people around him as well this is why the official press release you just read coming from the white house this when say had this very harsh tone also the fact that donald trump's lawyer has already sent a legal notice to c.-span and also shows they are taking his comments in this book very serious the lawyers sent this season and he sees the system later to ban on wednesday night arguing he has violated and known disclosure agreement with his comments in michael wolff book it is pretty clear now to everyone that the mask of friendship between donald trump and see phantom has definitely dropped no ok now this doesn't only pose a threat for the president what about the entire trump movement how's it going to
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be affected by these revelations. well the movement will probably be affected by this because the trump voters and to supporters there are also there is also an important basis for exactly by the white nationalists who voted for donald trump because of city fandom who without a doubt played a very important role not only during donald trump's campaign but also in the administration as the white house chief strategist so this important basis could turn their back on donald trump now and we will specially notice this probably during the midterm elections in november this year also we know that donald trump is less and less popular in other sectors like hispanic voters or african americans so all of this could through really play a key role in the upcoming midterm elections in november carlina chinmoy on the
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shocking development in washington this morning thanks very much thank you now for a look at some of the other stories making the news today the u.s. senate has sworn into new democratic senators reducing republicans majority to two doug jones from alabama won a special election to fill a vacancy and minnesota's tina smith was appointed to replace al franken who resigned amidst allegations of sexual misconduct. in mars marking the seventieth anniversary of its independence from great britain with a flag raising ceremony in the capital. it was a reference to the crisis in iraq in state that sent more than six hundred thousand mahindra muslims to bangladesh to escape a brutal military crackdown on insurgent times since august. well they could be called the u.s rebels poland and hungary in recent years both countries have infuriated brussels over converse in all forms of their courts and
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media but they've also locked horns with the e.u. on migrations saying its policy of resettling mostly migrants has failed now the two country's prime ministers have met for talks afterwards they underscored what they said was their stance that is gaining momentum pointing to the new government in austria. hungary and prime minister viktor orban has an ally in poland. his counterpart in warsaw. is ready to walk the same path upon doesn't mass migration quotas poland says it's already taken more refugees than any other each country fleeing the war in ukraine but they said press will still man's to take in thousands of mostly muslim migrants was highly unpopular and undermined their suffering today continent of to them it was for in terms of migration and quotas that were to be imposed on e.u. member countries we strongly reject such an approach as it infringes on sovereign
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decisions. this is a pretty strong call schemes name you could take. the e.u.'s migration policy is not working in fact it has failed spectacularly we've talked about this it's obvious that the people in europe do not want immigration lashed. the two leaders said they trust in the european union and its values and more if yet he added they want to jointly develop the e.u. . both pointed to the election of anti mass migration conservative sebastian courts in austria as proof their values are gaining strength. all three on one hand out to democracy has been restored in austria because the austrians who do not want immigration chose a government that does not want immigration either and this will be the same everywhere in europe it's just a question of timing. was an honored guest in hungary and he did his part both as
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a head of state and as a close ally in the pushback by some central european nations against what is seen as domination of the e.u. by western europe. while is an east west clash brewing in the e.u. let's cross over now to brussels and mathis for more on this i guarantee poland and hungary say their opposition to mass migration is gaining traction in the e.u. is brussels losing the battle over its refugee resettlement policies. without doubt brian this is a serious challenge for brussels it is a very complex issue how to resolve such a huge crisis that has been unsettling affairs in the european union for a number of years now event let's be careful not to fall into the at least rhetorical trap here set by these two leaders because this is not a case of an empire against of brussels in forcing something out of an emperor as we'll but this is putting
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a majority decision something that all member states agreed to into action in this particular case this is about playing by the rules and in two thousand and fifteen in september we had a council decision against the will of member states but that is the rules of the e.u. you can have majority decisions where a number of small number of member states can be again so they can be overpowered and that that decision was to relocate one hundred twenty thousand refugees and a number of eastern european countries have refused to follow this e.u. decision where twenty eight member states basically sat well loses how things will work and now they are facing a infringement procedures from the european court of justice against that yeah those procedures are crucial poland is facing severe and unprecedented sanctions from brussels as article seven of course but hungary is valid to veto any measures against worse also are we seeing now the emergence of
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a new power block inside the e.u. . i think we've always seen in the history of of a clump of twenty eight member states of the forming of alliances and subgroups what is new that in the past these subgroups at least were in favor of deeper integration in favor of sharing burden and showing solidarity and in the case of a number of eastern european countries now that is not the case so that is something new and also given the wave of populist nationalist movements that has also swept over austria for instance in recent elections that is more serious challenge for the e.u. if you take a look at the bigger picture in particular with regarding you know he's always big on words but when he receives a slap on the wrist from brussels he so far as always retreat ok thanks so much for that from brussels today this is day to w.
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news still to come on the show germany fall short on informing shoppers about animal welfare we'll hear about consumers and how they're demanding a change to confusing labels. but first it's to iran and the head of that country's revolutionary guards has announced what he called the end of sedition to halt a weeklong anti-government protest a crackdown on those protests killed twenty one people walls or he's arrested many more now iranian state t.v. is showing footage of pro-government rallies as it seeks to quash the anger at the country's economic woes. iran's leadership has mobilize support thousands of demonstrators in of us in southwestern iran took to the streets to show they're on the government's side protesters yelled death to the usa and death to israel state television showed similar demonstrations taking place across the
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country posters of the ayatollah ali how many were on display everywhere earlier the country's supreme leader blamed foreign powers for the unrest and now some protesters are calling for those who demonstrated against the government to be executed the revolutionary guard has also entered three provinces to try to restore order but that hasn't stopped anti-government protestors this footage shows a building going up in flames it allegedly belongs to the revolutionary guard in isfahan province. meanwhile more than a thousand anti-government demonstrators have supposedly been jailed a government spokesperson has emphasized the more liberal message of president hassan rouhani saying legal protests are allowed but that those who break the law will be punished and germany's foreign minister has urged foreign powers to be careful how they react but with. what we strongly advise against is the attempt to abuse this in a rainy and conflict internationally it has an economic backgrounds political
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reasons that we can understand at any rate that wouldn't the situation however opposition is quite clear in every country people have to have the right to express their political and economic views and to demand their rights and that also has to apply to iran. state run media in iran has now focused its attention on the pro-government rallies in the country rather than on the anti-government demonstrators. also not only human rights fueling these protests it's also iran's poor economy kristofferson that's right brian as international sanctions on iran were lifted many iranians hope that their economic situation would improve that trade would flourish foreign investment flow in and create jobs and that consequently living standards would improve in twenty fifteen foreign companies invested some two billion dollars in iran once sanctions were lifted that year
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foreign direct investment increase to almost three point four billion dollars french energy giant total for example was quick to arrange a deal worth billions with terror on to pump natural gas carmakers peugeot and red all build plants there and german companies are also vying for business in a country with a population of eighty million and that all adds up to sixty five percent increase in foreign investment but the economic upswing left many behind the current wave of protests comes in no small part because the hopes of many iranians have been dashed others fear that the ties they were able to establish with the west mate come under pressure. as general manager. and charge of a primarily female team the tehran based company imports medical devices to supply hospitals and clinics that specializes with high quality products and sources them from european partners known for innovation and reliability. they're not looking to
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just sell a product and then just as you place that you choose and not falling over the customer the fall of the customers make sure that they get trained because the believe if my customers happy with my for that and it's a happy customer it's going to bring more customers. would like to contribute towards making a run into a medical tourism destination it's plan availability of state of the art technology to attract well off patients from foreign countries. it's part of iran's economic renewal following the lifting of international sanctions in two thousand and sixteen iranian businesses and erstwhile western partners reached out to each other hungry to pursue investment and trade opportunities but the economy is still struggling unemployment and corruption are rife inflation is running at near ten percent and the current unrest could scare off potential investors. security
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experts have discovered a major design flaw in the chips made by u.s. tech giant until a bug fix could significantly slow down the performance of p.c.'s with an intel microprocessor the tech giant is yet to release more details about the flaw which experts say could affect millions of computers around the world operating systems running on intel chips like those by apple and microsoft must install the fix to avoid security issues but could then run up to thirty five percent slower in tow shares lost more than three percent on the news. there has been long time speculation when music streaming service spotify will go public now there's a date according to media reports spotify wants to launch its i.p.o. by the end of june this year meanwhile the company is facing a legal challenge a u.s. music publisher claims that the swedish service has lead in it illegally streamed thousands of its songs without the rights the company now wants one point six billion dollars in damages.
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tom petty is one of the most well known names in the dispute neil young and missy elliott are also there the music publisher wixon music says spotify only secured copyrights to pay music labels for each track and ignored royalties to songwriters and music publishers like weeks and weeks and says spotify owes it for more than ten thousand songs it wants one hundred fifty thousand dollars a pop spotify has over sixty million subscribers in dozens of countries and billions in annual revenue the companies expected to go public this year the firm has faced persistent problems with royalties it settled with a group of songwriters for forty three million dollars last year other cases are ongoing. all signs that the music industry isn't ready to back down.
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and respect to brian now and will germany finally have a new government soon bra a lot of people are saying by easter kristoff we don't know right now but we do know that the leaders of germany's main political parties say they are optimistic as they head into exploratory talks on forming a new coalition government top officials from chancellor merkel's conservatives met with leaders of the social democrats yesterday now official talks are set to begin on sunday but deep differences remain on immigration military spending education health care yes it is been reluctant to continue in government with the conservatives after suffering heavy losses and september's election. but party leader martin schol says he's confident the discussions will get off to a good start. by believe we've developed a good foundation from which we can begin the talks on sunday. spring aid from our political desk is here to talk about this because very good
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morning to you you know let's get a reminder for our viewers right now it's been one hundred days and selections germany still doesn't have a government can you fill us in. brian we live in times of political disruption and i think germany is simply not being spared from that trend you know the election back in september late september was inconclusive none of the classic consolations one a parliamentary majority so the policy makers tried something new the so-called jamaica coalition which would have involved chancellor merkel's conservative the pro-business liberals the environmentalist greens talk so complicated but they were making progress and suddenly the liberals pulled out hugely disruptive and i think part of a general trend in which germany's big parties to big parties are losing influence to small us sometimes disruptive parties. and you know we have you won't forget the f.t. in germany's national parliament they will turn to for germany the first time a foreigner the strongest party right now the strongest party. a far right anti
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immigration party for the first time in german parliament it's just very become very complicated to form a stable government in germany these days ok with that in mind you know the social democrats have been partners with the conservatives before why can't they just go on as they have in the past it would be so easy when it. every time the social democrats have been in a coalition with chancellor machall they've lost support they've not benefited politically so they're understandably reluctant i think to joining another coalition with the problem is when these so-called jamaica coalition talks broke down the only remaining realistic option is this grand coalition between the social democrats and the conservatives so the social democrats have been called upon to put the nation before party as they've done many times in the past the interesting thing by the way it puts them in quite a good position to draw. hard bargain ok the nation before party. aspect is very
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important for the social democrats isn't it you know what's going to prove crucial for these two talks martin schultz has gone into them sounding very optimistic what has to happen to prevent them from failing well the key thing or what i would call the elephant in the room well actually not in the room is the s.p.d. rank and file that the grassroots support of the social democrats they have particularly wrote reluctant about a fresh grand coalition with the. with the chancellor merkel on january the twenty first there's a special s.p.d. party conference which will be looking at the results of the exploratory talks which is starting this sunday and saying yes the those results are good enough for us to now launch full coalition chalk's once those coalition chalks produce a coalition agreement then the entire s.p.d. membership gets to vote on that agreement so two major opportunities for a skeptical rank and file to give the whole process a thumbs up or thumbs down what's the rank and file especially skeptical about is
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that a cap on migration is that the big sticking point migration policy is is a is a big issue but it's it's more workers' rights you know traditional social jam democratic issues workers' rights more social welfare spending that kind of thing chris respond good as ever just for thanks very much it welcome all stay in germany many people here would describe themselves as animal lovers but recently as the country's fall behind as european neighbors when it comes to informing consumers about animal welfare and set of having one system to show buyers what kind of animal product of purchasing there are a range of competing labels that often so confusion. no pig wants to live this way squished together and pens with floor grates so the manure can run off more easily even though that causes them more injuries no straw no distractions also they fatten up more quickly or take emily one of millions of high output dairy
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cows in order to ensure she makes enough milk she is kept pregnant at all times many consumers want farm animals to be treated humanely they want a label showing which products come from animals that have been kept in accordance with high ethical standards then i know the animal had a good life while being raised and it was treated humanely which would limit battery farming. if you're really interested in animal welfare then i think it's important to introduce a label like this. unlike with eggs in germany there is no uniform symbol for meat instead there are several labels that all use different standards for farm animals . you often detmar is board spokesman of noirmont a private label that has high animal welfare standards but labels like these only apply to one percent of meat that's produced. obviously very slow going and
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difficult when labels are voluntary this is also the experience we have had for more than twenty five years that's why we demand a compulsory animal welfare label from the state which would provide orientation and promote responsibility a year ago the german agriculture minister promised a government animal welfare label to be used on a voluntary basis animal welfare organizations protested a new report says most germans want a compulsory label but the agricultural ministry seems to be dragging its feet. i can imagine looking into how we can go forward with this label across europe so that it would be compulsory. denmark the netherlands and switzerland have already introduced mandatory animal welfare labels with great success the treatment of farm animals has improved considerably in those countries so there's no reason to blame europe for not taking action on animal
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welfare. this is day eight of the news live from berlin still to come on the show russia's president vladimir putin is running for reelection this year i'll be talking to an advisor to one of the opposition's captives. and thousands of eastern europeans are living rough berlin we look at why so many would rather live on the streets of the german capital than return to their own countries. all of that and much more straight ahead.
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month long cheering on city. sixteen. i should makea has no children which makes her feel worthless and incomplete. in a society that expects them to bear children this is a burden many married childless women in niger suffer from. a wife is only fully accepted upon motherhood. a very personal film about the suffering of childless women in nigeria. fruitless tree starting january fourteenth on t w. fake hair and real story. where i come from
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a lot of women. have fake hair sometimes the hair style takes up to two a day. it's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives. i became a journalist to be a story tale and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with all the time i spend at the salon i good quality care when i see it and a good story and i hear it. my name is elizabeth and i work at sea to. welcome back your news our top story right now u.s. president don't trump has launched a blistering attack on his former chief strategist is reacting to comment steve bannon made about a meeting in trump tower attended by a russian lawyer trump said bannon had quote lost his mind. it's to
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russia now a country that goes to the polls this year to elect a new president all signs point to blatter mir putin easily winning reelection in a moment i'll be talking to an advisor to one of the candidates opposing the russian leader but first our moscow correspondent your shadow has this report on the major issues facing the country and twenty eighteen. twenty eighteen it will be a special year. first is his predictable victory in the presidential election then the food bowl world cup in russia. but it also involves risks especially in foreign affairs. the middle east and syria in particular. prominent example of russia's attempt to reposition itself on the built stage just a few weeks ago putin announced russia's withdrawal from syria but even if the
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military mission was successful achieving a political solution with partners whose individual goals are often radically different might prove to be a more difficult task the so-called syria peace congress planned for the end of january in such is the best example of this syrian opposition groups have canceled their but dissipation because of a cold russian aggressor committed to war crimes in syria. and here how do people in russia see putin syria policy it was a great victory for russia did the one of the war lasted too long it was time to pull out now we don't have to pay as much in tax. most of those who we asked to were in favor of withdrawing russian troops nor over if they called of the withdrawal the most important foreign policy event of the past year russians are tire it and say pump and brands are well and good but it wouldn't be bad for the government to turn it down russia speaker not to call them in part by western sanctions will remain largely unresolved even in twenty eighteen.
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nevertheless let me putin is and to will remain as the country's most popular politician in twenty eighteen and he expects a victory in march why because the kremlin promises stability and muzzles anyone who questions is their promises the only serious challenge of saying of ali was not allowed to run for president he has. already announced his plans to appeal the decision. politically russia is already starting to heat up and it probably won't cool down after the election with a camel and can only hope that this iteration in the country will remain stable until june so that russia can finally score some positive press as the host of the don't stop. now some of the challenges facing ordinary russians may be contributing to a supernatural phenomena faith healers and fortune tellers are popular with many
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people they're seeking help and hope our next report takes a closer look at the beliefs fueling their success. the aisle time mountains. this is where russia borders mongolia kazakhstan and china. it's a destination for generations of pilgrims. they come from miles around seeking spiritual guidance. legend has it that this is a place to embark on a path of inner change. where the most in doubt go i doubt me a little say that if you think out loud on president you saw this country on the way to avoid this fall now it's important to remind yourself of that in spiritual places like these i miss the sea you left us by don't have visitors here call themselves modern pilgrims they're drawn to yoga healing rituals and something very . young and i go may you not lead groups of stressed out city dwellers to the out-i
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mountains. you know that's what. i was here a year ago all my wishes were fulfilled i came to relax but also to find miracles that your son is all the calls that all of them. leads the visitors to the icons of the village monastery. the confluence of these two rivers is the place to wish for a spouse. what i see my saying we russians in particular were always on a search for meaning this family that's the way we are i remember being a small child in the soviet union wolf and one of my relatives went to a healer a place that kind of thing was normal and the one thing i knew would i think it was . in a village in southwestern russia nattie a mega nova says women like her used to be burned at the stake but nowadays doctors
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be for their patients to her. she's known locally as the babushka the village matriarch. ninety offers treatments with water wax and prayers. but she only receives people who have been baptized. he knew what he was really scary but you're not scared anymore. everyone comes to me ritual it wouldn't even help feeling a little if people are afraid i'm going to hear of another fight against the evil eye sore throat bad skin inflammation you. one. thing. hundreds of kilometers away from not his village is another place where people arrive from moscow and beyond hoping for miracles.
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i was diagnosed with cancer i want to be treated here maybe i'll be cured or possible meaning the truth is i'm just trying to deal with my husband's alcohol problems. but i see i'd say drinking is the number one problem in russia. doesn't have an easy her husband recently committed suicide alcohol was involved and jealousy she has additional problems go to i'm scared about what the doctors say about some dark spots on my longing and i want to know how my children are doing i have a lot of children i worry about them. thousands of people have sought help from vadim petrovich over the years he tells the dead that the crosses formed by the matches floating in the water symbolize the burden
7:38 am
of life. he prophesies as an illness and her daughter and says he sees the shadows in the dead as logs. petrovich predicts a new man will soon enter her life then he tells her to drink the water that he's blessed payment is optional people give what they can. but i do my best to cleanse away all the negative energy. i was hoping fewer people would make their way here but actually more and more are coming. in the former soviet union believe in the supernatural was an open secret the psychokinetic experiments involving gina who claimed to have psychic powers were watched by the government in the one thousand nine hundred sixty. shortly before the soviet union collapsed a salt professed psychic named anatoly appeared on t.v. to conduct mass healing sessions to millions throughout the soviet bloc.
7:39 am
and the face healer junot really was sought by many in the politburo her famous patients included soviet premier leonid brezhnev and later president boris yeltsin . nearly thirty years later countless healing services online represent a major enterprise. the patriarch of the russian orthodox church considers president vladimir putin's rise to power a miracle of god he also foresees an impending apocalypse. it's not uncommon for a police officer to ask a priest to bless the sites of numerous car accidents jesus has become an antidote for misfortune. sociologists point to depression anxiety and a disoriented society as an explanation for the rising belief in magical thinking. but it's the people who are going to no idea what's going to happen in the near future from those they plan their lives from you're paycheck to the next maybe
7:40 am
a few months of. work from the medical communities that are. back in the time mountains the spiritual guide yelena gum a young insists healers are more than a rural phenomena she says her clients from moscow couldn't get by without people like her we were there my clients work with psychics the energy therapist i thought maybe a good psychologist always me jago. in a country where reality is a painful experience for many russians cope by hoping for miracles. or one miracle opposition parties in russia are hoping for is a victory over putin. in the upcoming elections in march from moscow i'm joined now by vitale's clear off as a political consultant in advisor to the russian presidential candidate running
7:41 am
a sub chock good morning to the tali thanks for being with us can you tell us who is sub shock and why has she decided to challenge lattimer putin. she is a new and the most i actually the youngest presidential candidate in in russia's history one of the few female candidates who is trying to challenge put in this upcoming election ok no vladimir putin of course enjoys huge popularity these poor poised for what's looking like a landslide victory at this point what makes you think that russians are ready for a new leader likes any assumption quite frankly i don't think the russians are ready for a new. president i don't think the russians are there yet because the support of like me put in still huge in a country people are still too afraid of change and i believe democracy isn't born
7:42 am
out of one election it's a long process and i believe of course change of presidency is the first step towards this direction but i believe we need the russians on of there yet ok so you think this is the beginning your candidate and the campaign you're launching is the beginning of an important process for russia. yes of course i believe to democracy it's a long process a long term goal and i believe even if we cannot be in this upcoming election we are going to lay the groundwork for a foot a new elections in couple of years in two thousand and twenty four and so on so i believe it's an important process and democracy also in the investment countries needed a long time of development and i don't think the russians can just skip it. ok now as you look forward to two thousand and twenty four as you say what advice are you providing zinnias subject to maximize the vote this time around
7:43 am
i believe in this political environment to believe in russia it's really important just to talk to people who reach out to people and trying to to educate people about the importance of elections because as i said. in gauge mended that this believe is so huge in this country and this is the main obstacle in the road of democracy is i believe just reaching out to people talking to them and trying to engage them or turn out more and come to the polls on election day it's the number one goal is right now ok it's an uphill battle isn't it when you consider that most of russia's media is firmly behind lot of of putin right now how are you getting your candidate's message out there. well like a live in twenty first century you have different ways of communications different channels of communication so we use for first time in russia instagram to
7:44 am
communicate with borders social media so we're trying to reach out to different groups of people to young women to. protest. our latino violated a lot of work reaching out to a protest waters but i believe there's a lot a lot of more people who is just on haiti this is a situation of is the government the way it is and i believe the. biggest job you can do for russia in the for the russia's future is to educate those people to reach out and convince them that elections matters ok your educational efforts are they mainly focusing on young people right now are using social media you know how are you getting your message out there you mentioned instagram or using facebook twitter what about older russians well i was quite frankly surprised when the first polls came in in the first thirty six and as as i sat my expectation was that the russians the younger
7:45 am
generation of russians is more engaged over social media but it turns out that women thirty four to five to forty five senior citizens are really active on facebook in russia and it's when we talk about social media it's not just young people it's not just young generation social media is the only way as you mentioned radiate for positional thinking people to to get information in russia and you find a lot a lot of different. audiences in this in this type of channels ok a brief last question if if we could when you visualize a russia with a completely different leadership what do you see the dollar. well first of all a different president first of all. away targets europe a different economy of free elections and. more engagement of people i believe this this is the main goal for four for russia to to work on their political
7:46 am
culture to work on their beliefs and just to get ready for a different time and i believe it's really hard for us and to overcome this this this hurdles the holy polity in this culture the tallest layer off political consultant or serious subject presidential candidate that ali thanks very much for being with us. well here in berlin more and more eastern europeans are living on the city's streets charities say at least three thousand of them are living rough right now it's a problem that's grown considerably worse since twenty eleven that's when people from the u.s eastern member states were granted full freedom of movement within germany now some would rather be homeless here then returned to their own countries or reporter linda few ica investigators. even though he lives in the middle of berlin he feels as if you were invisible three years ago me how came he with
7:47 am
nothing but a backpack since then he's been sleeping on the streets. when i first came here are selected alexandre plots back then i was one of a larger group of ten or fifteen people who slept under this bridge all of us were polish a few russians joined us people of the same car and stick together we're all in the same situation. more and more immigrants from eastern europe live on the streets of berlin the number is estimated at between three thousand and ten thousand but this estimate is not official me how has given up on finding an apartment he's gotten used to his life on the streets he knows most of the homeless in this area including this young polish woman they help each other and protect each other against violent attacks day and night. there are
7:48 am
a lot of things that you yourself can't change anything. that makes a lot of people in the city feel unsafe in september a woman was killed by homeless men while walking through the park on her way to the subway. the district mayor is under a lot of pressure he warns that the situation is getting out of control for pocket fishel who deal with eastern european homeless people. in the bus pass here in the health we don't know what would happen if we kicked them out if we say you are no longer allowed to sleep here they might throw beer bottles at us or spray us with urine or that was what they told me in a confidential employee meeting with and that was when i realized that we cannot solve the social problems that are happening in poland hungary and remain here in our parks. tells us that berlin is a magnet for east european homeless he says it's easy to live here without any
7:49 am
money because there are so many charitable institutions. he visits a center for young homeless people twice a week there he can wash his clothes shower sleep and eat about three hundred fifty people come here almost all of them from eastern europe politicians looked the other way for years when it came to homeless people they tell us here the topic only began to get public attention when the stream of migrants from eastern europe increased done with that i think we're in and germany as a whole has to admit that not only well situated europeans benefit from open borders. and i believe that deportation is not the solution. many homeless don't want to return to their home country for various reasons. but deportation is exactly the topic that is being
7:50 am
discussed by germany and poland in the near future polish social workers will be coming to berlin to try to convince their homeless countryman to return. to the both he put it was the desert i will not go back to poland under any circumstances too much has happened i have bad memories if i went back to something i regret i have a daughter there under sort of easy for me when i'm there i do things that i shouldn't . and he's more afraid of this than getting through a freezing winter on the streets he says one day he'll tell his daughter what went wrong his life but until then he dropped the just stay invisible. we have some sports now where world football spotlight will be on the canadian capital across tonight our sports reporter max merrill joins us for more max what's
7:51 am
going to happen well the amount singer who's the african player of the year twenty seventeen and there are three attacking superstars in the running ok let's look then at our next report to see what their chances are going to be. will this man be celebrating again thursday night pia emerick obama young is among the contenders to be named african player of the year even as dortmund have struggled to keep pace at the top of the table they get a nice hit man has struck thirteen but as they get goals to confirm his status as one of africa's best players now he's hoping to win the award for the second time in his career. but obama young faces stiff competition for the prize egyptian forward mohammad has taken the premier league by storm since joining liverpool in the summer he was also
7:52 am
part of the egypt squad that finished runners up at the africa cup of nations in february and his liverpool team mates monday is also in the running he scored twice for senegal at the cup of nations and he was also listed among the top candidates last year finishing in third place for obama young and co the wait is almost over soon they'll know who's walking away with the prize. ok three top candidates max who's your favorite well. he's often been nicknamed the egyptian messi which i always used to think was an absolute overstatement but this season he switched teams to liverpool forty two million he cost them and to be honest with you the english press and many liverpool fans doubted that he was the right choice i did as well but he's completely blown everyone away twenty three goals and eight assists already this season he's out pretty much everyone in the premier league
7:53 am
stage including sunday oh man a his teammate who's also in the running for the award so i think he'll get it this time ok so probably justifying that forty two million which was a very controversial payment wasn't it at the time what about obama what are his chances well i mean he's been absolutely fantastic there's no doubt about his form long. season he was the top bonus your goal scorer he scored forty goals in forty six games this season simulate when he won in twenty three i mean it's you can't really ask much more from a strike. and the award is awarded for the whole year not just this season. but there's been a change to the voting and i think that will affect him negatively fans now vote online and on facebook so the confederation of african football made the shortlist and then the the votes will be done by the fans so i think then memory of the most recent successes will probably because he's just been an absolutely incredible form this season ok he's the man to watch is and he now. talk about another change the
7:54 am
words in addition to the change in voting something else has been shifted what's that well usually there would be two african football is of the one regular african football of the if you will and an african player of the based in africa that was awarded between two thousand and five and last year's award the twenty sixteen african footballer via it was scrapped in this league with no explanation and a lot of criticism followed but the c.f. president i'm not i'm not he's come out yesterday and said there are not two levels of football in africa best is the best not the best of the bad and the best of the best i can understand where he's coming from but it's a shame really for the players who are on the big european stage who are playing in africa who could perhaps get some recognition and shed some light on how well they're playing as well ok max thanks very much for those come same exparel for us . if you're mine or our top story at this hour u.s. president donald trump has launched a blistering attack on his former chief strategist he was reacting to comments
7:55 am
steve bannon made about a meeting in trump tower by russia lawyer tom said quote lost is mine. this is live from berlin we have more coming up of course of the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock our web site w dot com and now. i'm pretty sure you already recognize the music from james bond it's one of the most iconic pieces of music that you'll hear at the movies and it's also one of a number of featured songs a new documentary called score that opens in germany this week will leave you with that to dream.
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can protect yourself and your family from diseases and not only by plying the five keys to see for food use them you also have a role to play. this is deja vu news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump rips into his former chief strategist steve ban is in the firing line for explosive comments on a trump tower meeting with russians. trump says.


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