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the responsible for the safety of the food. but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases in a whole new pipeline the five keys to sea for food use them you also have a role to play. this is d.w. news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump rips into his former chief strategist steve ban is in the firing line for explosive comments on a trump tower meeting with russians. trump says banon has quote lost his mind we'll
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have the fallout from washington also coming up. a run declares an end to deadly antigovernment on rust islamic rulers they're mobilizing support tens of thousands taking to the streets in a show of force for the country's government we'll be live in tehran. also on the show a special report on homelessness. charities say east europeans are especially hard hit thousands of them are sleeping rough in the capital a reporter investigates why being homeless in berlin is better than being back home . i'm brian thomas thanks for being with us u.s. president donald trump has launched a scathing attack on his former chief strategist steve bannon that ahead of the
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release of a new bombshell book the president saying steve bannan has nothing to do with me or my presidency when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind. bannon is quoted in the forthcoming book is saying that donald trump jr's twenty sixteen meeting with a group of russians was quote treasonous now that as the f.b.i. investigates the alleged links between the trump campaign and moscow well the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders had this to say following the release of trump state i think there are a number of factors that played in i would certainly think that going after the president's son and absolutely outrageous and unprecedented way is probably not the best way to curry favor with anybody furious disgusted would probably certainly fit when you make such outrageous claims and completely false claims against the
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president his administration and his family are washington correspondent carolina is following the shock waves rolling across washington today carolina thanks for being with us let's start off by looking at what the president's reacting to steve bannon in his forthcoming book as talking about donald trump jr's meeting in twenty sixteen with a group of russians he's quoted as saying that even if you thought that this was not treasonous or unpatriotic or bad and i happen to think it's all of that you should have called the f.b.i. immediately. how is all of this going to affect the ongoing russian investigation. well these comments come from c.-span who was chief executive of the campaign and then white house chief strategist for seven months that means he clearly was a central figure in donald trump's campaign in my words donald trump says now and
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therefore a ban on my you know details like the mentioned meeting that has been denied by its own junior and by the president himself and also the people surrounding him who deny any collusion with russia and any interfering during the election of two thousand and sixteen while this meeting mentioned took place in june two thousand and sixteen and this has also been a central aspect in robert morris investigations and therefore bans comments on this meeting will definitely have an impact on the next steps of the investigation by robert miller and with these comments in the book see phantom has also declared directly against the claims of the president president and against the statements of the white house that this whole they say this whole a russia investigation is a lie which happened ok let's take a closer look curly at the president's response after saying bannon lost his mind he went on to say steve spent his time at the white house leaking false information
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to the media to make himself seem far more important than he was steve was rarely in a one on one meeting with me and only pretends to have had influence now you know that's difficult to take on board when you consider bad it was trump's chief strategist is fair to say he was the architect of his victory in the elections you know why is the president doing his best to seriously discredit him does it look like he has a lot to worry about in this book. oh yes brian donald trump is very worried and the people around him as well and this is why is the official press release coming from the white house the one you you just read it has a very very harsh tone also the fact that donald trump's lawyers and this is important because his last news already sent a legal notice to steve benen that shows clearly that they are taking vitamins
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comments in this book very serious trumps lawyers rights in the letter to c.-span and that he has violated a nondisclosure agreement and a breach of his written confidentially tea with with his comments in this book so it is pretty clear now to everyone that the mask of friendship between donald trump and see fana has dropped now ok clearly they're very briefly if you could how damaging could this be not only for the president but for the trump movement could be very damaging because among the tram voters we can also see an important base is formed by the white nationalists who voted for donald trump because of cif ban on who without a doubt played a very important role in donald trump trump's complain so if the white nationalist would support donald trump any more this could have consequences also
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in the upcoming midterm elections in november this year carlina thanks so much for that from washington. thank you now for some of the other stories making the news today the u.s. senate has worn into new democratic senators reducing the republicans majority to two doug jones from alabama want to special election to fill a vacancy to minnesota's tina smith was appointed to replace al franken who resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct. myanmar is marking the seventieth anniversary of its independence from britain with a flag raising ceremony there is no reference to the crisis in iraqi and state that is the more than six hundred thousand mahindra muslims fleeing to bangladesh to escape a military crackdown. it's to run now where the head of that country's revolutionary guard has announced what he called the end to sedition a halt to weeklong anti-government protests there now
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a crackdown on the protests killed twenty one people while thora he's arrested many more in a show of mine to reign in state t.v. broadcast these images of pro-government rallies across the country. posters of ayatollah ali khamenei were on display demonstrators shouting death to the u.s. death to israel but anti-government protesters were also in action the footage showing a building allegedly belonging to the revolutionary guard in is for han going up in flames. let's go straight to tehran now and a.f.p. correspondent eric randolph eric the head of the revolutionary guards has said that the anti-government protests have been defeated what are you hearing. well it's very hard to get information on any. protests if there are any coming from the provinces it was definitely a commentary on last night so with a heavy police presence this does seem like the protests do seem to be over and
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we're just getting reports now we're just seeing images coming and of another series of major rallies very large very impressive in ten different cities around the country including a stop ok now i know when you talk about these are pro-government rallies doesn't then seem that the regime is actually turning the tide against the anti-government protesters well i think it's important to remember the protests will never end all this revolutionary guard say there were fifty thousand people involved nationwide even if the number was a bit bigger than that it's certainly nowhere near the hundreds of thousands or millions the streets back in two thousand and nine against their claims of election rigging. especially the fact that these protests at times violent at times of the types of government buildings i think that it stopped them having
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a vast appeal in the way that the way the previous protests that what do these protests mean though the anti-government ones for president roh han he came to power as a reformers his position weakened right now. yes. sonny that bites us were directed against ron and some of his austerity measures introduced the budget just three weeks ago which was very focused because it. raised fuel prices and we've already seen. some of those measures show that they're responding. at the same time and this is just the conservative pundits correct pushing some of these very initial protests and this is a quote this may be an opportunity for us to say that we need to close right if you criticize them too. you see what happens erick randall for us in tehran bring us up
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to date thanks very much for that. well the protests in iran not only being fueled by human rights concerns also as we've been talking about it's the economy this feeling these protests economic grievances brian that's right as international sanctions on iran are lifted many people there holp their economic situation would improve that trade would flourish foreign investment flow in and create jobs and that's consequently living standards would improve not in twenty fifteen foreign companies invested some two billion dollars in iran once sanctions were lifted foreign direct investment increased to almost three point four billion dollars take french energy giant total for example the company was quick to arrange a deal worth billions with tehran to pump natural gas carmakers build plants there and german companies are also vying for business in a country with a population of eighty million people people not that all adds up to sixty five
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percent increase in foreign investment but the economic upswing left may be behind the current wave of protests comes in no small part because the hopes of many have been dashed others fear that the ties they were able to establish with the west may now come under pressure. so dot is general manager of tab and charge of a primarily female team the tehran based company imports medical devices to supply hospitals and clinics that specializes with high quality products and sources them from european partners known for innovation and reliability. they're not looking to just sell a product and then just as you place that you choose and not falling over the customer the fall of the customers make sure that they get trained because the believe if my customers happy with my for that act and it's a happy customer it's going to bring more customers. that would like to contribute towards making a run into a medical tourism destination its plan availability of state of the art technology
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to attract well off patients from foreign countries. it's part of iran's economic renewal following the lifting of international sanctions in two thousand and sixteen iranian businesses and erstwhile western partners reached out to each other hungry to pursue investment and trade opportunities but the economy is still struggling unemployment and corruption are rife inflation is running at near ten percent and the current unrest could scare off potential investors. now for more let's bring in thomas gave our he's a german entrepreneur his medical equipment company has built a joint venture with the company we just saw in that report he's been doing business in around for years tom is welcome to the program now many of the protesters say they don't feel any economic improvement what's the major problem hampering the development they had hoped for. hello good morning the major
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problems that we will face is like you said it's corrupt see it's a lot of also bird crossly and slow procedures now the sanctions against iran were lifted two and a half years ago how realistic was it to expect conditions to improve in such a relatively short period of time. i guess the expectations are a little bit too high the population in iran is relatively young so to people who want to join and so i guess it takes some time and it takes in west and the trends for off know how from the from the west to to iran to this region that we will have bigger progress in the future so is that your point of view what the iranian economy needs at this point more smart brains from outside yes absolutely and what's also necessary is did we will find big german banks for
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the transactions right now we will face the problem that we cannot make business because we just have smaller regional banks who accept transactions from iran because the bigger german banks in figure two to to get sued if they got us business so does is also a reason why business is not so not so easy if you cannot make financial transactions now how important are business ties with germany and europe for iran. it's very important made in germany has a very good reputation and especially we as germans i'm always treated very valid very polite and so we we should not lose the rest becht if we have to contract compliance and stop now discussions about the atomic deal and stuff like maybe from the u.s. side not us somebody that has been doing business with iran for years what do you
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make of these weeklong protests we've been seeing. i guess the protests because of the price ever was rising for some nutritions and i'm pretty sure if we will have a stable economy an economy there then the protests will be we will be gone real soon and thomas finally do you think those protests will change anything in the long run. i don't think so. it's a little bit complicated to go deeper inside their indian power structures but i'm pretty sure that their rings are smart enough to know what's what's best for them in the future thomas gave our head of project coordination a blue ocean a german company with close business ties to iran thank you so much for your
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analysis thanks for them but haitian and it's back to brian now and europe's troubles him to some kristoff that's certainly how brussels would characterize them they could be called the e.u.'s rebels poland and hungary in recent years both countries have infuriated brussels over controversy over forms to their courts and their media and they've also locked horns with the e.u. on migration saying it's quote a programme for resettling migrants has failed well the two country's prime ministers have met for talks and said that their stance is gaining momentum. hungary and prime minister viktor orban has an ally in poland. his counterpart in warsaw. is ready to walk the same path does on mass migration quotas poland says it's already taken more refugees than any other each country fleeing the war in ukraine but he said press was demanded to take in thousands of mostly
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muslim migrants was highly unpopular and undermined their suffering today continental to them it was for in terms of migration and quotas that were to be imposed on e.u. member countries we strongly reject such an approach as it infringes on sovereign decisions. this is a pretty strong core skills nam you could take. the e.u.'s migration policy is not working in fact it has failed spectacularly we've talked about this it's obvious that the people in europe do not want immigration. the two leaders said they trust in the european union and its values and more of yet he added they want to jointly develop the e.u. . both pointed to the election of anti mass migration conservative sebastian courts in austria as proof their values are gaining strength. all three on one hand out the democracy has been restored in austria because the austrians who do not want
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immigration chose a government that does not want immigration either and this will be the same everywhere in europe it's just a question of time it. was an honored guest in hungary and he did his part both as a head of state and as a close ally in the push back by some central european nations against what is seen as domination of the e.u. by western europe. well is an east west clash brewing in the e.u. let's cross over now to brussels and mathis for more on this i gary poland and hungary say their opposition to mass migration is gaining traction in the e.u. is brussels losing the battle over its refugee in resettlement policies without doubt brian this is a serious challenge for brussels it is a very complex issue how to resolve such a huge crisis that has been unsettling affairs in the european union for a number of years now event let's be careful not to fall into the at least rhetorical trap here set by these two leaders because this is not
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a case of an empire against itself brussels enforcing something out of an emperor as we'll but this is putting a majority decision something that all member states agreed to into action in this particular case this is about playing by the rules and in two thousand and fifteen in september we had a council decision against the will of member states but that is the rules of the e.u. you can have majority decisions where a number of small number of member states can be again so they can be overpowered and that that decision was to relocate one hundred twenty thousand refugees and a number of eastern european countries have refused to follow this e.u. decision where twenty eight member states basically set well this is how things will work and now they are facing an infringement procedures from the european court of justice against that yeah those procedures are crucial poland is facing
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severe and unprecedented sanctions from brussels as article seven of course but hungary is vowing to veto any measures against warsaw so are we seeing now the emergence of a new power block inside the e.u. . i think we've always seen in the history of of a clump of twenty eight member states of the forming of alliances and subgroups what is new that in the past these subgroups at least were in favor of deeper integration in favor of sharing burden and showing solidarity and in the case of a number of eastern european countries now that is not the case so that is something new and also given the wave of populist nationalist movements that has also swept over austria for instance in recent elections that is a more serious challenge for the e.u. if you take a look at the bigger picture in particular with regarding you know he's always big
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on words but when he receives a slap on the wrist from brussels he so far as always retreated ok thanks so much for that from brussels today. here in berlin increasing numbers of eastern europeans are living on the city's streets sharda say at least three thousand them are sleeping rough it's a problem that has grown worse since twenty eleven that's when people from the eastern member states were granted full freedom of movement within germany now some would rather be home most here than return to their own countries a reporter linda fear acca investigates. even though he lives in the middle of berlin he feels as if you were invisible three years ago me how came you with nothing but a backpack since then he's been sleeping on the streets. when i first came here are selected alexandre plots back then i was one of a larger group of ten or fifteen people who slept under the spirit all of us were
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polish a few russians joined us people of the same car and stick together we're all in the same situation. more and more immigrants from eastern europe live on the streets of berlin the number is estimated at between three thousand and ten thousand but this estimate is not official me how has given up on finding an apartment he's gotten used to his life on the streets he knows most of the homeless in this area including this young polish woman they help each other and protect each other against violent attacks day and night. there are a lot of things that you yourself can't change a thing. that makes a lot of people in the city feel unsafe in september a woman was killed by homeless men while walking through the park on her way to the subway the district mayor is under
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a lot of pressure he warns that the situation is getting out of control for pocket fishel who deal with eastern european homeless people. in the bus pass here in the health we don't know what would happen if we kicked them out if we say you are no longer allowed to sleep here they might throw beer bottles atterson spray us with urine that was what they told me in a confidential employee meeting with and that was when i realized that we cannot solve the social problems that are happening in poland hungary and remain here in our parks. tells us that berlin is a magnet for east european homeless he says it's easy to live here without any money because there are so many charitable institutions. he visits a center for young homeless people twice a week there he can wash his clothes shower sleep and eat about three hundred fifty
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people come here almost all of them from eastern europe politicians looked the other way for years when it came to homeless people they tell us here the topic only began to get public attention when the stream of migrants from eastern europe increased done. mostly i think when and germany as a whole has to admit that not only well situated europeans benefit from open borders. understood and i believe that deportation is not the solution. many homeless don't want to return to their home country for various reasons. but deportation is exactly the topic that is being discussed by germany and poland in the near future polish social workers will be coming to berlin to try to convince their homeless countryman to return. he. i will not go back to poland under any circumstances too much has happened i have
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bad memories if i went back to something i regret i have a daughter there under sort of easy for me when i'm there i do things that i shouldn't. and he's more afraid of this than getting through freezing winter on the streets he says one day he'll tell his daughter what went wrong his life but until then he dropped the just stay invisible. well that freezing weather in berlin is part of a major storm that's been sweeping across europe winter storm eleanor has now left four people dead caused widespread damage and destruction violent winds of up to one hundred forty kilometers per hour all scaffolding to collapse in paris two hundred thousand homes there were left without electricity the storms also caused chaos here in germany with powerful downing trees power lines firefighters in the
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city of cologne are working to clear debris from roadways. minor now of our top stories at this hour u.s. president trump has launched a blistering attack on his former chief strategist he was reacting to comments steve bannon reportedly made about a meeting in trump tower attended by a russian lawyer trump said bannon had quote lost his mind. and brain state t.v. is broadcast pictures of pro-government rallies in the country that's after authorities hailed a deadly crackdown on protests across the country. well don't forget you can always get on the go download from google player from the apple store to access to the latest news from around the world and also gives you access to push notifications for breaking news and you can also use it to send us photos and videos. i'm ryan thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us.
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months long cheering also to. enter the conflict zone this week conflict zone is it the u.s. army solo in first training area is a very cold guest is lieutenant general ben hutches commando of the some thirty thousand u.s. soldiers in europe with such concepts in chief in washington many people in europe are wondering is america still a reliable. the first in sixty minutes t w for. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word published in the. nico is in germany to learn german and why not learn it simple online on your mobile and free themselves from d w z e learning course nico speak
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german made easy. thing is it will twenty unique covering stories for us which topics will shape the next twelve months political. news. to pass through. between the elections. and the olympics. twenty team turn up for president putin. today mon dieu. hello and welcome to tomorrow today coming up. fears and phobias coping with anxiety disorder is. the power of color.


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