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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm CET

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always moments in backup over the years until i was in a shelter. because we do these things it's sad to go somewhere every day and see more money and probably shoot times to see me everything the way the wind i have to give something back to me and i can apply the same to me on the others. waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution. starting january seventh on g.w. . greetings from berlin and welcome once again to our latest edition with lots more new year forecasts on the cultural and lifestyle scene with these topics. a family
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affair italy that i'm going to be sony heads a successful fashion label. social highlights find out what awaits us in two thousand and eighteen. and fun for all why by alcohol and can be enjoyed by pros and begin is unlike. in two thousand and eighteen the italian label me sony's celebrates its sixty fifth anniversary and just last fall creative director and angela missoni marks twenty years at the helm of the business two decades during which she revamped and rejuvenated the family owned wear brand with its signature zigzags an intricate silk and will in its new sony is one of the few houses that manages to transcend the fashion side guys we met up with angela recently in sumit agoa north of milan where family life and company headquarters have always been intertwined.
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colorful. pattern with stripes. this is the. of italian fashion house missoni as seen here. angela has been creative director of the family run firm for twenty years. twenty years twenty years norm. writes. rare. in the one nine hundred seventy. was a trendsetter the labels founders rosita and otavio missoni captured the spirit of the times but when times changed. the couple's daughter revamped the label when she took over the business in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. i think.
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they. had been coming to the firm's headquarters in north of milan since she was a child. early on it was clear that she and her two siblings would continue to run the business in one thousand nine hundred seven came head designer taking over from her mother. this is the example. you do start to cut in the need to get so you can have vertical stripes on the machine. but modern machines. using the finest threads. just ten minutes away from home. house she lives in this modern home which boasts
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a swimming pool as well as lots of space for family and friends and her extravagant home accessories. whether kitsch design art. everything. she's always on the lookout for unusual objects each one occupies a special place in her home. everything you could see. whatever it. lives her idea. to the fullest much of the furniture and the fabrics stem from his own collections
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along with the typical zigzag patterns and floral prints there are many objects to . the designer doesn't even try to keep her private life separate she also works from home every new design down to the last detail to ensure it meets her expectations. i say that. i. have. because probably otherwise i would have been a compulsive housewife. next winter collection of lots of colorful fringes they were a classic. designs so. keeping with tradition. modern twist. sometimes you need to realize that many
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people need they need to have courage where colors but once they wear it they feel better. until the missoni creates for collections a year which doesn't give her much time to relax. i'm so grateful that i have this job i think i'm a very lucky person and it's an amazing job but it could also be a very stressful job so if you don't have the passion that gives you that little things every morning when you wake up and you just get excited because you see in pleads so you've seen a color or you see the button. i suggested not to do this job. as missoni celebrates its sixty fifth anniversary the third generation is already making its mark on the family business. angela's eldest daughter maggie is
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designing the firm's children's collection. and one day grandson xeno might even take on a role in the colorful missoni empire as well. of a key word there was of course colorful and as promised it's time for a look at what's to come in twenty eighteen and sticking with one thing is already clear and that is the color of the year according to the american punter on a color institute ultraviolence along the lines of this blouse will light the way to the future the dramatically provocative purple color apparently communicates originality ingenuity and visionary thinking so great things ahead and things will be no less colorful on the culture and lifestyle fronts so here's our pick of the events to watch in twenty eighteen. twenty eighteen has a large number of highlights in store among them a royal wedding in britain. prince
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harry and us actress meghan mancow announced their engagement in november last year their wedding on may the nineteenth is set to become a social highlights of twenty eighty. prince william and catherine looking forward to the birth of their third child which is due in april. and there's one more reason for the windsors to celebrate and to the throne prince charles turns seventy in november. there will be brutal celebrations all swear in europe too in january the former queen of the netherlands princess be a trick. turns eighty. and later this year queen silvia of sweden will celebrate her seventy fifth birthday. and twenty eighteen will be a big year in spain to former king juan carlos turns eighty in january and his wife
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sophia does so in november their son king philippe will celebrate his fiftieth birthday this year. the movie world will kick off the year in january with a seventy fifth edition of the golden globes considered the most important film and t.v. awards next to the oscars. german movie drama in the fade by director arkin has a good chance of winning one of the coveted prizes. the film stars diane kruger in the lead and is shortlisted in a foreign language film category. in february berlin will stage its international film festival once again international films will be vying for the coveted golden bag. this year german film maker tom will have the festival jury. the nominees for the ninetieth academy awards the oscars haven't been named yet but
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as u.k. actor gary oldman is tipped to be a favorite for his portrayal of former british prime minister winston churchill in darkest hour. now. we watch. yourself. and british actress sally hawkins is a hot contender to win the academy award for best actress in her breakthrough role in the fantasy drama the shape of water walk ins plays a mute cast odeon of falls in love with a mysterious amphibian man is there anything you don't know. christopher nolan is certainly among the finest directors of his generation but so far he hasn't been able to bag an oscar his harrowing world war two film dunker could well change that . in may the world's biggest music competition the euro vision song contest will be
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held portuguese capital of lisbon for the first time ever. portuguese singers salvatore's or bravo won the contest last year with his song a mop a large boyish. british star edge sharon is set to fill many a stadium this summer over all forty concerts the shadow to across europe most already sold out the kids. lol gallagher will also be touring with his band the high flying birds they'll be performing world while the former away says member now over fifty has created a new sound but concert goers won't be deprived of the oasis classics. i. twenty eighteen will also see two new
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european cultural capitals the dutch city of layer wilden along with the country's coastal phase and region. and the maltese capital of the letter which was listed as a unesco world heritage. site in one hundred eighty locals like in the town's unique medieval center to an open air museum. vienna will celebrate painter gustav clim to this year with numerous exhibitions clipped who died one hundred years ago and painted portraits of the rich and famous is considered a genius he was one of the founders of the vienna secession movement and his painting the case is world famous. and in the summer it will be time for the football world cup in russia reigning world champions germany will be looking to defend its title that is the first time that iceland will compete in the world cup
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their fans made a name for themselves during the euro twenty sixteen in france a jovial spirit in unique football chants will certainly liven up the event. there are further anniversary is coming up in twenty eighteen german painter georg basil it's turns eighty in january. some fifty years ago many thought he was mad when he began producing upsidedown paintings. today he's among the world's most sought after artists. french actress catherine deneuve will celebrate her seventy fifth birthday in october today dinner has starred in over one hundred films and she's still in demand today. rock n roll legends make jagger and keith richards also turns seventy five this
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year they founded the legendary rolling stones in one nine hundred sixty two. italian composer ennio morricone will be ninety this year his film music helped earn spaghetti westerns like once upon a time in the west and a fistful of dollars into classics morricone has composed film scores but over five hundred films it is still going strong. so there we have it a lot of joyful events coming up this year including a royal wedding which will surely be a welcome boon to the economy in a wreck that lent. experts estimate
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prince harry's upcoming wedding to meghan markle could boost the british economy to the tune of five hundred fifty million euros. royal merchandise is already filling the shops in the town of windsor. marion megane will tie the knot at windsor castle on may nineteenth. the small town southwest of london is braced for a flood of visitors it normally attracts around seven and a half million tourists a year. in many countries young carol singers go from house to house so this time of year. may show up on. the usually dressed as the three wise men these three are from austria under collecting money for charity and austria alone some eighty five thousand children go out between christmas and generally the six giving a blessing to each. then the custom dates back as far as the sixteenth
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century. each january germany's nature preservation societies name their animals and plants of the year. the european wild cat is the wild animal of twenty eighteen. the tree of the year board of trustees also named their pig the sweet chestnut germany's nature and biodiversity conservation union chose the starling as bird of the year over the course of twenty eighteen the society's will inform the public about these species and how best to protect them. for today's episode of your remarks to lux we're headed to the swedish capital stockholm nina and her husband lived for many years in a small downtown apartment there but when the children came along they needed a lot more space being city lovers moving out of town to a more affordable location wasn't really. an option and so instead they opted to extend their existing home and the results is decidedly cozy with
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a killer downtown location. hello and welcome to my apartment. this balcony leads directly into the living room of nina's silos apartment it's located in stockholm says storage center . the room essential feature is a fireplace. i love so it was it's always been one of my dreams to have a fireplace it's really one of those home me and cozy things that you get from a fireplace. the living room is located on the apartment second floor and it also serves as nina's home office she's a t.v. producer. the bathroom is down the hall.
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this is the children's room there's lots of natural light here the children share a room because the whole apartment has just ninety square meters of living space. for the time being they have to share and most of the time they're not even in the room to be honest it will be a problem but i thought there were a truck now it's not a problem the way i see it. agree with me but they have to get with it at the moment. the parents bedroom is actually part of the living room area here too there's plenty of natural light on the other hand there's no door. to the biggest issue it's really not the kids but it's. more the problem when my husband is watching television or films in that late at night than
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we fixed it by getting headphones. this stairway leads to the lower floors. and her husband used to live in this part of the apartment all by themselves but forty five square meters wasn't enough for a growing family. so they expanded into the loft apartment that was one floor of. one of the main issues. when we built this was storage so we were trying to be creative and find storage somewhere and one of the things. is that we had used to have the bed in here. since when didn't need that anymore we turned it into a storage for those big doors to hide everything we have in there.
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here's the open kitchen the family gathers here often and in fact they have no intention of moving to a larger apartment real estate prices in stockholm are high so they'd have to move out of the center and they don't want to do that. we would like it to be a citizen. if you would like to go somewhere it would be completely somewhere else like come to the countryside. but for the time being they'll stay right here in central stockholm. the bavarian town over who putting is synonymous with biathlon home of the biathlon world cup professional athletes flock there in the winter months to train and compete and meanwhile the winter olympic discipline which combines cross-country skiing and shooting is so popular that many regular tourists are keen to give biathlon training a shot which of course requires some real stamina so that's on the agenda for
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today's episode of our series fun in the snow. in. the bavarian alps over winter destination for vacationers of all ages numerous trails give prost country skiers and hikers a chance to combine sports with nature the village of route holding just west of the austrian border offers typical southern german architecture and atmosphere. nestled in the foothills of the alps it only has a population of roughly sixty four hundred but quite often tourists alf number of the local residents that's because group holding is home to the biathlon world cup it also serves as a training ground for professional athletes like ski cross champion tommy fisher. it said a picture is worth a thousand words it's true behind me you'd see lakes in the summer that are now
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covered in snow the ski runs here are sensational you can ski for hundreds of kilometers you might even run into a professional. but amateurs to have the unique opportunity to train here like professional athletes with professional coaches. this is the area's biathlon camp run by former by athlete fritz fischer. we think is when it's time to shoot safety is a paramount importance don't fool around with the rifle. or the motto here is safety first. we practice the skating technique and then off to one hour of practice everyone has the chance to try shooting at targets there's a small competition to give participants an idea of what it's like for a pro to train with the infinity. fisher was germany's gold medal by athlete at the one nine hundred ninety two olympics in france even though he has
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retired from competitive sports new remains active as a coach at his sports arena the guns are the real deal. and this is a small caliber rifle five point six millimeters. he says the ammunition. he gives here. each magazine carries five rounds of safety is a big issue when we try to. buy the i think. i'm without this this is a real gun so you've always got to keep the barrel facing forward with a muzzle over the line of. the participants range from students carpenters an x athletes to businessmen and women they all have one thing in common fun. just it's just about having fun. from the shooting. and there are. the skiers have to complete one lap before moving on to shooting. each gun is accompanied by
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a professional coach to make sure the blues are being followed. and like in a professional babylon those who don't hit all the targets are penalized in this case with squats. the action takes place in relays the whole round must be completed before the next number of the teams can go. this bit of fun doesn't come cheap a two hour camp session cost one hundred forty nine year olds per person. at the end of the day there is nothing more enjoyable than a refreshing drink at one of the capri ski huts built in the traditional log cabin like. your strewn all over the valley. in all seasons. the huts are also a great place to wind down tough round biathlon training. it
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was a little tiring but lots of fun we're having so many didn't miss every shot sometimes we actually hit the target so it was really enjoyable. mountains. trails sports and great weather make new polling and unforgettable winter destination. so inspired by a series we'd still like to know what your favorite snow pictures are all about and so you can still go to our website and upload them many people have already responded and you can see here we look at if you. know we pictures of snow men an amazing include some happy holiday shots couple of practice runs in there as well. the fact that snowy mountains and generally a lot of fun being had by our viewers with the white stuff well one lucky viewer will get one of our wrist watches as a thank you for playing along so best of luck to all of you who are taking part in until next time all the best for. you to get.
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the. next time on your own much in the one nine hundred twenty s. was europe's party capital. intellectuals and colorful personalities flocked to join in the. now a new coffee table book relives balanced legendary nightlife in the roaring twenty's. the wild song next time on your own back.
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