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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2018 5:00am-5:03am CET

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condie w. . thousands of children got missing every year in china they are sold on the black market. time jean jean is searching for her son an old line of self. without any home from the old cartoons she's quarter between hope and despair the she finds for a mother's right to. sell time jean jeans such as for her son. reporter on de deli in. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has warned iran that the world will be watching its actions in response to anti-government protests she made the comments during an emergency meeting of the un security council but iran and russia and sister the protests are domestic matter and not an issue for the security council. a new book about the first year
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of donald trump's presidency as an instant bestseller the release of fire and fury was pulled forward amid efforts by trump's lawyers to block its publication the book depicts a chaotic white house that the u.s. president says it's full of lies. and garion prime minister viktor orbán has against land german chancellor angela merkel for her migration policy after a meeting with bavarian conservatives orbán said migrants who fell to obtain asylum in europe should be sent home he also defended his country's hardline policy against refugees. the world's largest i stress the voice kicked off in the chinese city of carbon with a fireworks display that showcases massive elaborate ice sculptures of fairy tale characters castles and landmarks around twenty million visitors are expected the ice and snow festival continues until the end of february.
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three months after elections germany still has no government and migration is still a huge issue with coalition talks used to begin on sunday chancellor merkel's political allies who oppose so many of her migration policies of rub salt into the wound by inviting hungary's anti immigration prime minister to address them i'm filled in welcome to the day. the will of the people is clear they don't want to live in fear of terrorism they want security. they want our borders to be secure i've told our very and friends that i think twenty eighteen movie the year when the will of the people in europe will be restored.


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