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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2018 9:00am-9:15am CET

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for. storage people making of different shaping their nation. their continent. for africa. dot com for gold. this is d.w. news live from berlin hungary as prime minister condemns europe's chorus on migration victory for bonds comments come at a meeting of german chancellor merkel's bavarian allies last our correspondent want
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his appearance at the meeting means as merkel's conservatives gear up for fresh talks on forming a coalition government also coming up icy weather plunges the northern united states to new lows this weekend we'll take you to massachusetts where the cold blast is paralyzing communities along the east coast. but in this league a soccer things are heating up at least for byron munich we check in at their winter training camp in qatar as they get ready for next week's match against a brick was it. welcome to the program i'm marion evans dean it's good to have you with us. hungary's prime minister has criticized the american policies on migration viktor orban was the guest of the party conference of the c.s.u. the german chancellor is conservative sis. party and he said that migrants with no
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reason to be in europe should be sent home his remarks come as merkel prepares to start exploratory talks to form a new government with the center left social democrats for migration is said to be a key sticking point in the discussions. viktor orban the right wing prime minister of hungary is a regular guest here with the conservative c.s.u. party in bavaria and regular guests are often invited because you know in advance how they will behave in this regard or bonn does not disappoint as a known euro skeptic he opposes germany's refugee policy which he dubs a problem of democracy. after us on the. i told our bavarian friends that i think in the year twenty eighteen we will restore the will of the people in europe where you need. for your case study to me
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. and to the european people step by step will force decisions concerning refugee policy that are in their best interest. the man responsible for inviting orbán is horst the who for the c.s.u. party leader who will be part of the coalition talks with the s.p.d. beginning on sunday to the s.p.d. or bond's visit is a slap in the face nonetheless they hope for makes a point of openly supporting orbán. any downed viktor orban respects the rule of law. in a newspaper interview s.p.d. leader martin schultz complained about the c.s. use meeting with e.u. euro skeptic orbán warning about his refugee policies at their meeting at the on monastery the c.s.u. is showing an aggressive stance this could prove difficult for the upcoming coalition talks. to political correspondent mission to krishna joins us
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now from the bavarian town of zeon where the c.s.u. party conference is being held. as we know viktor orban is known as a euro skeptic a hard liner on migration so what does his appearance at the c.s. use conference tell us about that party's own positions. well it tells us that the c.d.c. once again has lived up to expectations that gathers here in the monastery of the on behind me which doesn't just look like a fortress it's also how the sea is you see themselves to make quite a bit of political noise now this time of course the timing is a lot more sensitive because we have those for part preparatory talks beginning on sunday which essentially could become german chancellor angela merkel's last bid to form a coalition government or else and that's the big question mark inviting victor over and yes he definitely did deliver as expected he didn't mention angola machall but
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in his many words but once again essentially accused of having broken the law that something this use you has also done before over that open arms policy in twenty fifteen when almost a million migrants came into germany almost on tech and the position paper we've already seen here coming from the c.s.u. wants to definitely clamp down on that it lays down that definitely twenty fifteen shouldn't repeat itself but it also wants to see cuts and more tightening of asylum regulations and that's something that definitely won't go down well not just with the german chancellor but also with the social democrats she's so hopes to be able to form a government coalition with all right while putting out such a hard line position is the same you essentially killing the potential for these coalition talks before they even started. well that defeat putting the bob it's high you have to also see that in the context of an internal struggle
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that's just been pretty much settled at the c.s.u. and with the c.s.u. going into regional preparing elections coming up in the also so it simply cannot afford to play softball going into those coalition potential coalition negotiations but the social democrats also pretty much reacted i mean they simply have to be tough in those negotiations and certainly makes it made it a lot tada to in the end get that agreement from the social democrat grassroots who will in the end have the decision of what that there will be a continuation of the current government in germany. reporting from the c.s.u. party conference in the various town of sand many thanks now to some of the other stories making news around the world and russians lined up on friday to support president vladimir putin in his bid for reelection volunteers all over the country all that means he needs three times the usual number of signatures
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monthlies enteron rainstorms have killed at least forty four people in the congolese capital kinshasa authorities there say victims were killed by collapsing walls and by drowning many homes in the city of ten million are built on hillsides where a lack of drainage systems makes them vulnerable to flash flooding. to jazz collided on the ground at a toronto airport on fridays setting the tail of one of the aircraft alliant an eyewitness on board one of the planes captured the moment when part of the plane exploded no injuries were reported and an investigation into the incident is underway. now iranian and russian officials have condemned the u.s. for calling a u.n. security council meeting over anti-government protests in iran iran's foreign minister accused the u.s. of meddling in its internal affairs at the meeting on friday the u.s.
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ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley warned that the protests could spill over into an international problem at least twenty one people have been killed in the protests that began last week against iran's government and economic conditions in the country fourteen year old amin was killed at a demonstration in iran stories like he is the something must see a limit job he is every day the brooklyn based journalist visa key figure among exiled iranians she gives protesters back home a voice this man was hit by a pill it's when police broke up a demonstration. the level of anger is really hard just because they were oppressed before and now they didn't have any other option you know is that taking this and chanting against the supreme leader of iran a short distance away the u.n. security council holds an emergency meeting called by the us he'd says iran is
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brutally suppressing peaceful demonstrations human rights and freedom of speech in danger and freedoms around the world. they are attempting to silence the vote the voice of the iranian people we cannot allow that to happen the iranian regime is now on notice the world will be watching what you do a number of countries are worried the u.s. is misusing the protests for its own purposes to put pressure on tehran he runs ambassador to the u.n. says the violence is being orchestrated from outside the country. in iran thousands of government supporters take to the streets after friday prayers scenes america rallies despite the deaths of at least twenty one in the on rest with countless others injured iran's rule is not backing down. in brooklyn journalist marcy olena john continues her work she says she's not expecting much
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from the u.n. security council measures other than sanctions because they only heat every day iranians rather than tehran's powerful. the new all tell book about donald trump's presidency is flying off the shelves in the united states it was published yesterday four days ahead of its scheduled release and despite attempts by the president's lawyers to stop it the book prompted a major public spat between the president and his former adviser steve bannon over unflattering quotes contained in it mr trump also tore into author michael wolff after extract portrayed a white house steeped in chaos and betrayal trump said the book was full of lies. here is michael wolff on n.b.c. news is today program let's have a listen i will tell you the one description that that everyone gave everyone has in common they all say he is like a child and what they mean by that is he has
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a need for immediate gratification it's all about him they say he's. a moron in the. i actually there's a competition to sort of get to the bottom line here of who this man is let's remember this man does not read does not listen so he's he's like a. it's like the pinball just just just shooting off the sides now bitter winter weather is gripping the north eastern united states again this weekend threatening a fresh round of record breaking lows parts of the u.s. and canada are seeing temperatures around minus thirty degrees celsius and massachusetts city streets are turning into frozen fields of ice and snow. the biggest storm surges in massachusetts in three decades and at minus twenty nine
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degrees celsius water is literally freezing in the streets here. traffic is frozen to those hoping to get into their cars we'll just have to wait until the ice thaw us. keeping an eye on all of those different floodings and if anyone wants a question global warming just to see what the flood flood zones are those zones didn't flood thirty years ago whether agencies are calling it a bombsite clone where cold and warm air masses collide triggering a rapid drop in bear metric pressure many people need help to get to safety several u.s. states have declared a state of emergency the national guard is out in force and coming up with creative ways to help the rescue effort it was scary and i want to get out they came up to the front door and they. like he put me over their shoulders and put me in their car in new york's central park the extreme weather isn't putting everyone off but
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their weekend might put even the bravest to the test because believe it or not it's going to get colder. well most bundesliga teams are in warmer climes as they prepare for the second half of the season by munich are currently at their winter training camp in qatar for the eighth street gear and have again come under criticism for not commenting on the human rights situation in the gulf country will ask for soccer the action kicks off next friday when the table toppers lock horns with leverkusen and they're working on integrating a new high profile signing. sunning themselves in the middle east in preparation for their post winter break much is germany. has been drafted in june in the break to provide backup for main man. wagner was. a youngster and he's delighted to be back. and i was one hundred percent sure that i wanted to go back
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to my club that was clear really really happy that it worked. by owner spending just five days on the persian gulf that doesn't leave much time for fun meet and greet and marketing stunt. but they aren't losing any sleep over the human rights situation in qatar either. we are here for sports we're trying to do our job here. we want to prepare as best we can for the rest of the season. exactly what shortcomings by our need to work on the veteran coach has steady the ship since his appointment as the successor in october. happens quickly with his coaching. things work he still knew some of the teams so it didn't take long to. byron want to take their new phone impetus into the
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second half of the season as they aim to win as many trophies as possible to bring this league a title at least already looks a certainty. era up to date now on d w news will be back again at the top of the hour in the meantime you can always get the latest news and information from our website that science d w dot com american evans dean from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching.


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