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tv   Night Grooves - Feat. Ross Antony Paul Reeves and Simone Kermes  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2018 7:15pm-8:01pm CET

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does it to right after the first stage defending champion sam sunderland was leading the motorcycles while two time went on us that. helped lead the call division for most they just can't improve for the race moves on to the front if you would use it as a sort of if you. want to call. more news coming up at the top of the hour with my colleague michelle henery in the meantime head to a website d.w. dot com on having a home free thanks as ever for your company and see you again saying. freedom of expression. of value that always has to be defended in new. all over the world. a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w.
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don't come aboard a freedom. well you know we have walked out all flaws and all we can look up so i guess they come from the field of hope. and hope for. tonight and niklas power leads to rust anthony and see money coming. from sex and music you can talk. to me. live. on. you. tube or on.
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my was. sure you. thank you thank you thank you. thank you. thank you. i said if one side of us just like to thank you. to him that's. his mission that is that stage i thought i saw him yeah that's a good go come to question the question i. hope i'm not it's fine the silence the tata the chalice fended yeah yeah. yeah how much i say. yeah.
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yeah this is you i took a good c.e.o. of a few of these people and he was saying this is talk to them because i'm by isn't coming by shows off they can come they should leave it as part of the trade they met to say it's not they're saying yeah and i should say yes. ok how about it what. are we how to. run the phrase i mean that's part of the game. among the rich internationalist around them love a holder so i do this is our game this really is. i'm not i'm forty parked a good to much mileage thing and i want my government to stop it or i think we're on the stage we're actually more relaxed than we are and quite often we just enjoy the music we just love singing together i love out of my account of love now this is vicki stuart you know to ken missions been doing this and you do need to despise these doctors when they go to i want to mention the advantage to how's it been in the unit if you wish for the fans and didn't pass a d.
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on television a zillion and one paul is the you know i get so out and then me visit us and others must watch the house have ended up guest i have lots of lists and i get up every morning and look at my list and think i got to do that. yeah and i listen to a fantastic i'm sure it says here that's the commander's choice. to me it's a manual bus and to the story straight yeah yeah but i don't mind the big you must . have mine up to this it was my god i miss gana my glass my. ironing i don't like ironing the clothes so i listen to something a month and i made it bigger so it's like a minute to do list as immigrants but you might get is there not that many private accounts a bit out of hand so to let puts in us and then it in an alligator will do as much as ghana yeah yeah now it's funded by me under my i mean it's a holes and i'm trying to do i just. so alison plats. yeah one don't
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put a lot of putting it together i did everything that makes the mess and then he comes along and. i'm very. excited he indulgent of the touch minimal takes him to that my you know has resigned as i i did. if i'm fenced off while a matter of minutes fenced off is ornish to him and as we did so. well transfer to a normal yeah yeah. i knew from off between here. i might hear my bros this time i was crazy this. believe that you are and then tell me if there is somebody. that song is. a god but. he cannot.
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thank you thank you thank you for what you want about me for coughing up practical counsel. on this is as a son's sinjar is here and plans and it went off near didn't. i know his victories and. so. did the pros a sack of us as a hero ok. i wish most of what i. have it's not my business i can have it it was time they can see mission. but he seems think i had visions to us if i so foolish of to say i was going to talk. to god it. was. big good me tell you. i'm glad there's a lot of good. bye they still have it out. by the of us are the only. country that still show it was it was it was
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yeah gonna yeah oh mom of us to some of. us like those over here yeah. i'm still standing has. yeah oh. yeah. that's i mean of the song go down. you know sometimes he sleeps i'm. just some of us. that's how spanx. good.
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to be back in the pool. why. do. you look at me with. a great many pieces all. just a way. to go. to a big. deal . you know.
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to the soup to the food food. don't you know. be a good. look good i'm such. a bad. oh thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.
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thank you thank you robert thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. let's show you how you have to gods at the ethical fashion that right there how to store should the indoor jump to the heights of in not of but us of his or in front of gottlieb of the dodgers will be gone for dia or the gods i am on top of the end of my talk and its mustang as it should leave as vic less of an interest in buying a torch now and its leave its men and arch land so then as an angler and understand as much because a man is a violation and its good kind of into has to be like to lend and it has only men then zante does height and position is finished quickly and with a smile because done by so much to if not on. and find as close here and i stand on the media goes on to say again here and i will come clean when he finds its many diminished i'd have to move would give out live on and seek the borg this is in the
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near funny bone equal and oh yeah when it isn't guns shouldn't it delicious as a start on they had us give one home does not. i that was my job ok got this i am going to shit. this is too. busy to stand as well as army of if you she she on since you. discuss an issue about this is says it'll all scout cookie. cutter. was told. you have six to come on then hell they are a little jam minded and one time to sunnyside get it i'm all done this time for the
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call. of the one thank you thank you thank you. all slide ssage in that tired of all. the open waters as we hear the eyes incisions you mourn of your homes you hard to hear and live all the acts will just as hits fifty shots and want some that's. as of us a song was lost his voice and as the song lost fire that's not to this suffused you mention. to him but i that's what got thank you thank you outside thousand was what i was trying to do that was pushed up this house a long time i was just picking your saddle. just a source and if it doesn't my it hurts i think yeah but its good job on all of you before you didn't hear of us i spoke of comas held acquittal have to way yeah i vox
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is kind of should come by is and i think tough questions on if you want to out of the end of the scale and i like a lot of us who have to work i guess you know but it was his time and us mine can as we could not. it wasn't i think this turned on an undercover i had to gun shy of the song hold on to one time. we had two or so. and i not had to go born sockets my store not to dismiss them both smashed on one must visit and then when listening to visitation a copy so as assume or not it's my job title such a calm as they talk a good no shit so i can come says but the form of do that is kind of mom i don't know how do you know i'm not not just going to i don't know i don't know you must not go yeah ok. i'm going to tell you what they could even though nothing on the snow hits one yet be oh. haha.
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oh. gosh thank you thank you i was. slightly below. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero but they do not have all know about my good god . and god because they have. their study on me and i know that she has this high fidelity so why not marry. oh you know these are it's as if you want this to show me i'm right but i do i'm going to be. going all the old population is probably tries to get out of. i'm not he said. he was why did you apply when i was like you
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could because of the two of us to call the two thousand and two list into my soul oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ah oh oh oh oh oh paul o o o o o. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for that yeah i'm sure this is and that's why it's important to get i'm being oh yes i don't want to believe you know i did confess your knowledge did i and scenes with us in it one you have to offer look these caffeine you have to act on visor gets these off good and bad and then didn't before but i had to tell them if you just parts of good luck if you only know what i'm going to have to point you know in two thousand samples yes it could because you have yes i know that's is there ya go i mean me and feed them and feed them and even betty as we shall thank you
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thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you and i use that in companies and and one of the hot. tripe congo and i'll assume we're down the sun when i did make guns guns feel annoyed so some to mention it's consent in mykonos to bizarre and. between hostile post and shit on a campus that so john and yet i got. yes that is a round piece of ice thinking i mean if you value you on about just the people i actually thought that i do have in to. thank you thank.
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you. oh. god.
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you know. and. close the load of the los. lobos.
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blowfish. very. low flow the. load. not.
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beat gave me a. whole . load.
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that's what i asked. i don't know. this is how
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he's equal or not as with this mission in mind this destination not my own and i know indeed some will see it see idealism was the finish these equal named continue to snitch this is yeah yeah that. dog steamed. and blue so. it's you have to tell us that kept. you know so less is my doubts about and i will give us that leave advice on a lot i guess i just let's start i will if you're trying all or so of all the not the letters made up above it ve. whole countless. yeah i mean i don't listen i know. him out so even if i says in cebu the whole melange color should pass sorn it's been a total shock and as if i think. he's talking and pokes fun of all. of this oh i've got that album and then i saw it then when it came on for some they've
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got a five hour that is just as clover just as new forms from new york and buy it or not paying interest and then buy to see accept human being to some live or don't know of us myself over who signed a small stuff on the phone to me and that's the sticks a flu shot and he said even. if you can leave. and leave if you like to shuffle yeah i left him behind behind you i don't know doc or i lied to ya it looks like at this point they mention i live as. long and in the mystical or the dish to get testing done folks and yet us in guns the slaves will be jewish you know i suppose so i thought. yeah but if i smash up you mentioned a few boats and all of them up since i see nor would i know partner has guns and lives as a hyundai i am homicides in the dark i'm a station saying i have left when i was young and its members. who do you fall in
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the swash latvia's of common yet. and showing you go to the off position bus because. of us and group think michoud as it separately give a pause and reflect and and sing in the rudest fossils i lay get i'm going to line it fastens about this year and leave it there this year and do flight book east and didn't get a total by gifts and a client should give it to him upon god as our kids are the way for you to figure out if you are free to leave us only to watch how much damage you did as a man and i'm a time you raise me up thank you. when
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i'm told under who've. been here. when troubles coleman murray afloat good to be. then oh miss. here in the smog. you come. with me he. told. you. all over for me the oh i'm cold where. the.
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new poll to mold. i am. slowly slowly slowly . feel.
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i. am a. low told me i am. i. told. you they are. me. they asked me. to. be. rid.
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of all. more all the way. back. up my last of all them up again doesn't i need to get that schedule. pushed off the ball as it does sunday to off to bring on the past that's in the mind mind of contact outfits sorts of disasters that but yet that's what decent i knows i it's funny it's was on me to sign i love ya. the stuff ah. i need go see. most new york i in it is in i was there one you know and i just did my what i call yahoo and
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some it's to be done the details also of the city i love i know i'm off the interstate on the other side over in you can visit capos house in that it was a tie if you're strictly limited none the mission by its various light is boards again undersized even. condie to collide with us if done so there was never a bow to show us did tend to spend just the parts you can also do you think and speak with and i was going. to be bookish because the mc actually since i don't expect things to talk to me yet because i don't see the copy i don't get as yet you might on this approach this here hindsight. above anyone martin biggest because that's outside our job and i know it because i don't feel as i know the process. who comes up behind the rest of your life come of let me also and hubby he just bought the book i might buy it i was fired by disney shreya. he was five i was by
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this but i knew my not to leave so i was a folk for greener middle eastern so as i thought and the tradition descended i wish only clean i got a few more weeks thank you thank you god thank you i have a life. i just am and i don't mind if i want to sing it's of course now. all is really going to close and sons the strange one month's rent this month i've seen on again. could have the flash ten in memphis i'm five it was for me and you fucked up on star comes had. been on and dark trying the same address on topics among them all now got the d.v.d. . time offense and none. classic dean. yes well we don't actually sing slot german slog of really doing not so often we got together but we
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tend to sing together is. big ballads that work in a classical style so a lot of elton john stuff like we sang i'm still standing here he writes these big orchestral violets that then i can sing with my voice and it sort of fits in my voice and writes can also sing with his voice and that sort of works and this is me as with that it's not really struggle because i think slugger has a lot more to do with the text and the personality than the voice and my german's not anywhere near ross's standard of german so i wouldn't really want to go into that i've actually turns all of them i prevent abuse and i was probably at no. zero boyos mo out of the earth because all clogged all the time did i didn't see part two i will be can just what i don't know in england no no no. lucky lips or to live and let. this.
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fall countless lights of little push it up the duff clutch. after a club. gets going fast who it is. but it's still my my food my fool yeah ah but endeavors your new from him the i'd to handle had us sack i had just. as of us but i used to shower for yeah i got this i mean companies guys join on. or and daddies are all part is this just several punched office is fast hog and i would you said and then go d. hundred and four you were not what i had. but when. my fool he's long gone and sucked us larval fun and. offered us organon stink hot these are companies fiercely stuffy and i'm fucked up when he goes. yes i am i have to. thank you thank you
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you thank
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way. thank . god thank you. thank you lots of courts i ask a lot of male god like i have a lot of no mind. to handle have to stop and some action based on the special kids in my mind i know outside of the dust isn't that a lot of this is missing but this is all i have now. that's not done is finished and about eleven of and a month to open mike my most likely in diyala doesn't necessarily seem almost
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constantly it's a button and when i knew it had an a ha that's what you wanted to didn't like is this wonder as a ventolin reason. for the switch then it's a fear and i think i was ever as in that vision that idea. i was in one motion of possible as it's been your sniff saw or been sucking me in the snow mile. michel martin about the advice such as this gets was a not enough to the c.c. actual intended nation went and when mom didn't shine as of us it's to my squeamish my heart as it does money it's. going to get scolded by and some by should be hauled by and shot at some minor she demurred just as mr gore does not seem so good life insurance invites so beyond of us commenting on one almost charm scene doesn't and discipline yet sean is still or didn't think of god by all parts of sawdust when he is. that's
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a month or two max placed us and then all of us how much muscle is speaking you know culture or don't know. enough to hold up this is a star that's a shame or not never see what i decide to tell there's no i don't feel i need to open it i thought when you applied to send us an order of ek does this get along problem is that all of my roles because i have a lower voice so most of the roles that i play are either very evil people yeah you know i'm very old people i'm not ok i want to feel it i see i shrink vanished and i have no idea so it is a house of max with us with. all of them comes to maga. for breakfast because i don't practice so early in the morning if you practice a rolling news you've been two hours singing somebody evil and thinking about being evil and then you come up stairs and then you say give me a comedy i'm. yes i'm yes ok. but it's
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a big difference between between the type of singing that rosters are pursuing and the idea is that i don't play myself i always play other neighborhood we try love i really enjoy about i just has to play he's himself this is the father. that said which also addressed us by the. most and all of spirit of i'm going to operate off of the money set off a call for them and several of them i moved here come on the stand them for coffee become and then that's the blues to go and to me a whole scandal. melisma saying it's had a vision and tell a puppy on my bad and it's america's got in a full and look which meant just my mom now unless i'm with these images kind was going to have to and i guess that i had this in a rush to do them it was a lot of the blighters i'm too much under the mention of me look at your dresses as if dangle mention of any being a standard thing had managed to feel lied to and this entire group is working on
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his assertions that question from you about. yeah i missed every student in them i mean we i mean they moved yeah and i mean what you know is that because there's right now. is happening to these tiger woods for some reason to seal and so on well been are dismissed and you know i don't understand can't you say what i mean our players you know you watch mode when you know that it's much data you have to be vice do you have to consider the home target album was the one hundred one as a one on one kind in music from the unknown this is toward my convict list many sorts of songs in a v. i mean but wouldn't that all of us know him as his toys because in diverted his family income to stay young. music their version gets smashed in the music. was it sort of company chaps over here come out ok that's right suzanne i just found a buzzing and dancing creed is only so become just reach. us but are not but you know what i'm hot. actions shops as i must because the
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shows will go by fast it's a fucking cunts assume amada much money and almost enough to happen to a major as those gates gates more would just want to live their lives so yeah it's . ok there you are. playing. the game. i am a i am a game. any.
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place to soul. to play the game and the like you say game a. game. a game. to be a. good. news. i am. i am a. a a a a. an. a and. a oh ok ok ok. ok ok.
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ok. ok. ok ok. ok i n. a ok ok. ok ok i m. ok i. guess.
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ok ok. ok ok. ok. looks underwater we were surfing it into the waste and polluted water not only
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being the witness but at the time being a victim is a few troubles all gastric trouble and so they became activists sufferers fighting against unseen pollution in the sea white whale fifteen f.t.w. . much of it is a figment of. your link to news from africa and the more old story link to exceptional stories and discussions from no news of these events and while with safety deputed comes to freak out join us on facebook at g.w. for. i should makea has no children which makes her feel worthless and incomplete. in a society that expects them to be her children this is a burden many married childless women in niger suffer from. a wife is only fully
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accepted upon motherhood. a very personal film about the suffering of childless women in the. true blue streak starting january fourteenth on t w. this is d w news live from berlin germany tries to end its political stalemate and form a new governing coalition chancellor merkel said she was optimistic as she took as the talks began but there's still plenty of room for discord.


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