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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2018 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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the good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. and transport can help regional airline find out what you can do today at regional the line. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin the first awards gala of a new era in hollywood but. this time i know i haven't been
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mum it's funny because i really think women don't black dresses for the seventy fifth golden globes in a show of support for victims of sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry making the me too movement the night's biggest with also coming up germany's on the about and her conservatives hold exploratory coalition talks with the leaders of the social democrats they promised a new style of politics but can they deliver. oh i'm sorry martin thanks for joining us. hollywood has made a powerful statement against sexual harassment and abuse at the seventy fifth golden globes they vent kicks off awards season but was overshadowed by months of allegations against men in the entertainment industry and the show solidarity some of the world's most photographed women wore black transforming the red carpets
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normal glitz and glamour. they stood arm in arm women from the world of film music and sport dressed in black showing solidarity their message sexism and sexual violence will no longer be tolerated they may be hollywood's elite but many here have their own heart wrenching stories of sexual harassment and assault. where. i have to get there we're drawing a big black line between yesterday and. the way things used to be the way business used to be done to be that way. i think it's amazing i think it's historic and i love seeing solidarity an arab industry shining a light for all industries across all countries and this is the time to change everything it should be should even have to have this conversation with clearly we don't feel like i'm ok with that conversation continued inside suzanne as an
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eighteen marijuana is finally allowed in sexual harassment finally is. here. and in a rousing speech oprah vowed that change was on the horizon for too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. but their time is up. thank you. and that message was the biggest winner of the night thanks. d.-w. culture editor karen homestead has been looking at that award ceremony karen the the me too movement and time's up as it were took center stage at the awards ceremony last night how did the protest movement make itself felt during the
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ceremony well as you can see a lot of emotion i mean there were there were quite a few moments especially amongst when the when the women were giving their their acceptance speeches i think this is really going to affect the whole season terry i mean this is obviously the first awards season post harvey weinstein and i think it would be pretty safe to say it looks like it's going to be a season of of discontent the mood there last night was good but very somber and obviously a lot more political an emcee seth meyers really didn't pull any punches i mean there were some some some very close he said he even said so himself two. figures like weinstein and kevin spacey are they were the butt of several jokes that need to has morphed into times out by she said i'm that's an initiative of over three hundred women from all across hollywood who are saying it's time to stop for harassment and for lack of accountability in the industry so women were interesting the as i said very very vocal on the red carpet already and in their speeches but
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the disappointing thing is that the men were very un vocal and there's been a lot of noise about that on twitter and maybe we can just have a look at one of them here. this is a twit tweet that says not a single man who accepted a golden globes tonight spoke out about sexual assault me two or times up wearing a black tux you know isn't enough we need men to speak up and stand beside us to fight and to end sexual assault and rape culture there were a lot of other tweets in that vein so definitely there is you know the that lack of vocal vocalist on the part of men was noticed and there's a lot of work to be done is this is this protest movement karen is addressing sexual harassment exclusively or are there other issues at stake here absolutely there are a lot i mean obviously with the times that with the development of the times up initiative there calling for the end of harassment in this culture of sexual abuse but also for more diversity more gender parity and equal pay this is still an issue in two thousand and eighteen especially in the entertainment industry but of course in all others and and there was lots of criticism actually about the nature of the
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protest on twitter too we can have a look at another one here from carney when who is a a fashion writer and she wrote for several tweets but this one we chose mandating that everyone wears black gives the false illusion that everyone is on board with wage parity professionalism in the workplace and treating all people fairly and humanely it's naive to think that this is true and counterproductive to fake solidarity so that time's up. initiative is really trying to address a lot of the deeper systemic issues in the industry and across all industries i mean they really are making a plea to victims of this kind of treatment and behavior and and lack of equality in all sectors so hopefully we'll see a lot of momentum i mean that this is something we're going to be talking about for a while i think clearly a lot of talk about about abuse and excuse exclusion at these awards ceremonies that you're but of course there with films to talk about to should move on. let's
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talk about this year about what we've saw the german movie in the fade understand took. for the best foreign language production is the german turkish director to you it's from your german terry straight your body akina and stars the actors joining him there john kruger it tells a story of a woman whose husband and son are killed in a bombing you know she suspects neo nazis were behind the blast the film echoes the so called in is you attack a neo nazi terrorist cell that show germany in recent years there's still a lot of fallout from the german director there taking home work for best foreign language film production tell us a little bit about in the fade as the film is called briefly an incredibly intense story and a very very strong story that sort of sort of takes a kind of an element of this kind of a situation that you just mentioned at the end as you scandal and i was thinking very deeply to german audiences because of that we are still in the midst of the
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trial of the only surviving and as you orchestrator and has been over four hundred days and it's going on costing all kinds of money to taxpayers so very personal film for such a team and a very thieving con terry on the justice system. so it's very gratifying that it's striking such a chord with foreign audiences and the role of a lifetime for diane kruger very already took best actress that you kind of time for diane kruger and of course other films and it notable films you want to mention yes there's a no it seems notable are women and on the side of another the films are best film for drama and best film for comedy at the golden globes they get split up a bit and don't have to really all compete together three billboards outside ebing missouri one over dunkirk and over the post for the best drama and i think that's interesting heading into the oscars the shape of water really didn't get talked about much to tall in the wake of all of this so i'm not ladybird also of gregor
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wait for another strong female performance a female director ok if they get another chance at the oscars and host up from our culture desk thank you so much as you terry. here in germany chancellor angela merkel is leading talks in berlin aimed at forming a new governing coalition knuckles conservatives are holding the discussions with center left social democrats today today is the second day of the exploratory talks with germany's approach to the e.u. it integration among blocs members set to be key points of discussion tangible that previous talks with the greens and the pro-business preemie kratz that failed to produce a coalition in november. while covering these talks at the c.d.u. headquarters in berlin for us is our political correspondent. the camera this is chancellor merkel's second attempt to form a government following september's election how are things looking at this point. all sides say they're really interested in having constructive talks and actually
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making headway on substance one must of course bear in mind that after the social democrats initially saying that they would not continue the governing coalition those very two parties that are still in government now talking about whether to make a fresh start and that is so much harder for the social democrats than it is for the c.d.u. because the social democrats feel particular grassroots feel that they lost out over those past so-called ground coalitions that they had with chancellor merkel who successfully managed to they say to sell things like the minimum wage as partly her success so today they're due to talk about europe that should be a lot easier. of course was the former head of the european parliament and that's what both sides are hoping to signal towards the french president in monterey might call that there should be a positive answer from germany on his vision for europe but of course it's always down to the detail down to money isn't it those negotiating in that building right
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beside you they've agreed on not giving any interviews during the talks but as you might expect some people are not sticking to the minister the state premier of saxony in the c.d.u. crutch but he gave a statement anyway let's listen to what he had to say. i don't like the basic tone we are currently talking a lot about spending money and i think politics is not about spending as much money as possible but about making financial leeway possible for future generations investing in the future and this must now come more into focus. we have a situation in germany that is better than ever before. we have economic growth. we have very low unemployment we have almost zero percent interest. and. the government shouldn't be focusing on redistributing wealth. we have to remember
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that money needs to be earned before it can be spent. that's why creating more bureaucracy for companies isn't the right path. so a little talk about money a little talk about bureaucracy what does this tell us about the atmosphere for these talks. well you said you have very different views here i mean that was a very regional view saxony where the far right alternative for germany is very strong so we heard from a prime minister there that is trying to fight it out with the far right if he and that's in a sense a common struggle because the some of this is democrats and i'm going to mackerels see do you feel here but talk will definitely also be about money and about the bigger picture of how they want to set themselves up particularly on the issue of europe but domestically there are big differences in deeds so democrats would like to see a complete system change when it comes to central issues like health care for instance
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the christian democrats say that is simply not on the cards from the side ok health care a clear sticking point what are the other stumbling blocks the big stumbling blocks in this negotiation that could hold up from forming another government. well another one is migration when we're talking of thousands key issues like how many migrants could legally come here to join those already accepted. as asylum seekers although they have many of them have a less a status now that these are technical details but the bottom line really is that the social democrats that party the glossaries will decide in the end on whatever agreement could potentially come out of this and they're really the social democrats and leader martin schultz will have to prove that they have one big project that will make the difference in the coming government of martin schultz was quoted by german daily built citing as saying if this fails my political career
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is over well that could potentially also be says the german chancellor angela merkel if she fails to pull this together carol thank you very much did all these political correspondent make killer cocoa. a kurdish soccer player in germany has narrowly avoided being killed after an unknown assailant shot at his car while on a motorway near cologne then he snuck into former a bonus league player for his own polly told german media that his windscreen was shot at and the bullet nearly struck him thought he's have yet to comment on the ongoing investigation but not he believes the attack was politically motivated last may a turkish court handed the footballer an eighteen month suspended sentence for quote spreading terrorist propaganda. and the man suspected of orchestrating a bomb attack on the brucia don't win team bus in april last year has confessed his guilt in court three devices were detonated in the incident which injured defender
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marc botha suspects sergei v. as he's known is charged with twenty eight counts of attempted murder he has admitted responsibility for the explosions but to nice that he intended to harm anyone it is believed that he had speculated on a fall in the club's share price from which he had hoped to gain half a million euros in profit so your news for now it will be with you in just a moment he's got it fifteen minutes of the latest business news and you can find all or stories online of course at com thanks for being with. the deep.


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