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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2018 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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this is news a live from berlin a show of support for victims of sexual harassment and abuse at the polls in globe
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awards for too long women have not been heard or believed is big dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. but there are times. oprah winfrey gives the most rousing speech of the night heralding the dawn of a new day in hollywood. also coming up on day two of exploratory coalition talks between angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats they have promised a new style of politics from germany but can they deliver. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us hollywood has made a powerful statement against sexual harassment and abuse at the seventy fifth go.
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globes the event kicks off award season and comes after months of allegations against some of the most powerful men in the entertainment industry now in a show of solidarity most of the women attending the ceremony transformed the red carpet by wearing black. they stood arm in arm women from the worlds of film t.v. and music dressed in black showing solidarity their message sexism and sexual violence will no longer be tolerated they may be hollywood's elite but many here have their own heart wrenching stories of sexual harassment and assault. was out there were drawing a big black bloc and the trees are just. the way things used to be the way business used to be done to be that way. and in a rousing speech oprah also vowed that change had arrived. for too long
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women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. but their time is up. it was also a big night for director fatty a teen whose german drama in the fade won best foreign language film actress diane kruger stars as a woman whose husband and son are killed in a bombing she suspects neo nazis were behind the blast really. best actress went to elisabeth moss in the handmaid's tale and best actor went to gary oldman for his role in the darkest hour best film twenty three billboards outside of being missouri. and let's get more now on the golden globes robin meryl from our culture desk joins us now and robin you know you almost forgot that there
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were awards involved last night because of wow what a political message that was sent absolutely we're experiencing an enormous sea change in the entertainment industry and it's got a knock on effect as were all saying now in other industries as well and thank goodness for people on oprah for meryl streep for nicole kidman and these big star names reese reese witherspoon as well who are you know backing this me to campaign and times off as well you know thank goodness for them i think i don't want to diminish this in any way whatsoever but i think it's also bring reflects his in the content of movies and films now i mean we can just give us an example big little lies which stars nicole kidman and reese witherspoon to the leading lights as i say of the campaign that also that produces a big little lies and it revolves around three women who live in the suburbs and
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it's all about infidelity about violence and frustration we also that yeah his pick . now but we also want to mention three billboards outside of big missouri which we saw in the report a little earlier it was very out because it's a movie about empowered woman taking the law into our own hands just as these women . big little law is i mean this is so much subject matter that i mean. three billboards outside having missouri is a mother whose daughter is rates and killed and the authorities don't really do a good job so she does the job self and i think one of the female ward is said it really eloquently when she said we women here we are not here because of the food we are here because of the work i want to get to some of that work robin because. there was actually a big award from germany as well yeah that germany we're all very pleased because in the fade one boss best best foreign language film this is directed by fred keene
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and he is the man of the moment here in germany when it comes to movies. and he got diane kruger the big hollywood star to star in it and of course this is actually her first movie that she's dubbed in her mother tongue which is. this is a again this is a film about a woman a strong woman whose family is murdered by right wing terrorists and again she takes the law into our own hands off the not getting proper justice there are very very many parallels with that and she did say actually when shoes she was so pleased to finally make a movie and her mother yeah apparently the first one that she did as well which was quite was quite shocked as i was louise and fred she's sort of. multi-talented when it comes to language and who else made a splash ok well first of all we should mention the two best movie awards in
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particular in the golden globes we've heard about three billboards which won best movie in a drama now this is a best film for musical. comedy this went to. lady a coming of age movie that stars the wonderful. actress sharon. and she won best actress in a musical comedy as well i have actually i have to admit i haven't seen the very and i know you have it's. funny i can't wait to see if i must say there's also laura. and she got best supporting nicole kidman got best actress in the t.v. series in big little lies and best director we should mention game of guitar of the shape of war time which was expected with much more but the big night robin merrill putting it all into context for us thank you so much. let's get a quick check now some other stories that have been making news around the world
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the b.b.c.'s long serving china editor carrie gracie has resigned because of what she calls a lawful pay discrimination she accused britain's public service broadcaster of breaking the law on equal pay and resisting pressure for a fair and transparent salary structure the b.b.c. says that a review of the pay of on air presenters and correspondents will be published soon . a fire at u.s. president donald trump skyscraper in manhattan has left two people injured one is said to be in serious condition the city fire department says that it received a call early in the morning to attend what it called a small electric fire on the top floor. the libyan coast guard has rescued around one hundred forty migrants from a sinking dinghy that distressed migrants were taken to the tripoli naval base where they received medical aid but italian coast guards say that as many as sixty four migrants are feared dead after another rubber dinghy sank the italians rescued
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eighty six people from the flimsy. germany's main parties have begun a second day of talks aimed at forming a new government angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats have governed in a coalition for the past four years but both have been eager to promise voters a fresh start that after they scored historically poor results in september's elections today it is europe that is up for discrimination that is up for discussion rather a vital pillar of germany's foreign policy. it was the cd used turn to host exploratory talks between the anglo americas conservative block and the social democrats on the second day of the negotiations europe top the agenda is to be dealing himself a former president of the european parliament wants germany to play a stronger role with the. europe must be one of the new government's maint. topics no matter what the government might look like that is why i hope that i'm glad to
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see who find i will be able to reach an agreement today that allows germany to once again be the motor of the e.u. at least this is our common goal. in front of your mind so i must see you the negotiating parties had agreed up front on maintaining confidentiality most statements today reflect this the information on potential agreements remains relatively sparse but some came through anyway most probably the conservatives and the social democrats have found a compromise on taxes they agree to raise the bar for a top income tax rate but officials refused to comment. if we all put in some effort and the mood remains as good as house been in the past few days then maybe we can achieve something a lot of work still lies ahead of us. the talks will go on until thursday then the parties will have to decide whether they want to enter into more specific negotiations the social democrats will even hold an extra party
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convention at the end of the month. and covering the talks of the c.d.u. headquarters in berlin is our political correspondent charles potts who joins us now welcome to charlotte we know that these exploratory talks that they're set to continue until thursday and there's a lot at stake right now for anglo american right. everything is really at stake for chancellor merkel it's a make or break moment these talks for her she has to convince her party leadership and also the social democrats that's another grand coalition a grand coalition two point zero and a continuation so of the last four years is a good idea and there's a lot of opposition against that in both parties more on the grassroots so she has a lot to do if these talks fail that would mean that there is there are two options left in minority government which tends to america has already said that she does not want to go into or new elections and if new elections are called and the big
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question is what she posts again as the leader of her party as the head of a party and could there be another four chance or so it might very well if these talks fail be the end of her chancellorship so the big question then is what is the atmosphere there this week do they have the potential to strike a deal in order to govern together what are you hearing about that. well the atmosphere is generally good productive if they want to come to a conclusion by thursday they want to have a paper which clearly states what they want to accomplish in the next four years and that paper they want to take into both parties especially the social democrats they will have their grass roots and their delegates at a party convention vote on that and that is the tricky part because the leadership off the social democrats particularly has to convince their party membership that this is a good idea and again there's
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a lot of opposition in the party here and they've been pretty strong armed actually into this position they did not want to enter into negotiations necessarily from the very beginning so tell us what are the biggest sticking points going into this . well well today they they both parties are discussing the issue of europe where they generally agree on the issue that there should be further integration both christian democrats and social democrats are generally on the side of a man with a mark always pushing for further integration the french president the social democrats a bit more they want more financial responsibility also from germany on the part of the european union but the big sticking points on migration and the issue of health care insurance in terms of migration the issue of family reunifications for refugees from civil war torn areas and in terms of health care insurance that is
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really a very contentious issue the social democrats want to abolish the private health care insurance here in germany and that is something where most christian democrats have already said that they are not going to rally behind it so it's going to be very interesting discussions until thursday and we'll see what they will conclude until then charlotte potts with the latest from berlin thank you. in sports news the man accused of orchestrating a bomb attack on the dortmund team bus in april of last year has confessed his guilt in court three devices were detonated in the incident which injured defender marc bartra and suspect sir he is charged with twenty eight counts of attempted murder he has admitted responsibility for the explosions but denies that he intended to harm anyone it is believed that he had speculated on a fall in the club's share price from which he stood to gain half a million euros in profit. now if you thought h.t.
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was the ultimate think again of the consumer electronics show in las vegas nevada south korea's l.g. has unveiled the world's first roll a ball t.v. screen the sixty five inch screen can be rolled into a box when you hit the off switch but it can also buy extended different sizes to use as that information bar for whether or news displays with this and it can even be used to watch movies and a widescreen cinema format for. that to get one of those you're up to date now on news more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's at t w dot com you can also follow us on facebook and twitter i'm sara kelley in berlin thanks for watching so you can see.


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