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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2018 4:02am-4:16am CET

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taking a bite out of apple has the silicon valley firm committed a crime by slowing down its i phones a french consumer group says yes and is launching a lawsuit also coming up your vacuum could be a spy in your own home is it convenience surveillance we'll go to this year's consumer electronics show to find out and. the quote is a working there are now more women on the boards of german companies than ever before but one consultant says there's still a long way to go. and daniel winter and this is your business update tech companies are often accused of so-called planned obsolescence that technology breaks just at the moment there's a new model out for you to buy well apple users in france say this is the case with
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older i phones apple admits to slowing down its phone saying this is simply to control the power spikes to lengthen the overall life of the phone but one group is launching a criminal complaint. there's not much fun when your i phone grinds to a halt now french consumer protection organization h o p has swung into action after surveying over two and a half thousand apple customers h.-o. p.-e. has launched a criminal complaint against the company it accuses the us firm of deliberately slowing its older gadgets to boost sales of the next generation it's called planned obsolescence in industry speak i phone users are not happy. you know. please three four years. what happened to your i phone six. just cherish my. i find that if that's the truth that
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apple did lose it's very bad it's not good it's really planned obsolescence but there you are i've become addicted to i phones and i bought another one when mine was stolen. french prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation into apple in france deliberately shortening a product life is considered fraud and can be punished severely the u.s. company denies planning obsolescence but has apologized to customers for its battery management program slowing older phones down apple faces similar class action lawsuits in the u.s. and with a view from the other side of the atlantic so fishman skis on wall street force so how is apple responding. well apple has not responded to these new allegations yet however the i phone maker said in this member that there had been a lot of misunderstanding about this issue and they say that the software update was designed to simply prevent unexpected chat down there would appear anyway so
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apple said their only china to improve power power is managed let me quote a blog post here by apple real quick first and foremost we have never and would never do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any apple product or did great things experience to drive humor our customers are great but apple now faces over to doubt one lawsuit around the world that either it has the company up intentionally slowing down all their i phones or at least of failing to disclose all of these changes so apple under pressure the so fishman's on wall street thank you very much for that. to us companies are dropping plans to launch big call in exchange traded funds they cite ongoing concerns by the american securities and exchange commission the regulatory agency is concerned about the liquidity and
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valuation of the e.t.f. space on digital assets the move adds a new hurdle to the bid by wall street firms to capitalize on investor interest in crypto currency many fund managers are disappointed they thought that s.c.c. would approve the proposals after the launch of bitcoin futures contracts for two of the biggest commodities exchanges in chicago. and was studying in tech this year's consumer electronics show is well underway in las vegas it's not just your usual smart phones or computers practically every industry is in the tech game these days some things seem rather like science fiction though they could be coming to a home near you very soon. it's all about progress at the c.e.'s one hundred seventy thousand visitors from around the world are getting updates on the high tech that could soon be transforming our lives self driving cars from china smart bathrooms
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where networked mirrors can faces and often make up tips gigantor mania in the electronic entertainment sector the wall t.v. is true to its name offering a three meter twenty screen. robots could soon be joining the family voice or smartphone operated this butler brings drinks or who has the floor paradise beckons. you can or your family member. or optics your home. the car to. look no hands at the airport tomorrow a suitcase follows its owner like a trusty dog intelligent working boots sound the alarm when there whereas an accident but they also provide data on work activities dozens. it's definitely a festival of technological progress we germans are known to have a few doubts about and because of the data collection and things like that that's not an issue here instead there's an attitude of can do it and worry about the
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dangers later. told the maids makers say could soon be doing the family laundry inside four minutes. consumers will have to decide themselves of all this tech really is an upgrade in living standards. i'm currently looking enough to be there for us so carolyn that the c.s. opening to the public just a few hours ago what's the mood there like so many of us yes it's really exciting it's nice to see all these people are quite happy to be here at the c.s. they have been waiting almost the only here to attend to see it here nothing else but it's not the convention center dang it's the whole city that we can see that once we go out to the streets of this because you can meet people from all over the world coming here explicitly to attend this busiest. so let's get into the nitty gritty now some companies are having it better than others as is canceling its high
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profile drone project another is hoping to take off. here talking about the role of the first company and i think you have in mind a problem they have big losses their shares are falling stock market actually since a company called fair yesterday absolutely around twenty percent of the workforce but this whole problem ready started ten years ago the year two thousand and sixteen when told. to hold around two thousand five hundred drawings from the market no one said it was discovered that it was because our while operating which of course would have been a dangerous and not only for users and also for people walking around in areas where the strongs would use them and on the other hand we have intel yesterday launched to make politics flying so cold cold upturn here at the c.s.
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it's a kind of trolling that is able to transform people's minds one into the other without a trial. and i'll tell you lying helicopter at this hour or so was a tactic of the c.e.o. intel didn't really get into that security issue they have with the company it set up this is and it is likely to. currently she carlina chinmoy thank you very much for that the old saying goes never work with children or animals well now you can add robots to that list that c s l g executive david a vandal wall tried but fails to introduce the new home help chloe rather than responding to his every when it left him and the old eons waiting in silence take a look at this. am i ready on my washer and cycle even robots have bad days chloe what's for dinner tonight.
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ok chloe is not going to talk to me chloe doesn't like the evidently it looks like we should use the chicken chloe are you talking to me yet what recipes could i make with chicken. ok we're going to search recipes and we're going to find but it's been nearly three years since germany introduced a quota for women on corporate boards of directors a study by consultancy wife shows the thirty percent rule is working but there's plenty of room for improvement. it's still a man's world in germany's boardrooms there are now fifty women in top executive positions here but that compares with six hundred thirty six men. in two thousand and fifteen we've been made up just over five percent of executives the
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number has been growing steadily since at the beginning of last year it had reached six point five percent and those fifty women now at the boardroom table account for seven point three percent of corporate decision makers in two thousand and eighteen . just over a quarter of companies listed on germany's top four indices have at least one female board member but the vast majority have only one only four percent of companies have two or more top female executives. one of those few companies with two women board members is germany's biggest lender deutsche bank. french woman sylvia was the first woman on its board as chief regulatory officer she joined in twenty fifteen american chief operating officer came hammond's took up her post a year later. with germany itself headed by a woman the country also aims to be a leader in shattering other glass ceilings but while there may be
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a gender gap in the number of women executives salaries are a different story with more and more companies looking to increase female presence in management another report found women executives earn more on average than their male counterparts. thanks for watching. clinton. the two. clintons. going to. the to. cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut.
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